“We were beshert.”

Is that your answer when someone asks you to tell them your love story?

We’re asking!

Moment’s new feature, Beshert, wants to share your story. If you feel your love was beshert—“meant to be”—we’d love to hear about it.

Maybe it was a chance meeting. Maybe you conquered challenges to stay together. Do you have advice to other couples from your experience? Is there a special place that’s forever “yours?” Does it relate to a Jewish holiday? Or simply tell us why your love is beshert. 

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How to submit to Beshert:

•   Your story must be 400 words or less.

•   Please use your real names—no pseudonyms or anonymous stories.

•   No derogatory or explicit sexual language. We’re talking love here!

•   At least one person in your story must be Jewish, and there should be some Jewish element in your story.

•   Please write in the first-person; this is about you. (If your beshert includes those of blessed memory, tell it from your point of view.)

•   Your story must be original and not already published.

•   Please include your Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and other social media handles/account names.

•   Submit your story to beshert@momentmag.com

If your story meets our guidelines, we’ll publish it here and link it to social media.

Thank you for being a part of Moment Magazine’s new feature. It’s Beshert!

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