walk the dog

Beshert | The Compatibility Walk

A week after we met in the weight room of the Mid-Westchester JCC, we went for a compatibility walk. Steve, the widower of just a few months, with his big old black dog, and me, the widow of almost one year, with my young small white dog. We walked silently on opposite sides of a local tree-lined path, the setting winter sun flickering between the leafless branches. Our furry children glanced furtively at each other at first, but then wagged cheerfully as we guided them closer together.  We wanted to introduce Brooks, Steve’s Portuguese Water Dog, and Scheffie, my Maltese, to each other on neutral ground. We were really trying out how it felt to be with each other.  Though we’d met at the gym, we had friends in common. We are sure we were at some...

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