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Welcome to the Moment Magazine Cartoon Caption Contest, founded with the help of New Yorker cartoon editor Bob Mankoff, and drawn by New Yorker cartoonist Ben Schwartz.

Do you have a way with words and humor? If so, look at the cartoon below and send us a caption—or two or three! Plus scroll down to vote for your favorite caption. It’s free and fun!

Winners may claim a free Moment subscription for a friend of family member. Contest open to U.S. residents 18 and above.

Plus: Read interviews with some of our most prolific caption contest contributors here.

Submit a caption for this cartoon by October 30 by writing it in as a comment at the bottom of this page!

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—Jonathan Schreiber, Los Angeles, CA

“Hey, the seventh day is over when I say it’s over.”
—Jim Gorman, Thousand Oaks, CA

“I’ll be back for the jet ski.”
—Dale Stout, Colorado Springs, CO

Vote for your favorite! The winner will receive a free subscription to Moment to give to a friend. Any U.S. resident age 18 or older can enter.

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“They’re very nice, but my people want a commitment carved in stone.”
—Stephen Nadler, Princeton, NJ

How to Submit Your Caption(s)

Submit as a comment below by October 30, 2022 Finalists will appear in the upcoming issue. To vote for the winner of the Summer Issue 2022 contest (see finalists above), use the vote form.


41 thoughts on “Cartoon Caption Contest

  1. Marv Sager says:


    “You are flying the HEAVENLY SKIES of ANGELS!”

  2. Marv Sager says:

    “Don’t look outside the window, as we just past CLOUD #9!”

  3. Marv Sager says:

    “This plane is equipped with provisions to last a millennium!”

  4. Marv Sager says:

    “Just think how many frequent flying miles you will accumulate!”

  5. Jim Gorman says:

    “Buckle up Buttercup.”

  6. Lee Lacewell says:

    Congrats, your caption could be a winner for many captionless cartoons to come.
    It even works well just as written for the new contest.
    Good job.

    1. Lee Lacewell says:

      I was referring to your nominated finalist cartoon. (The seventh day is not over until I say it’s over.)
      Often I fail in wording my comments clearly.

  7. Lee Lacewell says:


    “Would it kill any of the airlines to, just one time, offer bagels and cream cheese as an in-flight snack choice?”

  8. Lee Lacewell says:


    “So you have a peanut allergy….. and you’re not gonna be eating them anyway.”

  9. Lee Lacewell says:


    “Maybe you would prefer the window seat since I’ve seen everything millions of times before.”

  10. Rich Wolf says:

    “Don’t worry, I switched the pilots.”

  11. Rich Wolf says:

    “My house? It’s about six miles north of here.”

  12. Rich Wolf says:

    “Do you want the window seat? I’ve seen these sights a million times.”

  13. Gerald Lebowitz says:

    “I’m high all the time. I don’t really need to be here.”

  14. Gerald Lebowitz says:

    “Imagine, at one time I thought the top of Mount Sinai was the highest peak to aim at.”

  15. Gerald Lebowitz says:

    “Usually I travel by spirit, but Spirit Airlines is the next best thing.”

  16. Lee Lacewell says:

    Congrats to the final 3. Good captions. It is hard to pick one over the other two.

  17. “You really splurged on the flight insurance.”

  18. Lee Lacewell says:

    “Yes, I have recently read a good book and I holy suggest it to everyone.”

    1. Lee Lacewell says:


      “Yes, I have recently read a good book and I holy suggest it to everyone.”

  19. Jim Gorman says:

    “In a few minutes all the passengers will be screaming my name and praying for salvation, but you have actual facetime.”
    …and BTW Marv, Playboy has some pretty good articles too.

  20. Michael Lomazow says:

    “I always get the bereavement fare.”

  21. Michael Lomazow says:

    “I usually travel by other means but I thought I would slow down and enjoy the friendly skies.”

  22. Gerald Lebowitz says:

    “Why are you reading a book when you can talk to the actual Source?”

    1. Lee Lacewell says:

      Gerald or anyone:
      Will you please let me know if my comments are being displayed here by responding “AFIRMATIVE” if you are able to read this post. Many have been showing up as awaiting moderation?

      Also is Marv still posting comments?

      1. I’m not hitting a paywall. Marv should be able to post.

      2. Jim Gorman says:

        Affirmative! I haven’t seen anything from Marv since he posted about being blocked as a nonsubscriber. I am and have Moment Mag delivered to my door every other month. I was wondering. Are the other regular poster subscribers too?

  23. “The angels don’t know I’m checking up on them.”

  24. Jim Gorman says:

    I have been a subscriber for a while, but I guess some of the usual posters are having trouble. I have been wondering why Moment’s editorial staff has been so generous allowing all sorts of posts not caption specific. I suppose they are just tidying things up. I am kind of surprised at the indignity expressed! This will probably be taken down as well.

  25. Marv Sager says:


    It must be time for Halloween, because the paywall is missing at this time! HURRAH! But I don’t know if this will last.
    Perhaps the ghost & goblins have caused a shift in the present situation, and I am currently back on line with you!
    Let me be clear, my objection was that after several years of writing cartoon captions, I was blocked for not buying articles.
    I have no problem being asked for donations, or being asked to support this blog. My objection to a paywall is not the way anyone should be treated.

    Now that my blood pressure is returning to normal, I shall attempt to contribute my SILLY CAPTIONS! (Of course you have my permission to block me if you like!)

  26. “Being everywhere means I must fly a lot.” —caption by Adrian Storisteanu (who is currently unable to prove he is not a robot)

  27. Dale Stout says:

    I never listen to the safety briefings.

  28. Dale Stout says:

    I can’t understand why they call this Virgin Airways.

  29. Michael Lomazow says:

    “Would you like to be the pilot?I can make that happen.”

  30. Michael Lomazow says:

    “No luggage.I travel light.”

  31. Michael Lomazow says:

    “I’m here for the free movie and the mixed nuts.”

  32. Michael Lomazow says:

    “I’m about to tell you a story that will rock your world.”

  33. Lee Lacewell says:

    “The nice TSA lady ask where I was going, how long I was staying, whom I was going to see, and how long I was staying? So I just assumed that she is a Jewish mother.”

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