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Beshert | “Apartners”—After He Buffed the Scratch on Her Car

Kenny and I knew each other for years. I'm a singer, he's a drummer. In the club date biz, you freelance and show up in your black dress or your tux, know millions of songs and what key you sing them in, and with no rehearsals perform with 26-piece bands!  Since 2000, we’ve played together with many different bands at all of New York’s posh places...The Plaza, The Pierre, The Waldorf, etc. Over the years, we had lots of personal ups and downs. I was married, he was married. I was divorced, he was divorced. I was dating someone who lived an hour away with two kids, he was dating someone an hour away and he had two kids. For some reason, we never really talked on breaks. We usually hung out with the people we knew...

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