College Admissions? Of Buchenwald and Princeton

14:59 08 December
By Mandy Katz Some of his Frankfurt gymnasium teachers ended up in Buchenwald, my Tel Aviv correspondent Ernest Stock writes, but he ended up graduating from Princeton in 1949. God bless the G.I. Bill. Now a retired journalist, Ernie offers this unconventional college memoir on

The Emanuel Brothers Talk to Charlie Rose

13:25 25 November
By Benjamin Schuman-Stoler If you’re wondering which brother is which, just check out the suits: The one with the power pinstripes has to deal with Capitol Hill, that’s Barack Obama’s White House Chief of Staff Rahm. The puke colored tie gives away the eldest brother

Sarah Silverman's Great Schlep

10:03 26 September
Trying to push American Jewish seniors to vote Democrat, the Jewish Council for Education & Research has enlisted Sarah Silverman as the face of its new hilarious canvassing campaign, “The Great Schlep.” Besides Silverman’s outrageous tactics (that often flirt with the inappropriate) are talking points

The Google Seder

18:03 27 June
By Nadine Epstein The e-mail invitation came at the last minute. Not that Google didn’t know Passover was on its way, but apparently it would have been un-Google-like to plan too far in advance. So the message arrived just a few days ahead of the