Fiction | A Beggar’s Place

19:53 15 January
It’s raining again, and Estrella takes her green umbrella with her. Six, seven years ago, when she could afford to catch a cold now and then, she left her umbrella back at her apartment, deliberately. Only a cruel person would refuse to give a few

The Spicy Tale of India’s Jewish Cuisine

17:27 15 January
Palak paneer, chana masala and the egregiously treif-sounding butter chicken may not scream “Jewish” and were highly unlikely to grace your grandmother’s holiday table. But Jews have a rich history in India and an even richer cuisine to match. For centuries, India has been home

Post-Racial Rabbis

18:19 11 January
One of the first things that six-year-old Alysa Stanton noticed when her family moved into a predominantly Jewish neighborhood in Cleveland Heights, Ohio, was a rectangular ornament affixed to the doorpost of her new home. Her uncle Edward, a “devout Catholic who went to shul

Uncle Xenon: The Elemental Oliver Sacks

02:40 31 December
Oliver Sacks opens the door of his lower Manhattan apartment himself because his assistant, Kate Edgar, is in the emergency room with a twisted ankle. He looks somewhat befuddled, although he is expecting us. He is neither tall nor short, slightly round in the middle

Book Review | Jacob’s Folly

21:25 28 December
A Bug’s Life 2.0 Rebecca Miller Farrar, Straus & Giroux 2012, $26.00, pp.337 Jacob’s Folly is the fantastically original story of three people whose lives intersect and echo across time. What does a wily Jewish peddler in 18th-century Paris have to do with two contemporary

21:56 12 December
In partnership with A special advertising section American Friends of Magen David Adom 352 Seventh Avenue, Suite 400 New York, NY 10001 (212) 757-1627, (866) 632-2763, Magen David Adom provides a rapid and skilled emergency medical response, including disaster, ambulance, and blood services,

How Does Satire Influence Politics?

20:55 01 November
The Intersection of Politics and Satire. A Moment Symposium Robert Mankoff Political satire is ridicule dedicated to exposing the difference between appearance and reality in public life. The justification for this mockery, going back to Aristotle, is that by holding bad behavior up to ridicule

The Madeleine Effect

20:52 01 November
Madeleine Albright became secretary of state in 1997. Condoleezza Rice and Hillary Clinton followed. Has foreign policy become women’s work? There’s a story Madeleine Albright likes to tell. She tells it to reporters, colleagues, students and friends—and halfway through our conversation, she tells it to

Lox: An American Love Story

20:51 01 November
by Eileen Lavine When I was growing up on the Upper West Side in the 1930s, Broadway was lined with “appetizing” stores, that—unlike delicatessens, which sold smoked, cured and pickled meats—specialized in fish and dairy. These were shops where we bought pickles, fresh sauerkraut, dried