Is There Such a Thing as the Jewish People?

14:54 28 July
Interviews by Moment Staff Adin Steinsaltz Jewish peoplehood is always central. It comes before the Jewish nation or the Jewish state. We live in modern times, but our peoplehood is still essential, primitive. We never ceased to be a clan or tribe. This is expressed

Religion and the Supreme Court

20:25 08 May
What impact—if any—does a justice’s faith have on his or her jurisprudence? Legal experts Marci Hamilton, Douglas Kmiec, Abner Mikva, Jamie Raskin, Jeffrey Rosen, Jeffrey Toobin, Laurence Tribe, Eugene Volokh and Wendy Webster Williams discuss and debate.

Jewish Word | A Word Fit for a King

02:43 05 March
By Caitlin Yoshika Kandil Today, “messiah” usually brings to mind a personal savior, the end of time, the Kingdom of Heaven—or Jesus Christ. This grand, contemporary understanding, however, hides the word’s humble origins—and its millennia-long evolution. The word messiah is derived from the Hebrew root mem,

Moment-Karma Foundation Fiction: Infections

02:33 05 March
By Dalia Rosenfeld The onion Lotzi was eating could be smelled five floors below him in the entrance to Migdal Zahav, the Golden Tower of Jerusalem, where he lived. Lotzi always waited for me to arrive before retrieving his knife from the cupboard, a gesture

Embracing Rosh Hodesh

17:19 10 January
By Scott Fox I love Hanukkah: the presents, wintertime, dreidels, candle lighting. I love all of it. I was born on the fourth day of Hanukkah (28th of Kislev), which makes the holiday particularly special. I lament the beginning of the month of Tevet because

The Bag Lady Of Park Avenue

03:25 05 January
by Caitlin Yoshiko Kandil The triple-level, double penthouse on Park Avenue in Manhattan has been on the market for two years, with a price tag of $5.5 million. “Have you come for the open house?” the butler asks when I arrive, and looks disappointed when

Other Religions: The Jewish Final Frontier?

14:59 06 December
by Matt Ponak I started the first year of my Master’s degree in August of 2010 at Naropa University. A private school in Boulder, Colorado, Naropa is the only fully accredited Buddhist post-secondary institution in the United States. I enrolled in Naropa’s Contemplative Religions program

Why Pray?

16:48 01 December
by Emily Goldberg Judaism is ever-evolving, a religion that has for centuries faced the challenges of modernization. With young people steering these new paths, our religion has undergone some drastic changes in order to stay relevant in today’s world. Despite the radical changes, such as