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BY IRA N. FORMAN  |  2021

Founded in 2018, Moment’s Antisemitism Monitor is a carefully fact-checked website of antisemitic incidents around the world. It is curated by one of the world’s top antisemitism experts—Ira N. Forman, the former U.S. Special Envoy of the Office to Monitor and Combat Antisemitism, who now teaches at Georgetown University and is a senior fellow at the Washington, DC-based Moment Institute. At a time of rising antisemitism and the proliferation of disinformation, the Antisemitism Monitor is a critical resource used by government officials, Human Rights NGOs, the public, academics, students and the media, including The Wall Street Journal and the Times of Israel. “Understanding the different ways antisemitism manifests itself is absolutely essential if you’re going to learn to counter it,” says Forman.

Moment’s Antisemitism Monitor is unique because:

  • It is curated by experts, not algorithms.
  • It is updated on a weekly basis.
  • It provides thoughtful, balanced monthly findings and analysis.
  • It is based on credible news sources and news stories that do not have a strong ideological slant.
  • It illustrates the different nature of antisemitism in specific countries and regions.
  • It includes incidents that are not necessarily antisemitic in nature but that raise questions of antisemitism.
  • It is provided as a public service on a free, easy to use platform that is accessible to all.

Italy, December 28: Nazi symbols used for Christmas tree decorations in Tuscany

United States, December 28: American Jewish leaders appalled by UN General Assembly vote to create a unique, open-ended inquiry into alleged Israeli human rights violations

France, December 29: Supporters of the BDS movement attack a Paris-based institute that was founded by Arab states for its sponsorship of an exhibit on the Jews of the Orient

Belgium, December 30: Belgian soccer fans filmed giving Nazi salutes and singing “Jews to the gas”

antisemitism monitor

Ira N. Forman is a senior fellow at the Moment Institute and a senior fellow at Georgetown University’s Center for Jewish Civilization. He is the former U.S. Special Envoy of the Office to Monitor and Combat Antisemitism. He also serves as the senior advisor for combating antisemitism at Human Rights First.

antisemitism Afghanistan Afghanistan

April 4: Last known Jew in Afghanistan leaving in fear of possible Taliban control of the country (JTA)

September 3:  Taliban spokesman calls Israel a tumor on the body of the Islamic world (Algemeiner)

antisemitism AlbaniaAlbania

April 15: NGO issues report on nature of anti-Semitism rhetoric in seven western Balkan countries (Balkan Insight) Also see Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo Montenegro, North Macedonia, Serbia


antisemitism algeriaAlgeria

January 30: Algerian TV outlet calls Moroccan football player honoring Holocaust remembrance a scandal (Morocco World News) Also see Morocco

April 15: Abandoned, ancient synagogue in Libya appears to be turned into an Islamic center even though it belongs to the exiled Jewish community of Libya (JTA)

antisemitism Argentina


January 25: Orthodox Jewish family are physically and verbally attacked in their car by anti-Semites shouting “Death to the Jews” (JTA) 

February 12: Jewish leader gets police protection after receiving anti-Semitic threats (JTA) 

February 24: Latin America’s largest online retailer removing anti-Semitic material from its site (JTA) 

March 16: Two Orthodox women in Buenos Aires subjected to anti-Semitic rant and assault (Algemeiner) 

March 25: Argentinian football fans chant about “killing the Jews to make soap” (JTA) 

April 12: Argentinian researcher uncovers Latin American websites with large followings that promote neo-Nazi and other right-wing conspiratorial misinformation (Jewish News Syndicate) 

April 19: Prominent Argentine businessman calls Jewish pharmaceutical CEO a “Moishe” in an anti-Semitic post (JTA)

May 17: In San Juan graffiti on a building reads “Make a homeland, kill a Jew” (Vis A Vis) 

May 18: The building of a Jewish community in Bahia Blanca was vandalized with graffiti saying “We are going to kill you, Jewish rats” (DAIA)

July 19: Argentina’s former president and current vice president Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner calls the imminent trial over her alleged efforts to cover up Iran’s role in the AMIA bombing, a “monumental scandal” (JTA)

August 2: Survey reveals that nearly 40% of Argentines believe that “Jewish businessmen” are benefiting from COVID-19 (Algemeiner) 

August 9:  Over 100 headstones smashed in Jewish cemetery located in Buenos Aires (JTA)

September 20: Thieves caught stealing 223 gravestones from Argentinian Jewish cemetery (JTA)

October 8: Argentine court says ex-president, Christina Fernandez de Kirchner, did not cover up Iranian culpability for the AMIA bombing (JTA)

October 8:  Argentine Jewish community to appeal decision to dismiss case against former President Kirchner over her cooperation with Iran over coverup of terror attack against the Jewish community center in 1994 (Algemeiner)

antisemitism ArmeniaArmenia

February 12: Holocaust and Armenian genocide memorial in Yerevan vandalized (Jerusalem Post)


antisemitism AustraliaAustralia

January 27: Victoria Premier, Daniel Andrews says there is no place for anti-Semitism in Victoria after a right-wing group was found making Nazi salutes in National Park (Australian Associated Press) 

February 6: Man photographed with swastika armband in Melbourne market (SBS News) 

February 18: Congregants outside of Brisbane synagogue are punched, spat at, and assaulted with anti-Semitic language (Australian Jewish News) 

March 4: Labor Senator for Tasmania comes under fire from Jewish umbrella group after claiming in Parliament that “cynical use of the slur of anti-Semitism” is a “tool to silence critics of Israel” (Australian Jewish News) 

March 8: Two incidents of swastika graffiti found in Melbourne (The Australian) 

March 9: Instagram algorithm recommending anti-Semitic imagery and QAnon conspiracies 

March 18: School program on anti-Semitism is about to be introduced to Catholic schools in Australia (Australian Jewish News) 

March 21: Man photographed with swastika hat in Melbourne (Algemeiner)

March 26: Jewish woman from Melbourne verbally assaulted with anti-Semitic rhetoric and spat upon while walking home from synagogue (Algemeiner) 

April 4: Australia’s Anti-Defamation Commission warns of a swastika epidemic (Newsweek)

July 18: Anti-gay and Nazi graffiti found on a trail in eastern suburbs of Melbourne (Out In Perth)

July 20: Austrian activists publish a map with Jewish institutions in Vienna designated with Stars of David (Algemeiner) 

August 8: Survey finds 60% of Jews who live in Queensland say they have experienced antisemitism (Brisbane Times

August 16:  Jewish engagement party that violated Australia’s virus orders sparks antisemitic backlash (Times of Israel)

August 17:  Official in Victoria call out “evil” and “profoundly wrong” antisemitism associated with Jewish engagement party (SBS News)

August 17:  Royal Melbourne hospital staff person fired over antisemitic Facebook post about engagement party (Sky News)

August 23:  Lockdown protest in Melbourne associated with antisemitic propaganda (Sky News)

August 27:  Jewish students question why the New South Wales Department of Eduction has not taken “appropriate action” against an employee who posted “[i]t’s such a shame Hitler didn’t finish his job” (Algemeiner)

September 2: Legislators in Australian state of Victoria advance ban on public displays of swastikas (Times of Israel)

September 3:  Australian Jewish man walking with his son to synagogue is verbally and physically assaulted (Cleveland Jewish News)

September 5:  Pro-Iranian academic who drew a swastika in the middle of an Israel flag has his dismissal overturned (Jerusalem Post)

September 14: Synagogue in Melbourne accused of violating covid restrictions has been receiving violently antisemitic telephone messages (Algemeiner)

September 27: Antisemitic, anti-vax graffiti found at Melbourne IKEA (Algemeiner)

October 1:  Australian writer’s book posits a conspiracy of Jewish artists to undermine western civilization (Brooklyn Rail)

October 10:  Labour party of New South Wales condemns BDS and support IHRA Working Definition of Antisemitism (J-Wire)

October 14: Australia adopts IHRA working definition of antisemitism (Algemeiner)

October 20:  Man arrested who had put up racist and antisemitic poster (Sydney Morning Herald)

October 31: Nazi flag flown near synagogue in Brisbane (Jerusalem Post)

November 19: Australian Jewish gravestone vandalized with white supremacist sticker (Algemeiner)

November 26: Jewish students in the state of Victoria sue the state government over antisemitic bullying at Brighton Secondary College (Algemeiner)

November 30: Brisbane man flies Nazi flag above synagogue (Canberra Times)

December 9: Melbourne rabbi verbally assaulted in the city’s Crown Casino (Jerusalem Post)

December 10: Handwritten antisemitic leaflets delivered to homes in Melbourne suburb (Algemeiner)

December 14: Scouts investigate incidents where three boys targeted Jewish scouts with antisemitic comments (The Age)

December 17: Study asserts Gaza War and COVID conspiracies fuel rise in Australian antisemitism in 2021 (Algemeiner)

December 20: Swastika etched into pavement in Melbourne park (7NEWS)

antisemitism austriaAustria

January 21: Austria presents a national strategy against anti-Semitism which includes the protection of synagogues, education and stricter prosecution of hate crimes (ABC News 

February 3: Rapper arrested for broadcasting neo-nazi songs including one tied to Halle synagogue attack (Times of Israel) 

March 15: Government study finds 31% of respondents made biased statements about Jews and yet these numbers are much lower than in past (JTA) 

March 19: The City of Vienna threatens to sue Rothschild family member for libel for saying city extends Nazi theft (JTA) 

March 22: Vienna police file charges against Jewish students for protesting against a pro-BDS rally (Jerusalem Post) 

April 26: Austrian anti-Semitic incidents hit a record level in 2020 (KFGO)

May 14: Protestors in Austria chant about the 7th-century massacre of Jews in by an army of Muhammad (JTA)

May 27: Man on Austrian train punched for asking passengers to stop denying the Holocaust (JTA) 

May 28: Non-Jewish, female student attacked on the subway for reading book about Jews, and police response is criticized (Algemeiner)  

June 21:  Austrian soldier imprisoned for showing swastika tattoo on his testicle (JTA)

July 20:  Austrian activists publish map with Jewish institutions in Vienna designated with Stars of David (Algemeiner)

August 30:  Head of Austrian Jewish community sees conspiracy theories behind skyrocketing antisemitism in his country (Algemeiner)

September 2:  Antisemitic incidents more than doubled from 2020 in Austria in first half of 2021 (Algemeiner)

December 13: Austria’s new interior minister accused of antisemitism based on comments he made over a decade ago about “gentlemen from America and Israel” working against the country (ABC)


No incidents yet reported for 2020. View last year’s list here.


No incidents yet reported for 2021. View last year’s list here.


March 19: Synagogue and JCC in Gomel defaced with anti-Semitic graffiti (Jewish News Syndicate) 

July 6: Belarus president, Alexander Lukashenko, quoted as saying “[t]he Jews succeeded in causing the entire world to kneel to them and no one will dare raise a voice and deny the Holocaust” (Times of Israel)

July 27: Belarus state-linked media suggests Jewish organizations are disloyal (Haaretz) 

October 6: After Jewish dissident is killed by Belarus security forces, anchor on state television uses antisemitic tropes to describe the dead man (JTA)

December 20: Belarus strongman Alexander Lukashenko charged with numerous antisemitic actions (Haaretz)


January 15: Belgium Jewish leaders criticize Flemish parliament for honoring two known Nazi-era collaborators (Algemeiner) 

January 22: Anti-Semitism complaint filed against the head of Belgium’s carnival that uses cruel Jewish stereotypes (JTA)

January 25: Antwerp Mayor declares that the city’s Jews are risking a “Wave of Antisemitism” over alleged non-compliance with COVID-19 protocols (Algemeiner) 

January 28: Thirteen-year-old Hareidi boy attacked outside his home a few days after Antwerp Mayor warned about “wave of anti-Semitism” generated by alleged non-compliance by the Jewish community with COVID-19 protocols (Algemeiner)

May 24: Soccer player in Belgium chanted with fans that he’d “rather die” than be a Jew” after defeating another club whose opponents label as “Jews” (JTA)

June 23: Belgian government to withdraw military personnel protecting Jewish neighborhoods and institutions despite the recent rise in antisemitic incidents in Europe (Jerusalem Post) 

October 1: Jewish groups dismayed by Belgian court’s decision to uphold kosher slaughter ban (Algemeiner)

December 21: EU civil servant’s conviction for antisemitic incitement during an assault is overturned by Belgian Court (Algemeiner)

December 24: Graffiti in Brussels equates Jews with Nazis (European Jewish Press)

December 30: Belgian soccer fans filmed giving Nazi salutes and singing “Jews to the gas” (Times of Israel)

Bosnia Herzegovina

April 15: NGO issues report on nature of anti-Semitism rhetoric in seven western Balkan countries (Balkan Insight) Also see Albania, Croatia, Kosovo Montenegro, North Macedonia, Serbia


January 22: BDS group will teach about anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism at a social justice summit sponsored by a group with a history of anti-Semitic imagery (JTA) 

March 14: Brazilian police raid church where the minister and his followers pray for another Holocaust to afflict the Jews (Haaretz) 

March 23: Brazilians Jews file complaint against a politician who posted a medieval “Blood Libel” charge on social media (Algemeiner) 

March 26: Senior aide to Brazilian president accused of making white supremacist sign during a legislative session (JTA)

July 30: Brazil’s president welcomed a far-right German legislator whose father was a senior Nazi official (JTA) 

October 7: Police find trove of Nazi material in home of suspected child abuser and Holocaust denier (Times of Israel)

November 18: Journalist apologizes for saying Brazil would need to kill its Jews to match Germany’s wealth (JTA)

December 21: Brazilian police uncover planned neo-Nazi mass violence targeting Jews and blacks on New Year’s Eve in Sao Paulo (Homeland Security Today)


February 16: Bulgaria bans pro-fascist march in Sofia for the second year in a row (Algemeiner) 

February 19: European Court of Human Rights finds Bulgarian courts erred in ignoring complaints that a far-right politician was inciting hate of Jews and Roma (JTA) 

February 26: Bulgarian talk show host quotes anti-Semitic ranting by chess champion, Bobby Fischer (JTA)

May 31: North Macedonia’s first Jewish lawmaker has been the target of anti-Semitism after controversial remarks, including criticizing the government for appeasing Bulgaria by whitewashing that country’s role in the killing of Jews during the Holocaust (JTA) Also see North Macedonia 

August 23:  Antisemitic and white nationalist graffiti painted on Central Synagogue in Sofia, Bulgaria (Algemeiner)

August 28:  Bulgaria opts out of Durban IV conference over antisemitism that tarnished the original Durban Conference (The Jerusalem Post)

November 18: World Jewish Congress condemns media attacks on the head of the Bulgarian Jewish community (World Jewish Congress)

November 25: Axe thrown through window of Belgrade Jewish cemetery chapel (Algemeiner)


January 14: Man arrested after vandalizing Montreal synagogue with anti-Semitic graffiti (Montreal Gazette

January 17: The University of Toronto to form a working group to tackle anti-Semitism on campus (The Varsity)

January 18: Two men sentenced for 2019 anti-Semitic hate crimes ( 

January 24: Anti-Semitic graffiti found in a forest near Royal Roads University (Victoria News) 

January 25: B’nai Brith Canada calls on Carleton University to reject a resolution criticizing the IHRA Working Definition (Algemeiner) 

January 28: Largest Borough in Montreal adopts IHRA working definition in the wake of synagogue vandalism (Algemeiner) 

February 1: B’nai Brith Canada joins legal fight to stop forcing university students to pay fees for BDS (Algemeiner) 

February 4: Canada places Proud Boys on domestic terrorism list (JTA) 

February 4: Montreal police investigate “gas chamber” video on Tik Tok (Algemeiner) 

February 5: The University of Toronto tells Graduate student union to stop forcing students to pay for support of BDS (Algemeiner) 

February 5: Canadian police arrest woman on charges of anti-Semitic vandalism in downtown London, Ontario (Algemeiner) 

February 19: Nationalist party leader arrested for willfully promoting hatred by Royal Canadian Mounted Police after posting anti-Semitic YouTube video (CTV News) 

February 26: Man charged with vandalizing and threatening to set fire to a synagogue is deemed not criminally responsible (Montreal Gazette)

February 28: Jewish groups outraged over anti-vaccine activist compares inoculation drive to the Holocaust (Algemeiner) 

March 3: Jewish groups raise concern over anti-Semitism ahead of meeting between NDP MP and Jeremy Corbyn (pa Now) 

March 9: The University of Toronto is silent in response to a damning, B’nai Brith Canada report on anti-Semitism on all three of its campuses (B’nai Brith) 

March 18: Toronto police investigate assault outside a bakery as a possible hate crime after assailant used anti-Semitic invective (Algemeiner) 

March 19: Canada’s first black, Jewish, female party leader faced anti-Semitic attacks in her successful campaign to lead the Green Party (Times of Israel) 

March 19: The New Democratic Party (NDP) debates whether to reject the IHRA working definition (Pique News Magazine) 

March 19: Anti-Semitic decals and posters found in Kelowna, British Columbia (CTV News) 

March 24: University of Toronto graduating student says anti-Semitism is ingrained at the University (Toronto Sun) 

March 29: Episcopal Church pressured to address anti-Semitic implications of Good Friday reading of Mark 18-19 (Episcopal News Service) Also see the U.S. 

April 5: Marxist student group in Toronto tweets “Death to Zionism” graffiti and charges Israel and Canada with genocide (Jewish Journal)

April 7: Windsor police seek public’s help with Canadian flag with swastikas incidents (Windsor Star) 

April 9: Anti-Semitic graffiti found at Victoria Chabad Centre for Jewish Life and suspect identified (Times Colonist) 

April 9: Concordia University in Montreal apologizes to the Jewish community for indifference in the face of anti-Semitism (Algemeiner) 

April 13: Two flags made to look like the Canadian flag but where the Maple leaf is replaced by a swastika found in Windsor, Ontario (Blackburn News)

April 23: Quebec court upholds law banning yarmulkes and other religious symbols in government workplaces (JTA) 

April 25: Top public health official in British Columbia is compared to infamous Nazi doctor at Auschwitz in graffiti left on Vancouver sea wall (City News 1130) 

April 3: Office of a group providing services to the transgender community is vandalized with homophobic and anti-Semitic graffiti (Black Burn News)

April 26: Anti-Semitic incidents rise 18.6% in 2020 per B’nai B’rith (Leader Post) 

May 6: Canada will not participate in Durban IV conference over anti-Semitism concerns (Alaska Highway News)

May 14: Palestinian writer claims, without evidence, that payments from Canadian Jewish groups to Canadian media outlets are buying pro-Israel slant to Canadian reporting on Middle East conflict (Algemeiner)

May 17: Jews assaulted during a pro-Israel demonstration in Toronto (Jerusalem Post) 

May 17: Canadian Association of University Teachers call for a boycott of University of Toronto over its decision not to hire an international law scholar as one professor blames “the nexus between money, power and influence” of a prominent Canadian Jewish group (National Post) 

May 17: Montreal Mayor decries anti-Semitic signage and violence at anti-Israel protests (CULT MTL)

May 17: Police investigate drive-by anti-Semitic incident in Edmonton (Global News) 

May 18: Montreal Police investigating altercation targeting Jewish people as a possible hate crime (West Island Blog) 

May 20: Canadian academic to stand trial in France for his alleged role in deadly 1980 terrorist attack on a synagogue

May 27: In Canada, a wave of anti-Semitic is attacks sparked by Israel-Gaza fighting (JTA) 

May 29: Anonymous open letter calling a University of Toronto doctor/faculty member anti-Semitic stirs controversy (CBC)

May 31: Jewish-owned business targeted with anti-Semitic graffiti in Toronto (CP24) 

June 2: Quebec National Assembly to unanimously condemn anti-Semitism in the province (The Suburban) 

June 2: Report by Jewish Federation of Toronto on anti-Semitic incidents in the greater Toronto area in the month of May (UJA Federation of Greater Toronto) 

June 3: Hate crime complaint filed after a pro-Palestinian rally in Winnipeg included singing anti-Semitic Hamas-composed song (Jerusalem Post)

June 10: Swastikas were spray-painted on trees and sign in Vancouver park (KOIN 6) 

June 11: Liberal Party convene an anti-Semitism summit amid concerns over new MP’s view of Israel (Coast Reporter) 

June 25: Toronto gelato shop hit with one-star reviews that are apparently linked to the fact the company was founded in Israel (Owen Sound Sun Times) 

June 30: Montreal kosher bakery target of vandalism and attempted arson (Cleveland Jewish News) 

July 1: Incidents where faculty of university engage in anti-Zionism and minimalizing antisemitism in Canada (Algemeiner) 

July 2: Canadian TV channel drops an Arabic show after an antisemitic Twitter post (Cleveland Jewish News)

July 14: Man with a swastika on his chest assaults two members of the Toronto Jewish community in two separate incidents (Global News)  

July 15: Restrictions on circumcision being considered by a medical professional organization in Manitoba (Algemeiner) 

July 19: Toronto school board reinstates employee who circulated material praising terrorist groups and justifying suicide bombings against Israel (Cleveland Jewish News) 

July 19: Jewish groups and faculty allege the University of Toronto Faculty Association has an antisemitism problem (National Post)

July 21: Businesses in Winnipeg targeted with swastika graffiti (CBC) 

July 23: Canada will spend $5 million to strengthen security at Jewish institutions (Cleveland Jewish News) 

July 15: Swastika is drawn next to a Jewish man’s car in Kelowna, British Columbia (Jerusalem Post)

July 29: Toronto Jewish man walking his dog assaulted by individual shouting antisemitic slur and “free Palestine” (Bnai Brith) 

July 29: Candidate for Virginia House of Delegates compares the treatment of conservative educators to Jews in Nazi Germany (Washington Post) 

July 30: Three individuals vandalize Jewish student’s mezuzah in University of British Columbia dorm (The Ubyssey)

August 5: Muslim student organization invites speaker who has expressed violent antisemitic views (Algemeiner) 

August 9: B’nai B’rith accuses the city of Toronto of ignoring rallies which include calls for violence against Israeli Jews (B’nai B’rith) 

August 13: University of Toronto Faculty Association President, Teiza Zoric, says opposition to the candidacy of a German law professor accused of antisemitism is opposed by an “entitled, powerful Zionist minority” (Algemeiner)

August 15:  Holocaust imagery, including yellow stars, appear at Quebec anti-vax protest (Times of Israel)

August 17:  Police investigating swastika and “Kill the Jews” graffiti found in Chatham, Ontario school (CTV News)

August 18:  Prime Minister Trudeau denounced antisemitic vandalism of the campaign posters of two Liberal candidates for parliament (Global News)

August 19:  Toronto synagogue spray painted with swastika and graffiti (Global News)

August 19:  Rash of antisemitic vandalism in Toronto in recent days (Algemeiner)

August 24:  B’nai Brith Canada calls for action to insure University of Victoria course on antisemitism taught by someone who has called Abe Foxman a Zionist pig and claimed North American Jews support genocide, does not become a forum for antisemitism (B’nai Brith Canada)

August 26:  More campaign signs of selected candidates continue to be defaced with Nazi slogan and imagery (Algemeiner)

September 12:  Parliamentary candidate apologizes for falsely claiming Israel is stealing Covid-19 vaccine from the United States (Algemeiner)

September 14: Toronto police arrest “Swastika man” after third antisemitic attack in two months (Algemeiner)

September 15:  Two NDP candidates resign after antisemitic comments on social media (CityNews Toronto)

September 15:  Toronto man charged with brutal antisemitic attack against an employee in a liquor store (B’nai Brith Canada)

September 17:  Swastika and Freemason symbol used to deface election signs in British Columbia (Richmond News)

September 22: Video of students in an Ontario school using the Nazi salute and chanting “Heil Hitler” (North Bay Nugget)

September 27: Anti-racism speaker is criticized for anti-Israel rant in a speech to a meeting of teachers (Canada.Com)

September 30: York University student union criticized for picking pro-BDS Jewish group lead antisemitism training (Algemeiner)

October 20: Senior leader of Thunder Bay, Ontario hospital removed after Nazi images discovered on his social media (CBC)

October 29: Group of students march through halls of Manitoulin High School goose-stepping and playing Nazi national anthem (SooToday)

November 16:  Ottawa City Hall vandalized with antisemitic graffiti (Algemeiner)

November 28: Student Union at the University of Toronto, Scarborough Campus ban “pro-Israel” kosher caterers (Jerusalem Post)

December 3: Billboard vandalized with antisemitic graffiti in British Columbia (Toronto Star)

December 7: Jewish trustee of Toronto District School Board faces censure for pointing out material that internal investigation found “could be reasonably considered to contain antisemitic materials” (National Post)

December 10: Toronto school board votes 10-7 to not censure trustee who called out antisemitism in teachers’ manual (Cleveland Jewish News)

December 14: Chabad center in Montreal alleges neighbor is damaging the center’s property and making threats “to get the Jews out of here” (COLlive)

December 20: Holocaust imagery used at anti-vaccine mandate rally in New Brunswick (CTV News)

December 30: Swastikas etched into skating rink ice in the Montreal area (Algemeiner)


May 22: President of Palestinian community say Jews control the media and world finances (Interferencia)

July 6: Leading Chilean presidential candidate charged with making antisemitic statements in the past (JTA)

July 14: Bipartisan group of members of Congress warn Secretary Blinkin of the threat of antisemitism associated with Chile’s elections (The Forward)  

October 25: Chilean newspaper prints tribute to Nazi leader, Hermann Goring (JTA)

November 23: Chilean Jews backing far-right candidate in presidential election, as some backers of the left-wing candidate are strongly anti-Israel (JTA)

December 20: Left-wing candidate, who has a long record of castigating Israel and is a close ally of a prominent communist who has been called an antisemite, wins presidential election (JTA)


April 30: Chinese Embassy in Japan deletes tweet depicting the U.S. as the grim reaper with an Israeli flag, bloody scythe (Jewish Journal) Also the United States and Israel

May 19: Israel accuses China state media of blatant anti-Semitism after broadcaster hosts speculate about Jewish money and lobbying controlling U.S. foreign policy with regards to Israel (AP News)

July 12: Antisemitic comments on TikTok grew from 41 in 2020 to 415 in 2021 (Jerusalem Post) 

August 13:  Chinese state-owned news agency publishes antisemitic caricature of U.S. Secretary of State, Antony Blinken (Algemeiner)


November 21: Columbia’s President, Ivan Duque, apologizes for police cadets who dressed up in Nazi uniforms for a cultural exchange event honoring Germany (Algemeiner)


No incidents yet reported for 2021. View last year’s list here.


No incidents yet reported for 2021. View last year’s list here.

Czech Republic

January 10: Czech Jewish community condemns us of yellow star worn by anti-vaccination protestors (Algemeiner)

June 9: Anti-Semitic incidents up in 2020 and 98% took place online (Times of Israel) 


April 5: Red paint poured over baby dolls and anti-Semitic flyers found outside a Jewish cemetery in Denmark following similar incidents in Norway and Sweden (JTA) Also see Norway


No incidents yet reported for 2021. View last year’s list here.


No incidents yet reported for 2021. View last year’s list here.


No incidents yet reported for 2021. View last year’s list here.


No incidents yet reported for 2021. View last year’s list here.

European Union (EU)

April 21: EU announces plans for a comprehensive strategy to counter anti-Semitism and will fund efforts with $2 billion (Algemeiner)

April 28: European Parliament passes a resolution expressing concern over “hate speech and violence” taught in Palestinian schools run by UNRWA (Algemeiner)

May 19: A summary of anti-Semitic incidents related to the Israel-Gaza conflict in the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Austria (New York Times)

June 3: French and German anti-Semitic content surged online per report by the European Commission (Politico) 

June 9: Allegations that unpublished EU report found Palestinian textbooks contain anti-Semitism (Cleveland Jewish News) Also See Palestinian Territories

June 29: EU high court tells Jewish and Muslim religious authorities that stunning before slaughter does not violate religious law (Times of Israel) 

September 3:  UNRWA head admits antisemitism is in the textbooks they use (Cleveland Jewish News)

September 3:  EU lawmakers unanimously condemn antisemitism in the textbooks of the Palestinian Authority (Algemeiner)

October 2: European Commission think tank study finds rising antisemitism in Europe correlating with the outbreak of the pandemic (Asharq Al-Awsat)

October 4: World Jewish Congress condemns EU court decision permitting ban of ritual slaughter (EU Reporter)

October 5: The EU publishes plan for countering antisemitism (JTA)

October 18: Nationalist prime minister of Slovenia denounced for posting image of George Soros controlling a number of European parliamentarians (Algemeiner)

November 9: EU report finds antisemitism has increased during the pandemic (Times of Israel)


January 3: French man convicted of attempted assault against TV host who criticized the anti-Semitism of a rapper (Jerusalem Post) 

September 1:  Helsinki court finds that far-right protesters are not guilty of “ethnic agitation” just because they were carrying swastika flags (Helsinki Times)

December 11: Jewish synagogue security expenses in Helsinki rise to 450,000 Euros per year (Yle)


January 5: Imam in Toulouse to be prosecuted for an anti-Semitic sermon (Algemeiner) 

January 11: Two kosher restaurants file a complaint as delivery service refuses to serve Jews (JTA)

January 13: Police arrest Algerian man who is a food courier for refusing to deliver food from Kosher restaurants (JTA) 

January 27: Anti-Semitic incidents down 50% in France but the number of physical assaults essentially unchanged (JTA) 

January 28: Graffiti spray-painted on Paris Holocaust monument that equates Holocaust with Uighur persecution (JTA)

February 2: French Catholic bishops reiterate their commitment to opposing anti-Semitism (Vatican News) 

February 4: Paris City Council votes to adopt IHRA working definition of anti-Semitism (JTA) 

February 18: Jewish police officer finds swastika and the words “dirty Jew” scrawled on his locker in his Paris area police precinct (JTA) 

February 19: Hate mail to French-Jewish lawmaker tells her to prepare for the camps while a swastika is carved into the door of Swiss synagogue (JTA) Also see Switzerland

February 23: CRIF publishes survey on French perceptions of anti-Semitism (CRIF) 

February 26: Man arrested for shouting anti-Semitic abuse at soldier guarding a synagogue (Algemeiner) 

March 6: Knife-wielding man outside a Kosher Market is subdued by a Jewish day school guard (JTA) 

March 25: The city of Strasbourg rejects IHRA Definition (Algemeiner) 

April 6: Man in the Paris suburb of Sarcelle who tried to attack three Jewish men outside of synagogue with an 11-inch knife is apprehended (JTA) 

April 12: “Death to Israel” graffiti found at the entrance to the elite Sciences Po college in Paris (Algemeiner) 

April 14: Highest French Count upholds decision not to try murder of Orthodox Jewish woman, Sarah Halimi, on grounds he succumbed to a “delirious fit” after smoking pot and thus not responsible for his actions (France 24) 

April 18: A deliveryman who refused to serve Jews is deported back to Algeria (JTA) 

April 19: Macron calls for a change in French law after the neighbor and killer of a French woman avoids a trial (JTA) 

April 25: Twenty thousand march in Paris and express outrage over French judicial decision not to try killer of Sarah Halimi (JTA)

April 27: French-Jewish judge resigns to protest high court’s Halimi ruling (JTA) 

May 26: Memorial to a victim of 2015 massacre at Kosher Market in Paris is vandalized (Algemeiner) 

May 27: French Foreign Minister says status quo risks creating apartheid in Israel (JTA)

June 4: Holocaust denier who has called for the murder of prominent Jews sentenced to five years in prison by a French court for promoting terrorism and making death threats (JTA) 

June 8: Leftist party leader, and declared candidate for the French presidency in 2022, Jean-Luc Melenchon, says the killing of Jewish children in Toulouse in 2012 was planned in advance to allow blame to be placed on Muslims before elections (JTA)

June 11: Two Jewish communities in southern France report threats of violence from anonymous anti-Semitic letters (Algemeiner) 

June 13: Compilation of anti-Semitic remarks of the far-left French leader, Jean-Luc Melenchon (Algemeiner) 

June 14: Candidate from Marine Le Pen’s National Rally party approvingly shared a post from a known Holocaust denier that stated if “you want to fight anti-Semitism you must eradicate Jewish impudence.” (Algemeiner)

July 19: Anti-vaxxer demonstrators compare vaccines to Nazi crimes of WW II era (ABC News)

August 3: “Qui?” (Who?) meme at anti-vaccination rallies raise the question of dog-whistle antisemitism as Jewish doctors and public health officials are harassed (Algemeiner)  

August 9: French prosecutors open probe of an antisemitic sign at anti-vaxer rally (Times of Israel) 

August 9: Former French parliamentary candidate for far right parties arrested for holding antisemitic sign at anti-vaccine demonstration (Algemeiner)

August 11:  Swastkas painted on French memorial to Holocaust survivor Simone Veil (Times of Israel)

August 11:  France’s Interior Minister denounces antisemitic conspiracy theory web site which takes its name from a 1940s paper founded by prominent French Nazi (Algemeiner)

September 2: Ninety-three-year-old founder of France’s far-right party, National Front, on trial for antisemitic remarks/threats against a Jewish pop singer and actor (Jewish News Syndicate)

September 9:  Study of selected French and German social media demonstrate growth of antisemitic Covid-related conspiracy theories (BloombergAlso see Germany

September 13:  Ringleader of a Lyon gang arrested for antisemitic gang attack on a kippah wearing pedestrian (Algemeiner)

September 17: French court acquits imam on charges of quoting a passage from the Hadith commanding Muslims to kill Jews (JTA)

September 20: Three French Education Unions denounce the “Filty Beast” of antisemitism at vaccine refusal demonstrations (Algemeiner)

September 24: French court hands down suspended sentences for defendents who carried out antisemitic harassment of a beauty queen when she revealed her father was Israeli (Algemeiner)

October 7: French Senate adopts IHRA working definition of antisemitism (European Jewish Press)

October 20: French teacher arrested for carrying antisemitic sign at anti-vaccine rally (The Local)

October 21: Residents of Jewish neighborhood in Paris subjected to antisemitic hate mail (Algemeiner)

November 1: Far left leader Jean-Luc Melnchon depicts Judaism as a xenophobic culture impervious to change (Algemeiner)

November 1:  Chief Rabbi of France calls Jewish right-wing leader and prospective presidential candidate an antisemite, though some in French Jewish community reject that characterization (JTA)

November 9: Teenager arrested after waving machete and yelling “dirty Jews” in front of a French Jewish school (Times of Israel)

December 3: Ultra nationalist ex-French soldier ordered to stand trial for planning terrorist attacks against Jewish community (Algemeiner)

December 16: French government is closing a mosque for six months because its religious leader targets Christians, gays and Jews (Times of Israel)

December 29: Supporters of the BDS movement attack a Paris-based institute that was founded by Arab states for its sponsorship of an exhibit on the Jews of the Orient (Algemeiner)


January 7: Georgian Orthodox clergy under fire after accusation of anti-Semitic sermons and statements (OC Media)

November 17: Spokesperson for Florida Governor Ron DeSantis blames the Rothschilds for vaccine mandate in the nation of Georgia (New York Magazine) Also see United States


January 5: Rabbi in Offenbach confronted by anti-Semite shouting abuse but onlookers intervene and track the abuser (Algemeiner

January 7: Man in Berlin assaulted by an attacker shouting anti-Semitic insults (JTA) 

January 8: JTA analysis of rising anti-Semitism in Germany (JTA)

January 10: German anti-Semitism commissioner calls for the removal of Nazi law leftovers (Deutsche Welle)

January 23: German FM says anti-Semitism keeps shape-shifting (CNN)

January 26: Five leading German companies adopt IHRA working definition (Algemeiner) 

January 27: Anti-Semitism in Munich returns and often linked to anti-coronavirus campaign and conspiracy theorists (Der Spiegel) 

February 11: German government releases figures showing anti-Semitic hate crimes peaked in 2020 (Deutsche Welle) 

February 11: Anti-Semitic flyers blaming Jews for Covid-19 found on Cologne tram (JTA) 

February 19: Assailant who beat kippah wearing Jewish man in front of a synagogue will not go to jail because of alleged psychiatric issues (JTA) 

February 24: Jew-hatred at elite German university fraternity is exposed (Algemeiner) 

March 19: Saxony state legislator highlights the small number of prosecution for anti-Semitic hate crimes despite a rise of incidents of such crimes in the state (Algemeiner) 

March 23: U.S. Congressman calls for German probe into allegation NY Hasidic Jews detained at Frankfurt Airport (Algemeiner)  Also see the U.S.

March 26: Polish court demands apology from German broadcaster over WWII miniseries which portrayed Polish resistance fighters as anti-Semitic (Deutsche Welle) Also see Poland

March 30: Celebrity chef turned anti-Semitic agitator flees to Turkey to avoid arrest (Algemeiner) 

April 12: Political figures in Berlin call for a total ban on “Quds Day” rally this year (Algemeiner) 

April 19: New report says 1,004 anti-Semitic incidents were recorded in Berlin in 2020 (Algemeiner) 

April 22: Survey finds Jewish football clubs in Germany frequently experience incidents of anti-Semitic abuse (Deutsche Welle) 

April 22: Despite COVDI-19, anti-Semitic incidents rise in Berlin in 2020 (JTA)

May 2: German anti-vaccination campaign includes anti-Semitic conspiracy theories (The Atlantic) 

April 28: German synagogue in Bochum hit by bullets (Monitoring Antisemitism Worldwide) 

May 2: Holocaust memorial stumbling blocks in Cologne defaced with Israel boycott graffiti (Algemeiner)

May 4: Germany reports anti-Semitic crime up 15% in 2020 in Germany (Times of Israel)

May 5: Researches at the University of Bielefeld find that gangsta rap lyrics are a breeding ground for anti-Semitism among young German fans (Deutsche Welle) 

May 7: German anti-Semitism commissioner says yellow Jewish star should be banned from being used at COVID protests (Deutsche Welle)

May 11: Debate over whether a CDU parliamentary candidate and former head of domestic intelligence has engaged in anti-Semitic dog whistles (The Guardian) 

May 11: Israeli woman in Germany says her neighbor tried to break into her apartment after hearing her speak Hebrew (JTA)

May 12: German police detain more than a dozen suspects in three cities for stoning a synagogue, burning Israeli flags and vandalizing a memorial to a synagogue destroyed during Kristallnacht (Reuters) 

May 12: German Jewish community urges the government to ramp up protection in the wake of violence in Israel and Gaza and subsequent anti-Semitic vandalism in Germany (The Local De) 

May 13: German police block anti-Israel protesters chanting anti-Semitic slurs and approaching a synagogue (JTA) 

May 14: Merkel’s spokesman says Germany will not tolerate anti-Semitic protests (WION)

May 17: Bavaria Interior Minister says Turkey’s Erdogan partially responsible for anti-Semitic protests in Germany (Ahval News)

May 26: Three anti-Semitic incidents in Berlin including a man wearing a kippah who was punched in the face and was accosted with anti-Semitic slurs (JTA)

June 5: Arson suspected outside German synagogue in Ulm (JTA) 

June 5: Increase in number of Hezbollah supporters and members in Germany from 2019 to 2020 (Jerusalem Post)

June 10: Frankfurt police unit to be disbanded after investigators found far-right, neo-Nazi messages shared by some of its members (Deutsche Welle) 

June 13: Swastika is drawn on the ark at Frankfurt airport synagogue (JTA) 

June 15: Authorities in Germany say the number of far-right extremists has grown 4% since last year and have sought to join protests against COVID restrictions (Times of Israel)

June 24: U.S. and Germany announce effort to stem the rise of antisemitism and Holocaust denial by starting a U.S.-Germany Holocaust Dialogue to develop educational and messaging tools to teach youth about the crimes of the Nazis (Y Net) Also see the United States

June 28: Germany issues an annual report on antisemitic acts in 2020 and finds strong increases over 2019 including acts associated with COVID conspiracies, anti-Israel sentiment and right-wing extremism (Algemeiner)

August 4: Germany pledges over $40 million to research and educational projects to understand the causes of antisemitism and effectively counter it (Ynet News) 

August 9:  Study of pandemic has brought normalization of antisemitic conspiracy theories in Germany (Algemeiner)

August 24:  Group of 10 attack man wearing kippah in Cologne in what police classify as an antisemitic hate crime (Jerusalem Post)

September 9:  Study of selected French and German social media demonstrate growth of antisemitic Covid-related conspiracy theories (BloombergAlso see France

September 16: Germany thwarts a planned attack on a synagogue during Yom Kippur (CNN)

September 17: Journalist dropped from a pending position as a TV host after allegation of antisemitism (Cleveland Jewish News)

September 20:  Sixty-year-old man punched and lacerated at vigil against antisemitism in Hamburg (Algemeiner)

September 24: German police officer allegedly sent fan mail to gunman in prison who attacked a synagogue on Yom Kippur in 2019 (JTA)

October 1: Israeli soccer fans subjected to antisemitic abuse at match in Berlin (CBS News)

October 6: Several hundred people protest in front of hotel in Leipzig after Jewish musician claims he was refused service because of wearing a Star of David (JTA)

October 9: Israeli ex-soldier wearing IDF hoodie was attacked in Berlin (Times of Israel)

October 14: Jewish organizations question a public broadcaster over sitcom writer accused of antisemitism (Algemeiner)

October 17: Survellance tape raises questions about alleged antisemitic discrimination against German Jewish musician (Algemeiner)

October 26: Man attacked by three who tried to force him to say “Free Palestine” (Algemeiner)

November 1: Employee of German prosecutor’s office leaked confidential information to fugitive from German arrest warrant who is a former celebrity chef turned antisemitic activist (Algemeiner)

November 16: German authorities decline to prosecute Covid-19 conspiracy theorist who made antisemitic comments (Algemeiner)

November 17: Survey reveals antisemitic attitudes within the German public, with significantly higher anti-Jewish prejudice among far-right voters (Algemeiner)

November 25: New report on the “eruption” of antisemitism in Germany during the May 2020 Israel-Hamas conflict (Algemeiner)

December 3: German public broadcaster Deutsche Welle suspends four employees and one freelancer during investigation into allegations of anti-Israel and antisemitic views (Washington Post)

December 6: German public broadcaster Deutsche Welle breaks ties with Jordanian TV station over virulently anti-Zionist and antisemitic language and images (Algemeiner)

December 9: Antisemitic incidents in Berlin increased in first six months of 2021 compared to past years (Algemeiner)


January 18: Greek Jewish community leaders criticize newspaper for editorial cartoon trivializing the Holocaust (Algemeiner)

March 18: Mural commemorating the murder of Thessaloniki Jews during the Holocaust is vandalized (Central Board of Jewish Communities in Greece)

July 4: Deputy leader of the neo-Nazi party, Golden Dawn, found after months of hiding (Jerusalem Post) 

July 27: German man forced to remove a statue that looks like Hitler at the grave of his father (Times of Israel)

August 7: Tomb vandalized in Jewish cemetery in Ioannina (Times of Israel)

September 2:  New Greek Health Minister apologizes for defending his father’s antisemitic decade old statement that Auschwitz should be kept in good condition so it can once again be used to kill Jews (Euractiv)

October 27: Greece top courts rules against ritual slaughter following EU decision upholding bans (JTA)


February 18: ADL report focuses on the British Labour Party, Poland, Hungary and Russia for anti-Semitism  (Jewish Exponent) Also see Russia, the United Kingdom and Poland

April 24: Competing Jewish organization squabbles seen as enabling the Hungarian government to defund the largest Jewish organization in the country and benefit its allies in the community (Hungarian Spectrum)

May 7: A close confidant of Prime Minister Orban uses an anti-Semitic slur to attack U.S. Secretary of State, Tony Blinken (Hungarian Spectrum)

June 27: Hungary becomes first EU country to say it will boycott 20th Anniversary gathering of the Durban conference (Jerusalem Post)

July 21: Selected findings from a survey of antisemitic attitudes in Hungary (Hungary Today) 

August 15:  Government publication Mandiner, which appeals to antisemitic readers, publishes articles without permission from authors critical of the regime who are then subjected to visciously antisemitic letters to the editor (Hungarian Spectrum)

September 2: Orban’s government awards high civilian award to pseudo-historian who has written about Jews stealing Hungarian secrets and persecuting Hungarians for nearly 5,000 years (Hungarian Spectrum)

September 3:  Hot Spurs’ star Harry Kane is abused with antisemitic language by Hungarian football fans (The Sun)

September 12:  Pope Francis in Hungary says antisemitism  fuse must not be allowed to burn (ReutersAlso see Vatican City


No incidents yet reported for 2021. View last year’s list here.


January 1: Report that Pakistan has arrested a key leader of 2008 Mumbai Terrorist attack (Algemeiner) Also see Pakistan

September 6:  Indian security alert warns of potential attacks on Jewish targets during the high holidays (Algemeiner)


No incidents yet reported for 2021. View last year’s list here.


February 11: ADL study finds Iranian school curriculums continue to preach hate and anti-Semitism (Times of Israel) 

February 22: Supreme Leader Khamenei refers to the U.N. as “that international Zionist Clown” (Twitter)

June 26: ADL CEO says Iran’s new president has promoted the Protocols of the Elders of Zion (Newsweek)

July 28: Iranian defector who was forced by the government to forfeit a Judo championship match to avoid facing an Israeli, wins silver medal at Olympics and dedicates it to Israel (Fox News) 


July 17: In new book author documents Jew-hatred in the United Kingdom and Ireland (National Post) Also see the United Kingdom

October 10: Report on antisemitism in Ireland (Jerusalem Post)

October 12: Irish author, BDS supporter refuses allowing an Israeli publisher to put out her new book (JTAAlso see Israel

November 10: Israel reports to a U.N. committee about the rise in antisemitism in Ireland (Irish Times)


January 4: Some major media outlets report the false narrative that Israel is denying coronavirus vaccines to  Palestinians (Jerusalem Post) Also see the Palestinian Territories

January 4: Israeli soccer star Nir Bitton and family subjected to anti-Semitic abuse following match defeat (Algemeiner) Also see Scotland 

January 7: Israeli reporter harassed by anti-Semitic rioter at U.S. Capitol (Jewish Journal) Also see the U.S.

February 6: Prime Minister says an ICC investigation into Israel would be anti-Semitic (Times of Israel) 

February 10: Israeli Minister urges social media giants to label anti-Semitic content (Times of Israel)

March 3: Netanyahu says ICC probe is “The Essence of Anti-Semitism” (Haaretz) 

April 7: Tel Aviv University’s Kantor Center says the number of violent anti-Semitic incidents down as coronavirus shifted some anti-Semitism to the internet where conspiracy theories about Jewish responsibility for the pandemic were propagated (ABC News) 

April 19: Video clips on Tik Tok featuring physical assault on Jews by Israeli Arabs go viral (World Israel News)

April 27: Human Rights Watch accuses Israel of apartheid crimes against Palestinians in a new report (Reuters) 

April 30: Chinese Embassy in Japan deletes tweet depicting the U.S. as the grim reaper with an Israeli flag, bloody scythe (Jewish Journal) Also see the Chine and the United States

May 27: Diaspora Affairs Ministry finds dramatic rise in anti-Semitic tweets during recent IDF operations in Gaza (Jerusalem Post)

June 29: Israel Foreign Minister (Yair Lapid) chides Polish government over legislation that essentially precludes restitution of Jewish property (Jewish News Syndicate) Also see Poland

July 7: Israel applauds U.N. General Assembly adoption of resolution linking antisemitism (as well as other forms of bigotry) with international terrorism (Jerusalem Post) 

July 10: U.N. official compares settlement to war crimes (Fox News)

August 1: Swastikas scrawled on Bnei Brak synagogues (Jerusalem Post) 

August 13:  Israeli watchdog group, Fighting Antisemitism Online highlights proliferation of antisemitic porn videos on adult websites (Jewish Exponent)

August 15:  Israel recalls Poland envoy as Foreign Minister Lapid calls new Polish property claims law antisemitic (Arab News)

August 15:  UNRWA chief rejects call by Israeli official to fire antisemitic staff (Israel Hayom)

October 5: UN security blocks Israel Ambassador from showing pictures of UNRWA teachers engaging in antisemitic incitement (J-Wire)

October 12: Irish author, BDS supporter refuses allowing an Israeli publisher to put out her new book (JTAAlso see Ireland

October 12: Billie Eilish attacked by anti-Israel bots online after saying “Hi Israel” in promo video (AlgemeinerAlso see United States

October 27: Over 200 entertainment industry figures sign open letter opposing boycott of an Israeli LGBTQ film festival (AlgemeinerAlso see United States

November 12: Israeli Ambassador to UK claims protestors shouting at her during a speech at the London School of Economics were antisemitic while organizers say it was free speech (BBCAlso see United Kingdom

November 29: Israeli farmer in the Jordan Valley finds swastika painted on storage shed that had been broken into (Ynetnews)


January 15: Zoom bombers crash the launch of a new book on the Holocaust and shout “Jews we’ll burn you in ovens” (JTA)

February 21: Holocaust survivor’s plea for older citizens to get vaccinated sparks social media anti-Semitism (Israel Hayom) 

March 22: Food delivery man in Rome goes on an anti-Semitic rant and then stabs another delivery man who told him to stop (JTA) 

May 15:  Football fans hang an anti-Semitic banner in response to news that rival Roma club hired a new manager (Mirror)

May 15: At a demonstration in Turin, a pro-Palestinian protester holds a sign reading “One Holocaust Doesn’t Justify Another” (ADL)

June 7: Italian police dismantle neo-Nazi network dedicated to spreading anti-Semitic and racist material and in early stages of planning attack on a NATO facility (Deutsche Welle) 

September 10: Executives at fashion brand Brandy Melville engaged in racist and antisemitic texts and chats (Algemeiner)

September 10: Israeli tourist is screamed at by souvenir seller in Pisa who said “Jews are murderers” and who then battered the man’s face (Times of Israel)

October 10: Rome mayoral candidate accused of antisemitism over Holocaust rembrance comments (Wanted in Rome)

October 20: Italian Jewish group urges Rome’s Lazio football club to take action after fans praise Mussolini and made the fascist salute (Times of Israel)

November 1: Protesters against Italy Covid rules spark outrage as they dress up as Holocaust victims (Times of Israel)

November 5: Italian Jewish community expresses disgust over release by Italian publisher of a new edition of The Protocols of the Elders of Zion (Algemeiner)

November 22: Far-right, anti-vax lawmaker forced to apologize after referring to Holocaust survivor by the tattoo on her arm (Times of Israel)

December 28: Nazi symbols used for Christmas tree decorations in Tuscany (ANSA)


July 22: Japanese comedian who was director of Olympics opening ceremony fired over a 1998 comedy routine mocking mass murder of Jews by Nazis in World War II (Algemeiner) 


No incidents yet reported for 2021. View last year’s list here.


April 15: NGO issues report on nature of anti-Semitism rhetoric in seven western Balkan countries (Balkan Insight) Also see Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Serbia


January 22: Leading preacher calls Jews “brothers of apes and pigs” (Times of Israel)

December 13: Antisemitic lessons found in Kuwaiti textbooks (ADL)


October 10: Latvia grants local Jewish community restitution for property seized during the Holocaust but refused to admit that Latvian citizens had anything to do with the destruction of the Latvian Jewish community (JTA)


No incidents yet reported for 2021. View last year’s list here.


January 31: Parliamentarian who said Jews share blame for the genocide of Lithuanian Jewish community on Holocaust Remembrance day quits parliamentary Holocaust Memorial Commission (JTA) 

April 15: Revisionist historian who glorifies Nazi collaborators is nominated to run state-sponsored Genocide Center (Algemeiner)


No incidents yet reported for 2021. View last year’s list here.


December 27: The International Olympic Committee warns Malaysia that excluding Israel from competitions will result in future events being cancelled (Sports Examiner)


No incidents yet reported for 2021. View last year’s list here.


September 22: Antisemitic messages left on cell phone and home vandalized of a Jewish community leader in Merida (The Yucatan Times)


No incidents yet reported for 2021. View last year’s list here.


January 8: Chief Rabbi of Montenegro claims there are no public manifestations of anti-Semitism in the country (Balkan Insight) 

April 15: NGO issues report on nature of anti-Semitism rhetoric in seven western Balkan countries (Balkan Insight) Also see Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Serbia


January 17: U.S. State Department and Moroccan NGO, Mimouna, sign a memorandum of understanding to fight anti-Semitism and the delegitimization of Israel (Jerusalem Post) Also see the United States

January 30: Algerian TV outlet calls Moroccan football player honoring Holocaust remembrance a scandal (Morocco World News) Also see Algeria


January 19: Panel chooses keynote speaker for an event honoring Dutch fallen soldiers and victims of Nazism who has stated his distaste for the large number of Jews in south Amsterdam (JTA) 

February 18: One of two far-right parties in the Netherlands heads into elections with multiple anti-Semitic scandals hurting its electoral standing (Haaretz) 

February 19: Mezuzah is torn off and a swastika carved into the doorframe of a Jewish student’s home in Maastricht (Jerusalem Post) 

March 2: “I’ve Lost Count,” says the owner of a Kosher restaurant in Amsterdam after the latest vandalism (Algemeiner

March 18: Amsterdam mayor accuses Prime Minister Netanyahu of hindering the fight against anti-Semitism (Jerusalem Post) 

April 10: Leading Dutch philosopher says diaspora is a blessing because it kept Jews from using state power to commit religiously motivated violence (Times of Israel)

April 15: Anti-Semitic incidents down 25% in the Netherlands because of the pandemic but still the third-highest count in the decade running from 2010-2020 (Jewish Exponent) 

April 18: Dutch soccer fans chant “Hamas, Hamas, Jews to the gas” before a match against the Ajax team that has been traditionally associated with the Jewish fans of Amsterdam (JTA) 

April 19: Dutch paper apologizes for drawing a Jewish pollster as a puppet master (JTA)

May 4: Conservative Dutch party equates COVID-19 measures to Nazism (JTA)

May 10: Family of Israeli football star playing for Dutch club is attacked and robbed in their home in a possible anti-Semitic incident (Dutch News)

May 16: Broken window at Jewish cemetery in Rotterdam and anti-Semitic graffiti on a window of Amsterdam Jewish restaurant (Admet) 

June 1: Dutch university removes “from to river to the sea” pro-Palestinian banner following protests (JTA)

June 23: Parliamentarians urge Dutch Education Ministry to crack down on antisemitic bullying in the wake of the Israel-Gaza conflict (Algemeiner)

July 27: Top Dutch soccer player targeted by antisemitic mural after signing with “Jewish” Club, Ajax (Algemeiner) 

August 26:  Dutch lawmaker asks government about antisemitic protests in West Bank village and the PA’s support for these protests (AlgemeinerAlso see Palestinian Authority

September 7: Amsterdam mayor calls for demonstrators against anti-Covid measures to stop wearing yellow Stars of David (NL Times)

September 14: At Covid protest men dressed as Nazis make mock arrest of participants wearing a yellow star (JTA)

September 24: Dutch Jews condemn far-right parliamentarian who tells Jews “you cannot claim World War II” and uses quotation marks around the word “Holocaust” (Algemeiner)

November 3: Right-wing broadcaster in Netherlands linked to antisemitic website (

December 1: Dutch far-left party wants to eliminate Holocaust memorial event because it is “inherently racist” (JTA)

December 7: Leader of Dutch far-right party sued over comparing COVID restrictions to Holocaust (Times of Israel)

December 21: Two Dutch MPs question government on rising antisemitism at Dutch universities (Algemeiner)

New Zealand

January 8: Green Party MP criticized for an Instagram post promoting a false narrative of Israel denying coronavirus vaccines to Palestinians (Newshub)

July 28: Green Party leader distances his party from a tweet by former Green candidate and barrister, Julian Burnside, that compared Israel’s treatment of Palestinians to Nazi treatment of Jews (The Sunday Morning Herald)

North Macedonia

April 15: NGO issues report on nature of anti-Semitism rhetoric in seven western Balkan countries (Balkan Insight) Also see Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Serbia

May 31: North Macedonia’s first Jewish lawmaker has been the target of anti-Semitism after controversial remarks, including criticizing the government for appeasing Bulgaria by whitewashing that country’s role in the killing of Jews during the Holocaust (JTA) Also see Bulgaria


February 3: Host on Norwegian state radio launches an anti-Semitic rant against Israel (Algemeiner) 

April 2: Norway public broadcasting company NRK features blood libel in a quiz about Easter and Passover (Algemeiner) 

April 5: Red paint poured over baby dolls and anti-Semitic flyers found outside a Jewish cemetery in Denmark following similar incidents in Norway and Sweden (JTA) Also see Denmark

August 13:  Leading European rabbi dismayed by revelations that a Norwegian imam who engages in interfaith dialogue has posted antisemitic material on Facebook (Algemeiner)


January 1: Report that Pakistan has arrested a key leader of 2008 Mumbai Terrorist attack (Algemeiner) Also see India

January 29: U.S. prepared to prosecute man acquitted of the murder of Daniel Pearl in Pakistan (Times of Israel) Also see U.S.

May 14: Pakistani actress, Veena Malik, is criticized for an anti-Semitic tweet that falsely quotes Hitler as saying he didn’t kill all Jews but kept some to show the world why he did it (The News) 

May 17: CNN drops freelance contributor after it was revealed that he posted a series of anti-Semitic comments (Newsweek) 

May 21: Pakistani Foreign Minister says Jews control the media in CNN interview (Haaretz)

July 21: Pakistani politician engages in antisemitic rant against a political opponent (Algemeiner) 

Palestinian Territories

January 4: Some major media outlets report the false narrative that Israel is denying coronavirus vaccines to Palestinians (Jerusalem Post) Also see Israel

January 29: PA TV program says Jews brought the Holocaust upon themselves by their “conspiracies and wickedness” (Algemeiner) 

February 7: Top PA official places rant on Facebook equating Israel and Nazis (Algemeiner) 

February 15: PA Minister of Justice compares ICC ruling on Israel to Nuremburg trials and the prosecution of Serbs for the ethnic cleansing of Muslims (Algemeiner) 

February 17: New report claims UNRWA has not, despite its assurances, removed hate speech from educational materials (Algemeiner)

May 12: As conflict between Israel and Hamas grows; Al Qaeda affiliates call for the killing of Jews and resorts to calling Jews “the brothers of apes and pigs” (Algemeiner)

June 9: Allegations that unpublished EU report found Palestinian textbooks contain anti-Semitism (Cleveland Jewish News) Also see European Union

June 12: Palestinian Authority announces that claims of anti-Semitism encourage Israel aggression (Middle East Monitor)

June 24: Palestinian Authority official newspaper praises family for naming one of their children Eichmann to “anger Zionism” (Algemeiner)

August 2: Watchdog NGO issues report highlights 22 UNRWA teachers who incited violence, praised Hitler or spread antisemitic conspiracy theories (Times of Israel)

August 2: Report says over 100 UNRWA staff have posted messages of hate on Facebook (Jewish News Syndicate) 

August 16:  Israeli Defense Minister calls out Palestinian protesors in the West Bank who burned a swastika inside a burning Star of David (Algemeiner)

August 26:  Dutch lawmaker asks government about antisemitic protests in West Bank village and the PA’s support for these protests (AlgemeinerAlso see Netherlands

December 10: Report that teenage Palestinian girl arrested for Jerusalem stabbing found with PA textbooks encouraging violence (Algemeiner)


January 22: Trove of Nazi-themed objects displayed at an art fair in the town of San Bernardino (JTA) 


January 10: Nazi symbols spray-painted on the wall of Jewish cemetery in Oswiecim (Twitter)

January 19: Two scholars on trial for suggesting a WW II era Polish mayor may have had responsibility for the killing of 22 Jews (Times of Israel) 

January 22: Far-right Polish politician who denounced powerful pro-Israel Lobby in the U.S. for swindling money is appointed Deputy Minister of Education (Algemeiner) 

January 28: Abe Foxman criticizes the publication of “hyped” Polish-language edition of Hitler’s Mein Kampf (Algemeiner) 

February 1: Yad Vashem criticizes ongoing trial for libel of Holocaust scholars as an attempt to thwart academic research on the Holocaust in Poland (Algemeiner) 

February 5: Police in Poland question editor of Jewish website about an article on Polish complicity with Nazi atrocities against Jews (Algemeiner) 

February 9: Polish Court orders scholars to apologize for Holocaust study (New York Times) 

February 18: Tomasz Greniuch, who was recently appointed to a senior post at a state historical research institution is a far-right nationalist who was photographed giving a Nazi salute and helped organize an event commemorating a 1936 pogrom in Poland (Notes from Poland) 

February 18: ADL report focuses on the British Labour Party, Poland, Hungary and Russia for anti-Semitism (Jewish Exponent) Also see Russia, Hungary and the United Kingdom

February 22: Polish historian resigns over a photo of him performing Nazi salute (JTA) 

March 17: At least two firms selling “Luck Jew” scented candles for “financial success” (Jerusalem Post) 

March 24: Polish Catholic University professor exonerated after accusing Polish Jews of killing non-Jewish children for their blood (Algemeiner) 

March 26: Polish court demands apology from German broadcaster over WWII miniseries which portrayed Polish resistance fighters as anti-Semitic (Deutsche Welle) Also see Germany

March 30: Uproar in Poland over New Yorker article about government efforts to stifle Holocaust studies (Times of Israel) 

March 31: A monument to Holocaust victims vandalized with swastikas (Times of Israel) 

April 2: Local politician of Law and Justice party makes anti-Semitic “joke” at a city council meeting (Jerusalem Post) 

April 16: Three historians quit Auschwitz museum board after Law and Justice government appoints a right-wing, former Prime Minister (JTA)

April 30: Auschwitz inmates’ families oppose ex-PM on museum advisory council over her tolerance of “fascist” groups and her attempts to stifle Holocaust research (AP News)

May 12: Polish government to give $50,000 to nationalist website headed by a student who has made anti-Semitic comments (JTA)

June 11: Krakow city officials say figurines of Orthodox Jews in markets are anti-Semitic (JTA)

June 25: Antisemitic invective is triggered by government’s legislation crippling efforts in Poland to make restitution for Jewish property stolen during the Holocaust (Algemeiner)

June 29: Israel Foreign Minister (Yair Lapid) chides Polish government over legislation that essentially precludes restitution of Jewish property (Jewish News Syndicate) Also see Israel

July 2: Polish ultranationalist sentenced to one year in prison for leading a chant at a rally that called for hanging Zionists (JTA) 

June 2: Poland’s legislative efforts to cut off possibilities of restitution generates criticism from the worldwide Jewish community as well as antisemitic rhetoric in Poland (Algemeiner)

July 14: Polish nationalists disrupt a program of commemoration for the victims of a 1941 pogrom (JTA) 

July 21: Polish marchers blame COVID pandemic on Jews (JTA)

July 20: U.S. Senators appeal to Polish President to drop bill blocking Holocaust restitution (Algemeiner)

July 29: State Department official warns of “irreparable harm” caused by Polish legislation closing off Holocaust restitution claims (Algemeiner) Also see the United States

August 15:  Poland’s approval of law that severely limits Holocaust restitution claims sparks global backlash (JTA)

August 16:  Court rules Polish scholars don’t have to apologize for their research into Holocaust pogrom (JTA)

August 17:  Polish Justice Minister attacks Judge who dismissed a lawsuit against two Holocaust historians (Algemeiner)

August 20:  Monument to Jews burned in the Holocaust is defaced with slogan praising Hitler (JTA)

September 13: Crude antisemitic literature available outside a Catholic Church during beatification ceremony at which Polish officials were present (Algemeiner)

October 4: Polish Foreign Ministry summons British Ambassador to Warsaw to criticize UK decision to deny entry to writer who has called the Holocaust a “myth” and employed other antisemitic tropes (Algemeiner)

October 5: Auschwitz museum vandalized with antisemitic graffiti (JTA)

November 10: Polish football referee sends antisemitic rant to human rights group fighting antisemitism (Times of Israel)

November 23: Polish Catholic priest facing disciplinary proceedings after speaking out against a colleague who promoted the false historic narrative of the blood libel (Algemeiner)

December 2: Polish pundit who recently called Jews leeches gets his own TV talk show (Algemeiner)

December 15: Polish Prime Minister and the Auschwitz Museum condemned anti-COVID vaccination protesters in Warsaw for carrying banner that read “Vaccination makes you free”—echoing the sign at the entrance to the former death camp “Work makes you free” (Reuters)

December 16: Polish anti-vaccination rally organized by far-right party draws criticism for use of banner reading “Vaccination Makes You Free” (Times of Israel)


February 10: “Big Brother” Portugal expels contestant for making Nazi salutes (Algemeiner) 

February 12: Portuguese politician says Israel’s vaccine success is because of Jewish financial power (JTA) 


December 7: Qatar removes some antisemitic material from school textbooks (Jerusalem Post)


February 4: Ex-Intel officer sentenced to jail for Holocaust denial (Times of Israel) 

March 28: Romania investigates threat against the director of Jewish theatre in Bucharest (Times of Israel) 

April 20: Debate over whether to provide reparations for former fascist anti-Semites that were victims of communism stirs old anti-Semitic prejudices in Romania (Balkan Insight)

June 7: Headstones in Jewish cemeteries in Ukraine and Romania smashed (JTA) Also see Ukraine

June 30: Teenagers shatter windows in a 19th-century synagogue (JTA) 


January 29: Prestigious Russian University says it will fire academic who denied Holocaust (JTA) 

February 18: ADL report focuses on the British Labour Party, Poland, Hungary and Russia for anti-Semitism (Jewish Exponent) Also see the United Kingdom, Hungary and Poland

February 24: Report by Russian Jewish Congress and SOVA on anti-Semitism in Russian in 2020 (Russian Jewish Congress)

April 28: Jewish community center in Moscow damaged by fire and graffiti consisting of anti-Semitic slurs and swastikas (Israel National News) 

August 10:  Eighty-two year old Russian scientist beaten on Moscow bus by assailant seeking to “finish Hitler’s job” (JTA)

November 23: Monitoring group Fighting Online Antisemitism finds 370 antisemitic posts on Russian social media platform VK (ynetnews)

Saudi Arabia

January 30: In 2020 Saudi Arabia removed some but not all anti-Semitic material from its textbooks (Washington Post) 

October 5: Saudi textbooks show significant improvement in 2021 in treatment of Jews and other non-Muslims (Times of Israel)

October 6: Antisemitic books for sale at Saudi book fair in Riyadh (Algemeiner)


January 4: Israeli soccer star Nir Bitton and family subjected to anti-Semitic abuse following match defeat (Algemeiner) Also see Israel

March 3: Swastika is drawn on East Kilbride church (Daily Record)  Also see the United Kingdom

April 24: Anti-racist novelist probed by police for an anti-Semitic post (Mirror) Also see the United Kingdom

June 25: Scottish Labour councilor appears to have taken back a previous apology for remarks about the Jewish community (Daily RecordAlso see the United Kingdom

September 3:  Scottish government faces antisemitism controversy after bringing the Green Party members into the government (The Scottish Sun)

September 30: Vandals deface Glasgow Catholic school with Nazi graffiti (Glasgow Live)

October 27: Noam Chomsky (and 500 other scholars) says University of Glasgow student paper should not have apologized for running an article it labeled antisemitic (JTAAlso see United Kingdom


April 15: NGO issues report on nature of anti-Semitism rhetoric in seven western Balkan countries (Balkan Insight) Also see Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo Montenegro, North Macedonia


March 10: Man arrested for planning a knife attack against Jews at Singapore synagogue (Yahoo News Singapore) 


September 13:  In Slovakia, Pope Francis condemns every form of antisemtism (Angelus News)


August 4: Call for the prosecution of far-right politician who tweeted Hitler was a “hero” (Algemeiner)

South Africa

March 5: South African Chief Justice is ordered to apologize for pro-Israel comments (Algemeiner)

April 8: South African BDS supporter says “Hitler Committed no Crime” in a college lecture (Algemeiner)

May 26: Senior ANC official claims Israel wants to conquer the continent of Africa and castigates South African Jews who serve in the IDF (Algemeiner)

June 10: South African Jewish Board of Deputies alleges Director of Africa4Palestine called for a boycott of Jewish businesses (Politics Web) 

July 23: The University of Cape Town and UC Berkley ignore BDS campaign’s demand to cancel Israeli academics at a joint conference (Algemeiner) Also see United States

September 7: Johannesburg radio station broadcasts a call-in show where numerous callers reference the Protocols of the Elders of Zion and Jewish world control without being corrected by radio host (News24)

South Korea

August 6: South Korea is the first country in East Asia to endorse IHRA definition of antisemitism (Jewish News Syndicate) 


January 18: Spanish court exonerates activists who forced boycott of “Zionist artist,” Matisyahu (Algemeiner)

February 15: Far-right gathering in Madrid features Nazi salutes and anti-Semitic rhetoric (JTA)

April 20: Spanish watchdog groups warn of far-left anti-Semitic parties in the Madrid regional elections (Cleveland Jewish News)

May 13: Series of anti-Semitic incidents in Europe in the wake of fighting in the Middle East (Jerusalem Post) Also see the United Kingdom 

May 26: Jewish cemetery spray-painted with anti-Israel and white supremacist graffiti (JTA)

June 22: Zara head designer says she and her children are receiving thousands of death threats after her comments about the Middle East conflict (Algemeiner) 

June 28: Spanish television station reporter reports on an artistic duet swimming competition for Olympics and during the performance of two Israeli swimmers talks about Israel laundering genocide and Israeli war crimes (Jewish News Syndicate) 

August 20:  Man in Spain arrested for allegedly spray-painting swastika graffiti at entrance to Madrid synagogue (JTAAlso see Poland

August 25:  Spanish university cancels seminar comparing the Holocaust to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict (JTA)

December 7: Spanish town that was formerly named “Fort Kill the Jews” target of antisemitic graffiti (JTA)


February 25: New report illustrates the depth of anti-Semitism Jewish students are exposed to in Malmo schools (Algemeiner) 

March 31: Anti-Semitic flyers and baby dolls covered in red paint found outside Swedish synagogue (Jerusalem Post)

May 19: Swedish authorities investigating mohel for not using anesthesia when performing infant circumcisions (JTA)

May 20: anti-Semitism explodes online and in schools in Sweden since the beginning of the fighting in Israel and Gaza (Haaretz) 

May 30: Non-Jewish man wearing kippa in solidarity with Jews is assaulted on the streets of Gothenburg (JTA)

June 1: Study finds anti-Semitic attitudes fell between 2005 and 2020 in Sweden (Jerusalem Post) 

October 16: “Holocaust was a scam” projected on Malmo synagogue during  Holocaust remembrance and antisemitism conference in the city (Times of Israel)

October 25: Sweden’s National Agency for Education recommends that teachers should make students try to prove the Holocaust is a hoax as part of a ciriculum that tries to educate about conspiracy theories (JTA)


February 1: Jewish organization launches legal action against far-right group for publishing the Protocols of the Elders of Zion (Algemeiner) 

February 8: Pork left at two synagogues in different cities in Switzerland (Algemeiner) 

February 19: Hate mail to French-Jewish lawmaker tells her to prepare for the camps while a swastika is carved into the door of Swiss synagogue (JTA) Also see France

February 23: Acts of anti-Semitism rose in Switzerland in 2020 (le News) 

March 21: Swiss Federal Commission Against Racism raises concerns over rising anti-Semitism during time of COVID-19 (Swiss Info)

May 6: Swiss neo-Nazi fined for speech accusing Jews of starting two world wars (Algemeiner)

June 5: Switzerland adopts IHRA definition of anti-Semitism (Jerusalem Post)

July 8: French comedian is fined by a Swiss court for performing sketches with antisemitic content—including denying the existence of Nazi gas chambers (Swiss Info)

August 3: Swiss Federation of Jewish communities criticized the Swiss Press Council for saying a journalist violated the “obligation to tell the truth” by claiming BDS is antisemitic (Jerusalem Post) 


No incidents yet reported for 2021. View last year’s list here.


January 22: Tunisian President denies claim he made anti-Semitic remarks and reassures Tunisia’s Chief Rabbi (Hamodia) 


February 3: Turkish state news agency runs story highlighting the large number of Jewish officials in senior Biden Administration positions (Algemeiner) 

February 8: Examples of anti-Semitic incidents in Turkey in 2020 (Jewish News Syndicate) 

March 4: Study finds an increase in anti-Israel demonization and anti-Semitic sentiments in Turkish school curriculum (Cleveland Jewish News)

April 13: Lawyer for French-Jewish Gay man jailed in Turkey alleges his client is subject to anti-Semitic and homophobic violence and harassment (Algemeiner)

May 15: The main website of Turkish Jewish community hacked by anti-Israel group and website that monitors anti-Semitism in Turkey reports on a growing number of incidents in Turkey this year (Ahval News)

May 18: U.S. State Department criticizes Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan for anti-Semitic comments (Bloomberg) Also see the United States

May 19: Erdogan says of Israelis “[t]hey are murderers, to the point that they kill children who are five or six years old. They only are satisfied by sucking their blood…” (France 24) 

July 22: Jewish media in Turkey hit with cyberattacks since May fighting between Israel and Hamas (The Forward) 


January 4: Hundreds march with torches to honor 1940s Ukrainian nationalist whose followers killed Jews and Poles (Jerusalem Post)

January 7: Ukrainian far-right protesters demand Israel apologize for communist oppression (JTA) 

February 16: Report on anti-Semitic incidents in Ukraine in 2020 finds approximately same levels as in 2019 (Unian Information Agency) 

March 9: Israel envoy in Ukraine criticizes city of Ternopil naming stadium after Nazi ally (Algemeiner) 

March 12: Ukrainian senior academic at the most prestigious state university proposes to rename the city of Uman for Nazi collaborator (JTA)

May 3: For the first time Kiev is the site of a march celebrating the Galacian SS unit from WWII (JTA)

May 10: Anti-Semitic leaflets posted in Lviv (Urdu Point)

May 26: Prominent non-Jewish scholar of Jewish history and Holocaust is murdered (JTA) 

May 26: Swastika painted on synagogue (JTA)

June 1: Bullet holes found in synagogue and grave robbers desecrate a Holocaust-era mass grave (JTA) 

June 2: President Zelensky says anti-Semitism in Ukraine is lower than any other European country (Unian Information Agency) 

June 2: Someone shot at a synagogue in central Ukraine and local Jewish community leaders kept it a secret for almost a month (Haaretz) 

June 7: Headstones in Jewish cemeteries in Ukraine and Romania smashed (JTA) Also see Romania

August 10: Grave site of Rabbi Nachman’s daughter vandalized and defiled with pig heads (JTA)

September 22: Ukrainian parliament defines and bans antisemitism (WHBL)

November 29: Ukraine investigating two separate incidents where Hanukkah Menorahs were vandalized (Algemeiner)

December 2: At least three Hanukkah menorahs vandalized in Ukrainian cities (JTA)

December 6: Fourth public Hanukkah Menorah in Ukraine toppled by vandals (Algemeiner)

United Arab Emirates

July 8: Senior Rabbi of the UAE calls out Houthi imprisonment of Yemeni Jew as a “crime against humanity” (Algemeiner) Also see Yemen

United Kingdom

January 6: A limping man with stick chases Jewish parents and children walking to synagogue (Daily Mail)

January 7: Two Conservative MPs agree to undergo training on how to recognize anti-Jewish racism (Jewish Chronicle

January 13: Jewish homes vandalized with red crosses (JTA) 

January 15: British man shouts anti-Semitic and racist rhetoric on a plane flight from Warsaw to Liverpool (Algemeiner

January 17: Half of British Jews will not wear any sign of their Judaism because of concern for anti-Semitism (The Guardian) 

January 17: Forty-five percent of United Kingdom adults agree with at least one of six anti-Semitic tropes when asked by researchers (Independent) 

January 18: “Anti-Semitism Barometer” survey finds British Jews more secure about their future in the aftermath of Corbyn’s defeat (JTA)

January 22: Baroness blames rising anti-Semitism in U.K. universities on the” illegal actions” of Israeli government (The Jewish Chronicle) 

January 23: Leeds University investigating a professor for tweeting about a Nazi-Zionist alliance run by the Israeli Embassy in London (Telegraph)

January 27: The Football Association (FA) endorses IHRA Working Definition (Jewish News) 

January 28: Largest Muslim charity in the UK exonerated of institutional anti-Semitism  by an independent panel after posts by two trustees and senior staff member and subsequent suspension of government funding (The Guardian) 

February 2: Sunday Observer publishes review of a cookbook of Jewish foods that sparks an outpouring on social media of anti-Semitism associated with the Israel-Palestinian conflict (The Jewish Chronicle) 

February 4: Jeremy Corbyn’s brother, Piers Corbyn is arrested for flyers comparing COVID-19 vaccinations to Auschwitz but claims he is not an anti-Semite as he was married to a “Jewess” (The Jewish Chronicle) 

February 4: COVID-19 warning sign defaced with a swastika in Tynemouth, England (Chronicle Live

February 8: Teen who talked of gassing Jews becomes UK’s youngest terrorist convict (Times of Israel) 

February 8: Tories urged to investigate their local party chapter in Warrington after anti-Semitic social media post aimed at a Jewish Labour MP (The Guardian)

February 11: Anti-Semitic incidents lower than in the previous year but still at historic levels fueled by COVID-19 conspiracy theories (Jerusalem Post) 

February 12: Holocaust survivor and her rabbi son punched and verbally abused on London bus (JTA) 

February 17: BBC admits claim that Israel is responsible for vaccination in Palestinian Territories is wrong (Algemeiner) 

February 19: Labour councilor suspended over an anti-Semitic cartoon he posted to social media which he claims was inadvertent (Oxford Mail) 

February 22: Chelsea fan is given a restraining order over anti-Semitic abuse of Jewish journalist (Jewish News) 

February 22: Outcry over Professor at Bristol University who has lectured about a Jewish-Zionist conspiracy underlying Islamophobia (Algemeiner) 

February 23: Man avoids prosecution because he sent an anti-Semitic tweet while overseas on holiday (The Guardian) 

February 24: War memorial in Wales is vandalized with anti-Semitic, German language graffiti (BBC)

February 24: Member of statue diversity commission picked by Mayor of London resigns over anti-Semitic comments (The Jewish Chronicle) 

February 26: Book titled “The Taming of the Jew” records the diversity of anti-Semitic attitudes throughout the United Kingdom (The Article)  

February 26: UK Green party to consider whether to reject the IHRA working definition at their upcoming conference (Morning Star Online) 

February 26: Letter of support for Bristol professor who has engaged in anti-Semitic advocacy illustrates the depth of the issue in British academia (The Jewish Chronicle) 

February 28: Bristol professor accused of anti-Semitism in the classroom is also found to be behind a legal fund that supports a number of high-profile politicians who have been banned from the Labour party for anti-Semitism (Daily Mail)

March 3: BBC debate on whether Jews are an ethnic minority draws fire as all four panelists are non-Jews (Algemeiner)

March 3: Swastika is drawn on East Kilbride church (Daily Record) Also see Scotland

March 4: Mother of north London child being homeschooled finds material with anti-Semitic images and language blaming Jews for Jesus’ death when using school-supplied homework material (iNews) 

March 9: Instagram algorithm recommending anti-Semitic imagery and QAnon conspiracies (The Jewish Chronicle) 

March 16: British musicians, Brian Eno and Roger Waters participate on Livestream panel where they blame Israel for anti-Semitism (Algemeiner)

March 17: Welsh party, Plaid Cymru admits shortcomings in dealing with anti-Semitism but will not abandon candidate with a history of anti-Semitic statements in upcoming My election (Wales Online) 

March 21: News site that has been accused of anti-Semitism has joined the independent press monitoring organization, Impress (The Jewish Chronicle)

March 22: Pregnant Jewish woman attacked in Orthodox Jewish area of London neighborhood of Stamford Hill (The Guardian) 

March 22: British anti-racist group publishes book on the rise of anti-Semitic conspiracies connected to COVID-19 (Algemeiner) 

March 25: British Police launch Hate Crime probe into Bristol University professor accused of anti-Semitic lectures (Algemeiner)

March 31: Some UK and US conservatives compare vaccine passports to Holocaust yellow star (Times of Israel) 

March 31: Aston Villa football club receives a flood of digital intolerance after posting Passover greetings on Facebook (Algemeiner) 

April 1: In a landmark decision U.K. sentences anti-semite to jail for Holocaust denial (Jerusalem Post) 

April 2: In an unprecedented move London cop convicted of neo-Nazi group membership (Times of Israel) 

April 12: Couple incidents of anti-Semitic graffiti in Ely near Cambridge (Cambs Times) 

April 15: Cambridge University graduate who is quoted as saying “Extermination is the best option for Jews” is put on trial (Algemeiner) 

April 18: Jewish cemetery section vandalized in Northern Ireland (JTA)

April 24: Anti-racist novelist probed by police for an anti-Semitic post (Mirror) Also see Scotland

April 25: Anti-lockdown protestors wear yellow star used in Nazi-occupied Europe to identify Jews in protest march (Mirror)

April 27: Government urged to take tougher action to protect Jewish university students from anti-Semitism (Central Fife Times) 

April 27: Swastikas drawn on building in the town center of Watford (Jewish News) 

April 29: UK’s Jewish student union criticizes reinstatement of a professor accused of anti-Semitism (Algemeiner) 

May 1: Labour Party suspends 14 members for alleged anti-Semitic rhetoric (Times of Israel) 

May 1: Chelsea hits a fan with a 10-year-ban for his anti-Semitic abuse of a journalist (RT) 

May 1: Ex-police officer jailed for membership in a neo-Nazi group (Times of Israel)

May 8: Man accused of encouraging terrorism says Nazis should have “finished the job” in referring to the Holocaust (Independent) 

May 10: The Guardian newspaper says supporting the 1917 Balfour Declaration was one of the papers “worst errors of judgment” from its 200-year history (JTA)

May 12: Cyclist magazine prints column claiming Jewish Board of Deputies has undue influence over the Labour party as well as anti-Israel falsehoods (Algemeiner) 

May 13: Series of anti-Semitic incidents in Europe in the wake of fighting in the Middle East (Jerusalem Post) Also see Spain

May 14: Swastika and “Free Palestine” graffiti painted on Synagogue (Algemeiner) 

May 14: Swastika, graffiti on the door of a synagogue in Norwich, England (Jewish News Syndicate) 

May 16: Rabbi in Chigwell, Essex physically assaulted by two teenage boys shouting anti-Semitic slurs (Mirror) 

May 17:  Four men arrested in anti-Semitic video investigation as Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Labour opposition leader, Keir Starmer condemn the incident (BBC) 

May 17: Archbishop of Canterbury condemns anti-Semitism after London anti-Semitic incident of car convoy shouting anti-Semitic slurs in Jewish neighborhood (Kent Online) 

May 18: Community Security Trust (CST) and Anti-Semitism Policy Trust find the Google’s SafeSearch function has no impact on the number of racist images found (Jewish News)

May 21: Suspect arrested for attacking a Jewish driver in Golders Green neighborhood of London (Jewish News) 

May 23: Large pro-Palestinian rally in London marred by anti-Semitic posters (Standard) 

May 24: BBC journalist tweeted in 2014, when working for a Palestinian radio station, that “Hitler was right” and that “Israel is more Nazi than Hitler” (JTA) 

May 24: British University probing Jewish lecturer for calling Jeremy Corbyn anti-Semitic and posting a doctored photo of Corbyn reading from the Protocols to children (JTA) 

May 24: Holocaust survivor bombarded with anti-Semitic messages on Tik Tok after she wished people a lovely, peaceful weekend and “Shabbat Shalom” (JTA) 

May 25: Despite a ceasefire in Gaza, anti-Semitic incidents continue in the UK (JTA) 

May 25: Jewish students face a wave of anti-Semitism at UK universities (Algemeiner) 

May 29: A UK-based think tank, claims that student unions or faculty bodies at 12 of the country’s top 40 universities published “highly partisan” anti-Israel statements that might have breached the widely-agreed working definition of anti-Semitism (Telegraph) 

May 29: UK Secretary of Education calls outs bullying and anti-Semitic episodes in British schools (Sky) 

May 30: London police seeking a man who called for Jewish “blood” when participating in an anti-Israel rally (Algemeiner)

June 1: Anti-vaxxers take to social media to compare guidance rules on masks and vaccines to the beginning of the Holocaust (iNews) 

June 1: Pupils in London school harass Jewish teacher with Palestinian flag stickers in North London (Jewish News) 

June 3: London Jewish schoolteachers quit union over its call for participation in pro-Palestinian rallies (JTA) 

June 3: British, Jewish actor/comedian, Stephen Fry praises essay calling Israeli treatment of Palestinians worse than apartheid (Algemeiner) 

June 6: Groups associated with anti-Israel elements in the Labour party complain that the Jewish Labour Movement’s anti-Semitism training is pro-Israel propaganda (Morning Star Online) 

June 9: British correspondent for Sky News apologizes for suggesting that Israeli policies are to blame for anti-Semitism in Britain (Algemeiner) 

June 9: Swastika graffiti found on the wall of a residence hall of Nottingham Trent University (Nottingham Post) 

June 10: A journalist who vandalized Warsaw Ghetto wall with “Free Gaza and Palestine” is teaching a three-session course on “Understanding Antisemitism” for a British teacher’s union (Times of Israel)

June 13: Jewish Tik Tok creators feel they are being silenced by the platform (NBC News) Also see United States

June 14: Muslim man stops an anti-Semitic attack on two Jewish men in a London restaurant (Evening Standard) 

June 14: Neo-Nazi ringleader who called for the extermination of Jews found guilty of terror offenses (The Jewish Chronicle) 

June 15: BBC journalist who wrote in 2014 “Hitler was right” is no longer with the broadcaster (JTA)

June 23: UK High Court tells agency to reopen the investigation of a pharmacist who blamed “Zionists” for the Grenfell fire (Algemeiner) 

June 24: Neo-Nazi who wrote that ethnic minorities should be “sent home” and “sterilized” is jailed (The Jewish Chronicle)

June 25: Scottish Labour councilor appears to have taken back a previous apology for remarks about the Jewish community (Daily Record) Also see Scotland

June 27: Labour party officials shut down a discussion in the Hove and Portslade Constituency branch about sanctioning Israel for human rights abuse because of fear it would foster antisemitism (Jerusalem Post)

June 29: Attacks on rabbis and the highest number of antisemitic incidents ever recorded in one month in the U.K. has raised fear for the future among many British Jews (BBC) 

July 5: Jewish man verbally abused on London bus and within an hour in the London Underground (BBC)

July 6: Jews concerned that new Brexit-related trading protocol will cut off supply of kosher meat to Northern Ireland Jewish community (Algemeiner) 

July 7: University of Warwick faculty vote against the University’s use of the IHRA definition of antisemitism (Algemeiner) 

July 7: Two Orthodox Jews walking to synagogue on Shabbat are targeted by man shouting about Nazis and Hitler (Monitoring Antisemitism Worldwide)  

July 13: Church of England will apologize for 13th century antisemitic laws that restricted Jewish rights and led to their expulsion from England (Y Net News)

July 13: Liverpool MP contradicts former Labour MP, Dame Louise Ellman, by saying that Dame Ellman was not forced out of the Labour party by antisemitism (BBC) 

July 13: UK minister asks social media platforms to adopt the IHRA definition (Jerusalem Post) 

July 15: Antisemitic incidents in London spike in May of 2021 (Standard) 

July 17: In a new book author documents Jew-hatred in the United Kingdom and Ireland (National Post) Also see Ireland

July 17: Palestinian journalist fired from BBC for tweeting in 2014 “Hitler was right” blames pro-Israel interest groups for her ouster (Jewish Journal)

July 18: The Labour party may expel hundreds who denied the extent of antisemitism in the party (The Jewish Chronicle) 

July 19: Human Rights Director accused of implying that Israeli actions might be behind the recent rise of antisemitism after report of a spike in UK antisemitism (Jerusalem Post)

July 20: Jewish Labour Movement welcomes move by the Labour party to expel four groups critical of Labour’s work to confront antisemitism (Largs & Millport News) 

July 27: Twitter informs UK NGO, Campaign Against Antisemitism, that “Hitler was right” and “Jews control the world” did not breach its guideline (The Times)

July 27: U.K. children charity, Barnardo’s, suspends and is investigating teacher who posted on social media claims that Israel has control of governments and manipulated the media as well as sharing analysis disparaging the Talmud (Jewish News) 

July 27: Twitter accused by UK NGO, Campaign Against Antisemitism,” of inaction in implementing its policies against antisemitic tweets (Yahoo News) 

July 29: Antisemitic incidents soared in London during May 2021 Gaza war (Times of Israel) 

August 1: Swastika graffiti drawn on information board by Durham bandstand (Palatinate)

August 4: TalkSport caller makes an antisemitic remark about Tottenham Hotspur Football Club’s chairman and program hosts avoid calling out the antisemitism (Cartilage Free Captain) 

August 4: Prominent art gallery called out for defaming Israel in a recent exhibit (Algemeiner) 

August 6: Chair of complaint panel charges that a London university, SOAS, could be institutionally antisemitic after SOAS ignored panel’s findings (The Jewish Chronicle) 

August 7: Cornwall radio host jailed for antisemitic broadcasts (BBC) 

August 8: Labour group wants councillar who was suspended over antisemitism to be thrown out of the party (The Jewish Chroncile) 

August 9: Neo-Nazi posters and swastikas in Abingdon (Oxford Mail)

August 12:  Manchester gallery accused of antisemitism over exhibition on alleged Israeli “ethnic cleansing” against Palestinians (The Art Newspaper)

August 12:  Campaign Against Antisemitism (CAA) calls on social media to backtrack on allowing rapper, Wiley, back on their platforms over antisemitic posts (Algemeiner)

August 14:  Left-wing filmmaker, Ken Loach, expelled from Labour Party over his views that claims of antisemitism in the party represent a “witch hunt” (i)

August 14:  Right-wing extremist who had large amounts antisemitic material convicted of having bomb-making and faces jail time (BBC)

August 15:  Elderly Jewish man slapped on his head and his kippah thrown to the ground in antisemitic attack (Jewish News)

August 18: Imam head of UK NGO, Muslim Engagement and Development, posted on Facebook in 2014 a comparison of Israel to Adolf Hitler (The National)

August 20:  UK retailer is called out by a Jewish worker over discriminatory policy on Shabbat work and antisemitic comments by supervisors (Morning Star)

August 23:  London man separately punched a Jewish child and a Jewish man in separate incidents on the same day (JTA)

August 29:  Welsh First Minister, Mark Drakeford, faces criticism for speaking at event where two ex-Labour members caught up in Labour’s antisemitism scandal, Jeremy Corbyn and Ken Loach, are also on the program (Jewish News)

August 30:  Cornish radio host, Graham Hart, has been jailed after encouraging violence against Jews and quoted as saying Hitler killed Jews because they are filth and advocating the killing of young Jews (Cornwall Live)

August 30:  Labour councillor referred to the party’s efforts to rid itself of antisemitism as a “Jew process” (Algemeiner)

September 3:  Scottish government faces antisemitism controversy after bringing the Green Party members into the government (The Scottish SunAlso see Scotland

September 3:  Hot Spurs’ star Harry Kane is abused with antisemitic language by Hungarian football fans (The SunAlso see Hungary

September 4:  British tearoom owner faces social media abuse after being accused of antisemitic behavior by a Jewish family (Coventry Telegraph)

September 5:  Arrest of suspect in six separate antisemitic assaults (JTA)

September 6:  Pro-Palestinian Solicitor is suspended by Labour over allegations of antisemitism (Jewish News)

September 7:  Westminster man convicted of hate crime for verbally assaulting the CEO of a group fighting antisemitism (South London Press)

September 14: Labour party member who had been suspended and reinstated in the party caught on video chanting “From the river to the sea Palestine will be free” (Cleveland Jewish News)

September 14: Antisemitic tweets identified by Chelsea Football Club leads to man being charged (Sky Sports)

September 19: Jeremy Corbyn to appear with actor who tweeted about Jewish toddlers having their “cute little horns filed off” (The JC)

September 20: Indictments issued against four men yelling antisemitic slurs from cars in May (Jerusalem Post)

September 22: Researchers at BBC Click find extremists  spreading racism, antisemitism and homophobia on mainstream video games and gaming chat platforms (Yahoo News)

September 25: Controversial ex-Eaton teacher interviews on YouTube a U.S. writer who claims Jews are always behind pornography (i)

September 26: Extreme right in UK uses misogyny to promote conspiracy theories about Jews being behind feminism (Guardian)

September 26: Labour Party adopts a independent process to deal with internal manifestations of antisemitism (Wales Online)

September 26: Radio editor assaulted by anti-Israel activist, Tony Greenfield, at a fringe event at Labour conference (Jewish News)

September 27: UK Labour Party leaders condemn anti-Israel motion passed at the party’s annual conference (Algemeiner)

September 30: Vandals deface Glasgow Catholic school with Nazi graffiti (Glasgow Live) Also see Scotland

October 1: Bristol University fires professor after investigation of an accusation that he has made antisemitic comments (Guardian)

October 4: UK nightclub ignores call to cancel concert by British rapper with who has used anti-Israel and antisemitic rhetoric (Algemeiner)

October 8: Chelsea fan faces possible jail time for using antisemitic rants against Tottenham fans (Metro)

October 10: Poll finds public feels that the police have an antisemitism problem (Left Foot Forward)

October 14: London neo-Nazi soccer hooligans use antisemitic “Achtung Juden” sign to taunt their rivals (Algemeiner)

October 17: Islamist preacher criticized after he implied that the reason a MP was recently killed is because he was a supporter of a terrorist state—Israel (Algemeiner)

October 19:  A member of the pro-Corbyn group, “Jewish Voice for Labour” (JVL), describes how members of the group treat all claims of antisemitism—even against right-wing conspiracy theories— as bogus (Jewish News)

October 22:  Aristocratic property heir is fined and jailed for calling protestors “Jewish scum” (The JC)

October 24:  Antisemites attack an online Shabbat service of a Reform Jewish congregation in Manchester (BBC)

October 24: Green Party of England adopts Jerusalem Declaration and IHRA working definition of antisemitism (Left Foot Forward)

October 27: Noam Chomsky (and 500 other scholars) says University of Glasgow student paper should not have apologized for running an article it labeled antisemitic (JTAAlso see Scotland

November 1:  Swastikas found near London synagogue and teen suspect is arrested (Times of Israel)

November 5: West Ham FC appalled by video of their fans chanting antisemitic abuse at a Jewish man on a plane (The Athletic)

November 5: Chelsea soccer fan jailed for eight weeks for antisemitic tweets aimed at rival football club, Tottenham (Times of Israel)

November 6: Charges of antisemitism force Royal Court theatre to change name of a character based on Elon Musk (Guardian)

November 8: New Twitter Middle East news director apologizes for history of anti-Israel tweets (Fox News)

November 9:  Yorkshire Country cricket team coach suspended while investigation into alleged antisemitic tweet is completed (France 24)

November 12:  Israeli Ambassador to UK claims protestors shouting at her during a speech at the London School of Economics were antisemitic while organizers say it free speech (BBCAlso see Israel

November 15: Antisemitic  (Times of Israel)bullying at UK universities reaches record level according to the Community Security Trust (Algemeiner)

November 19: Ex-UK cricket player who recently called out racism in the sport apologizes after it was revealed he made antisemitic remarks (JTA)

November 22: Royal Court playhouse admits that concerns were raised months ago about the Jewish name assigned to a character who typified many antisemitic stereotypes (Times of Israel)

November 22: Jewish councillor, Jo Bird, expelled by Labour party after her activities with the group Labour Against the Witchunt, which was pro-Corbyn and against charges of antisemitism leveled at the Corbyn leadership of Labour (BBC)

November 23: Labour councillor suspended from the party after the NGO Labour Against Antisemtism compiled a 16 page document alleging antisemitic posts (BBC)

November 24: UK newspaper apologizes for letter that said “privileged” Jews can’t be victims of racism (Algemeiner)

November 24: Remembrance Day memorial vandalized with swastika graffiti (BBC)

November 25: Court hears testimony about man who spread antisemitic hoax theories online and through leaflets (BBC)

November 26: Labour member banned from party’s list of potential council candidates after comparing Israel to white supremacy and claiming the country was “perpetuating a holocaust” against Palestinians (The Times)

December 1: Jews celebrating Hanukkah on a party bus in central London intimidated and spat upon by vandals yelling “free Palestine” (JTA)

December 2: Rapper Wiley suspended from Twitter again for attacking Campaign Against Antisemitism (CAA) with allegations that Jews control hip hop and mainstream Black music (NME)

December 3: One of the UK’s most prolific antisemitic streamers is jailed (BBC)

December 10: New report finds 495,000 explicitly antisemitic posts on UK Twitter each year (Algemeiner)

December 13: UK man jailed for verbally abusing Jewish couple at tram stop (Algemeiner)

December 14: Jewish community holds protest against BBC over coverage of Chanukah bus attack (Jewish News)

December 15: Community Security Trust finds far-right youth groups are spreading antisemitism (The JC)

December 15: Conservative MP apologizes for referencing Nazi Germany in a debate where he criticized COVID restrictions (JTA)

December 19: Far right groups on Telegram use COVID conspiracy theories linked to Jews to recruit new members (Business Insider)

December 24: Man attacked outside London rail station by assailant using antisemitic language (Guardian)

December 24: Football fan shouts antisemitic abuse at a journalist on a train (The JC)

United States

January 4: State of Pennsylvania awards $1.1 million grant to upgrade the security of Pittsburgh Jewish community (The Jewish Chronicle)

January 5: Jewish community in Lexington, KY was shaken by the third set of anti-Semitic stickers found over recent weeks (Algemeiner)

January 7: Mayor of two New York state villages decry anti-Semitic stickers in their jurisdictions (The Hudson Independent) 

January 7: Guide to hate symbols, including anti-Semitic ones at the Capitol riots (JTA) 

January 7: Israeli reporter harassed by anti-Semitic rioter at U.S. Capitol (Jewish Journal) Also see Israel

January 8: Johns Hopkins teaching assistant writes about possibly flunking Zionist student (JTA) 

January 8: President-elect, Joe Biden, calls Capitol rioters, thugs, insurrectionists and anti-Semites who should be prosecuted (JTA) 

January 8: Confederate flag tied to the door of the Museum of Jewish Heritage—A Living Memorial to the Holocaust in New York City (JTA) 

January 8: Jewish Federation leader reflects on rising anti-Semitism in New Hampshire after second Republican state legislator is accused of anti-Semitism (Eagle-Tribune)

January 10: White supremacist flyers featuring swastika distributed in Virginia neighborhood (NBC 29) 

January 11: Three Israeli themed restaurants in Portland, Oregon are vandalized with “Free Palestine” slogans and other graffiti (JTA) 

January 11: Jewish family on Upper West side of Manhattan harassed by a man shouting anti-Semitic slurs (New York Post) 

January 12: American Jewish organizations split over the use of the IHRA working definition (Algemeiner) 

January 12: Staten Island politician yells “Heil Hitler” at a protest (JTA) 

January 12: High ranking NYPD who is being investigated for posting racist and anti-Semitic remarks retires (Times of Israel) 

January 14: Kristen Clarke, top Biden DOJ nominee says she was wrong to invite an anti-Semitic author to speak at Harvard 26 years ago when she was a student (JTA) 

January 15: Right-wing Twitter accounts claim without any evidence that a Jewish individual, Aaron Mosotofsky, was an Antifa agitator instead of a prominent supporter of the right-wing attack on the Capitol (JTA)

January 15: Jewish fraternity at University of Texas vandalized with anti-Semitic graffiti (Kxan) 

January 15: SUV in La Mesa, California spotted with swastika flag draped over it (CBS 8) 

January 15: Speaker Pelosi singles out for scorn “punk” who wore “Camp Auschwitz” hoodie during the attack on the Capitol (New York Post) 

January 15: U.S. Army removes officer who made a Holocaust joke on Tik Tok (JTA) 

January 15: University of California, Riverside professor says Zionism politically toxifies our schools (JTA) 

January 17: Mimouna, sign a memorandum of understanding to fight anti-Semitism and the delegitimization of Israel (Jerusalem Post) Also see Morocco

January 17: Github reverses firing of Jewish employee who called out Nazis at Capitol riot (Mashable) 

January 17: Known neo-Nazi who peddles anti-Semitic conspiracy theories is arrested for involvement in Capitol riot (Times of Israel) 

January 17: Ashland, Virginia police investigate leaflet displaying swastika (Richmond) 

January 18: Signs criticizing Trump for Israel support which have been used in ongoing anti-Semitic protests against Ann Arbor synagogue appear at pro-Trump rally in state capitol protests (The Jewish News

January 19: Fake letter attributed to Kamala Harris warns DC synagogues to close or be fined and shut down (JTA)

January 18: New Jersey man charged in U.S. Capitol riots has a history of anti-Semitic posts (New Jersey News 12)

January 19: NYC city council candidate is criticized for an alleged anti-Semitic tweet from five years ago (Flushing Post)

January 19: Congresswoman Tlaib claims Israel is denying vaccines to Palestinians and calls Israel a racist state (Algemeiner) 

January 19: Anti-Semitic flyers found in Satellite Beach, Florida (Florida Today) 

January 19: Progressive Jewish groups and Presidents Conference of Major Jewish organizations taking opposing positions on IHRA working definition of anti-Semitism (Cleveland Jewish News) 

January 19: Pompeo State Department ends ties with NGO, Islamic Relief Worldwide, over charges of anti-Semitism (Cleveland Jewish News) 

January 19: Trump signs bill giving State Department’s Special Envoy to Monitor and Combat Antisemitism, ambassadorial rank (Catholic Courier) 

January 19: Georgia Tech adopts IHRA working definition after Hillel Director banned from Palestine 101 event (Algemeiner) 

January 20: Los Angeles police investigating a possible hate crime after Synagogue is vandalized in Koreatown (ABC 7) 

January 21: Republican Speaker of New Hampshire House of Representatives under fire for failing to discipline two GOP legislators accused of anti-Semitic social media posts (Algemeiner) 

January 22: Anti-Semitic Queens man arrested for trying to purchase illegal guns from undercover police for a race war (New York Daily News) 

January 22: Racist and anti-Semitic posts shared at San Francisco high school (KRON 4) 

January 23: Mayoral candidate Andrew Yang, faces backlash for comparing BDS to Nazi boycott of Jews (Fox News) 

January 23: White supremacist, anti-Semitic group plasters Fort Wayne campus of Purdue University with stickers advertising its anti-Semitic website (Journal Gazette) 

January 24: California lawyer attacked for attacks against Jews and praise for Hitler on social media (JNS) 

January 25: Reform Movement supports IHRA Working Definition but opposes it being codified into law (JTA)

January 25: University of North Carolina campus building vandalized on the inside with racist epithets and anti-Semitic symbols (ABC 11) 

January 25: Man fined nearly $10 million by FCC for racist and anti-Semitic robocalls (KXLY)

January 26: Palestinian-American music producer and artist criticized for social media posts vilifying Zionism and Israel as a terrorist-Gestapo state (Algemeiner) 

January 26: Phoenix home spray-painted with a swastika (ABC 15) 

January 26: Analysis of link in the U.S. between Christian nationalists, QAnon followers and anti-Semitism (Washington Post)

January 26: Police suspect a man with an apparent prosthetic leg is behind the vandalism of two synagogues in Huntsville, Alabama (New York Daily News) 

January 26: Man in a video caught putting up anti-Semitic stickers in Lexington, Kentucky (Lexington Herald-Leader) 

January 27: Facebook introduces a new fact-check box to deal with Holocaust denial (JTA)  

January 27: ADL finds gaming network, Twitch, is the most effective social media platform at curbing holocaust denial (JTA) 

January 28: Swastikas found in Johns Hopkins Peabody Institute campus (Johns Hopkins News-Letter) 

January 28: Forsyth County, Georgia neighborhood leafleted with Nazi pamphlets (CBS 46) 

January 28: GOP congresswoman, Marjorie Taylor Greene, blamed California wildfire on secret Rothschild space laser (New York Magazine) 

January 28: More homophobic, anti-Semitic letters left at Alabama businesses and Birmingham church ( 

January 29: NBC walks-back story criticizing Biden NSC appointee for connection to AIPAC (Yahoo News) 

January 29: U.S. prepared to prosecute man acquitted of the murder of Daniel Pearl in Pakistan (Times of Israel) Also see Pakistan

January 29: Gamestop stock story stirs right-wing anti-Semitic reaction (Times of Israel) 

January 29: Christians United for Israel call upon U.S. House GOP leadership to remove Representative Greene from her committee assignment because of her support of anti-Semitic conspiracy theories (Cleveland Jewish News)

January 30: Marjorie Taylor Greene vows to never back down after Jewish groups denounce her social media post about Jewish lasers starting wildfires (Times of Israel) 

January 31: Swastika found in Kansas City prep school following previous incidents of anti-Semitic behavior (The Kansas City Star) 

January 31: Penn State Black Caucus zoom call hijacked by neo-Nazis who used racist, homophobic and anti-Semitic language (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)  

January 31: FCC hands Montana man a $9.9 million fine for sending racist and anti-Semitic robocalls (Yahoo News) 

February 1: Facebook criticized by Jewish Voice for Peace for exploring how to interpret attacks on “Zionist” (JTA) 

February 1: Hawaii GOP chairwoman resigns over tweets supportive of QAnon and Holocaust denier by former communications director for the party (Honolulu Star-Advertiser) 

February 2: Official at Biden’s State Department says U.S. support IHRA definition (JTA) 

February 2: Leading black and Jewish figures in the entertainment industry launch effort against anti-Semitism and racism (93.1 Jack FM) 

February 2: Charlotte, North Carolina, Charter School teacher loses job over anti-Semitic social media post (WBTV) 

February 3: Video catches retired Miami-Dade police employee on an anti-Semitic rant against a driver who double-parked and blocked her car (Washington Post) 

February 3: Man caught on video drawing swastika outside a synagogue in Manhattan (WCBS 880) 

February 3: ADL report finds that far-right extremists are responsible for 16 or 17 extremist killings in the U.S. in 2020 (Algemeiner) 

February 4: Representative Slotkin wants to mandate Holocaust education to combat domestic terrorism (JTA)

February 4: Marjorie Taylor Green likes a Tweet linking Mossad to JFK assassination (JTA) 

February 4: Lawmakers urge President Biden to quickly appoint a Special Envoy to Monitor and Combat anti-Semitism (Cleveland Jewish News)

February 4: Watchdog group documents recent anti-Semitism on campus (Cleveland Jewish News) 

February 5: Longmeadow Coalition for Racial Justice in western Massachusetts has Zoom meeting attacked with racial and anti-Semitic slurs (WWLP) 

February 5: Marvel edits Hulk comic after allegations of anti-Semitism (Movie Web)  

February 5: Jewish groups praise house vote to expel Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene (Newsweek) 

February 6: Jewish fraternity at Cal Poly vandalized with swastikas and other anti-Semitic graffiti (keyt) 

February 7: Jewish actress accuses ex-fiance, Marilyn Manson of anti-Semitic abuse (Times of Israel) 

February 8: Texas white nationalist who urged the killing of blacks and Jews is charged with selling firearms to a felon (Dallas News) 

February 8: Trolls post anti-Semitic remarks during Zoom service for Georgia synagogue (North Fulton) 

February 9: Tucumcari, New Mexico man flies Nazi flags over his home (Eastern New Mexico News) 

February 9: Holocaust memorial damaged and synagogue vandalized in Spokane (Cleveland Jewish News) 

February 9: Activist Marc Lamont Hill says Black Lives Matter supports the “dismantling of the Zionist Project” (Algemeiner) 

February 10: UC Irvine student government passes BDS resolution condemning Israel as “Apartheid” state while denying link to Judaism

February 10: Anti-Semitic, neo-Nazi group planning protest for April in Phoenix (ABC 15) 

February 11: Fremont, California synagogue defaced with swastikas (Jweekly) 

February 12: The University of Illinois at Champaign reports two incidents that Jewish students are calling anti-Semitic (Fox Illinois) 

February 12: Jewish State Representatives call upon New Hampshire Speaker to sanction two of their colleagues for anti-Semitic incidents (Sentinel Source) 

February 12: Anti-Semitic message spray-painted next to 9/11 Memorial at Florida firehouse (Local 10) 

February 15: Florida State University student senate rejects pro-BDS, anti-IHRA resolutions (Eastern New Mexico News) 

February 16: Long Island virtual Torah study session hijacked by hate speech (The Island Now)

February 18: Hedge Fund boss behind short selling of GameStop says in congressional testimony that he was a prime target of anti-Semitic slurs on Reddit (New York Post) 

February 18: ADL report focuses on the British Labour Party, Poland, Hungary and Russia for anti-Semitism (Jewish Exponent) Also see Russia, Hungary, and Poland

February 19: Jewish Insider reports newly elected GOP, African-American, Lt. Governor of North Carolina has decried globalists, alleged that the movie “Black Panther” was created to “pull the shekels out of your Schvartze pocket”, and agreed with fringe pastor Sean Moon claimed that the Rothschild “international bankers” were a modern incarnation of one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse (Jewish Insider) 

February 19: Harford County Maryland’s Young Republicans chapter is disbanded after it sent out an anti-Semitic email to its listserve (Baltimore Sun) 

February 19: Vandals draw swastika found outside Rego Park, Queens synagogue (Queens Eagle) 

February 19: New York University administration releases a statement condemning swastikas and other hate graffiti drawn on University buildings two times in February (NYU) 

February 19: FBI arrests Capitol rioter who said Jews and Israel control other governments (JTA) 

February 20: Anti-Semitic slurs spray-painted on a bank sign and businesses in Florida shopping plaza (WSVN) 

February 22: SNL’s Michael Che is criticized for joke reporting on Israel’s success in vaccinating one half of its population and then stating that he bets it was the “Jewish half” (Daily Mail) 

February 22: Jewish former Bronx school superintendent alleges in a lawsuit she was discriminated against on anti-Semitic, racial, and gender grounds (Algemeiner) 

February 22: Police investigating suspicious dumpster fire at Chabad Center in Sharon, Massachusetts (Boston CBS Local)

February 22: Jewish family in Buffalo receives an anti-Semitic threat through the mail (Insider)

February 22: Merrick Garland defends Justice Department nominee, Kristin Clarke, against insinuations of anti-Semitism (The Forward) 

February 23: Dickenson College investigates anti-Semitic video possibly involving a student (PennLive) 

February 23: CPAC cancels invited panelist, Young Pharaoh after it is reported that he has a background of making anti-Semitic comments (CNN) 

February 23: Oberlin professor called for the elimination of Israel when he was Iran’s UN Ambassador in the 1980s (Fox News) 

February 24: Neo-Nazi leader planned heavily-fortified extremist compound in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula (Click on Detroit) 

February 24: NBC removes episode of Nurses after backlash over the portrayal of an Orthodox Jew (Variety) 

February 25: Swastika carved into Tree in Sligo Creek Valley Park in Maryland (Baltimore CBS Local) 

February 26: Kentucky becomes first U.S. state to adopt the IHRA definition of anti-Semitism (Jerusalem Post)

February 26: Lowell School Committee member resigns after using an anti-Semitic slur on TV (Boston CBS Local)

February 26: Mid-level U.S. State Department, Foreign Service Officer, has been using posts to support the U.S. becoming a Christian nation and to malign Jews as Christ-killers (Politico) 

February 27: Two youths arrested for vandalizing statues at Tulsa Holocaust museum (The Hill) 

February 28: Michigan professor at Ferris State University fired after racist, homophobic and anti-Semitic tweets (USA Today) 

February 28: NJ teen confesses to planning plot to vandalize two midwestern synagogues (JTA)

March 1: CPAC organizers deny stage was designed to mimic a Nazi symbol while Hyatt officials call it abhorrent (Washington Post) 

March 1: Michigan university fires professor for anti-Semitic, racist, homophobic tweets (JTA) 

March 2: Frontier Airlines accused of anti-Semitism after kicking Hasidic family off a flight (Times of Israel) 

March 1: Biden Administration supports IHRA working definition of anti-Semitism (Jewish Insider) 

March 2: Anti-Semitic graffiti painted on a fence in Miami-Dade (Miami Heralds) 

March 2: IfNotNow rallies to protest Biden Administration’s position of IHRA definition (Algemeiner) 

March 3: Calls for boycott of businesses elicits allegation of anti-Semitism in Teaneck, NJ (North Jersey)

March 4: Representative Levin downplays threat of left-wing anti-Semitism (Jewish Insider) 

March 4: Member of Representative Eleanor Homes Norton’s (D-D.C.) judicial nominations commission resigns after anti-Semitic remark resigns about judicial candidate (Washington Post) 

March 4: White supremacist is arrested by FBI for trolling blacks and Jews online (Algemeiner) 

March 5: eBay removes Nazi toys from its site (JTA)

March 5: Notorious N. California anti-Semite opens online store selling anti-Semitic and homophobic t-shirts and apparel (Jweekly) 

March 6: Study finds anti-Semitic incidents in Wisconsin increased 36% between 2019 and 2020 (News 8000) 

March 9: Miami Heat’s Meyers Leonard uses anti-Semitic slur while gaming (Miami Herald) 

March 9: Jewish groups criticize Representative Gosar for speaking at an event organized by white nationalist, anti-Semite (Jewish News Arizona) 

March 9: Arab-American comedian criticized after posting a video showing him harassing shoppers at Kosher Market (Algemeiner)

March 9: Swastika found on walking track of Oxford, Connecticut middle school (Patch) 

March 10: CEO of Gab welcomes anti-Semites to his platform (Mother Jones) 

March 11: Anti-Semitic graffiti found in Pittsburg area school (Jewish Chronicle) 

March 11: Texas Governor Greg Abbott calls out Gab as an anti-Semitic platform even as Texas GOP makes extensive use of Gab (Mediaite) 

March 11: Harvard Hillel accuses Cornel West and his supporter for furthering “anti-Jewish conspiracy theory” as part of tenure controversy (The Crimson) 

March 11: Anti-Semitic vandalism at San Diego State University (The Daily Aztec) 

March 15: U.S. Capitol police officer suspended over a copy of the anti-Semitic Protocols of the Elders of Zion (Reuters) 

March 15: Skidmore College students denied trial period for “Progressive Zionists for Peace Club” (Algemeiner) 

March 16: Capitol rioter with Hitler mustache who talked about eating Jews is a Navy contractor and Army reservist (JTA) 

March 16: The University of Texas at Austin student government passes resolution urging the university to adopt IHRA working definition (Jewish News Syndicate) 

March 16: Liberal Jewish scholars present an anti-Semitism definition that allows for more criticism of Israel (JTA) 

March 17: Nexus Task Force made up of liberal academics and others say IHRA definition is too broad and draft a definition that is designed to be more accepting of criticism of Israel

March 17: ADL finds white supremacist propaganda incidents surge in 2020 (Cleveland Jewish News) 

March 18: Meghan McCain, co-host of “The View” says that anti-Semitism is the “last form of passable bigotry in America” (Algemeiner) 

March 18: Columbus, Ohio man charged with a hate crime for making anti-Semitic threats and breaking the window of a neighbor (ABC 6 On Your Side) 

March 19: Swastika and racial slur carved into tables at high school outside Rochester, NY (Rochester First)

March 19: Nazi SS symbol, black sun, found in three different locations in Athens, Georgia neighborhood (Online Athens) 

March 20: Man arrested for multiple incidents of drawing anti-Semitic graffiti outside of NYC synagogue (Jerusalem Post) 

March 20: Miami Imam calls those who make peace with Israel fools and that Jews are behind all corruption worldwide and are descendants of pigs and apes (Times of Israel) 

March 21: Asbury Park Press uses a profanity-laced photo caption that describes a nurse administering a COVID-19 vaccine as a “JAP” (New Jersey Globe)

March 23: U.S. Congressman calls for German probe into allegation NY Hasidic Jews detained at Frankfurt Airport (Algemeiner) Also see Germany 

March 23: Duxbury, Massachusetts high school football team accused of using anti-Semitic language as part of their play-calling (Boston Herald) 

March 24: QAnon now pushing grand conspiracy theories that include anti-Chinese, anti-Semitic tropes as well as fear of vaccines and global plots to take over the world (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette) 

March 25: Swastika and other Nazi symbols found in Tunnel that starts at a Sports Bar and goes to Tropicana Field in St. Peterburg (Tampa Bay Creative Loafing) 

March 25: Juvenile to be charged for Nazi graffiti at Massachusetts elementary school (Patch) 

March 25: Swastika and Hitler found during weapons arrest at Cal State Monterey Bay (JTA) 

March 26: Westfield, New Jersey school and parks vandalized with swastikas (Tap Into Westfield) 

March 27: Over 200 academics endorse a new definition of anti-Semitism (Times of Israel) 

March 27: In south Florida Holocaust survivor’s car marked with a swastika and local auto center’s wall marked with an anti-Semitic message (7 News Miami) 

March 29: Episcopal Church pressured to address anti-Semitic implications of Good Friday reading of Mark 18-19 (Episcopal News Service) Also see Canada 

March 29: Teenager arrested in connection with anti-Semitic graffiti found along a trail in Mt. Morris, New York (13 ABC WHAM)

March 29: Anti-Semitic, racist and homophobic memes shared with students in Chicago prep school (Chicago Tribune) 

March 30: Five hundred and twenty-five U.S. Mayors have joined with AJC to condemn and combat anti-Semitism (Jewish News Syndicate) 

March 30: The University of Connecticut investigates swastika found on side of campus building (NBC Connecticut) 

March 30: Over 525 US Mayors join AJC effort to fight anti-Semitism (Algemeiner) 

March 30: University of Minnesota students vote to adopt IHRA Working Definition (Algemeiner) 

March 31: One in four American Jews have experienced anti-Semitism since 2016 (Haaretz) 

March 31: University of Virginia Jewish students respond to a letter by a candidate for student government by saying that it is anti-Semitic to say abortion is the “greatest genocide of all time” (The College Fix) 

March 31: Vaccine passports compared to Yellow Stars of David that Jews in occupied Europe had to wear during the Holocaust (Jewish Exponent) 

March 31: Kentucky Governor leads condemnation of Libertarian Party’s comparison of vaccine passport and Nazi treatment of Jews (Algemeiner) 

March 31: Student groups at Butler University claim Angela Davis speech was canceled after “Zionist” pressure while University says it was a postponement over procedural matters (Algeminer) 

April 1: Visiting Orthodox couple and their baby slashed by a knife-wielding attacker in NYC (JTA)

April 2: Tablet Magazine study finds that higher levels of education in the United States are not correlated with lower levels of anti-Semitism (Jerusalem Post) 

April 2: Speaker at University of Miami Law School says he embraces being called an anti-Semite (The Miami Hurricane) 

April 5: Albuquerque Mayor claims that cartoon released by a union that opposes him is anti-Semitic (Albuquerque Journal) 

April 6: The University of North Florida claims one of its student behind stickers with QR codes linking to anti-Semitic materials and white supremacist materials (News4JAX) 

April 6: Two Ohio Republicans are criticized by Jewish organizations for comparing U.S. government pandemic policies with Nazi Germany (Algemeiner)

April 6: Anti-Semitic and racist graffiti found on Pittsburgh’s South Side (90.5 WESA) 

April 7: Over 350 academics sign open letter in support of IHRA Definition (Algemeiner) 

April 7: Report Nazi salutes at a fraternity at University of Kentucky triggers a reaction by University (Kentucky Kernel) 

April 7: Neo-Nazi leader pleads guilty to threatening journalists and opponents of anti-Semitism (Business Insider) 

April 8: American Federation of Teachers President, Randi Weingarten, criticized by some community for her remarks about today’s Jews being a part of the “ownership class” (Jewish Journal) 

April 9: ADL calls for investigation of anti-Semitism at Linfield University in Oregon to be thoroughly investigated (OPB) 

April 9: Jewish and Arab-American groups back bill enhancing hate crime reporting in the U.S. (JTA) 

April 9: Swastika found drawn on the asphalt behind a Connecticut elementary school (NBC Connecticut) 

April 10: Governor Cuomo directed state police to investigate anti-Semitic graffiti found at a Long Island elementary school playground (MSN) 

April 11: ADL call on Fox News to fire Tucker Carlson over his replacement theory comments (WTVA) 

April 12: Jewish students at Michigan State University claim harassment during a debate over a student government bill to define anti-Semitism (The Jewish News) 

April 12: Anti-Semitic graffiti spray-painted on cement plant wall in Miami-Dade (7 News Miami) 

April 13: Swastika graffiti found in Ketchikan, Alaska skatepark and trail (KRBD) 

April 13: After U.S. resumes aid to UNRWA President Biden says that UNRWA pledges zero tolerance for anti-Semitism (Times of Israel) 

April 13: Fox defends Tucker Carlson over replacement theory remarks after ADL urges his firing (Times of Israel) 

April 13: Council candidate in Maine likens Covid vaccination to the Holocaust (Seacoast Online)

April 13: Rutgers fraternity vandalized during 24-hour reading for Holocaust Remembrance Day (Daily Targum) 

April 13: Man accused of multiple anti-Semitic graffiti incidents in Coral Gables is arrested (NBC Miami) 

April 13: Pamphlets containing racist and anti-Semitic messages found in Georgetown, Kentucky (Lex 18) 

April 15: Second incident in less than a week of swastika graffiti in Ketchikan, Alaska (KRBD) 

April 15: 1,500 Orthodox rabbis from the politically conservative Coalition for Jewish values criticizes ADL for asking Fox to fire Tucker Carlson over his “replacement” theory rhetoric (The Hill) 

April 15: Oregon Board of Rabbis calls on Linfield College president and board chair to resign over allegations of anti-Semitism (Oregon Live) 

April 15: Magazine takes down graphic of Star of David covering the eyes of President Biden for a story on Israel interfering on issues that concern U.S. national interests (Algemeiner) 

April 16: Long Island man arrested for shootings and hate crimes targeting Jews and LGBT individuals (ABC 7 NY) 

April 18: Prosecutors say a neo-Nazi sympathizer who is accused of storming the U.S. Capitol on January 6 is a threat to the New Jersey Jewish community (JTA) 

April 19: Maryland Jewish lawmakers demand an apology from Delegate Daniel Cox who appeared to conflate a mental health bill with Holocaust atrocities (Maryland Matters) 

April 19: Arizona Holocaust education bill stalls over an amendment that would include the IHRA definition (Algemeiner) 

April 19: Two recent anti-Semitic incidents in the Rego Park neighborhood of Queens (QNS) 

April 19: Driver arrested for hit-and-run assault on a group of Hasidic pedestrians in Williamsburg (Algemeiner)

April 19: Faculty at Linfield University vote to express no confidence in the leadership of the University after accusations of anti-Semitic remarks by the university president and board chair (OPB) 

April 19: Swastika painted on the door of Cedar Grove, New Jersey synagogue (Tap Into Verona/Cedar Grove) 

April 20: Conspiracy theorist who once said Israel is the greatest threat to world peace implies Dr. Anthony Fauci is not loyal to the United States because he took $1,000,000 prize from an Israeli institution (JTA) 

April 20: The twenty-two Senators who are part of the U.S. Senate Bi-Partisan Task Force on anti-Semitism urge President Biden to fill the position of Ambassador to Monitor and Combat anti-Semitism (Jewish Exponent) 

April 21: Wiretaps on powerful Chicago Alderman reveal anti-Semitic remarks (NBC Chicago) 

April 22: Anti-Semitic graffiti found on playground of North Garnerville Elementary School in Rockland County, New York (Patch) 

April 22: New survey of American adults finds anti-Semitic attitudes stronger among conservatives than among liberals (JTA) 

April 22: Oregon lawmaker condemns anti-Semitic flyers targeting her (ABC KATU 2) 

April 22: Five House Democrats urge Secretary Blinken to supplement the use of the IHRA definition with the Jerusalem Declaration on anti-Semitism and Nexus document (Haaretz) 

April 23: Anti-Semitic graffiti in Venice, California (CBS Local Los Angeles) 

April 23: Five members of the U.S. House send letters to Secretary Blinken asking the Administration to also use the Jerusalem Declaration and the Nexus Document in addition to the IHRA Definition of Anti-Semitism (Cleveland Jewish News

April 24: Windows and doors smashed at two Bronx synagogues (Algemeiner) 

April 25: Associated Press changes the spelling of “Anti-Semitism” to “antisemitism” (Algemeiner) 

April 25: Four Bronx synagogues targeted in rock-throwing incident—two of which were previously targeted (CBS local New York)

April 26: Port Washington Elementary School vandalized with swastikas (NY Senate) 

April 27: Swastikas and racist slurs found on a walking path outside Boston (Boston CBS Local) 

April 27: AJC releases updated and expanded edition of glossary of common anti-Semitic terms and trope (Jewish News Syndicate) 

April 27: Official in California Department of Education accused of promoting anti-Semitic conspiracy theories is reinstated (Jewish News Syndicate) 

April 28: Linfield University fires tenured, Jewish professor who faulted University for not doing enough about sexual misconduct and accused president and board members of making anti-Semitic statements (Inside Higher Ed) 

April 28: Man pleads guilty to sending anti-Semitic death threats to a resident of Stratford, NY (Courant) 

April 28: Academic freedom group decries pro-BDS Pomona student government bill that threatens to defund Jewish groups like Hillel and Chabad if they don’t support the boycott of Israel (Algemeiner) 

April 28: Biden tells Congress that white supremacists are the most lethal terrorist threat to the United States (JTA) 

April 28: State of New Jersey sues one of its towns over alleged discrimination against Orthodox Jews (JTA) 

April 29: The rise of an anti-Semitism tying Jews to Communism among Hispanics in right-wing political circles (Haaretz) 

April 29: Police press charges against man caught on CCTV footage placing anti-Semitic stickers on the entrance to Omaha synagogue (Algemeiner) 

April 29: New York City man convicted of threatening to kill lawmakers of Zionist Occupied Government (JTA) 

April 30: Chinese Embassy in Japan deletes tweet depicting U.S. as the grim reaper with an Israeli flag, bloody scythe (Jewish Journal) Also see China and Israel

May 1: Student charged with defacing University of Connecticut campus with swastikas says he does not hate Jews, he is just critical of them (Times of Israel) 

May 2: Hannity alleged to have used the old anti-Semitic trope of “Jewish Bolshevism” when he tweeted about Bernie Sanders with “BOLSHEVIK BERNIE” as the headline (Jerusalem Post) 

May 2: Tuft University president reveals an incident of verbal harassment aimed at Asian students and a large swastika painted on an athletic facility (Tufts Daily)

May 3: Seattle police investigate after man makes anti-Semitic gestures and threats outside of a Jewish woman’s home (King 5) 

May 3: U.S. State Department will not take part in Duran IV conference due to the anti-Semitic and anti-Israel nature of the 2001 Durban Declaration (Jerusalem Post) 

May 4: Oregon Holocaust Memorial defaced with swastikas and anti-Semitic slogans (JTA) 

May 4: Anti-Semitic flyers distributed in St. Petersburg, Florida (ABC Action News) 

May 4: University of Wyoming employee receives anti-Semitic and possibly life-threatening email after racial justice webinar (Wyoming News) 

May 4: Pomona student government tables resolution to strip funds from Jewish student groups that oppose a boycott of Israel (Algemeiner) 

May 4: Swastikas painted on trees in Washington state park (KIRO 7) 

May 4: Swastika graffiti found in Massachusetts middle school bathroom (Home News Here) 

May 6: Hate crimes rise 73% in NYC with Asians and Jews most targeted (JTA) 

May 6: Anti-Semitic graffiti found in multiple locations in Marblehead, Massachusetts (Boston Globe) 

May 7: Van Morrison is accused of anti-Semitism with his “They Own the Media” song on his latest album (LA Times)

May 7: County Prosecutor investigating incidents where Twin Falls middle school student was subjected to anti-Semitic bullying (KTVB) 

May 7: Actor, LaKeith Stanfield, apologizes for moderating an anti-Semitic chat room and says he should have shut it down or left the conversation (People) 

May 7: Easter sermon of U.S. Navy chaplain calls on Jews to apologize for killing Jesus (Times of Israel) 

May 8: Rick Wiles says Americans are being oppressed by “Jewish Tyrants” (Friendly Atheist) 

May 8: Thieves return stolen items to Chabad House at San Diego State University after they had been identified (NBC San Diego) 

May 10: Bates College building vandalized with anti-Israel graffiti that is being characterized as a hate crime (Sun Journal) 

May 10: Holocaust Center in Maitland, Florida targeted by anti-Semitic protestors from the Goyim Defense League (Orlando Sentinel) 

May 10: Anti-Semitic graffiti found on pathways running from Pacific Palisades south to Venice, CA (Local News 8)

May 10: Iowa middle school students make a “Hitler Gang” Tik Tok video containing goose-stepping, Nazi salutes and anti-Semitic slurs and send it to Jewish classmate (7 News) 

May 11: California man faces terrorism probe tied to racist and Neo-Nazi extremism as well as the purchase of a silencer (Mercury News) 

May 11: Berkeley, California police arrest suspect for series of anti-Semitic vandalism and theft (CBS Local San Francisco) 

May 11: Pew study of American Jewry finds increased concern over anti-Semitism (Pew Forum)  

May 12: San Diego State University investigating student’s anti-Semitic social media post (Fox 5 San Diego)

May 13: Newsmax Host is taken off the air after calling Israel the “Home Country” of American Jews (The Wrap)

May 13: Self-proclaimed “radical Jew slayer” arrested on illegal sale of gun charges (Dallas Observer) 

May 14: University of Michigan student government accuses Israel of war crimes, apartheid, ethnic cleansing and uses the term “settler-colonialism” (Algemeiner) 

May 14: Suffolk County Executive pushes county legislature to adopt IHRA definition (Patch) 

May 14: Denver man in an anti-Semitic group and seen writing anti-Semitic graffiti on the van he was riding in, is arrested in a traffic stop in South Florida (Tampa Bay) 

May 14: Israeli student at University of New Mexico attacked off campus by six males who robbed him, beat him and used anti-Semitic slurs (Albuquerque Journal) 

May 15: Model Bella Hadid posts an Instagram statement that Israel is not a country but a land settled by colonizers that practice “ethnic cleansing, military occupation and apartheid over the Palestinian people.” (Fox News)

May 15: Actor LaKeith Stanfield disassociated himself from Louis Farrakhan after Clubhouse controversy (Indie Wire) 

May 16: Pro-Israel counter demonstrators assaulted at anti-Israel Seattle rally (The Post Millennial)

May 17: Police in Salt Lake City investigating swastika scratched into Chabad Jewish Community Center Synagogue (AP News) 

May 17: Chicago police investigating smashed windows and a Palestinian flag deposited at a synagogue as a hate crime (The Hill)

May 18: White nationalists using Israel-Gaza fighting to spread anti-Semitism online (The Forward)  

May 18: U.S. State Department criticizes Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan for anti-Semitic comments (Bloomberg) Also see Turkey

May 18: White nationalists using conflict in Israel and Gaza to spread anti-Semitism (The Forward)

May 19: Attack against Jewish patrons outside a Los Angeles sushi restaurant being investigated as an anti-Semitic hate crime (LA Times) 

May 19: Reality TV star, Erica Mena, tweeted there is a “special place in hell” for these Jewish people in response to the death of children in Gaza (JTA) 

May 20: ADL documents rise in anti-Semitism during the recent Israeli-Palestinian conflict (Algemeiner)

May 20: Police investigating rock thrown through a window in the door of a Tucson synagogue (KOLD News 13) 

May 20: New Jersey family vacationing in Florida verbally harassed with threats of violence and anti-Semitic language (ABC NY 7) 

May 21: Details on three violent attacks on Jews around Times Square where pro-Palestinian and pro-Israel groups were demonstrating (JTA) 

May 21: Professional soccer player for New York Red Bulls threatened with knives by Palestinian men and asked if he was Jewish (Newsweek) 

May 21: Compilation of recent textbook anti-Semitic incidents associated with fighting in Israel and Gaza (Fox News) 

May 21: National Jewish organizations call upon President Biden to speak out against the recent rash of anti-Semitic incidents (JTA) 

May 21: Congressional leaders of the Bipartisan Senate and House Task Forces for Combatting anti-Semitism release statement condemning and highlighting the recent surge in anti-Semitic incidents (Jacky Rosen, U.S. Senator for Nevada) 

May 23: Man yelled anti-Semitic remarks at a rabbi in front of a South Florida synagogue before returning and dumping a bag of human feces in front of the building (AP News) 

May 23: Vogue cover model slammed on Instagram for saying about anti-Semitism “delegitimizes the Palestinian struggle” (Algemeiner) 

May 23: Three men damage a car and scream anti-Semitic slurs at worshipers outside a Borough Park synagogue on Shabbat (Fox News)  

May 23: Two Jewish teens in Brooklyn surrounded by a mob with baseball bats who try to force them to say “free Palestine” are saved by Uber driver (Fox News) 

May 24: President Biden condemns anti-Semitic attacks against Jews and says it must stop (JTA) 

May 24: Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene compares mask mandates to Nazi actions tagging Jewish victims with the yellow star (JTA) 

May 24: NBA teams use social media to condemn anti-Semitism (JTA) 

May 25: Actor, Mark Ruffalo, apologizes for using the term “genocide” to describe Israel’s actions in Gaza (JTA) 

May 25: Federal court struck down an anti-BDS Georgia state law (JTA)

May 25: Actor and comedian, Amer Zahr, says “stop condemning anti-semitism” (Fox News) 

May 25: Members of “the Squad” condemn anti-Semitism while harshly calling out Israel (Fox News) 

May 25: Secure Communities Network reports an 80% rise in anti-Semitic incidents in the last month (Sun Sentinel)

May 25: GOP leader, Kevin McCarthy, criticized Marjorie Taylor Greene for comparing policies requiring the wearing masks to the Jews who were forced to wear yellow stars during the Holocaust (CNBC) 

May 25: Secretary Blinken condemns outburst of anti-Semitism in the United States while on a visit to Israel (Algemeiner) 

May 25: Young Jewish Americans were shaken by a dramatic rise in anti-Semitism (CNN) 

May 26: Archibishop who is president of U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops condemns the rise of anti-Semitism in the United States (Catholic Courier) 

May 26: Overview of recent anti-Semitic incidents and reactions within the Jewish community in the United States (New York Times) 

May 26: Four Jewish Democrats in the House target party colleagues for associating Israel with terrorism and apartheid (JTA) 

May 26: Jewish-owned pizza place targeted by south Florida man with anti-Semitic ravings (Local 10) 

May 27: TV news report of anti-Semitic zoom bombing in Colorado (CBS Local Denver) 

May 27: Two anti-Semitic incidents reported in Kew Gardens Hills in less than one week (Sunny Side Post)

May 27: Managing partners from 17 prominent law firms come together to issue letter denouncing anti-Semitism “in all its forms” (Jewish Insider) 

May 27: NYPD makes arrest and recommends hate crime charges related to two anti-Semitic incidents in Brooklyn (CNN) 

May 27: LSU student newspaper runs column saying there is nothing complicated about Israeli human rights violations against Palestinians (LSU Reveille) 

May 27: Bipartisan resolution introduced in U.S. Senate condemning recent anti-Semitic incidents in the U.S. and around the world (Jacky Rosen, U.S. Senator for Nevada)

May 28: Florida Holocaust Museum vandalized with anti-Semitic graffiti (Fox News)

May 28: Bipartisan House of Representative letter to President Biden urging swift action to combat rising anti-Semitism (Jewish Insider) 

May 28: Rutger University condemned anti-Semitism and then apologized for doing so after a protest by the chapter of Students for Justice in Palestine (JTA) 

May 28: President Biden denounces increase in anti-Semitism for the second time in less than a week (NBC News) 

May 28: A number of progressives, including Bernie Sanders and some members in the House associated with “the Squad” condemn anti-Semitism in conjunction with condemning Islamophobia and other forms of hate (Jerusalem Post) 

May 28: Popular Nashville hat store sells yellow Star of David patch with the words “not vaccinated” to make the comparison of vaccination campaigns to the Holocaust (Fox 17) 

May 28: Two swastikas found in Drexel University building and some criticize alleged lack of forceful response by university official (The Triangle) 

May 28: Swastika sticker deface Jewish museum and a gay bar in Anchorage (Times of Israel) 

May 30: Man caught on video trying to throw concrete block through Century City synagogue window (ABC 7) 

June 1: Senator Booker leads effort to form Black-Jewish Senate coalition in response to a surge of anti-Semitism (New Jersey)

June 1: Lebanese-American, Mia Khalifa, takes to Twitter to show her drinking a bottle of wine and saying “[m]y wine is older than your apartheid state” (Jerusalem Post) 

June 1: U.S. State Department repeats call for the immediate release of Jewish Yemeni man held captive by Houthis (Algemeiner)

June 1: Two young Orthodox boys hit by paintballs fired from moving vehicle after Shabbat services (Algemeiner) 

June 1: Jewish Center at Harvard vandalized with a smashed window and a Palestinian flag tied to the front door (Algemeiner) 

June 2: What is behind the recent violent anti-Semitism in the United States? (Vox)  

June 2: ADL says Facebook is failing to crack down on anti-Semitism on their platforms (Forbes)  

June 2: Google’s diversity chief said in 2007 that “Jews have an insatiable appetite for war” (New York Post) 

June 2: Hebrew Israelite high school, football player forced by coaches to eat pork as punishment for missing a voluntary practice (JTA) 

June 2: The Palestine Chronicle runs a commentary piece arguing that most of the claims of anti-Semitic attacks in the U.S. are false and that Jews are a very privileged ethnic group that are overrepresented in politics, medicine law and the media (Palestine Chronicle) 

June 4: Schenectady, NY high school committee on the Middle East conflict suggested teachers tell their students that Israel commits “ethnic cleansing” and to advocate for anti-zionism (Algemeiner) 

June 4: Swastikas and “Nazi” written in chalk on apartment doors of two Jewish students at Florida State University (Algemeiner) 

June 4: Swastika found near dorm at the University of Toledo (WTOL 11) 

June 4: Anti-Semitic graffiti found on multiple buildings in Chicago’s Lake View neighborhood (NBC Chicago) 

June 5: Anti-Semitic graffiti found painted on a rock near the University of Michigan campus (M Live Michigan) 

June 5: Congressman Ted Deutch criticizes unnamed colleagues who falsely accuse Israel of apartheid and says they contribute to the recent spike in anti-Semitism (Jerusalem Post) 

June 5: Swastika found on a beachfront poster in Wrightsville, NC (WECT News 6)

June 7: San Francisco, Jewish café/bookstore vandalized with anti-Semitic graffiti (KTVU)

June 8: Senate Bipartisan Task Force for Combating anti-Semitism relaunched with 56 members equally divided between Democrats and Republicans (Jewish Insider) 

June 8: Tucson synagogue spraypainted with Swastika and the words “Dirty Kike” (ABC 15) 

June 10: Representative Ilhan Omar apparent equating of human rights violations by the United States/Israel to Taliban/Hezbollah triggers criticism by 12 Jewish Democrats in the House (New York Times) 

June 10: Pro-Palestinian students and one professor allegedly hijacked Zoom lecture at Hunger College to demonize Israel (New York Post)

June 10: University of Oregon student government accuses Israel of genocide and engaging in modern-day colonialism (Algemeiner) 

June 10: Duxbury, MA football team’s use of anti-Semitic language may date back a decade (NBC Boston) 

June 10: 800 Harvard affiliates sign letter rebuking rising anti-Israel and anti-Semitic attacks around the country (The Crimson) 

June 11: Stranger threatens to kill Jewish man in Brooklyn (New York Post) 

June 11: Roslyn Harbor, NY man accused of using anti-Semitic slurs against his neighbor (Bronx News 12) 

June 12: Attempted robbery and anti-Semitic slur used against Jewish man in Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn by three men on two motorcycles (ABC 7 New York) 

June 12: Black Lives Matter co-founder was invited to speak as a UCLA, virtual, commencement speaker. He called to “end the imperialist project that’s called Israel” in 2015 (Fox News) 

June 13: Hookah shop in Paterson, New Jersey posts sign of Netanyahu with a Hitler mustache, an Israel flag where Star of David is replaced with a swastika and reading “ Are New Nazis” (Daily Voice) 

June 13: Jewish Tik Tok creators feel they are being silenced by the platform (NBC News) Also see the United Kingdom

June 13: CUNY professors’ union issues one-sided resolution claiming Israel massacred Palestinians in May violence in Gaza and Israel and likens Palestinian protest to struggles of indigenous people and people of color in the United States and to apartheid in South Africa (New York Post) 

June 14: New ADL survey finds more than one half of American Jews experienced anti-Semitism following the start of the May violence in Israel and Gaza (The Forward) 

June 14: Marjorie Taylor Greene apologizes for likening COVID protections to the Holocaust after visiting the U.S. Holocaust Museum (JTA) 

June 14: U.S. Senate passes bipartisan resolution condemning the recent rise in anti-Semitic attacks (The Hill)

June 22: Jewish state senator in Long Island receives misogynist, antisemitic mail in response to her mail supporting vaccinations (Patch) 

June 23: Racist vandalism, including a swastika, in townships outside of Minneapolis (Bring Me the News) 

June 23: Jews verbally assaulted and physically assaulted in two incidents in Pittsburgh as police investigate whether there was an antisemitic motive in one or both of the attacks (CBS Local Pittsburgh) 

June 24: Pedestrian yells antisemitic abuse at father who was dropping off his kids for Jewish camp (Cleveland Jewish News) 

June 24: U.S. and Germany announce effort to stem the rise of antisemitism and Holocaust denial by starting a U.S.-Germany Holocaust Dialogue to develop educational and messaging tools to teach youth about the crimes of the Nazis (Y Net) Also see Germany

June 24: Phoenix Children’s Hospital lets go of a doctor who charged Israel with cannibalism (Jewish News Syndicate) 

June 25: NYC mayoral candidate and long-time head of the Guardian Angels, Curtis Sliwa, warned Rockland and Orange County residents in 2018 that Orthodox Jews were trying to “take over your community” (JTA) 

June 25: Antisemitic bomb threat against New Haven Jewish Center (Algemeiner) 

June 25: Franklin and Marshall faculty statement condemning Jewish supremacy in Israel triggers backlash (Algemeiner) 

June 26: Woodbridge, Virginia synagogue targeted with antisemitic voicemail threatening violence (Fox 5 DC) 

June 26: Antisemitic graffiti found on abandoned truck and boat in Newtown, Connecticut (NBC Connecticut) 

June 28: San Diego State University is vandalized a second time (10 News) 

June 26: Repeat offender jailed for harassing worshippers at NJ synagogue (Daily Voice) 

June 28: Nassau County, New York County Executive, Laura Curan, signs an Executive Order recognizing non-legally binding IHRA Working Definition of Antisemitism (Jewish News Syndicate) 

June 28: Former U.S. Congresswoman, Cynthia McKinney tweets that Zionists are responsible for 9/11 (Algemeiner) 

June 28: Racist and antisemitic gunman who police believe was targeting a synagogue kills two African American bystanders after driving a truck into a house (GHB News) 

June 29: Arizona congressman, Paul Gosar scheduled to hold a fundraiser with white supremacist, Holocaust revisionist (JTA) 

June 29: Yale student council approves statement accusing Israel of “genocide” and “apartheid” (JTA)

June 29: A Black Jewish inclusion officer at the world’s leading children’s book writer’s group has left her position after she did not mention Islamophobia in a post about rising cases of antisemitism (Newsweek) 

June 29: Swastika found painted on a tree in Bay Ridge neighborhood of Brooklyn (Jerusalem Post) 

July 1: Hate crime up but antisemitism down in California in 2020 (Times of Israel) 

July 1: Two GOP legislators liken coronavirus mandates to Nazi laws (JTA) 

July 1: Chabad rabbi stabbed outside a Jewish school in Brighton neighborhood of Boston (NBC Boston) 

July 1: Yale student government approves statement charging Israel with genocide and ethnic cleansing (Jerusalem Post) 

July 2: Arizona state senate passes a resolution that states that questioning Israel’s right to exist is antisemitic (Cleveland Jewish News) 

July 3: Hate crime up in NYC by 139% and hate crimes against Jews up 69% to 113 per NYPD (New York Post) 

July 3: Racist, antisemitic group, Patriot Front, marches in Philadelphia (AP News) 

July 3: Statue of Martin Luther King is vandalized with swastika and SS symbol in Long Beach, California (Long Beach Post News)

July 7: Activist Linda Sarsour takes break from Twitter after she appeared to tweet agreement with a comment criticizing Israeli help with the rescue effort in Surfside building tragedy (Jerusalem Post) 

July 7: Pro-Palestinian activists accuse IDF of exploiting Surfside tragedy by sending rescue team to Florida (Algemeiner) 

July 7: New book alleges that Trump told his former chief of staff “well, Hitler did a lot of good things” (Algemeiner)  

July 8: Headstones vandalized with swastikas in Jewish cemetery in Baltimore (ABC Baltimore) 

July 8: ZOA President, Mort Klein, argues Temple University’s new President should be fired for being associated with a Foundation that gives less than 1% of its funds to three, anti-Zionist, Palestinian organizations (Jewish Exponent) 

July 8: Elected officials, community leaders and faith leaders in New Jersey form a new organization to denounce antisemitism (New Jersey Globe) 

July 10: Jewish man in Brooklyn assaulted in apparent antisemitic attack (Times of Israel) 

June 10: Social media site, GAP, is suspended from Twitter after tweeting antisemitism means “anything Jews don’t like” (The Sun) 

July 11: Description of antisemitism in Clubhouse (Tablet Magazine) 

July 12: Antisemitic hate crimes in Los Angeles have more than doubled in three years (Crosstown) 

July 12: Group of Syracuse students pelted with eggs and subjected to antisemitic language from individuals in a car (Algemeiner)

July 13: Police take down flyers in a shopping center that featured swastikas (ABC 8 News) 

July 13: Fashion podcaster makes a false claim that many of the white slaveholders in the United States were Jews and goes on to ridicule her interviewee as a “white assimilated Jewish American Princess”(Haaretz)   

July 13: Cornel West resigned from his teaching position at Harvard and blames, in part, the school’s administration “cowardly deference to the anti-Palestinian prejudices” (Algemeiner) 

July 13: Some alumni at Franklin and Marshall back faculty condemnation of Israel’s “Jewish Supremacy” (Algemeiner) 

July 14: CUNY professor resigns from his union after it passed a resolution calling Israel a “settler colonial state” that was massacring Palestinians (The Forward) 

July 14: Republicans try to brand Mark Zuckerberg as “Zuckerbucks” (JTA) 

July 14: Democrats condemn Lauren Boebert’s tweet comparing vaccine outreach to “Needle Nazis” (Colorado Politics) 

July 15: Police in Alliance, Ohio investigating a series of racist and antisemitic vandalism in the downtown area (Algemeiner) 

July 15: CST records 628 antisemitic incidents in Britain over the month of May (Jewish News) 

July 15: “Nazi Pride” and swastika graffiti found on Beverly Hills street corner (Jewish Journal) 

July 15: Google separates from its Cloud VP after he publishes a manifesto renouncing his past antisemitism (CNBC) 

July 16: Zuckerberg posts a picture of his dog with kippa and tallis and it produces a torrent of pro-Palestinian as well as antisemitic comments (Times of Israel) 

July 17: Jewish man in Brooklyn beaten bloody and robbed on his way to synagogue (Fox News) 

July 19: College and university leaders are warned to step up and proactively deal with antisemitism on campus this fall before there are incidents of violence against Jewish students (Inside Higher Ed) 

July 19: Indiana University carrying out research measuring antisemitism on social media platforms (Algemeiner) 

July 19: Ben and Jerry’s ice cream will no longer be distributed to Israeli settlements in the West Bank (New York Times) 

July 20: Woman smashes windows of Williamsburg Jewish school (Bronx News 12) 

July 20: Man shows up outside Florida elementary school with swastika flags (Wink News) 

July 21: Fashion designer accused of antisemitism apologizes (Times of Israel)  

July 21: UCLA faculty group denounces an anti-Israel statement referencing “settler-colonialism,” and “racial apartheid” by the Asian American Studies department (Algemeiner) 

July 21: Antisemitic graffiti found in Lynnfield, Massachusetts (Item Live) 

July 23: The University of Cape Town and UC Berkley ignore BDS campaign’s demand to cancel Israeli academics at a joint conference (Algemeiner) Also see South Africa  

July 23: ACLU calls for investigation of senior Alaskan legal official over tweets that were antisemitic, racist and homophobic (The Guardian) 

July 26: Paypal and ADL partner to research financial pipelines of “Extremist” groups (JTA) 

July 26: UC Davis faculty group criticizes anti-Israel statements by a number of university departments (and the administration’s reaction to them) that purport that the statements represent the position of the university (Algemeiner) 

July 26: At least 50 CUNY professors quit their union over a resolution calling Israel a “settler-colonial” state (Algemeiner)

July 26: Neo-Nazi group distributes propaganda in Davenport, Iowa again (Little Village Mag) 

July 25: Antisemitic graffiti found on Highway 74 bridge in Georgia (The Citizen) 

July 27: Swastika found etched into the wall of an elevator in U.S. State Department near the office of the Special Envoy to Monitor and Combat Antisemitism (Axios) 

July 28: The United States is pressuring Poland on a proposed law that would preclude restitution of Jewish property seized by the Nazis in World War II (ABC News) 

July 28: President Biden and Secretary of State, Blinken, condemn antisemitism after swastika found etched in State Department elevator (Reuters) 

July 28: Banner with swastikas and calling the Democratic party the “Modern Day Nazi Party” displayed at a well-known rally spot, is widely denounced in Southbury, CT (Fox 61) 

July 28: Nazi graffiti spray-painted on a bridge on Route 1 bridge in Delaware (Delaware Online) 

July 28: Antisemitic graffiti found at Grafton Lakes State Park being investigated by New York State Police (News 10) 

July 29: Flyer found in North Carolina claiming Jews were four out of five slaveholders in America prior to the Civil Wars (Jewish Insider) 

July 29: Deborah Lipstadt was chosen by President Biden as the new antisemitism envoy (The Forward) 

July 29: State Department official warns of “irreparable harm” caused by Polish legislation closing off Holocaust restitution claims (Algemeiner) Also see Poland

July 30: Two reports find social media platforms failing to implement policies to ban antisemitic content from platforms (New York Times) 

July 31: Staten Island woman arrested for posting swastika stickers on the private property of borough residents (Staten Island Live)  

August 1: CUNY adjunct professor gives a sermon in which he calls Israel filth and says Jews cause corruption around the world (Jerusalem Post)

August 1: Analysis of media coverage of antisemitism in the United States in 2020 (The Institute for National Security Studies)  

August 2: ADL and Hillel to work together on university-level antisemitism curriculum and on documenting incidents of antisemitism on campus (Jewish Exponent)

August 3: Losing candidate in Ohio special congressional election calls out “evil money” after pro-Israel, Democratic group spends heavily to defeat her (JTA) 

August 3: Several Jewish residents of Squirrel Hill neighborhood in Pittsburgh receive threatening antisemitic letters (Jewish Chronicle) 

August 4: Investigation opened on UC Merced professor who tweeted out antisemitic stereotypes (Jweekly) 

August 4: Restaurant owner in Philadelphia suburb receives threats, including antisemitic comments, for requiring customers to show proof of vaccination (CBS Local Philadelphia)  

August 4: U.S. Representative Cori Bush argues that aid to Israel should be redirected to her district and criticizes Israel for apartheid and militarizing police (Twitter)  

August 7: Representative Talib accused of dog-whistle antisemitic remarks (Times of Israel) 

August 7: The police investigation of Nazi graffiti in Utah school parking lot has few leads (AP News) 

August 8: Jackson, NJ faces four different lawsuits accusing the municipality of antisemitism (EU App) 

August 9: Rabbi suspect antisemitism after 17 Orthodox Jewish girls kicked off KLM flight (Fox News) 

August 10: New report by rates 25 large U.S. corporations on their efforts to combat antisemitism in their work spaces (Daily Mail)

August 11: A man flashed a Nazi salute during a school board meeting after there was a vote to mandate masks in schools (WWNYTV)

August 12:  Jewish watchdog claims UNC professor teaches a course radically biased against Israel (Cleveland Jewish News)

August 12:  Berkley police arrest man shouting antisemitic threats outside a Chabad house during morning services (KRON4)

August 13: Swastika painted along the walls of Atlanta’s Emory Autism Center— near office of Jewish man (WSB-TV)

August 13:  Professor Cornell West accused of using antisemitism as a “political currency” (Mediaite)

August 16:  St. Louis County Executive and Jewish communal leaders decry language at county council meeting that compares vaccines and mask mandates to the Holocaust (Fox 2 Now)

August 16:  Congressman accuses Middletown schoolteacher and Toms River Councilman of using antisemitism in his campaign literature (Patch)

August 16:  Daily Beast to review editorial standards after writer uses the term “genocidal” in referring to the IDF (JTA)

August 17:  Fifty-three Maine state lawmakers condemn the participation of one of their colleagues, Representative Heidi Sampson, in event co-organized by a known antisemitic conspiracy theorist (WABI)

August 18:  Disbarred California lawyer charged with making antisemitic threats, including “Jews are going to burn” inside a San Francisco Bay Area area synagogue (Raw Story)

August 20:  ADL calls on Representative Heidi Sampson to apologize to Maine Governor, Janet Mills, for comparing her to infamous Auschwitz doctor, Josef Mengele (Maine Public)

August 22:  Hawaii protests over Covid-19 mandates generate picketing and antisemitic rhetoric outside the home of the Jewish Lt. Governor (Haaretz)

August 22: Two Torrance, CA police officers charged with vandalism for allegedly spray-painting an impounded car with a swastika and 13 other officers in the same department were involved in sending racist, antisemitic and homophobic messages (Ynet)

August 23:  Father slapped by man whose wife allegedly used antisemitic language at south Florida pool (Local 10)

August 23:  Long Beach, NY Chabad synagogue vandalized and Torah scrolls stolen (JTA)

August 23: Popular online QAnon antisemitic leader is outed as a Florida evangelical (Times of Israel)

August 23:  Antisemitic mural shared on the Facebook page of a group opposed to mask mandates, which is administrated by Alaska Assembly member Jamie Allard (Anchorage Press)

August 25:  Jewish Federation of Lehigh Valley launches antisemitic incident reporting system (Jewish Federation of the Lehigh Valley)

August 25:  ADL asks Twitter’s Jack Dorsey to enforce Twitter’s ban on accounts linked to Hamas and Hezbollah (Algemeiner)

August 26:  Alumni group sends letter to Rutgers University president denouncing Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) for intimidation of Jewish and pro-Israel students as well as for “veiled antisemitism” (Cleveland Jewish News)

August 26:  Spike Lee is re-editing 9/11 documentary after criticism of interview of conspiracy theorist who has been tied to antisemtism (Jerusalem Post)

August 26:  New Mexico Jewish family targeted with antisemitic harassment, including cross burning (KOB 4)

August 27:  Intern for Kentucky congressman resigns after the congressman compared COVID prevention measure to Holocaust (JTA)

August 27:  Jewish students at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill express concern over lecturer teaching class on Israel and Palestine for past social media posts that include phrases like “Zionist dirtbags” and support for the concept that Israel should not exist (ABC 11)

August 29:  Group of Rutgers University alumni condemn in a letter Rutger’s chapter of Students for Justice for Justice in Palestine for antisemitism (Israel Hayom)

August 29:  Twitch gamers accuse gaming company of failing to take adequate action against antisemitic, sexist and homophobic abuse (Times of Israel)

August 29:  The leader of the forces of Ben & Jerry’s Israel Boycott accused of self-dealing after report of Ben & Jerry’s Board making a $100,000 contribution to an NGO of which she is the only employee (Algemeiner)

August 30:  Group sponsors study which finds one half of Jewish university students and alumni see antisemitism as a problem that is getting worse on campus (Algemeiner)

August 30:  Philadelphia librarians and library branches criticized for presenting  exclusively pro-Palestinian and anti-Israel material to children (Cleveland Jewish News)

August 30:  Representative Tlaib draws criticism for tweet about woman who was reported to have been killed while attacking Israeli soldiers with a knife (Yahoo News)

August 31: Kayne West criticized for featuring an antisemitic rapper on his latest album (Algemeiner)

August 31: FBI data for 2020 finds 9% of all hate crimes and 58% of all religiously motivated hate crimes in U.S. are directed at Jews while overall the number of hate crimes against Jews is slightly lower than in 2019 (Jerusalem Post)

August 31:  State Department employees write Secretary Blinkin to ask for the removal of a fellow employee who runs a blatantly antisemitic website (Newsweek)

August 31: Report highlights the connection between antisemitism and “Critical Social Justice” theory (Daily Caller)

September 2:  LA teachers union set to vote on BDS motion that declares Israel guilty of human rights abuse (Algemeiner)

September 2:  AJC study finds surging global antisemitism in the two years since a United Nations report on antisemitism is now an urgent human rights crisis (PR Newswire)

September 3:  President Biden vows to confront antisemitism in call with Jewish leaders (Jerusalem Post)

September 3:  UNC lecturer with history of antisemitic remarks is greenlighted to teach a course on Israel and Palestine (Cleveland Jewish News)

September 6:  Police look for a Vermont man who scratched and carved racist and antisemitic symbols and words on a mural (WCAX)

September 7: Antisemitic graffiti found in park in Westfield, New Jersey (Patch)

September 9: Online survey of college students and recent graduates about antisemitism on campus (Mediaite)

September 10: Antisemitic graffiti found in bathroom at American University (The Eagle)

September 10:  Former Ohio State Treasurer and current US Senate candidate compares Biden vaccine mandate to the Gestapo and calls ADL head a kapo for asking him to apologize for his comparison (JTA)

September 10:  Mezuzah stolen from student’s door frame in a Tufts University dorm (Cleveland Jewish News)

September 10: Alleged killer in murder of prominent attorney had antisemitic views (KTSM)

September 11: Thirty gravestones pushed over in Jewish cemetary in St. Paul, Minnesota (CBS Minnesota)

September 11:  Antisemitic 9/11 conspiracy theories are extensive on Facebook despite pledges to excise fake news (Newsweek)

September 12:  San Diego community college, teachers union condemns Israel, questions the Jewish state’s right to exist and charges it with war crimes and ethnic cleansing (Times of San Diego)

September 12:  Swastika and “Hail Hitler” graffiti found in Atlanta area public school (Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

September 12:  Suspect that killed an attorney and severely wounded her husband called the couple Jewish satan worshipers (Algemeiner)

September 13:  After headstones vandalized at a St. Paul, Minnesota cemetery, a nearby synagogue in a Minneapolis suburb is the target of a bomb threat (JTA)

September 13:  NJ man arrested after window-smashing rampages at pediatric office and a cleaner while asking people if they were Jewish (NBC New York)

September 14: Ohio man sentenced to 20 years for planned attack on Toledo synagogue (JTA)

September 14: Man arrested by Capitol Police in the District of Columbia for possessing weapons in his truck that was covered with antisemitic and white supremacist graffiti (Inside Edition)

September 14: Maine man faces federal charges after threatening an antisemitic mass shooting (Algemeiner)

September 15: Maine man charged after posting antisemitic death threats (U.S. News & World Report)

September 15: Second Atlanta area high school discovers antisemitic graffiti in a bathroom (Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

September 16: New book says Trump said his son-in-law, Jared Kushner was more loyal to Israel than the United States (Yahoo News)

September 16:  One in five adult, Jewish gamers in the United States face antisemitism in ADL survey (Times of Israel)

September 16: Swastika and “Heil Hitler” graffiti discovered in Georgia high school (CBS 46)

September 18: A GOP candidate for the Virginia House of Delegates has apologized for a derogatory comment about House Speaker Eileen Filler-Corn that Democrats claim was antisemitic (AP News)

September 19: NYPD cop arrested for vandalizing a Jewish camp on Rosh Hashanah (Mid Hudson News)

September 19: Jewish Caucus of College Democrats of America criticize past antisemitic comments of candidate for vice president of the organization (Algemeiner)

September 19:  NY governor, Kathy Hochul, condemns antisemitic graffiti spray-painted along FDR Drive in Manhattan (Twitter)

September 20: Orange County, California reports 94 antisemitic incidents in 2020 (Voice of OC)

September 20:  Survey of Jewish fraternity and sorority found about half of respondents have felt the need to hide their Jewish identity on campus (JTA)

September 21: Man threatened to blow up Orthodox synagogue in Borough Park (New York Post)

September 21: Marvel fires artist who drew Immortal Hulk for alleged allegations of antisemitic cartoons (The Mary Sue)

September 21: ADL report documents the presence of antisemitism within the QAnon movement (Forward)

September 21: Johns Hopkins University community has growing concern after a series of antisemitic incidents (The Johns Hopkins News-Letter)

September 22: An Oregon county commissioner who compared vaccine requirements to the treatment of Jews by Nazis is criticized (Seattle Times)

September 22: Man arrested after making antisemitic comments and threats in the Squirrel Hill neighborhood of Pittsburgh (CBS Pittsburgh)

September 22:  Thirteen-year-old boy arrested for painting swastkas on school next to a Lutheran church (Action News Now)

September 23: Man who was shouting antisemitic slurs attempts to ram his car into Sukkot concert at Los Angeles synagogue (Algemeiner)

September 23: Unilever employee alleges he was fired for taking day off work for Rosh Hashanah (New York Post)

September 23:  Mayor condemns LaRouche supporters for setting up a sign at a green energy event that stated “Green Energy… More Efficient than Auschwitz” (Daily Voice)

September 26: Congressman Matt Gaetz calls ADL racist for calling on Tucker Carlson to resign for promoting the white supremacist “Great replacement” theory (JTA)

September 27:  Florida real estate agent fired after data hack revealed alleged racist and Holocaust denial views (Housing Wire)

September 27: Palo Alto, California city garage vandalized with racist and antisemitic graffiti (Palo Alto Online)

September 27: Seattle City Council narrowly defeat legislation that would have prohibited the city’s police from training with Israeli forces (JTA)

September 27:  Miami cop who was fired for calling Jewish texts “Trash” is fired from a unpaid, part-time position at another Florida police force (Miami New Times)

September 28: Antisemitic banner hung above highway in Berkley, California (Daily Californian)

September 28: Secure Community Network opens an antisemitism monitoring command center in Chicago for national Jewish community (Times of Israel)

September 29: Congressman Thomas Massie attacks AIPAC as an agent of  “foreign interference” in U.S. politics (Haaretz)

September 29: Washington Post editorial criticizes Virginia GOP for “classic and blatant” antisemitism against Jewish legislator (Raw Story)

September 29: Washington state man found guilty of plotting against journalists and ADL in an effort to stop them from exposing antisemtism (KING 5 News)

September 30: U.S. Education Department has received formal discrimination complaint filed agains Oberlin College alleging the school fails to protect its Jewish students from harassment and intimidation (Jerusalem Post)

September 30: Opponents of mask mandates wear yellow stars of David at Anchorage Assembly meeting and Mayor Dave Bronson contends that the use of Holocaust imagery by opponents of mask mandates is appropriate (Alaska Public Media)

October 1: Swastika vandalism in park in Glenn Ridge, New Jersey (TAPinto)

October 1: Vice President Harris “strongly disagrees” with student who said Israel was carrying out ethnic genocide (JTA)

October 1: After CUNY Faculty Union condemns Israel for being an “apartheid” and “settler colonial” state, large numbers of faculty quit the union and a group called CUNY Alliance for Inclusion calls for repudiation of anti-Israel resolution (Algemeiner)

October 2: Republican member of the New Hampshire house is formally admonished by the Legislative Ethics Committee for sharing antisemitic drawings on social media (Keene Sentinel)

October 4: Over one hundred local Jewish federations to spend $54M on improving security (JTA)

October 4: Residents of New Jersey township denounce influx of Orthodox Jews into the area (Algemeiner)

October 4: Florida State University police identify teens who posted “KKK meeting” flyer at campus Hillel (Algemeiner)

October 6: Yale’s Kline Biology Tower building vandalized with antisemitic graffiti (NBC Connecticut)

October 6: Aryan Nation leaves bags of white rice with Swastikas at school and neighborhood in Carmichael, California (Fox 40)

October 7: Multiple mezuzahs vandalized at Indiana University (Algemeiner)

October 7: Swastikas and racial slurs spray-painted behind Ketchikan, Alaska elementary school (Alaska Public Media)

October 7: Thirteen-year-old girl in University Heights, Ohio says women shouted antisemitic slurs and threw a bottle at her (

October 7: New website allows students to report antisemitic incidents (Inside Higher Ed)

October 8: Antisemitic graffiti scrawled on car windshield of Santa Monica College Chabad Rabbi (Algemeiner)

October 11: Connecticut state representative criticized for comparing Nazi medical experiments on Jews to Covid-19 mandates (Algemeiner)

October 11: Albany Jewish Center is evacuated after a bomb threat (Algemeiner)

October 11: Hand-made racist sign featuring swastika found in the heart of Oklahoma city district that was site of 1921 racial massacre (4State News)

October 12: Billie Eilish attaced by anti-Israel bots online after saying “Hi Israel” in promo video (AlgemeinerAlso see Israel

October 13: Texas Jewish death row inmate is given a new trial after arguing the trial judge was antisemitic (JTA)

October 13: Police who took alleged Tree of Life shooter Robert Bowers into custody say he repeatedly talked about how and why he had to kill Jews (Times of Israel)

October 13: Federal court rules Jewish inmates of Michigan prisons must be provided kosher holiday meals (Algemeiner)

October 14: Man threatening San Francisco’s Beth Sholom synagogue is arrested (J Weekly)

October 14: National historical park site in New Hampshire vandalized with antisemitic graffiti (WCAX)

October 14: Texas official tells teachers that under new state law they must teach opposing views of the Holocaust (JTA)

October 14: Georgia U.S. Senate candidate, Herschel Walker, cancels fundraiser after learning of host’s anti-vax swastika profile picture (JTA)

October 17:  Biketoberfest vendor is denounced for selling Nazi-themed merchandise that included swastikas and SS symbols (Jerusalem Post)

October 17: Woman tries to set fire to Brooklyn Jewish high school (Times of Israel)

October 18:  Cobb County Georgia school board adopts resolution denouncing antisemitism after two swastika incidents (Algemeiner)

October 18: Leading QAnon influencer pushes neo-Nazi film claiming Jews behind vast conspiracy to his 70,000 followers (Raw Story)

October 19:  Denver police investigate antisemitic vandalism at public school and a Jewish school (Algemeiner)

October 20: CEO of social media platform, Gab, decries Judeo-Bolshivik society (Algemeiner)

October 21: Hillel at Northeastern University vandalized (Boston Globe)

October 21: The DC chapter of the Sunrise Movement quit voting rights rally because of the inclusion of Zionists Jewish groups—NCJW, RAC, JCJPA (Times of Israel)

October 21:  Antisemitic leaflet taped to Carmichael synagogue (Sacramento Bee)

October 21: GOP candidate for governor of Virginia accused of antisemitism after falsely claiming allies of George Soros were trying to control Virginia school boards (Washington Post)

October 21: Emerson college Hillel poster vandalized with antisemitic graffiti (Berkeley Beacon)

October 21: Police searching for two men attack a Jewish man outside a Brooklyn club while shouting antisemitic comments (Algemeiner)

October 22:  Pennsylvania School Board president target of antisemitic  threats after the board passed a mask mandate (Newsweek)

October 22:  University of Maryland condemns antisemitism as antisemitic conspiracy flyers are found on campus (Algemeiner)

October 22:  Defeated Virginia Democratic state delegate blames Israel for fossil fuel wars (JTA)

October 23:  Antisemitic banner is hung across highway in Austin, Texas (KXAN)

October 23: Antisemitic words and symbols found at Anderson High School in Austin (KXAN)

October 25: A $5,000 reward announced to anyone who helps find individual who pasted swastika stickers and vandalized the Alaska Jewish Museum in Anchorage (Cleveland Jewish News)

October 25: Justice Department seeks $9.9 million penalty for Montana man who made thousands of antisemitic and racist robo calls (Algemeiner)

October 25: Councilman censured for antisemitic rant caught on camera (News 12)

October 26: AJC survey finds one third of Jews have changed their behavior because of rising U.S. antisemitism (Jerusalem Post)

October 26:  New study by Hillel and ADL finds one third of Jewish college students have experience antisemitism on campus  in the past year (JTA)

October 26: Target, Barnes and Noble stop sales of Holocaust denial books (Algemeiner)

October 26: Legal advocacy group calls for university inquiry over alleged attack on pro-Israel writer at rally organized by Students for Justice in Palestine’s University of Massachusetts, Boston chapter (Algemeiner)

October 27: Over 200 entertainment industry figures sign open letter opposing boycott of an Israeli LGBTQ film festival (AlgemeinerAlso see Israel

October 27: Two men threaten teen with knife while using antisemitic and anti-gay slurs in Brooklyn (Times News Express)

October 27: San Antonio Mayor denounces antisemitism after three separate antisemitic incidents in his city (San Antonio Express-News)

October 27:  Three Vermont communities— Putney, Brattleboro and Townshend— report incidents involving swastikas or a Nazi flag (Brattleboro Reformer)

October 27: Biden marks third anniversary of the deadly shooting at the Tree of Life Synagogue by calling for citizens to speak out against antisemitism (Haaretz)

October 28: Video shows Jewish man in Crown Heights attacked with a BB gun (ABC7 New York)

October 28: Three years after Tree of Life massacre, swastika found at Pittsburgh-area middle school (Patch)

October 28: State investigator finds Maine homeowners discriminated against a black, Jewish tenant who refused to remove a mezuzah from his doorpost (Algemeiner)

October 29: Darien, Connecticut public school finds swastika griffiti for the second time this year (Algemeiner)

October 30: Local union president compares Biden vaccine policies to Holocaust and a prominent state legislator appears to agree (Times of Israel)

October 31: Protesters posed as neo-Nazis to target GOP candidate for Virginia governor (JTA)

November 1: Police investigate break-in of George Washington University franternity and vandalism of a replica Torah scroll (JTA)

November 1: Fire set outside Austin synagogue following a series of antisemitic acts in the city in recent weeks (JTA)

November 1: Trump states that until recent Israel “literally owned Congress” and remarks that it was a good thing (JTA)

November 2: College GOP chapter denies any ties to antisemitic flyers found on Arizona State University campus (12News)

October 2: Antisemitic flyers found in Hays County, Texas (Hays Free Press)

November 3: Antisemitic tirade goes unchallenged at Arizona school board meeting (Times of Israel)

November 3: Antisemitic banner posted at San Antonio auto repair shop (KSAT)

November 3: Madison, Wisconsin chapter of Democratic Socialists of America calls for expulsion of New York Congressman Jamaal Bowman over support for Iron Dome (Algemeiner)

November 4: Antisemitic graffiti found painted on downtown parking garage in Rock Hill, South Carolina (Charlotte Observer)

November 4: Mezuzah vandalized at George Washington University just days after replica of Torah desecrated at University fraternity (Algemeiner)

November 4: Pregnant Hasidic woman accosted in Brooklyn (Algemeiner)

November 4: Senate Republicans hold up confirmation hearings for Dilawar Syed, a candidate to an SBA post, citing antisemitism, as Jewish organizations defend Syed (Yahoo News)

November 5: Antisemitic and homophobic graffiti found in two San Diego public schools (Algemeiner)

November 6: Invited speaker at Yale Law School says antisemitism is a form of anti-blackness and insists the FBI overcounts the number of antisemitic hate crimes (New York Post)

November 7:  Vice President Kamala Harris to say that singling out Israel is antisemitism (Jewish Insider)

November 8: Marjorie Taylor Greene points out “common ground” between the GOP and the Nation of Islam (The Hill)

November 10: Study by Tel Aviv think tank finds U.S. Jews failed to anticipate rise of antisemitic violence during the May Gaza crisis (Times of Israel)

November 10:  Racist, antisemitic and homophobic graffiti found in Massachusetts middle school bathroom (

November 10: People in Boston neighborhood receive easter eggs with antisemitic hate messages inside (NBC Boston)

November 11: Birmingham, Michigan Commissioner criticized by ADL for alleged veiled antisemitic comments in pre-election flyers (Detroit Free Press)

November 11: Report says antisemitic hate crimes declined in Los Angeles County in 2020 while rising in much of the rest of the U.S. (Forward)

November 11: Police in Haverstraw, NY considering hate crime charges after antisemitic comments made regarding Orthodox Jews at a land use board meeting (Journal News)

November 12: White supremacist and antisemitic stickers found in two Austin, Texas parks (CBS Austin)

November 12: New Hampshire House Progressive Caucus drops Rep. Maria Perez from her leadership post over “antisemitic” post (NH Journal)

November 12: Yale Chaplin resigns but disputes that his letter linking some antisemitism with Israeli policies was antisemitic (Wisconsin Muslim Journal)

November 12: Antisemitic literature found in church in Westfield, New Jersey (Tap Into Westfield)

November 15: Group of five in Brooklyn attack man while making antisemitic remarks (ABC7 New York)

November 15: Anti-vaxxer protest includes signs with yellow stars and a swastika outside Jewish politician’s home (JTA)

November 15: Michael Flynn calls for the U.S. to have “one religion,” sparking outrage from Jewish groups (JTA)

November 15: In reaction to U.S. Senate candidate Josh Mandel’s courting evangelical voters by touting “Christian values,” one of his opponents highlights Mandel’s Jewish faith (JTA)

November 15:  NYC teacher files complaint after being told to not wear “Proud Zionist” t-shirt by principal who had allowed the wearing of clothing with feminist and anti-racist slogans and who allegedly said “Zionism involves the retaking of Palestinian land and is offensive” (Algemeiner)

November 15: Man threatens to burn down bagel shop because the (WHNT) business displayed an Israeli flag (New York Post)

November 15:  Pro-vaccine Iowa billboard vandalized with language used by white supremacists when spinning antisemitic conspiracy theories about how Jews conspire to harm non-Jews (KWWL)

November 16: Synagogue menorah stolen in Huntsville, Alabama (WHNT)

November 17: New Jersey man sentenced to jail for ordering members of neo-Nazi group to attack synagogues (Times of Israel)

November 17: Spokesperson for Florida Governor Ron DeSantis blames Rothschilds for vaccine passport program in the country of Georgia (New York MagazineAlso see Georgia

November 17: At least a dozen mezuzah thefts at Indiana University Algemeiner)

November 17: ADL finds 39 Arabic language Facebook pages dedicated to spreading the famous antisemitic forgery The Protocols of the Elders of Zion (Algemeiner)

November 18: Jewish woman is slapped on a Brooklyn street after being asked if she was Jewish (Algemeiner)

November 18: Swastika again found in bathroom of Jefferson Middle School in Mt. Lebanon, Pennsylvania (WPXI)

November 18: President of Duke University’s student government rejects recognition of a pro-Israel student group because of social media comment responding to the charge that the group was supporting settler colonialism (Fox News)

November 19: NYPD looking for suspect in an antisemitic harassment incident in Manhattan (Fox News)

November 19: Antisemitic graffiti found in Massachusetts middle school bathroom for the second time in two weeks (NBC Boston)

November 20: Far-right media personality who was charged over the riot at the U.S. Capitol on January 6 is suspected of vandalizing a Hanukkah menorah (Times of Israel)

November 20: Antisemitic graffiti spray-painted on a street in Lehigh Acres, Florida (WINK News)

November 22: More antisemitic graffiti found at an Austin high school (CBS Austin)

November 24: Alleged assailant charged in the six deaths at a Wisconsin Christmas parade shared social media post suggesting “Hitler was right” for killing Jews (New York Post)

November 29: Menorah on Penn Square in Lancaster, Pennsylvania vandalized (WGAL)

November 29: Thief in pickup truck steals large Hanukkah menorah in Hollywood, Florida (WPLG Local 10)

November 29: Antisemitic flyers left in Beverly Hills neighborhood yards (NBC Los Angeles)

November 30: Fox host compares Fauci to Nazi doctor war-criminal Mengele (JTA)

November 30: Homestead Jewish Center in Florida vandalized with an antisemitc banner (Miami Herald)

November 30: Antisemitic graffiti found on Highland Park synagogue (Fox 32 Chicago)

December 2: Police are looking for three women who attacked three Jewish children in separate incidents in Brooklyn (Times of Israel)

December 2: Antisemitic flyers found on driveways in Houston, TX suburb (KPRC)

December 2: Another swastika found drawn in Westfield, New Jersey high school (Tap Into Westfield)

December 2: Florida cops looking for suspect who hung antisemitic banner outside the fence at the Homestead Jewish Center (Algemeiner)

December 3: CUNY Law School student government charges school with complicity in Israeli war crimes and calls for the school to cut all ties with Jewish organizations like Hillel (Algemeiner)

December 3: Spotify removes 150 hours of content that it said violated its hate policy (including racism, white supremacism and antisemitism) (Sky News)

December 3: Swastikas found in San Diego high school (ABC 10 San Diego)

December 3: Palestinian student at University of Southern California posted antisemitic tweets, including one saying she wanted “to kill every mother——g Zionist” (Forward)

December 3: Students at Rockbridge County Hight School in Virginia receive video of students doing Nazi salute (WSET)

December 4: Chabad House in Kansas City vandalized (The Hill)

December 5: Sioux Falls community rallies against antisemitism in response to antisemitic signs hung in the town in late November (Argus Leader)

December 6: Police investigate swastika sticker placed on New Jersey synagogue (Algemeiner)

December 8: Antisemitic leaflets distributed in Denver neighborhood (KCBD)

December 9: Philadelphia commerce director resigns over antisemitic comments (JTA)

December 9: Prominent Muslim Bay Area leader draws harsh criticism for rebuking “polite Zionists” such as ADL, Jewish Federations, Hillel and Zionist synagogues as Islamophobic (JTA)

December 9: LA-area probe into police for racist, homophobic and antisemitic texts (Times of Israel)

December 9: NYPD reports antisemitic hate crimes, as well as all hate crimes, have significantly increased in the last year (Cleveland Jewish News)

December 9: ADL-Hillel survey finds antisemitism on campus reached all-time high in the 2020-2021 school year (Cleveland Jewish News)

December 9: For third time in the fall of 2021, Mount Holyoke College reports incident of antisemitic graffiti (The Hill)

December 10: Amarillo man charged by Justice Department for threatening to execute three prominent rabbis (United States Department of Justice)

December 12: LA public defender’s office has 100 cases involving Torrance police officers accused of racist, antisemitic and homophobic texts (Gwinnett Daily Post)

December 13: Former Dartmouth student accused of vandalizing Dartmouth College menorah (WHDH)

December 13: Fourth time in three weeks swastika graffiti found in Bloomington, Indiana (Indiana Daily Student)

December 14: Antisemitic posters found during Hanukkah on SUNY Buffalo campus (The Jewish Voice)

December 14: Antisemitic letter and a vial of an unknown substance found in synagogue in West Los Angeles (Los Angeles Times)

December 15: Fox News deletes cartoon of George Soros as a puppet master after ADL calls it playing into classic antisemitic trope (Daily Beast)

December 15: Congressman speaking at Rutgers Hillel criticizes university for failing to adequetly respond to part-time faculty support for BDS and allowing speakers with terrorist ties at a 9/11 commemorative event (Jewish Standard)

December 16: Fox News removes Soros as puppet master cartoon (JTA)

December 16: Swastika drawn on Wall Street Bull statue and City Hall in

lower Manhattan (New York Post)

December 17: Former president Trump criticized for interview where he spoke of Israel’s control of Congress and Jewish disloyalty to Israel (MSNBC)

December 17: Law professors condemn NYU legal journal call for Israel boycott and warn of “political censorship” (Algemeiner)

December 17: Three students from Doral Academy in Nevada circulate video on social media which shows them saluting Nazi symbol they made in class (Las Vegas Review-Journal)

December 17: Two men face charges over the placement of antisemitic stickers and spraypainted antisemitic messages in Ormond Beach, Florida (Daytona Beach News-Journal)

December 18: Over 60 USC faculty criticize the university over its failure to rebuke a student for comments including she wanted to “kill every mother****ing Zionist” (Jerusalem Post)

December 19: Swastika found at Marlton Middle School in New Jersey (Yahoo News)

December 19: Following other recent antisemitic incidents, antisemitic posters found on doorsteps of homes in a Boise, Idaho neighborhood (KTVB)

December 19: Racist and antisemitic flyers left in NW Austin neighborhood (CBS Austin)

December 19: Spike in NYC hate crimes fueled by rising incidents targeting Asians and Jews (Algemeiner)

December 20: Antisemitic flyers blaming Jews for COVID-19 circulated in neighborhoods in Beverly Hills and Pasadina, California as well as in Greensboro, North Carolina (Newsweek)

December 20: U.S. District judge in Western Distric of Texas sanctioned three lawyers over “vitriolic and unsubstantiated allegations” that opposing counsel used antisemitic stereotypes (ABA Journal)

December 20: Third graders in Washington, DC public school forced to re-enact Holocaust by staff member who is alleged to have told students that Holocaust took place “because the Jews ruined Christmas” (BBC)

December 20: Antisemitic flyers found in Silver Spring, Maryland (Washington Post)

December 21: “Goyim Defense League” puts up racist banners on Brevard County, Florida highway (Florida Today)

December 21: Antisemitic poster found outside synagogue and other locations in Fairfax District of Los Angeles (NBC Los Angeles)

December 21: Savannah police trying to identify two white men who vandalized a driveway of a home with chalk swastika and slurs (Savannah Police)

December 22: Antisemitic flyers connecting Jews and COVID is found in Illinois as part of a coordinated drop by the Goyim Defense League in seven other states as well—Alabama, California, Colorado, Idaho, North Carolina, Texas and Vermont (St. Louis Jewish Light)

December 22: Catholic parish in New York state, in conflict with Vatican doctrine, calls for conversion of Jews (WNYT)

December 22: An Ohio State assistant professor uses the antisemitic term “Jew down” in university classroom (The Lantern)

December 22: Man arrested in connection with antisemitic leaflets at synagogue in Carmichael, California (Sacramento Bee)

December 22: The governing bodies of Maplewood and South Orange, New Jersey condemn antisemtism after swastikas discovered on sidewalk at local synagogue (Tap Into SOMA)

December 22: DC councilwoman calls out antisemitic language used to criticize her and another Jewish councilwoman in relation to a council redistricting plan (Washington City Paper)

December 23: Arson at San Jose synagogue (CBS San Francisco)

December 23: Emerson College probing social media report of alleged antisemitic behavior in a classroom (Boston Globe)

December 24: Antisemitic stickers distributed throughout Manhattan Beach, California (KTLA)

December 24: California school district investigating photo of students with swastikas painted on their chests (Algemeiner)

December 26: U.S. Congressman Josh Gottheimer alleges he was the target of antisemitic slur while speaking at Rutgers University (Jerusalem Post)

December 27: Two Jewish men were called “dirty Jews” and one was slugged for wearing Israel Defense Forces hoodie in Bay Ridge neighborhood of Brooklyn (New York Post)

December 27: Man displays swastika flag on his truck in San Marco, Florida (News4Jax)

December 27: Swastika flag hung on porch of home in Pittsburgh area town (Pittsburgh Jewish Chronicle)

December 27: Antisemitic flyers distributed in central Springfield, Missouri (Springfield News-Leader)

December 27: Chula Vista, California man charged with attacking a neighbor while shouting homophobic slurs is accused of also working to hang antisemitic banner on a local freeway overpass (San Diego Union-Tribune)

December 28: Alleged antisemitic attack in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn (Spectrum News NY1)

December 28: American Jewish leaders appalled by UN General Assembly vote to create a unique, open-ended inquiry into alleged Israeli human rights violations (Algemeiner)

December 29: Swastika graffiti found in Borough Park playground (Algemeiner)

December 29: Swastika graffiti found on Emporia, Kansas business (Emporia Gazette)

December 30: Multiple swastika incidents in Burlington County, New Jersey (Jewish Exponent)


No incidents yet reported for 2021. View last year’s list here.

Vatican City

July 18:  Pope Francis restricts the use of Latin Mass that calls for the conversion of Jews (JTA)

September 12:  Pope Francis in Hungary says antisemitism  fuse must not be allowed to burn (ReutersAlso see Hungary

September 13: In Slovakia, Pope Francis condemns every form of antisemitism (Angelus NewsAlso see Slovakia

December 15: Former Vatican doctrinal chief criticized for COVID comments considered by many to be antisemitic (National Catholic Reporter)


No incidents yet reported for 2021. View last year’s list here.


March 31: Jewish population in Yemen drops below ten and there are reports that the latest group to leave were forced to by Iran-backed Houthi rebels (JTA) 

July 8: Senior Rabbi of the UAE calls out Houthi imprisonment of Yemeni Jew as a “crime against humanity” (Algemeiner) Also see the United Arab Emirates

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