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BY IRA N. FORMAN   2020  |  in Jewish World

The Anti-Semitism Monitor reports anti-Semitic incidents around the world by country and date on a weekly basis. View incidents from 2019 and 2018.

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Founded in 2018, Moment’s Anti-Semitism Monitor is a carefully fact-checked website of anti-Semitic incidents around the world. It is curated by one of the world’s top anti-Semitism experts—Ira N. Forman, the former U.S. Special Envoy of the Office to Monitor and Combat Anti-Semitism, who now teaches at Georgetown University and is a senior fellow at the Washington, DC-based Moment Institute. At a time of rising anti-Semitism and the proliferation of disinformation, the Anti-Semitism Monitor is a critical resource used by government officials, Human Rights NGOs, the public, academics, students and the media, including The Wall Street Journal and the Times of Israel. “Understanding the different ways anti-Semitism manifests itself is absolutely essential if you’re going to learn to counter it,” says Forman.

Moment’s Anti-Semitism Monitor is unique because:

  • It is curated by experts, not algorithms.
  • It is updated on a weekly basis.
  • It provides thoughtful, balanced monthly findings and analysis.
  • It is based on credible news sources and news stories that do not have a strong ideological slant.
  • It illustrates the different nature of anti-Semitism in specific countries and regions.
  • It includes incidents that are not necessarily anti-Semitic in nature but that raise questions of anti-Semitism.
  • It is provided as a public service on a free, easy to use platform that is accessible to all.
About Ira N. Forman

Ira N. Forman is a senior fellow at the Moment Institute and a senior fellow at Georgetown University’s Center for Jewish Civilization. He is the former U.S. Special Envoy of the Office to Monitor and Combat Anti-Semitism. He also serves as the senior advisor for combating anti-Semitism at Human Rights First.

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South Africa, March 18: Prominent BDS leader falsely claims that Israel will not provide Arab citizens with coronavirus information 

Germany, March 19: Germany raids 10 sites and shuts down anti-Semitic group 

Israel, March 19: Israeli Ministry issues report detailing the spread of  anti-Semitic coronavirus conspiracy theories 

Turkey, March 19: As coronavirus spreads, Turks turn to Jewish conspiracy theories to explain the threat 

United States, March 22: FBI reports that neo-Nazis and other white supremacists encouraging their members to spread coronavirus to police and Jews 

United Kingdom, March 23: Oxfam apologizes to Israel’s Ambassador in London for selling  anti-Semitic books on its online shop and has destroyed the books 


January 2: Newly elected Peronist President, Fernandez, changes his position post-election and now claims there is not good evidence that Prosecutor Nisman was killed (Algemeiner) 

January 30: Argentinian journalist from Argentinian national TV uses Jewish conspiracy language in connection with Kobe Bryant’s death (JTA) 

March 9: Argentinian soccer player who made an anti-Semitic gesture during a game may be prosecuted (JTA) 


January 14: Australian woman of German heritage flies Nazi flag in front of her house (JTA)

January 15: Nazi flag removed from women’s home (Times of Israel)

February 10: Claims that Arabic language news site spreads anti-Semitism (Times of Israel) 

February 11: Anti-Semitic incidents in Australia in 2019 (Times of Israel) 

February 17: Australian police investigate hate mail used to send anti-Semitic packages to Jewish businessman and Jewish community organization (The Australian) 

February 20: Australian Civil Rights organization condemns the flying of a Nazi flag on New South Wales light tower (Algemeiner

February 26: Jewish organization says proposed swastika ban does not go far enough (Algemeiner)

February 27: Sydney University student newspaper is criticized for running a “satirical” piece which references Jewish guilt for killing Jesus (Times of Israel)

March 16: Australian police arrest neo-Nazi for planning terrorist attacks (Times of Israel) 


January 2: New Austrian coalition government commits to fight both  anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism (Jerusalem Post)

February 24: Austrian Press Council decides that calling BDS anti-Semitic is not a violation of its ethics code (Jerusalem Post) 

February 29: Parliament votes to condemn BDS as anti-Semitic (Jerusalem Post)

March 9: Austrian Jewish teen wearing a Star of David ring is attacked (JTA


No incidents yet reported for 2020. View last year’s list here.


January 23: Belgian police open a hotline to report anti-Semitic and racist incidents (JTA) 

January 24: Belgian paper runs column accusing “Zionists” of playing the “Holocaust card” (Algemeiner)

February 18: Belgian carnival to double down on anti-Semitic displays (Jerusalem Post) 

February 20: Israel calls upon Belgium to scrap carnival that last year featured an anti-Semitic float (AP News) Also see Israel

February 23:  This year’s parade in the Belgian town of Aalst doubles down on anti-Semitic caricatures (JTA

February 24: The city of Aalst says the anti-Semitic parade was  “just fun” (BBC) 

February 28: Belgian MP denounces “Jewish Lobby” in the wake of the Aalst Carnival parade (Algemeiner

Bosnia Herzegovina

No incidents yet reported for 2020. View last year’s list here.


January 7: Non-Jewish governor of Rio de Janerio participates in Jewish pride day to highlight fight against  anti-Semitism (JTA)

January 20: Brazil’s Cultural Minister fired after paraphrasing Nazi propaganda mastermind, Joseph Goebbels, in a speech (JTA) 

February 25: Brazil carnival parade features marchers with swastikas on their backs (JTA) 

March 3: Three men shouting anti-Semitic slurs viciously attack a man wearing kippah (JTA) 

March 6: Students make Nazi salute in support of a classmate (JTA) 


January 17: B’nai B’rith condemns vandalism at Jewish cemetary in Shoumen, Bulgaria (B’nai B’rith) 

February 23: Jewish organization laud Bulgarian ban on annual neo-Nazi march (Algemeiner) 


January 7:  University of Toronto union is condemned for calling Jewish groups foreign agents (Algemeiner) 

January 21: Montreal City Council to consider adoption of the IHRA Working Definition of anti-Semitism (Canadian Jewish News)

January 29: Two Jewish organizations criticize Mayor of Montreal for opposing adoption of IHRA Working Definition of anti-Semitism (Jewish News Syndicate)

February 4: Montreal suburb adopts IHRA definition of anti-Semitism (Canadian Jewish News)

February 7: University of Toronto Jewish faculty group upset with the University President’s reaction to anti-Semitism (Canadian Jewish News)

February 23: Jewish employee files a human rights complaint against the Hamilton School Board over anti-Semitism in the workplace (Niagara Falls Review

February 25: Deed on Montreal home contains clause preventing Jews from owning home (JTA) 

February 26: Canadian Federation of Students votes to oppose IHRA definition of anti-Semitism (Canadian Federation of Students)

March 3: Michelle Malkin suggests questioning the numbers of Jews killed in the Holocaust is not anti-Semitic (Mediate

March 4: Montreal suburb adopts IHRA working definition of anti-Semitism (Canadian Jewish News) 

March 6: Arabic-language newspaper claims Israelis bury Palestinians alive and steal their organs (JTA)

March 8: Winnipeg synagogue property defaced with anti-Semitic graffiti (Winnipeg CTV News


No incidents yet reported for 2020. View last year’s list here.


No incidents yet reported for 2020. View last year’s list here.


No incidents yet reported for 2020. View last year’s list here.


No incidents yet reported for 2020. View last year’s list here.

Czech Republic

No incidents yet reported for 2020. View last year’s list here.


No incidents yet reported for 2020. View last year’s list here.


No incidents yet reported for 2020. View last year’s list here.


No incidents yet reported for 2020. View last year’s list here.

European Union (EU)

January 30: Holocaust survivor addresses European Parliament and moves many to tears (Jerusalem Post)

February 24: European Commission condemns Belgian anti-Semitic parade (Times of Israel) 

March 3: Belgian EU commissioner supports a ban on anti-Semitic carnival caricatures (France 24) 

March 6: Anti-Semitic carnivals in Europe carry on a centuries-old tradition (JTA)


January 29: Red paint is splashed on a synagogue in Finland (JTA) 


January 5: Hundreds from Jewish community and their allies rally in Paris for Sarah Halimi in the wake of court findings that her killer was not criminally responsible for his actions (France 24)

January 7: Jewish cemetery in southwest France vandalized  (JTA)

January 13: Muslim man convicted of hate crime for assaulting Jewish optician in Marseille (JTA) 

January 21: French Jews and non-Jews see anti-Semitism as a serious problem in new AJC funded poll (Jerusalem Post)

January 22: Macron tells President Rivlin that anti-Zionism is anti-Semitism (Times of Israel) 

January 22: In France, 57% do not know approximately how many Jews were killed in the Holocaust (JTA) 

January 26: Anti-Semitism up 27% in France in between 2018 and 2019 (New York Times) 

January 27: French President Macron rebuked by top judicial officials after urging a trial for the murderer of Sarah Halimi (Algemeiner)

February 3: Paris Metro passengers stop a group of Arab men from harassing a Jewish man (JTA)

February 4: A France without Jews is no longer unthinkable (Foreign Affairs) 

February 21: New report highlights online anti-Semitism that targets French Jews (Algemeiner) 

February 24: U.S. Special Envoy on Anti-Semitism criticizes French court for refusing to try murderer of Sarah Halimi (JTA) 

February 27: CRIF announces new tool to monitor on-line anti-Semitism in France (Jerusalem Post)

March 4: Locals guard Alsatian cemeteries against anti-Semitic vandalism in rural area with no Jews left after WWII (New York Times)

March 16: World Zionist Organization (WZO) Vice Chair condemns  anti-Semitic graffiti vandalism of the posters of Jewish candidates running for municipal office in France (Israel Hayom


January 2: German Jewish pianist Igor warns of anti-Semitism in Germany after being threatened by anti-Semitic death threat before a November concert (JTA)

January 8: Two more violent anti-Semitic incidents investigated in Berlin (JTA) 

January 14: German police raid Islamists planning attacks that may have included one on a Berlin synagogue (JTA)

January 14: Jewish Councillor in Munich who was disinvited to yearly anti-war conference charges organizers anti-Semitic (Algemeiner) 

January 17: Seven hundred year old sculpture of “jew-pig” in Wittenberg Church is subject of a court battle on removal (New York Times)

January 19: Jewish man working in Chancellor Merkel’s chancellery files complaint over anti-Semitism from his co-workers (Jerusalem Post)

January 19: Munich conference cancelled after rejection of a pro-Israel speaker sparks anti-Semitism claims (JTA)

January 20: German news outlet, Deutsche Welle rocked by alleged anti-Semitism report (Jerusalem Post)

January 23: Germany bans neo-Nazi group, Combat 18 Deutschland. (AP News)

January 26: Foreign Minister urges Germans to fight anti-Semitism before the Jewish community leaves Germany (New York Times

January 28: Two CDU politicians criticized for highlighting Muslim anti-Semitism on Holocaust Memorial day (Algemeiner)

February 9: German Jewish leadership and organizations call for Green Party MP to resign from BDS group (Jerusalem Post)

February 10: Cardinal of Cologne says German Christians must speak out when they witness anti-Semitism (The Tablet) 

February 11: German state launches investigation into the police response to the attack on the Halle synagogue (JTA) 

February 11: Humboldt University in Berlin to host a pro-BDS event with an anti-Israel academic who critics allege to be anti-Semitic (Jerusalem Post) 

February 17: Berlin’s commissioner to fight anti-Semitism slams Humboldt University’s BDS event (Jerusalem Post) 

February 21: Switching gears, German government focuses on combatting an increasingly organized radical right (Times of Israel) 

February 23: German cabinet cracks down on extremism by supporting legislation that requires social media companies to report hate speech, including anti-Semitism, to the government (Jewish News)

February 26: Berlin commissioner to fight anti-Semitism urges Chancellor Merkel to ban Hezbollah (Jerusalm Post

February 26: Berlin prosecutor releases report on anti-Semitism in the city (Berlin Spectator)

March 1: Germany’s anti-Semitism commissioner, Felix Klein, calls out University lecture on Hitler’s mistress, Eva Braun (Deutsche Welle)

March 10: Germany opens center in Berlin for victims of  anti-Semitic attacks (Algemeiner)

March 19: Germany raids 10 sites and shuts down anti-Semitic group (Everything Lubbock

March 22: Head of ADL says there are clear links between white supremacists in the United States and the international far right (NBC) Also see United States


January 7: Star of David stolen from holocaust monument (JTA)

January 19: Synagogue and Holocaust memorial vandalized in city in central Greece (Jerusalem Post) 


January 7: Anti-Semite Beatrix Siklosi named head of Hungarian national radio (Hungarian Spectrum)

January 23: Hungarian Justice Minister claims the government has zero-tolerance toward anti-Semitism and that the Hungarian Jewish community is the most secure Jewish community in Europe (Jerusalem Post)

January 29: While government highlights Hungary’s commitment to the Jewish community it is counter suing Hungarian Holocaust survivors who had filed suit against the government (Hungarian Free Press)

February 12: Fidesz MEP tells European parliament that Hungary’s Jews are safe while Western European anti-Semitism is growing (Hungary Today)

March 16: Jewish cemetery in southern Hungary is vandalized (JTA)


No incidents yet reported for 2020. View last year’s list here.


No incidents yet reported for 2020. View last year’s list here.


No incidents yet reported for 2020. View last year’s list here.


February 21: Iran’s Foreign Minister says the Middle East has no record of anti-Semitism (Jerusalem Post) 

February 24: Hardline Iranian students threaten to destroy Jewish heritage sites in retaliation for Trump’s peace plan (JTA) 

March 9: Iran’s English language propaganda TV engages in conspiracy theories about Israeli manufacturing of coronavirus to attack Iran (Jerusalem Post


February 17:  Newly elected Irish MP claims Israel’s Mossad was responsible for Corbyn’s defeat (Algemeiner)

February 19: Head of Dublin Jewish community criticizes newly elected Sinn Fein MP for likening Israelis to Nazis (Jewish News) 


January 3: Campaign to take anti-Semitic posts off social media sites (Jerusalem Post)

January 17: Worshipers outside Al-Aqsa Mosque chant about killing jews (JTA)

January 22: World leaders gather in Jerusalem to mark Holocaust and fight anti-Semitism (New York Times)

January 23: Key quotes from world leaders at the Holocaust Forum in Jerusalem (New York Times) 

January 28: ISIS announces it will focus attacks on Israel and addresses Jews “usurping” from Muslims (JTA)

February 20: Israel calls upon Belgium to scrap carnival that last year featured an anti-Semitic float (AP News) Also see Belgium

March 19: Israeli Ministry issues report detailing the spread of  anti-Semitic coronavirus conspiracy theories (Israel Hayom) 


January 2: Italian politician who tells fascist youth to stop public  anti-Semitic rants is physically assaulted (JTA) 

January 19: Italy adopts IHRA working definition of anti-Semitism (Jerusalem Post)

January 20: Italian Jews praise appointment of national coordinator to deal with rising anti-Semitism (Algemeiner) 

January 24: Anti-Semitic graffiti scrawled on the door of the home of concentration camp survivor’s son in Italy (Times of Israel) 

January 24: Hundreds protest in Piedmont town after the anti-Semitic vandalism at the home where a survivor of concentration camp lived (Yahoo News)

January 28: Anti-Semitic graffiti found at multiple locations around Italy on Holocaust Memorial day (Stripes) 

January 31: In poll, 15% of Italians say Holocaust never happened (JTA) 

February 10: Uproar follows vandalizing of house of Jewish holocaust victims in northern Italy with swastikas (Algemeiner

March 6: Study finds an increase in anti-Semitism in Italy (Algemeiner) 


No incidents yet reported for 2020. View last year’s list here.


No incidents yet reported for 2020. View last year’s list here.


January 2: Lebanese Foreign Minister describes Israel as a theocracy similar to ISIS and Al Qaeda at conference on Christian persecution and is called out for anti-Semitism by Trump Administration from AID (JTA)


January 14: Lithuania follows Poland’s lead and proposes controversial Holocaust law (JTA)


No incidents yet reported for 2020. View last year’s list here.


No incidents yet reported for 2020. View last year’s list here.


January 15: Mauritanian official resigns after posting an anti-Semitic tweet (Times of Israel)


No incidents yet reported for 2020. View last year’s list here.


January 9: At a rally protesting Soleimani assassination, two women hold sign blaming Hassidic Jews for terrorism (JTA) 

January 15: Box made to look like homemade bomb left outside Amsterdam kosher restaurant (JTA)

January 26: Dutch Prime Minister apologizes for WW II era Dutch government’s failure to protect its Jewish population during Holocaust (JTA)

February 5: Jewish cemetery vandalized with swastikas and anti-Semitic language (JTA)

February 17: Record number of anti-Semitic incidents reported in 2019 in the Netherlands (JTA) 

February 19: During parliamentary debate on anti-Semitic incidents, Dutch MP says Dutch Jews underreport incidents because of a lack of police support (Algemeiner) 

February 21: University students in Rotterdam accused of distributing racist and anti-Semitic images and language in chat groups (NL Times) 

February 24: Dutch railroad employees sing inappropriate song about Jews over loudspeaker system (JTA) 

March 6: Dutch-Muslim leader accused of claiming Hitler was Jewish in pro-Hamas email (JTA)

March 6: Dutch little league soccer coach calls one of his players a “cancer Jew” (JTA)

New Zealand

January 24: Swastikas found painted on New Zealand synagogue (JTA)

North Macedonia

January 23: North Macedonian Minister is subjected to anti-Semitic slurs by ruling party officials (Jerusalem Post) 

February 20: Jewish cabinet Minister, removed from office for speaking in front of a banner with country’s old controversial name, is hounded by anti-Semitic attacks (JTA

February 24: Dutch train employees sing inappropriate song about Jews over loudspeaker system (JTA) 


No incidents yet reported for 2020. View last year’s list here.

Palestinian Territories

January 19: Palestinian Authority’s daily columnist calls for terrorist attack at upcoming Holocaust memorial event (Algemeiner)

January 19: Palestinian Authority columnist calls for a terrorist attack at upcoming Holocaust memorial event (Algemeiner) 

January 21: Palestinian Authority newspaper columnist calls for violence to disrupt events at Holocaust Forum in Jerusalem (JTA)

January 3: Palestinian Archbishop is accused of blood libel after accusing Israel of poisoning him (Algemeiner)


January 22: Polish lawmaker posts drawing of cows dressed in concentration camp clothes and yellow stars on social media (JTA)

January 23: Polish appeals court rules that Jewish paper does not have to use the term “German, Nazi” (JTA)

January 27: Poland and Israel condemn resurgent anti-Semitism at Auschwitz while Israeli President appeals to Poland to not allow the history of the Holocaust to be politicized (New York Times)

January 27: Israeli President Rivlin says too many Poles assisted Nazis with killing Jews (JTA) 

January 30: Poland urged to end impasse over Polin Museum (Times of Israel)

February 19: Former Polish priest indicted for hate speech and Holocaust denial (JTA) 

March 4: Far-right legislator says natural selection during pogroms made Jews powerful and thus rabbis may have encouraged such violence against Jews (JTA) 


February 2: Portuguese cartoonist publishes an anti-Semitic cartoon (Jerusalem Post)

February 3: Portuguese politicians apologizes for describing a WWII era rescuer of Jews a “loan shark.” (JTA


No incidents yet reported for 2020. View last year’s list here.


March 9: Romania appoints a senior official to office dedicated to fighting anti-Semitism (Benzinga) 


No incidents yet reported for 2020. View last year’s list here.


February 7: West Lothian Council becomes the third local council in Scotland to adopt the IHRA Working Definition of anti-Semitism (Linlithgow Gazette) Also see United Kingdom

March 4: Scottish National Party (SNP) readmits MP after anti-Semitism probe (BBC) Also see United Kingdom


January 21: Young boys identified as perpetrators in vandalism of Jewish cemetery in Slovakia (JTA)


January 14: Slovenian court voids Nazi collaborator’s treason conviction (JTA) 

South Africa

February 2: South African Board of Jewish Deputies charges the South African BDS organization of releasing an anti-Semitic cartoon (Jerusalem Post) 

February 3: Anti-Semitic incidents fall to a 15 year low according to South African Board of Jewish Deputies (Cleveland Jewish News)

March 18: Prominent BDS leader falsely claims that Israel will not provide Arab citizens with coronavirus information (Algemeiner) 


January 10: Spain names politician who called Israel an “illegal state” as Deputy Prime Minister (JTA)

January 15: Spanish Court strikes down BDS municipal pledge (Algemeiner)

February 25: Carnival float in Spain features Nazi uniforms and trains with crematoria (JTA) 

March 2: Second Spanish carnival features Auschwitz and anti-Semitic themes (Times of Israel)


January 31: Bag with Star of David containing soap and anti-Semitic literature left outside Holocaust display (JTA)

January 3: Swedish Jewish woman, 60, fights off three attackers who mocked her about her religion (JTA)

February 13: Woman kicked off of Swedish “Big Brother” after saying on-air “I hate Jews”  (Times of Israel)

March 22: Overview of Sweden’s anti-Semitism problems includes story of young man who leaves the Nordic Resistance to fight  anti-Semitism (Haaretz)


No incidents yet reported for 2020. View last year’s list here.


No incidents yet reported for 2020. View last year’s list here.


No incidents yet reported for 2020. View last year’s list here.


March 19: As coronavirus spreads, Turks turn to Jewish conspiracy theories to explain the threat (Haaretz) 


January 2: Israel and Poland Ambassadors to Ukraine condemn glorification of Nazi collaboration (JTA)

January 7: Jewish student’s dorm room vandalized in suspected anti-Semitic incident (JTA)

January 10: Ukranian diplomat tells Israel to stay out of debate over honoring Nazi collaborators (JTA) 

January 13: Jewish NGO releases report saying anti-Semitic incidents were lower in 2019 (Unian Information Agency) 

January 15: Ukrainian Jewish organization reports a 27% drop in anti-Semitic incidents in 2019; Jewish organizations in Ukraine differ on anti-Semitic levels (JTA)

January 19: Holocaust monument in western Ukraine vandalized (Times of Israel)

January 30: Senior Ukrainian economist says Ukraine’s leaders are secretly serving Israel and that Ukrainians let Jews “dominate” them (JTA) 

February 26: Drunk breaks into a western Ukraine synagogue shouting about “beating up the kikes” and assaults a congregant (JTA)

United Arab Emirates

No incidents yet reported for 2020. View last year’s list here.

United Kingdom

January 5: Labour shows “breathtaking” lack of humility for failing to understand internal anti-Semitism says London’s Labour mayor, Sadiq Khan (Jewish Chronicle)

January 6: British government to hold tech giants for anti-Semitism online (Jerusalem Post)

January 6: Jewish 13 year-old boy punched on bus by attacker spewing anti-Semitic speech (JTA) 

January 6: Professional soccer player investigated after comments about Rothschilds and banks (Times of Israel) 

January 7: Labour leadership contender and Corbyn ally says the party did not do enough to counter anti-Semitism (Jewish News)

January 8: Crown Prosecution Service considering prosecuting of five Labour party members on charges of distribution or publishing anti-Semitic material likely to stir up racial hatred (Sky News)

January 8: Community Security Trust releases its 2018 anti-Semitic discourse report (Jewish Chronicle) 

January 11: Candidates for Labour leader are asked to sign a pledge to implement 10 point program to root out anti-Semitism (Mirror) 

January 14: UK Labour member says he was allegedly attacked as “foreign agent” for opposing motion condemning British Board of Deputies (Algemeiner) 

January 13: Labour affilitated group issues report that blames Israel for Labour’s anti-Semitism crisis (Jewish Chronicle)

January 15: Leading candidates for Labour leadership commit to supporting Board of Deputies’ 10 pledges to fight anti-Semitism (Times of Israel)

January 17: Chelsea becomes first football club to adopt IHRA working definition of anti-Semitism (Jewish News)

January 18: Candidates for Labour leadership clash over handling of anti-Semitism (Sky News) 

January 19: Corbyn nomination of his former cheif of staff, Karie Murphy, for a peerage reignites anti-Semitism controversy in the Labour party (PoliticsHome)

January 20: New Labour MP tells students they should be ashamed of going to Zionist trips and conferences because they are supporting a racist ideology (The Jewish Chronicle)

January 21: Hardcore leftists attack a candidate for Labour leader, Rebbecca Long Bailey for agreeing to adopt the Board of Deputies 10 point program to address anti-Semitism (Daily Mail)

January 23: The BBC slammed for allegedly linking Israel’s treatment of Palestinians to Holocaust complex (JTA) 

January 25: Amazon selling translations of Nazi-era anti-Semitic propaganda books (The Sun) 

January 25: Labour Shadow Minister failed to remove anti-Semitic Facebook posts for six months (The Telegraph) 

January 28: In new parliament 641 of 643 MPs sign up in support of IHRA Working Definition of anti-Semitism (The Jewish Chronicle) 

February 1: British school to change logo that references English blood libel charge from the 13th century (Jerusalem Post)

February 2: Ex UK Speaker of Parliament says he suffered subtle anti-Semitism from his Conservative colleagues (Times of Israel

February 3: Greenwich Council condemns anti-Semitism after a spate of anti-Semitic graffiti in the area (News Shopper) 

February 5: UK anti-Semitic incidents hit a new high in 2019 (The Guardian) 

February 5: English soccer player faces suspension for tweeting about Rothschild controlling the banks and enriching themselves through war (Times of Israel)  

February 6: Latest CST anti-Semitism incident data shows large rise in online hate (Jewish News) 

February 7: Three anti-Semitic hate crimes reported in under 24 hours in London (Jerusalem Post)

February 7: West Lothian Council becomes the third local council in Scotland to adopt the IHRA Working Definition of anti-Semitism (Linlithgow Gazette) Also see Scotland

February 7: Film footage shows Chelsea fans giving Nazi salutes and singing Nazi songs (Evening Standard)

February 7: After the rise in anti-Semitic incidents affecting Jewish students and faculty, British Universities urged to act (Algemeiner) 

February 8: Local Labour Councilor, Jo Bird, is prohibited from running for Labour governing body as a result of her claiming anti-Semitism is privileged over other forms of bias and referring to a “Jew process” (The Jewish Chronicle)

February 11: Ninety-two percent of the pro-Corbyn organization within Labour, Momentum, believe charges of anti-Semitism against the party have been wildly exaggerated (The Jewish Chronicle)

February 12: Labour expels 25 members for anti-Semitism (Huffington Post) 

February 13: Oxford English dictionary adds “yiddo” and definition of yid as fan of Tottenham Hotspurs football club (JTA) 

February 14: All four candidates for Labour leadership apologize to Jewish Labour Movement for anti-Semitism in the party at meeting where Lisa Nandy wins endorsement (BBC)

February 17: TalkRadio fined after hosting for George Galloway broadcast which broke UK impartiality rules in calling anti-Semitism charges against Labour and Corbyn ” a giant Goebbellian lie” (Jewish News)

February 20: Leading publisher pulls school textbook which asks students to reflect on whether Israel’s creation helped cause 9/11 (Telegraph)

February 21: Labour suspends councillor who is alleged to have claimed that Jews created ISIS (The Jewish Chronicle) 

February 22: Ex-Labour members and Corbyn supporters have been meeting with far-right activist to discuss anti-Semitic conspiracy theories (The Guardian

February 23: New heavyweight champion, Tyson Fury, made anti-Semitic remarks about Jewish control of banks, media in 2016 (Jerusalem Post) 

February 26: Former Labour activist is charged in anti-Semitism investigation (The Guardian)

February 27: Labour hopefuls clash over anti-Semitism (Metro)

February 27: UK government urged to include anti-Semitism in its terrorist prevention program (Jewish News)

February 28: UK Embassy in Israel lists steps that the UK government is taking to deal with rising levels of anti-Semitism (Israel Today) 

February 28: British Lord says Israel is the puppet-master of the U.S. (Jewish Journal)

February 29: Welsh party activist who was suspended over anti-Semitic social media posts is reinstated and running for the Welsh Assembly (Jerusalem Post

March 2: Councillor who has said Labour is too apologetic for antisemitism, requests Tottenham Constituency Labour Council drop clause on zero tolerance of anti-Semitism (The Jewish Chronicle) 

March 4: Scottish National Party (SNP) readmits MP after anti-Semitism probe (BBC)  Also see Scottland

March 6: Labour to investigate after party activist brand Deputy Leader candidate a “Mossad agent” (Telegraph)

March 9: Parliament will debate funding of Palestinian textbooks that glorify martyrdom (Daily Mail) 

March 9: Labour suspends councillor candidate who attacked “Jewish hate-mongers” (The Jewish Chronicle)

March 9: Ex-Chair of Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) suspended from Labour for alleged Islamophobia charges that the real reason for suspension was his criticism of party’s anti-Semitism (Jewish News)

March 10: London play, “One Jewish Boy” about mixed-race, interfaith couple attracts audiences and sparks anti-Semitic reaction (JTA) 

March 13: Brighton’s Housing Chief resigns over charges of  anti-Semitism (The Argus)

March 14: Oxfam was selling two copies of the Protocols on its online site (The Times)

March 16: Anti-racist charity reserves a decision to appoint film maker Ken Loach a judge of a school competition after complaints about Loach’s rejecting claims of  anti-Semitism in the Labour party (The Jewish Chronicle) 

March 16: Report by the charity, the  anti-Semitism Policy Trust, analyzing government report on the government’s Online Harms White Paper (INACH)

March 23: Oxfam apologizes to Israel’s Ambassador in London for selling  anti-Semitic books on its online shop and has destroyed the books (The Jewish Chronicle) 

March 23: New Student Union president dressed up as a concentration camp inmate and joked about being gassed  (The Jewish Chronicle)

United States

January 1: Reports of anti-Semitic flyers in Georgia are false but there were anti-Muslim flyers (JTA) 

January 1: Hasidic man attacked by two women and Jewish teen confronted by two men with a knife in Brooklyn in two anti-Semitic incidents (JTA)

January 1: ADL and others analyze data on anti-Semitic hate crimes and perpetrators (Jerusalem Post)

January 2: Suspect in Monsey Hanukkah attack is being eyed as suspect in November brutal assault against a Hasid in Monsey (New York Times) 

January 2: Massachusetts Council of Churches condemns recent rise in anti-Semitism and call on Christians to remember Christianity’s historical responsibility for anti-Semitism (Boston Globe) 

January 2: Seattle area Imam criticized for sermon on why Jews were turned into apes and pigs (770 KTTH) 

January 3: Two GOP leaders in Delaware face backlash over homophobic and anti-Semitic comments (CNN)

January 3: Improving collection of hate crime data is a first step in fighting anti-Semitism in U.S. (New York Times

January 3: Presiding Episcopal Bishop joins AJC social media campaign against anti-Semitism (Episcopal News Service) 

January 3: In wake of anti-Semitic attacks NYC School Chancellor roles out new anti-hate crime curriculum (New York Post) 

January 4: In another anti-Semitic incident in NYC man shouting anti-Semitism is accused of spitting on a woman in front of a Queens yeshiva (CBS Local New York)

January 5: New Jewish security tsar warns against politicizing anti-Semitism (Times of Israel)

January 6: Cuomo, Schumer, de Blasio join 25,000 in solidarity march against anti-Semitism (Jewish Insider) 

January 6: Acting Homeland Security Secretary orders implementation of recommendations of internal panel to protect religious communities (JTA)

January 6: Democratic Majority for Israel issues a report on how anti-Semitism played a role in Corbyn defeat and warns against any trend toward adopting Corbynism in the Democratic party (Jewish Insider)

January 6: Ex-NBA star Amar’e Stoudmire calls on African-Americans to refrain from any anti-Semitism (JTA)

January 6: DC Jewish community rallies against anti-Semitism (dcist)

January 7: The school board member who spoke of Jewish brutes in the wake of the killings at a Jersey City kosher market has not responded to calls for her to resign (Jerusalem Post)

January 7: Across U.S. citizens and police rally around Jewish communities (JTA)

January 7: Calls for changes in New York’s new law outlawing bail for lower-level crimes in the wake of hate crimes perpetrated against Orthodox Jews  (JTA)

January 7: Radio personality hosts FL gun rights forum amid charges of anti-Semitism (Florida Today) 

January 7: Across U.S. police and communities rally around Jewish communities to demonstrate opposition to anti-Semitism (JTA) 

January 7: U.S. Department of Education agrees to investigate UCLA over anti-Semitism harassment complaint (Algemeiner) 

January 8: New Jersey NAACP official is suspended after complaining about the unfriendliness of “Hasidics” who are trying to gentrify black neighborhoods (JTA)

January 8: Senator Cotton calls out think tank funded by Koch and Soros of fomenting anti-Semitism (Jewish Insider) 

January 8: Ann Arbor city councilman denounces anti-Semitism of group protesting outside of local synagogue (m live) 

January 8: Rising anti-Semitism weighs on U.S. Jewish youth (AP News) 

January 9: Brooklyn councilman takes colleagues to task for spreading anti-Semitism (Jewish Insider) 

January 9: Former student at Kutztown University in Pennsylvania files a lawsuit against the university and food service for failure to respond to anti-Semitic harassment and vandalism by roommate (JTA) 

January 9: NJ pizzeria manager goes on an anti-Semitic rant when employees ask for time off for Jewish new year (

January 9: Civil Rights complaint accuses University of Georgia of failing to protect rights of Jewish students (Algemeiner)

January 9: Mexican restaurant in Greenpoint neighborhood of Brooklyn vandalized with swastikas (Brooklyn Eagle)

January 9: Fake news and anti-Semitic blood libel growing out of Jersey City terrorism (Arc) 

January 9: Brooklyn religious leaders mobilized for efforts to confront anti-Semitism (Bklyner) 

January 10: Spotify to remove playlist titles deemed to be anti-Semitic (JTA) 

January 11: Anti-Semitic graffiti found at Brooklyn high school (NBC New York)

January 11: NYPD installing 100 cameras in three Orthodox Jewish neighborhoods (Haaretz) 

January 13: New Jersey bias crimes up 65% in 2019 (JTA) 

January 13: Car vandalized with homophobic and anti-Semitic graffiti in Queens neighborhood (Queens Eagle)

January 14: Historic Preservation Board in Sante Fe, NM orders pro-Palestinian murals down that have been attacked as anti-Semitic (Hyperallergic) 

January 14: Jersey City attackers had a large bomb and were targeting Jews and police (JTA) 

January 14: Virginia teen charged by FBI for calling in false emergency calls is linked to neo-Nazis (Times of Israel)

January 15: Delaware GOP leader ousted after blaming Jews for Trump impeachment hearings (JTA) 

January 15: Swastika painted on Lincoln, Nebraska synagogue (Lincoln Journal Star) 

January 15: Young people responsible for most of NYC anti-Semitic attacks and authorities hope Holocaust education will ameliorate the trend (JTA)

January 16: Pro-Corbyn, Jewish Voice for Labour officials were behind local constituency motion that attacked Board of Deputies and played down anti-Semitism in the party (Jewish Chronicle)

January 16: U.S. House Committee holds hearings on anti-Semitism (Jerusalem Post) 

January 16: Security agency says synagogues should not utilize armed guards who are not trained police officers (JTA)

January 16: LA-area condo owner ordered to remove swastika and other offensive material from her balconey (JTA) 

January 18: Man arrested for anti-Semitic harrasement of couple in Midtown Manhattan (New York Post)

January 19: NJ Governor signs two bills aimed at countering anti-Semitism (Jerusalem Post) 

January 20: New Labour MP tells students they should be ashamed of going to Zionist trips and conferences because they are supporting a racist ideology (The Jewish Chronicle)

January 21: George Washington University student, while criticizing President Trump’s executive order on antisemitism, posts that Anne Frank did not die in a Nazi camp (JTA)

January 22: University of Montana President denounces anti-Semitic flyers sent to student and faculty which appear to be linked to Farrakhan supporters (Algemeiner)

January 22: Vice President Pence says the world must stand against anti-Semitism and that Iran is the biggest purveyor of anti-Semitism in the world (Reuters) 

January 23: Pete Buttigieg says his administration will devote $1 billion to fight anti-Semitism and other forms of extremism (JTA)

January 23: Trump Administration again gives credentials to press organization that makes references to “Jew coup” when discussing impeachment (JTA)

January 25: Town in Vermont decries anti-Semitic flyers (Saint Albans Messenger)

January 26: Congresswoman Tlaib tweets and then deletes false story of Israeli settlers killing a Palestinian youth (JTA) 

January 26: Anti-Semitic hate crimes in Los Angeles up 60% between 2018 and 2019 (Jerusalem Post) 

January 27: Woman who threw pork chops at a synagogue is charged with a hate crime (JTA) 

January 28: Attorney General Barr vows to prosecute and track hate crimes more aggressively while blaming militant progressivism for the rise in anti-Semitism (JTA) 

January 27: Representative Tlaib posts and then deletes unsubstantiated claim that Israelis drowned a Palestinian boy (Jerusalem Post

January 27: Bi-partisan group of U.S. legislators writes UN Secretary-General calling for the adoption of a proposal to appoint a senior-level official to fight anti-Semitism (The Hill) 

January 28: Federal hate crime charges for New York woman who slapped three Jewish women and then was released (JTA) 

January 28: House overwhelmingly approves $10 million for Holocaust education (Jerusalem Post) 

January 28: U.S. House overwhelmingly passes Holocaust Education bill (Times of Israel)

January 28: Anti-Semitic graffiti found scrawled on NYC apartment building (Fox News)

January 29: House Foreign Affairs subcommittee on Europe, Eurasia, Energy and the Environment hears from witnesses on anti-Semitism and xenophobia in Europe (Jewish Insider)

January 29: Despite recent anti-Semitic violence, anti-Semitic attitudes remain relatively low in the U.S. according to ADL annual survey (Cleveland Jewish News)

January 30: FBI arrests member of hate group that had planned to turn pro-gun rally in Virginia into violent confrontation and has virulently anti-Semitic ideology (Algemeiner) 

January 30: Orthodox family thrown off a flight because of alleged body odor are suing American Airlines for discrimination (JTA)

January 31: Nine doctors at the University of Colorado School of Medicine allege anti-Semitism and age discrimination (KRDO)

January 31: Tampa City Councilman use the phrase “Jewed” in reference to a city contract and later apologizes (National Center) 

February 1: B’nai B’rith calls out Roger Waters as an anti-Semite and criticizes Major League Baseball for sponsoring ticket sales to his concerts (Times of Israel) 

February 3: Anti-Semitic graffiti is found a skatepark (The Herald-Record) 

February 4: Anti-Semitic hate crimes in NYC fell in January (The Forward) 

February 5: Vote at the University of California at Berkeley to condemn display put up by Palestinian students is postponed after scuffle breaks out between the group and Jewish students (JTA)

February 5: Los Angeles adopts legislation to prevent hate crimes in the wake of a 60.5% rise in anti-Semitic hate crimes (JTA) 

February 5: Facebook takes down New Jersey page, “Rise Up Ocean County,” because of anti-Semitism (The Forward) 

February 5: Far right head of TruNews web channel which has been accredited by the White House claims that Israel and Jews are behind Iowa vote debacle (Algemeiner)

February 6: Antisemtic graffiti found at Warwick, NY Skate Park (Warwick Advertiser) 

February 7: ADL says Caronavirus spread generates anti-Semitic and conspiracy theories (Times of Israel) 

February 8: AIPAC apologizes for ad calling out radical Democrats for pushing anti-Semitic policies and being perhaps a greater threat than ISIS (JTA) 

February 10: Jewish Alumna sues Harvard Club after being allegedly attacked by insturctor and losing her club membership (Algemeiner) 

February 10: Man shouts anti-Semitic slurs in Northeast Philadelphia kosher market (The Forward) 

February 10: Suite claims anti-Semitic discrimination at Milwaukee TV station (Jewish Chronicle) 

February 10: Las Vegas man pleads guilty to arms charge related to an alleged plan to bomb a synagogue (JTA) 

February 11: UC Berkeley Jewish leaders urge University to act after alleging that they were harrassed and threatened at two student government meetings (Algemeiner)

February 10: Amazon stops selling white nationalist books and the Nation of Islam’s anti-Semitic book, The Secret Relationship between Blacks and Jews (The Forward)

February 12: ADL report says white supremicists are targeting universities in 2019 (Algemeiner) 

February 12: Harvard undergraduates form new “anti-Zionist,” pro-BDS organization (JTA) 

February 12: Congresswoman alleges that AIPAC weaponizes anti-Semitism in response to withdrawn ad (Huffington Post) 

February 13: Long Island robotic competition judge makes anti-Semitic slur in front of students (NBC New York) 

February 13: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign adopts pro-BDS resolution (JTA) 

February 14: New documentary featuring Bill Clinton and other experts examines anti-Semitism in Europe and the United States (JTA) 

February 14: Swastikas and sinophobic vandalism found in Columbia University dorm (Columbia Spectator)

February 16: Radical Christian broadcaster, Rick Wiles, and his guests say transgendersim is a Zionist plot (LGBTQ Nation) 

February 17: Holocaust scholar, Deborah Lipstadt’s talk on anti-Semitism at University of California Berkeley disrupted by anti-Israel demonstrators (Algemeiner) 

February 17: Jackson Township in New Jersey hit with lawsuit over discrimination against Orthodox Jews in the zoning process (Hamodia)

February 17: White nationalist YouTube channel banned for hate speech (JTA)

February 17: Michigan State University student paints a swastika on his own fraternity house (The Jewish News) 

February 18: University of Illinois student government president vetoes pro-BDS resolution (JTA)

February 18: Republican Jewish leader fundraises for a candidate who once said Israel lobby controls the GOP (JTA) 

February 18: Star of David graffiti spray-painted on two Boston apartment buildings (JTA

February 19: Large blue swastika painted on Jewish business in New Jersey (JTA) 

February 19: Vandal uses “It’s OK to be white” stickers to deface North Carolina synagogue (The News & Observer) 

February 20: Cleveland area park vandalized with swastikas and graffiti cursing Jews (JTA) 

February 21: White Supremacists are working across borders connected by their hatred for Jews and immigrants (Jerusalem Post) 

February 21: Candidate for Congress and Georgetown University Graduate School Student Government VP calls for FBI to investigate politicians with questionable ties to Israel and calls for Americans to curtail the power of the Jewish lobby and other Jewish groups (Jewish Insider)

February 23: Nebraska man arrested for vandalizing Lincoln, Nebraska synagogue (JTA) 

February 23: Website that touted “Jew coup” against President Trump is permanently banned from YouTube (JTA) 

February 24: Over 50 JCCs around the U.S. receive emailed bomb threats (JTA) 

February 24: U.S. Envoy on Anti-Semitism criticizes French courts for failure to try murderer of Sarah Halimi (JTA)

February 25: Anti-Semitism alleged in Los Angeles school board race (LA Times

February 25: Ft. Wayne Bishop decries antisemitism, warns against theological errors and false and hateful anti-Semitism on social media (Catholic News Agency) 

February 26: Religious leaders in NY show solidarity with Jewish community and condemn recent anti-Semitism in NY (The Tablet) 

February 27: Jewish man assaulted in Brooklyn gym (Jewish Journal

February 28: NY governor, Andrew Cuomo, apologizes for rising anti-Semitism on his watch and introduces a legislative package of bills to combat anti-Semitism (Jewish Insider) 

February 28: Accusations of anti-Semitism at Palm Beach County schools (Sun Sentinel) 

February 29: NY Jewish firefighter accuses ex-boss of using anti-Semitic language (Jerusalem Post)

March 2: University of Maryland student arrested and charged for allegedly sending anti-Semitic text messages to a fellow Jewish student because of her religious beliefs (Baltimore) 

March 4: Anti-Semitic incidents on the rise in Wisconsin (Wisconsin Public Radio) 

March 4: Illinois GOP to spend money to defeat avowed Holocaust denier, white supremacist, and anti-Semite from winning the GOP primary for Illinois’ 3rd Congressional District (Chicago Sun Times)

March 4: Woman who went on anti-Semitic rant against Israeli college student on subway is indicted (Fox News) 

March 5: Jewish student sues elite, NJ, public school for failure to confront anti-Semitism (New York Times) 

March 5: Man charged with bias crime after threatening Jewish man outside deli in Jersey City that was site of 3 killings in December (True Jersey) 

March 6: Nazi flag unfurled at Sanders presidential rally by apparent white supremacist (Washington Post

March 6: Anti-Semitic graffiti on Cincinnati area bridge blames Jews for killing Jesus (The Enquirer)

March 6: ADL writes Fox News about Fox anchor on “The Ingraham Angle” using puppet-master terminology to talk about how Mike Bloomberg will control a Biden Administration (ADL) 

March 8: Sanders campaign hires staffer who has called Zionism racist (JTA)

March 9: Columbia University President concerned with rising anti-Semitism on campus (The Jewish Voice) 

March 10: Sanders campaign denounces Imam who spoke at his Michigan rally for comments linking Israel to ISIS and for his condemnation of Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage (JTA)

March 10: Students for Justice for Palestine draw criticism for praising Palestinian terrorist (Algemeiner)

March 11: Cal State professor says Israel will put Arabs with the coronavirus into “mass prisons” (Algemeiner)

March 11: Brown University committee recommends the University divests from companies that profit from Israeli occupation (JTA) 

March 11:  Anti-Semitism thrives around coronavirus on mainstream online sites (The Forward)

March 11: Head of Humanities department at Park Point University sues the school for employment discrimination based on her Jewish and Israeli background (Jewish Chronicle) 

March 12: Louisiana man arrested for September 2018 vandalism attack on local synagogue (JTA)

March 12: ADL publishes a guide to  anti-Semitism for candidates running for national office (JTA) 

March 14: ADL says conspiracy theorists are spreading anti-Semitic ideas about Jews masterminding world-wide coronavirus outbreak (Times of Israel) 

March 15: Analysis and opinion on what it is like to be a Jew in America with the rise of anti-Semitism (The Atlantic) 

March 16: Amazon bans most editions of Mein Kampf after decades of lobbying from Jewish groups (The Hill)

March 16: Natan Sharansky condemns recent increase in an anti-Semitic conspiracy concerning the origins of the coronavirus in an online conference that was supposed to be held at the Museum of American Jewish history in Philadelphia (European Jewish Press) 

March 17: Rapper Electronica sparks anti-Semitic row with “Rothschild” and “synagogue of satan” lyrics (JTA) 

March 17: ADL blogs laundry list of  anti-Semitic and racist messaging relating to the coronavirus (ADL)

March 19: White Nationalist in Washington state arrested for making  anti-Semitic threats against his neighbor (JTA)

March 17: Wisconsin experienced an increase in anti-Semitic incidents in 2017 (Wisconsin Public Radio)

March 17: Jewish actress, Rosanna Arquette, tweeted that Israel’s work on a coronavirus vaccine is prove that Israel knew about the threat at a very early date but chose profit over saving lives (Jewish Journal)

March 19: NJ pizzeria fires manager for anti-Semitic rant (Grunt Stuff)

March 22: FBI reports that neo-Nazis and other white supremacists encouraging their members to spread coronavirus to police and Jews (ABC News) 

March 22: Head of ADL says there are clear links between white supremacists in the United States and the international far right (NBC) Also see Germany

March 23: Hasidic man denied service at a Toyota Service Center garage because he was “spreading the virus” (Haaretz) 


January 27: Uruguay adopts IHRA Working Definition of anti-Semitism in honor of Holocaust Remembrance Day (Simon Wiesenthal Center)

Vatican City

January 25: Seventy-five years after the liberation of Auschwitz European Catholic bishops condemn racism, xenophobia and anti-Semitism (Catholic News Agency)


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