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By | May 25, 2018
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The Anti-Semitism Monitor reports anti-Semitic incidents around the world by country and date on a weekly basis. View incidents from 2019, 2020 and 2021.

BY IRA N. FORMAN  |  2018  |  in Jewish World

About the project

The list is compiled by using internet search engines as well as consulting a handful of news aggregation sites. The choice of linked articles is based on a number of criteria: The list largely leaves out links to insignificant incidents or false charges of anti-Semitism except in a few cases where false charges are so egregious that they illustrate the danger of misuse of charges of anti-Semitism; multiple links to the same incident are not included except where there are further developments to the story; a handful of overview stories which illustrate the nature of anti-Semitism in a specific country, region or worldwide are also included. Incidents listed are not necessarily anti-Semitic in nature, but all incidents raise questions of anti-Semitism. In compiling this list attempts have been made to use the most credible news sources and have largely avoided websites where news coverage has a strong ideological slant.

While this site is meant to serve as a resource, readers are cautioned not to use this site to assess where anti-Semitism is the most severe. For example: In 2018, there are more articles on anti-Semitism in the U.S. and UK than in other countries, even though many Jewish communities face larger threats.

—Ira N. Forman

About Ira N. Forman

Ira N. Forman is a senior fellow at the Moment Institute and a senior fellow at Georgetown University’s Center for Jewish Civilization. He is the former U.S. Special Envoy of the Office to Monitor and Combat Anti-Semitism. He also serves as the senior advisor for combating anti-Semitism at Human Rights First.


March 4: Polish group sues Argentinian paper on the basis of new law (see Poland) (Jewish Telegraphic Agency)

March 7: Former President Kirchner will go on trial for working with Iran to cover up Iranian complicity in AMIA bombing (Jerusalem Post)

May 17: Catholic school teacher in Buenos Aires caught defending Hitler and justifying anti-Semitism (Jewish Telegraphic Agency

May 18: Jewish community to seek legal action against teacher for teaching anti-Semitic stereotypes (Jewish Telegraphic Agency)

May 23: Argentinian newscaster fired after voicing anti-Semitic canards (Jewish Telegraphic Agency)

September 6: Anti-Semitic incidents up 14 percent over 2017 and 90 percent of incidents are associated with the internet (JTA)

September 26: President Macri calls on UN to remember bombings of Jewish sites in 1992 and 1994 and calls upon Iran to cooperate in the probe of these terrorist incidents (JTA)

October 9: Argentinian polling firm surveys 298 Jewish leaders in 16 Latin American countries for Latin American Jewish Congress and finds anti-Semitism is not one of their top concerns (Times of Israel)

October 22: Antisemitism tops the list of discrimination complaints in Buenos Aires City Prosecutor’s office  (JTA)

December 20: Accused neo-Nazi allowed to register his party in Argentina (JTA)


January 25: Anti-Semitic vandalism in St. Ives (Australian Jewish News

February 1: Anti-Semitic incidents in 2017 lowest in 11 years (AIJAC

February 14: Anti-Semitic flyer distributed in Melbourne (The Australian

May 20: Brother and sister dressed in clothes that would signify that they are Jews are attacked in Melbourne (Times of Israel

July 18: Vandals deface headquarters of Jewish legislator with anti-Israel slogans (Jewish Telegraphic Agency)

October 18: Australian PM charges his Labour opponents of anti-Semitism in parliamentary debate and draws an outraged response (

October 22: New South Wales Education Minister decries rising foreign enrollment and anti-Semitism at Australian universities (Sydney Morning Herald)

November 16: Foreign Minister in response to criticism of Australia’s embassy move slams Malaysian Prime Minister over his past anti-Semitic rhetorics (Times of Israel)

November 25: Spike in anti-Semitic hate is tied to rise of far-right group infiltrating the National Party, according to Jewish community report (The Australian)




January 14: Austrian President assures Holocaust survivors that Austria will remain vigilant against antisemitism (Israel Hayom)

January 24: Chancellor calls for zero tolerance policy on antisemitism and government investigates fraternity that has Nazi songbook (Haaretz)

January 25: Austrian Jewish boycott Holocaust commemoration event because of Freedom Party’s role in government (Reuters)

January 25: Austrian Chancellor calls for prosecution of writer of poem that appeared in fraternity’s songbook (Jewish Telegraphic Agency)

January 27: Austrian arrested after shouting Nazi slogans at a rabbi (The Local)

February 2: Austrian Minister from Freedom Party resigns after revelation of anti-Semitic song from fraternity he belonged to (Times of Israel)

February 15: Austrian Jewish leaders says Freedom Party’s claim they are no longer anti-Semitic is not credible (Jerusalem Post

February 15: Anti-Semitic hate speech at all time high but physical attacks down in Austria (Jewish Telegraphic Agency)

February 21: Second Freedom Party official caught in a second fraternity anti-Semitic songbook scandal (Telegraph)

February 22: FPO party head/Vice Chancellor announces a panel of historians to study ties of FPO to anti-Semitic groups groups in wake of second fraternity anti-Semitic songbook (The Atlantic)

February 22: Jewish students at Vienna anti-Semitism conference disrupt Austrian Minister’s talk to protest FPO’s role in the government (Times of Israel

March 15: Chancellor Kurz decries anti-Semitism and acknowledges his country’s “shame” for the Holocaust (Cleveland Jewish News

May 8: Austrian authorities under pressure to stop annual Croatian related pro-Nazi rally (Jewish Telegraphic Agency

June 11: Anti-Semitic cartoon removed from Facebook page of Vice Chancellor (The JC

June 11: Austrian Chancellor says his country will fight all forms of anti-Semitism in Europe (i24 News)

July 5: Austrian Chancellor condemns anti-Semitism in joint press conference with Iranian leader (CBN News)

July 17: Austrian state mulls banning kosher meat sales to all but registered Jews (Jewish Telegraphic Agency)

July 20: Austrian man of Turkish extraction assaults three Jewish man with kippahs and a woman near a kosher restaurant (JTA)

August 13: Austria comes under fire for holding opening dinner of EU summit on Yom Kippur (Politico)

September 12: Pig entrails smeared on office of lawmaker whose wife is Jewish (JTA)

September 27: Austrian PM Kurtz tells PM Netanyahu that he is committed to fighting anti-Semitism (Jerusalem Post

November 21: Prime Minister speaks of the importance of security and education at Vienna conference on European anti-Semitism (Star Tribune)



February 3: Orthodox Jewish man and son returning from synagogue on Shabbat are target of hit and run attempt by foreign born driver in Antwerp (Jewish Telegraphic Agency)

February 11: Belgian man arrested for harassment of Jews and destroying mezuzahs (Times of Israel)

March 2: Belgium’s main watchdog group against anti-Semitism calls out local cartoonist who has won Iranian awards for Holocaust denial for anti-Semitic cartoon of Stephen Miller (The Forward)

April 26: Belgian PM asks Free University of Brussels to deny honorary degree to UK film director, Ken Loach, over anti-Semitism row (The Guardian)

April 29: Former PM accused of anti-Semitism after “Diamond Dealers” comment (Jewish Telegraphic Agency)

May 11: Belgian intelligence uncovers anti-Semitic and homophobic preaching at Brussels Grand Mosque (Haaretz)

June 14: Belgian rapper who curses Zionists on air and uses anti-Semitic lyrics kicked off public radio show (Times of Israel)

October 19: Union leader and University lecturer claims Israel is killing Palestinian children for their organs, poisoning and starving Palestinians in Gaza (JTA)

December 20: Belgian football fans sing a chant about burning Jews (JTA)

Bosnia Herzegovina

July 22: Anti-Semitic graffiti of concern to Bosnian Jewish leadership (Times of Israel)


May 21: Arson damage and threats painted on walls of synagogue in southern Brazil (Jewish Telegraphic Agency)

September 20: Three skinheads convicted of 2005 attack on group of Jewish men (The Times of Israel)


January 4: 80,000 sign petition to ban Nazi march honoring leader Lukov responsible for deportation of Jews (Sofia Globe)

February 14: National Coordinator Against Anti-Semitism hopes for Lukov to be called off after court overturns ban on the march (BTA)

February 17: Lukov march of 1,000 from far right in Sofia (Al Jazeera)

May 14: WJC condemns anti-Semitic symbols at Bulgarian football match (Sofia Globe)


January 5: One-time Green Party parliamentary candidate in Canada is arrested in Munich for Holocaust denial (see Germany) (CBC)

February 7: McGill ombudsman says BDS group targeting student government candidates for their pro-Israel positions is not anti-Semitism (The Forward)

February 15: Two University of British Columbia (UBC) student groups (Palestinian and anti-racist group) apologize for postings that brought charges of blatant anti-Semitism (The Ubyssey)

March 16: UBC faculty in geography department boycott student Hillel gala because of Hillel’s support for Israel (Israelly Cool)

April 19: Anti-Semitic hate crimes up in Toronto in 2017 (Israel National News)

April 25: B’nai B’rith says anti-Semitc hate related up in Canada (Edmonton Journal)

April 29: B’nai B’rith asks tax authority to revoke status of pro-Palestinian charity with promoting book/author with anti-Semitic content— including charge that Talmud condones killing of non-Jews (Jewish Telegraphic Agency)

May 14: Arbitrator upholds dismissal of York University employee for posting anti-Semitic messages on Facebook (Candian Jewish News)

May 24: Report critical of McGill University administration for handling of alleged anti-Semitism at the Student Society of McGill University (Canadian Jewish News)

July 22: Sign featuring a Holocaust survivor vandalized in Toronto (Global News)

August 16: Liberal MK apologizes and rescinds award to alleged anti-Semite (CBC)

August 20: Per Simon Wiesenthal Center poll, one in six Canadians hold anti-Semitic views (The Canadian Jewish News)

September 9: Trudeau criticizes as anti-Semitic attacks on two legislators as being more loyal to Israel (The Times of Israel)

October 9: Toronto Jewish day school vandalized with pro-Hamas graffiti (JTA)

October 25: University of Winnipeg apologizes for anti-Semitism at faculty-sponsored event early in the year (Channel 7)

October 26: Alberta Holocaust denier convicted by German court of inciting hatred (Calgary Sun(also see Germany)

November 7: Prime Minister Trudeau apologizes for Canadian indifference in 1939 to the plight of the Jewish passengers on the SS St. Louis and vows to fight today’s anti-Semitism (Washington Post)

November 13: Attack on Toronto teens investigated as a hate crime (JTA)

December 2: Anti-semitism rises 60% in Canada and Jews remain most targeted minority group, says government report (Jerusalem Post)




May 24: The American Jewish Committee asks Chilean government to act against growing anti-Semitism (Algemeiner)



March 21: Jewish news anchor asked to resign after she refuses to cross herself on air (Jewish Telegraphic Agency)


July 18: Simon Wiesenthal Center slams Croatia football team for celebrating their World Cup second place finish by inviting singer who is admirer of Ustasha fascists (Times of Israel)


June 1: Danish parliament reacting to signature campaign will hold non-binding vote on circumcision ban (Jewish Telegraphic Agency)

June 1: Danish parliament reacting to signature campaign will hold non-binding vote on circumcision ban (JTA)


January 16: Jewish cemetery in Eritrea vandalized (Jewish Telegraphic Agency)


May 17: Al-Azhar leaders denounce letter which calls upon Islam to negate/reinterpret anti-Semitic texts in Koran/Hadith (Analysis) (Jerusalem Post)

European Union (EU)

January 26: EU High Representative Mogherini says EU could not exist without memory of the Shoah and without Jewish European culture (EEAS)

February 16: Russian representative to OSCE charges anti-Semitism increasing in the EU and criticizes EU (TAAS)

April 11: Delegation of EU ambassadors tell Israel that the EU has an obligation to fight anti-Semitism (Ynet News)

September 30: European Parliament withholds funds for Palestinian textbooks over anti-Semitism (Jewish Journal)

November 25: EU raps Iranian President for calling Israel a “cancerous tumor” (Times of Israel)

December 6: EU fails to formally adopt IHRA working definition but recommends member states use it as guidance (Haaretz)

December 9: EU adopts comprehensive strategy against anti-Semitism (Brussels Times)

December 10:  Updated FRA survey of Jews in 12 EU countries indicates rising fear of anti-Semitism (BBC)

December 15:  EU gave grant to UK group accused of anti-Semitism (see also UK) (The Telegraph)




January 3: French Jewish leadership denounces plans to publish three 1930s era anti-Semitic essays by famous French writer who was sympathetic to Nazi occupation of France (Jewish Telegraphic Agency)

January 4: French Interior Minister Collomb decries anti-Semitic graffiti in Paris suburb of Cretiel and Paris proper (European Jewish Press)

January 9: Arson suspected at two Paris area Kosher Markets on 3rd Anniversary of Hyper Cacher killings (Jewish Telegraphic Agency)

January 11: French publisher suspends publication of Celine’s anti-Semitic essays (Jewish Telegraphic Agency)

January 12: Publisher decides to not publish Celine’s anti-Semitic essays (BBC)

January 13: Teenage girl’s face slashed in Sarcelle and anti-Semitism suspected (World Israel News)

January 28: Government reverses self in honoring 1930s anti-Semite (Washington Post)

January 31: PM and President sound alarm over new anti-Semitism as 8 year old with kippah is attacked (France24 and Sky News)

February 10: Debate over anti-Semitic Vichy era intellectual opens old wounds (Financial Times)

February 10: French court upholds National Front’s decision to expel founder, Jean-Marie Le Pen, for anti-Semitic statements (France24)

February 18: French-Jewish group that was given state money to fight racism is told to return money when it is revealed it was spend on videos charging Israel with causing anti-Semitism (Jewish Telegraphic Agency)

February 21: Rabbi’s baby burned by acid put in her baby carriage near Lyon (Jewish Telegraphic Agency)

February 28: Murder of Orthodox Jewish woman declared anti-Semitic (Times of Israel)

March 7: Macron attends CRIF dinner amid question of publishing of Celine’s anti-Semitic pamphlets (Times of Israel)

March 11: National Front jettisons last ties with its anti-Semitic founder (Times of Israel)

March 19: France announces new campaign to target on-line hate, racism and anti-Semitism (RFI)

March 26: French classify brutal murder of elderly Holocaust survivor in her own apartment as anti-Semitic (Telegraph)

March 26: Far left and far right leaders heckled in march from Place de la Nations to home of victim Mireille Knoll (BBC)

March 29: Jewish group’s office vandalized with anti-Israel and anti-Semitic graffiti (Times of Israel)

March 29: Analysis of the meaning of the march against the anti-Semitic killing of a Jewish grandmother (The Atlantic)

March 29: Demonstration and funeral were mainly Jews but some key government and other non-Jews were there for solidarity (Jewish Telegraphic Agency)

March 30: Ex-PM Valls says France has good laws to protect against anti-Semitism but they must be enforced in the most harsh manner to deter anti-Semites (Times of Israel)

March 30: French court upholds Holocaust denial conviction of founder of National Front—Jean-Marie Le Pen (Times of Israel)

April 10: Opinion piece— France doing a lot to protect its Jewish citizens (New York Times)

April 10: Jewish elementary school in Paris defaced with “Dirty Jew” and swastika (Times of Israel)

April 18: Jewish cemetery near Paris is vandalized (The Forward)

April 22: 300 celebrities and politicians sign public manifesto condemning the new anti-Semitism associated with a radical Islam (Times of Israel)

April 24: French Muslim leaders attack letter of 300 which condemned the new anti-Semitism (Times of Israel)

May 3: NPR overview of violent Muslim anti-Semitism in France and what educational methods might work in the suburban Muslim banlieues (NPR)

May 8: Erdogan denounces French letter which decries anti-Semitism in Koran (Haaretz)

May 16: Talk by Chief Rabbi canceled over fear of possible anti-Semitic violence connected with planned anti-Israel demonstrations in French suburb (Times of Israel)

May 26: Poll of over 1,000 French respondents find majority support for a number of anti-Semitic statements (Jerusalem Post)

May 28: Melanchon supporters march in Paris with signs showing French president in SS uniform ($$ instead of SS insignia) and in Israeli flag (Israel National News)

June 29: French Jews consider moving because of violence and threats of violence (EuroNews)

July 2: Macron removes French Ambassador to Budapest for praising Orban government as a model and saying French/Anglo-Saxon media tags Hungary as anti-Semitic when it is the Muslims of France and Germany who are the anti-Semites (EuroNews)

July 5: Muslim leaders in France refuse to sign (along with Jewish leaders) a condemnation of anti-Semitism and Islamophobia (Times of Israel)

July 6: Watchdog group condemns Muslim leader for inciting hatred of Jews (Times of Israel)

July 7: French court jails three for 2014 anti-Semitic rape/robbery (Times of Israel)

July 18: Jewish man attacked in Paris by assailant yelling “Allah” and “Hitler” (Jewish Telegraphic Agency)

August 15: Opinion piece: Focusing on Muslim anti-Semitism in France obscures other forms of anti-Semitism in France (The New Republic)

August 28: French parliament evacuated after Jewish legislator receive anti-Semitic note and white powder (The Times of Israel)

August 29: Head of Jewish community says anti-Semitism has moved from the streets into the home as Jews leave mixed neighborhoods in major cities to move to safer Jewish neighborhoods (Algemeiner)

August 31: French Jewish leader blasts politician for calling Macron “President Rothschild.” (JTA)

September 4: Paris man claims he was robbed and beaten in anti-Semitic incident (The Times of Israel)

September 20: Paris Jewish home is targeted with anti-Semitic and white nationalist graffiti (Israel National News)

September 20: French soccer club to ban for life fan who made Nazi salute (The Times of Israel)

September 27: French Imam to be investigated after anti-Semitic sermon (JTA)

October 4: French government launches Ilan Halimi award to support youth activism against anti-Semitism (Algemeiner)

October 14: Four men arrested for attack on four Jewish youth in Nice (JTA)

October 26: Head of Jewish Student Union says antisemitic grafitti incidents happen almost daily at French universities (JTA)

October 30: University students accused of “ranking” Jewish students by their level of attachment to Jewish community on Facebook (JTA)

November 1: Graffiti left on mikvah door appears to make reference to Jews killed in Pittsburgh (JTA)

November 9: French PM says anti-Semitic incidents up 69% (JTA)

November 14: Home of French Jewish mayor defaced with anti-Semitic graffiti on 80th anniversary of Kristallnacht (JTA)

December 9:  Anti-Semites take part in yellow vests protests  (The JC)

December 12:  Jewish tombstones in Strasbourg defaced with anti-Semitic graffiti (JTA)

December 19: Twenty-year-old French girl accosted in anti-Semitic attack in Paris suburb (i24 News)


January 1: Hamas endorses German FM accusation of apartheid in Hebron (i24NEWS)

January 4: German neo-Nazi sentenced to prison for making fun of Holocaust (Times of Israel)

January 5: One-time Green Party parliamentary candidate in Canada is arrested in Munich for Holocaust denial (see Canada) (CBC)

January 6: CDU parliamentarian introduces bill that would deport migrants who are opposed to Israel’s right to exist (Times of Israel)

January 8: Anti-Semitism in Germany not just about Muslim immigrants (Daily Beast)

January 10: Germans consider making immigrants visit concentration camp (New York Times)

January 11: Despite one of its legislator’s attack on the National Holocaust Memorial in Berlin, right-wing Alternative for Germany party insists on seat on board of the memorial (Jewish Telegraphic Agency)

January 18: German parliament votes to create an anti-Semitism commissioner (Deutsche Welle)

January 19: German court reverses another court ruling and allows Jewish communal leader to label a Hamas supporter an anti-Semite (Jerusalem Post)

January 27: Chancellor Merkel decries the situation in Germany where Jewish institutions need security guards (Deutsche Welle)

January 31: Analysis: German leaders increasingly worried about the rise of anti-Semitism from both right and immigrants/Muslims (Times of Israel)

February 8: 4th-tier club game highlights anti-Semitism in German soccer (USA TODAY)

February 11: Germany releases anti-Semitism incident numbers for 2017, vast majority of incidents are attributed to extreme right (Deutsche Welle)

February 22: Swedish man sentenced to life in prison for killing Holocaust survivor in Frankfort in 1994 (see Sweden) (The Forward)

February 24: German court rules that statements by head of German Jewish community charging a BDS activist as an anti-Semite are legitimate speech (Jerusalem Post)

March 14: To counter anti-Semitism, Germans call for Holocaust education for immigrants (PBS)

March 15: Germany fights anti-Semitism with rebuilding synagogue and opening a Jewish day school in Muslim neighborhood in Berlin (Deutsche Welle)

March 15: Number of anti-Semitic crimes/incidents double in Berlin between 2013-2017. (The Local Germany)

March 25: Foreign Minister condemns anti-Semitism in schools (ABC News)

March 27: German Jewish leader supports plan to track anti-Semitism in schools (Jerusalem Post and The Local Germany)

March 28: After bullying of Jewish girl in school and outcry of Jewish community, head of leading Muslim association calls for teams of rabbi/imam to go into schools to attack anti-Semitism (Times of Israel)

April 1: Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union Party (CDU) calls for mandatory reporting of anti-Semitism in schools (Deutsche Welle)

April 4: Head of Germany’s second largest police union, in response to reports of harassment of Jewish students in Berlin, says that anti-Semitic parents should lose custodial rights to their children (The Local Germany)

April 9: Interior Minister states that anti-Semitic migrants could be denied right to stay in Germany (Deutsche Welle)

April 9: Career diplomat Felix Klein appointed as Germany’s first federal commissioner to combat anti-Semitism (Algemeiner)

April 10: Analysis: Rising German/Berlin anti-Semitism (Daily Beast)

April 13: Outrage over prize given to duo charged with anti-Semitic lyrics (Irish Times)

April 18: German police investigate Berlin attack on two men wearing kippahs, attackers shouted “Jew” at victims (BBC)

April 19: BMG, distributor of German rappers caught up in controversy over anti-Semitic lyrics, will fund education project aimed at anti-Semitism in school (Variety)

April 20: Artists return Echo awards over rappers Holocaust lyrics (Times of Israel)

April 20: Neo-Nazis gather near Czech/Poland border to celebrate Hitler’s birthday (Times of Israel)

April 21: German Justice Minister laments anti-Semitism in Germany and social acceptance of anti-Semitism (Xinhua Net)

April 22: Merkel states she is embarrassed by this new anti-Semitism in Germany that is linked to refugees of Arab heritage (Jerusalem Post)

April 23: Star conductor Barenboim gives back his Echo Music Award over award to rappers who used anti-Semitic lyrics (The Local Germany)

April 24: Leading German Muslim leader calls anti-Semitism a sin for Muslims (Newsweek)

April 25: Over 2,000 participate in kippah march in Berlin to protest anti-Semitism (Jerusalem Post)

April 25: Interview with new anti-Semitism czar Felix Klein (Times of Israel)

April 25: Germany scraps music prize over anti-Semitic lyrics by this year’s awardees (Jerusalem Post)

April 26: Small rally against anti-Semitism broken up by counter protesters in Muslim neighborhood in Berlin (The Local Germany)

April 27: Amazon Germany pulls ad of money flashing rabbi costume (Jewish Telegraphic Agency)

April 27: Germany needs to do more to combat anti-Semitism says Felix Klein, Germany’s first anti-Semitism commissioner (US News & World Report)

April 29: New anti-Semitism envoy says it is not surprising Jews are thinking of leaving Germany given rise of anti-Semitism (Haaretz)

April 30: Volunteers hand out 6,000 kippahs in Berlin parks in show of solidarity with Jewish community (Jewish Telegraphic Agency)

May 1: President Steinmeir discusses with German Shiite leadership what they are doing to confront anti-Semitism (Deutsche Welle)

May 3: New anti-Semitism envoy, says online that AfD is raising issue of how we remember Holocaust and thus helping make anti-Semitism presentable again (Reuters)

May 3: German rappers criticized for anti-Semitic lyrics are going to Auschwitz in August (BBC)

May 4: German anti-Semitism czar calls on banks to refuse accounts to BDS groups (Jerusalem Post)

May 5: German President warns there can be no toleration for anti-Semitism in Germany (Qantara)

May 8: Anti-Semitic hate crime up 2.5% in Germany (Reuters)

May 13: Bavarian official wants Germany to prosecute online anti-Semitic speech, even if it’s based overseas (ABC News)

May 14: Students at Germany’s oldest university (Heidelberg) reject BDS campaign as anti-Semitic (Jerusalem Post)

May 16: German newspaper apologizes for what some called anti-Semitic editorial cartoon (Haaretz)

May 17: Anti-Semitism czar, Felix Klein, denounces anti-Semitic cartoon of Netanyahu as Nazi propaganda (Jerusalem Post)

May 18: AfD party confirms AfD politicians exchanged anti-Semitic and racist texts in private group chat (Jerusalem Post)

May 18: German paper drops cartoonist responsible for anti-Semitic portrayal of Netanyahu (Jerusalem Post)

May 29: Young Germans protest BDS conference over inclusion of speakers with past criticism of Israel characterized as anti-Semitic, including alleged poisoning of Gaza wells (Jerusalem Post)

June 1: German intelligence agency deems BDS anti-Semitic (Jerusalem Post)

June 2: Co-leader of AfD Party rebuked for playing down Hitler’s importance in German history (Jerusalem Post)

June 9: Second German intelligence report classifies BDS as anti-Semitic (Jerusalem Post)

June 9: Large turnout at Berlin Al-Quds Day rally (Jerusalem Post)

June 12: Northern German politicians call for cancelling of agreement with Muslim institution associated with Iran over participation in Al-Quds Day protests (Jerusalem Post)

June 15: Munich Mayor accuses Roger Waters of anti-Semitism (Jerusalem Post)

June 16: Legal probe dropped against rapper who used Auschwitz lyrics (BBC)

June 24: Jews and Muslims (including rabbi and imam) teams in Berlin ride tandem bikes together to protest rising anti-Semitism and attacks on Muslims (AP)

June 25: German court convicts 19-year-old Syrian for attacking and slandering an Israeli Arab who was wearing a kippah (AP)

June 27: Jewish student in prestigious public school in Berlin is bullied for months before school administration acts (Deutsche Welle)

July 6: German government raises allocation to Central Council of Jews in Germany to fight anti-Semitism (Jewish Telegraphic Agency)

July 9: Jewish man attacked by ten men and women for wearing Star of David (JPost)

July 10: German Jews call on government to crack down on anti-Semitism (Times of Israel)

July 12: Israeli professor with kippah attacked by Palestinian shouting “No Jews in Germany,” police intervene and assault the professor (Jerusalem Post)

July 18: Study finds large increases in online anti-Semitism in Germany (Times of Israel)

July 19: American Jewish leaders join local community and Berlin Muslim in kippah walk (Times of Israel)

July 19: German Justice Minister disagrees with Zuckerberg over allowing Holocaust denial claims on social media (Washington Examiner)

July 26: Rise in anti-Semitism unsettles Germany’s Jews (Spiegel Online)

August 2: German Jewish businessmen and students experience anti-Semitism and new survey of internet anti-Semitism measures rise from 2017 to 2018 (Fox News)

August 8: New data shows nearly 20 percent increase in anti-Semitic hate crimes from 2017 to 2018 (Daily Mail)

August 8: German schools face bullying, death threats and violence from rising anti-Semitism (Washington Post)

August 9: German police report on rising anti-Semitism says most of the hate crime incidents are coming from the extreme right, but Jewish communal leaders dispute these conclusions (Times of Israel)

August 18: BDS activists shut down panel discussion event because of Israeli sponsorship (The Jerusalem Post)

August 18: Pro-Israel groups protest music festival over BDS backflip (i24 News)

August 18: Hundreds of neo-Nazis march in Berlin, including a man dressed as Hitler (The Times of Israel)

August 23: Overview of why anti-Semitism is rising in Germany (Handelsblatt Global)

September 17: Far-right Alternative for Germany party weighs expelling three members who attended neo-Nazi event (The Times of Israel)

September 21: Jewish man alleges anti-Semitic assault outside of nightclub (JTA)

September 25: Newly formed group of Jewish supporter of AfD say the party is not anti-Semitic (DW)

September 30: Dutch national thought to be Jewish is assaulted in  Berlin (JTA)

October 1: Bavarian state commissioner against anti-Semitism wants BDS account closed (Jerusalem Post)

October 4: Merkel emphasizes Germany’s obligation to fight anti-Semitism at Yad Vashem (JTA)

October 4: Study highlights anti-Semitic attitudes and incidents in Bavaria (Arutz Sheva)

October 7: German police shut down neo-Nazi concert after violence (Times of Israel)

October 8: German politician who said Israel executes Palestinians on the Gaza border is told to resign (Gulf News)

October 15: Woman honored with Berlin award for breaking up an anti-Semitic attack (DW)

October 16: Berlin schools to be required to report specific incidents of anti-Semitism (The Local)

October 16: Ultra left, pro-Palestinian protestors who shouted anti-Semitic speech are rejected by leaders of 200,000 march against right-wing populism (JTA)

October 26: Alberta Holocaust denier convicted by German court of inciting hatred (Calgary Sun) (also see Canada)

November 9: German Jewish community leader criticizes far-right AfD party at Kristallnacht commemoration (JTA)

November 9: Merkel condemns resurgent anti-Semitism on 80th anniversary of Kristallnacht (CNN)


January 23: Vandalism of Thessaloniki Holocaust Memorial condemned (ekathimerini)

May 11: Greek Jews to be joined by government officials in silent protest after vandalism at Jewish cemetery (Jerusalem Post)

July 11: Holocaust Memorial vandalized on Greek university campus (Times of Israel)

December 17: Greek Holocaust memorial vandalized for the fourth time this year (Times of Israel)


January 24: Fidez politicians plan to attend January 27 (Holocaust Remembrance Day) mass for Horthy, Jewish community outraged (Jewish Telegraphic Agency)

January 25: Mass honoring Horthy on Holocaust Remembrance Day canceled in reaction to Jewish community protests (Reuters)

January 29: Opinion on Catholic Church’s role in cancelled mass honoring Horthy (Patheos)

January 30: Hungarian Vice Speaker defends Horthy (he saved Budapest Jews) and calls on Hungarian Jews to respect him like their fellow countrymen (Budapest Beacon)

February 2: Hungarian politician from new Momentum Party has homophobic and anti-Semitic record (Hungarian Free Press)

March 16: GOP’s man in Israel (worked Israeli/American votes for GOP in 2016) is signed on to lobby for Orban/Hungary (Daily Beast)

April 19: Chief Rabbi resigns reflects splits in the Jewish community in the wake of Orban re-election and the rise of anti-Semitism in the Orban era (The JC)

May 5: Jewish headstones vandalized in Athens cemetery (Times of Israel)

May 18: Orban writes Ron Lauder to say that Soros is fueling the rise of anti-Semitism in Europe because of his support for immigration (Jewish Insider)

June 6: Israeli diplomats praise for Hungary for fighting anti-Semitism causes a debate over whether the government deserves such praise (Jewish Telegraphic Agency)

June 8: Watchdog groups say anti-Semitic incidents dropped in both Poland and Hungary in 2017 (see Poland) (Jerusalem Post)

June 29: Two thirds of Hungarian Jews see anti-Semitism as a serious problem per new survey (Jewish Telegraphic Agency)

July 2: Macron removes French Ambassador to Budapest for praising Orban government as a model and saying that French/Anglo-Saxon media tags Hungary as anti-Semitic when it is the Muslims of France and Germany who are the anti-Semites (see France) (EuroNews)

July 3: Hungary delivers statement on behalf of 21 countries condemning anti-Semitism at UN Human Rights Council (see United Nations) (Sun Sentinel)

July 13: Hungarian football club defies anti-Semitic fans by honoring WWII era coach who protected Jews (Times of Israel)

July 19: President Rivlin warns Orban to beware of neo-Facists in not so subtle dig (see Israel) (Times of Israel)

July 19: Orban says anti-Semitism rising in western Europe and declining in eastern Europe, Lapid statements and demonstrators mar visit (see Israel) (Jerusalem Post)

September 8: Government breaks promise to Jewish community to not go ahead with House of Fates Project by pairing controversial director who is distrusted by the community with Chabad in Budapest (The Times of Israel)

September 18: Jewish groups battle over opening of new Holocaust Museum being designed by controversial government supporter (JTA)

October 18: Member of a government-established historical institute publishes a book whitewashing an antisemitic murderer from the 1919 counterrevolution period (Hungarian Spectrum)

October 18: Hungarian government tries to divide Jewish community as proposed Holocaust museum is criticized for whitewashing history (Reuters)

October 24: Hungarian Minister downplays level of anti-Semitism in his country (Jerusalem Post)

November 24: In Orban’s Hungary independent media outlets are vanishing as the government exerts financial pressures on them (New York Times)

November 28: Hungarian government commits $3.4 million to fighting anti-Semitism in Europe at the same time it is charged with whitewashing story of Holocaust in Hungary (JTA)

December 1: Hungarian magazine’s anti-Semitic cover sparks outrage and calls for Hungarian government to denounce this image (Times of Israel)

December 3: Jobbik party head resigns after anti-Semitic recording of him is released (Arutz Sheva)

December 4: Chief Chabad Rabbi who has been supportive of the government says anti-Semitism is declining in Hungary (Hungary Today)

December 6: PM Orban defends Hungarian magazine with government ties that ran alleged anti-Semitic cover in latest issue (Jerusalem Post)

December 6: Israeli Prime Minister’s office says House of Fates Museum will not open unless there is consensus over the historical narrative about the Hungarian Holocaust incorporated into the museum’s design (see also Israel) (Times of Israel)

December 12:  Netanyahu’s connections to far right governments and his negotiation with Hungary to find consensus view on Hungarian Holocaust(see also Israel) (The Daily Beast)

December 14:  Orban exploiting anti-Semitism (The Atlantic)



February 28: Iceland looks to ban male circumcision (New York Times)

April 4: Anti-Semitic hymns read over Icelandic Public Radio during Lent each year (Mosaic Magazine)

April 17: US Representatives Engel and Royce call upon Iceland to defeat bill banning circumcision (Jerusalem Post)

April 30: Iceland drops attempt to ban circumcision (Israel National News)


April 17: In Indonesia hatred of Chinese is tied to hatred of Jews (Tablet Magazine)


January 21: Diaspora Affairs Minister Bennett releases anti-Semitism report for 2017, shows violent incidents down but overall incidents up (Jerusalem Post)

January 25: Diaspora Ministry develops software to track anti-Semitism online (Times of Israel)

May 22: ADL finds Israeli youth facing less anti-Semitism than in recent years but still significant levels (Jerusalem Post)

July 5: Yad Vashem condemns Prime Minister’s support for joint statement with Poland on complicity during the Holocaust (see Poland) (Haaretz)

July 19: President Rivlin warns visiting Prime Minister Orban to beware of neo-fascism in not so subtle dig (see Hungary) (JPost)

July 19: Orban says anti-Semitism rising in western Europe and declining in eastern Europe, Lapid statements and demonstrators mar visit (see Hungary) (Jerusalem Post)

July 20: Senior Hamas figure calls for ridding Palestine of the filth of the Jews and predicts it will happen by 2022 (Times of Israel)

August 21: Israel’s UN Ambassador launches #No2Antisemitism campaign for UNGA gathering (Ynet News)

October 4: Yad Vashem announces new online course on anti-Semitism (H-Net)

November 6: Israeli MK calls for American Jews to immigrate to Israel in wake of Pittsburgh shooting (Jerusalem Post) (also see United States)

November 21: Prime Minister Netanyahu says anti-Zionism is the new anti-Semitism in video to Vienna conference on European anti-Semitism (Haaretz)

November 24: Leading European Rabbi, Pinchas Goldschmidt, urges Israel to not engage with far-right political parties even if they support Israel (Times of Israel)

November 25: World Likud Movement alleges AirBnB withdrawing from properties in Judea and Samaria is anti-Semitic and calls for boycott (Arutz Sheva)

November 29: President Rivlin says hatred of minorities corrupts society and opposes all neo-fascists even if they show support for Israel (CNN)

December 6: Israeli Prime Minister’s office says House of Fates Museum will not open unless there is consensus over the historical narrative about the Hungarian Holocaust incorporated into the museum’s design (see also Hungary) (Times of Israel)

December 12:  Netanyahu’s connections to far right governments and his negotiation with Hungary to find consensus view on Hungarian Holocaust (see also Hungary) (Daily Beast)

December 31: Palestinian convicted of murdering British exchange student in 2017 Jerusalem attack (also see Israel) (Times of Israel)



January 1: “Jews Remember Khaybar” shouted in Milan (Israel National News)

January 25: Rome football club fined and sanctioned for anti-Semitic stickers depicting Anne Frank (Jewish Telegraphic Agency)

January 29: Italian FM warns of rising anti-Semitism in Europe at OSCE conference on anti-Semitism (Ansamed)

February 9: Anti-migrant sentiment also fueling anti-Semitism in Italy before March elections (Christian Science Monitor)

April 18: Football fans taunt rivals with chants about Anne Frank (Jewish Telegraphic Agency)

May 31: Anti-Semitism keeps Rome Chief Rabbi a virtual prisoner in his own synagogue (Jewish Telegraphic Agency)

o October 22: Mussolini’s granddaughter under fire from Italian Jews for threatening tweet (JTA)


March 1: Anime artist called out for anti-Semitic tweets (Japan Today)



January 5: Russian (as well as Hebrew and Yiddish) the language of Zionism, says lawmaker (Jewish Telegraphic Agency)

February 6: Poland not the only country with problem of legislating against discussion of their nationals taking part in atrocities against Jews during WWII (see Lithuania and Ukraine) (Jewish Telegraphic Agency)

March 16: Hundreds turn out for Waffen SS march, one man arrested carrying picture of Nazis killing Jews (Jewish Telegraphic Agency)

April 17: Activist starts tradition of memorializing Holocaust victims at the Freedom Monument, which is the site of annual march of Latvian Waffen SS (Jewish Telegraphic Agency)


January 24: AJC applauds Lithuania’s adoption of IHRA definition of anti-Semitism (PR Newswire)

February 6: Poland is not the only country with the problem of legislating against discussion of their nationals taking part in atrocities against Jews during WWII (see Latvia and Ukraine) (Jewish Telegraphic Agency)

February 10: Lithuanian leaders offers reward for thesis blaming war crimes on Jews (Jerusalem Post)

March 30: Genocide Museum in Vilnius barely touches on the Holocaust, equating the Holocaust and the Soviet occupation is the new form of Holocaust denial/revisionism (New York Times)

April 3: Lithuanian parliament to vote on government bill that would ban published material that “distorts historical facts about the nation” (Jerusalem Post)

September 23: Pope Francis warns Lithuanians against the return of anti-Semitism on anniversary of liquidation of Vilna ghetto (The Times of Israel)

September 24: Pope in Vilnius warns Lithuanians to be attentive to any signs of resurgent anti-Semitism (The Arlington Catholic Herald)

November 2: Lithuanian state historian defends Nazi collaborator who is accused of killing Jews (JTA)


March 15: Macedonia joins UK, Bulgaria, Romania in adopting IHRA working definition of anti-Semitism (JTA)


May 10: Stunning upset election brings to power 92-year-old former PM Mahathir, who holds himself to be a proud anti-Semite, back to power.(Haaretz)

August 13: Anti-Semitic Malaysian Prime Minister says he should be allowed to criticize Jews (Times of Israel)

October 2: Malaysian Prime Minister calls Jews “hooked nosed” and claims only four million Jews killed in the Holocaust (Reuters)


November 1: Jewish cemetery vandalized and marked with swastika (JTA)


January 4: Citing facial hair and hat authorities in Amsterdam speculate a robber of a goldsmith was Jewish (Jewish Life News)

January 29: At Holocaust commemoration, concerns raised by speakers regarding rising anti-Semitism (NL Times)

March 1: Dutch university shuts down center that hosted ex-terrorist and would not allow Jewish journalist to cover event (Jewish Telegraphic Agency)

March 8: Amsterdam parties sign accord promising to honor the concerns of the small Jewish community (Economist)

March 9: One Amsterdam Party (Dutch Muslim anti-integration party) refuses to sign document denouncing anti-Semitism (Cleveland Jewish News)

March 10: Anti-Semitic incidents up 40%, highest level since 2007 (Jewish Telegraphic Agency)

May 4: Dutch policeman asks that a sign on a house which was open as part of Holocaust memorial be taken down because of Israeli military actions (Jewish Telegraphic Agency)

May 21: Dutch state television station runs spoof on Eurovision winner which is generating criticism as using anti-Semitic tropes (Jewish Telegraphic Agency)

May 24: Targeting of Jews hits five-year high in Netherlands (Jewish Telegraphic Agency)

June 18: Son of Chief Rabbi and his family are accosted with shouts of “Cancer Jews” (Jewish Telegraphic Agency)

July 11: Unrepentant kosher restaurant attacker is given no further jail time (Times of Israel)

July 14: Journalist and Corby ally accused of assaulting anti-Labour protestor at rally in Hague, Netherlands (see United Kingdom) (Jewish Telegraphic Agency)

August 23: Jewish woman and children berated by stranger as “cancer Jews” and told they should all be shot (The Times of Israel)

September 13: Dutch Labor Party worried about Corbyn and UK Labour’s association with anti-Semitism (see also UK) (JTA)

September 22: Former right-wing politician, now a Dutch Muslim politician who prayed for Allah to destroy Zionists, now says Israelis should atone for a month of Yom Kippurs for all evil deeds (The Times of Israel)

October 24: Dutch public broadcaster talks of “Jew Soros” who has “tentacles” in US politics (JTA)

October 26: Dutch politician praises pro-Palestinian kite show featuring Nazi symbols (JTA)

November 9: Members of ruling party ask Amsterdam city government why anti-Israel marchers and anti-Semitic messages were allowed to demonstrate at Holocaust monument (JTA)

November 16: Asylum seeker who stabbed pedestrians and said he was seeking Christian and Jewish victims is shot by police (JTA)

November 26: Poll of Dutch Jews find nearly one half hide their Jewish identity (JTA)

November 28: Dutch government adopts IHRA Working Definition of anti-Semitism (Dutch News)

December 18: Dutch supermarket dismisses claims based on video of antisemitism as a misunderstanding (JTA)

December 27: Dutch Jews Urge Ban on anti-Semitic demonstrations at World War II Memorial (Algemeiner)


New Zealand

January 1: Lorde accused of anti-Semitism by Boteach in Washington Post ad for canceling concert in Israel (Jerusalem Post)


February 2: Norwegian parliamentarian who nominated BDS for Nobel Peace Prize says BDS is peaceful and not anti-Semitic (Israel National News)

July 11: Two Norwegian hospitals break law by refusing to do non-medical circumcisions for infants (Times of Israel)

Palestinian Territories

January 15: Abbas denies any Jewish connection to Israel (The Forward)

April 30: President Abbas denies European Jews’ connection to Israel (Khazar theory), says Jewish behavior not anti-Semitism caused Holocaust, claims Zionists and Hitler collaborated and claims European colonialism not Jews were behind the creation of Israel (Times of Israel)

May 3: International condemnation of Abbas speech (Times of Israel)

May 4: Abbas apologizes for anti-Semitic remarks (New York Times)


January 22: Polish Jewish leader decries government’s failure to move against neo-Nazi activity (Jewish Telegraphic Agency)

January 28: Opinion piece about inaccuracies on both sides in conflict over “Polish death camp” legislation (Times of Israel)

January 29: Polish Jewish leaders split on legislation criminalizing speech maintaining some Polish nation’s guilt for Holocuast (Times of Israel)

January 31: Polish television host suggests the use of “Jewish Death Camps,” another participant in the conversation also used Polish negative slang word for Jews, “scab,” to describe critics of the law on Twitter (Jewish Telegraphic Agency)

February 1: Polish Senate passes law criminalizing “Polish Death Camps” as well as other criticism of the Polish nation for supporting the Holocaust, Polish President says researchers will not be targeted, ultra-nationalist parliamentarian attacks Jews and Israel for opposing the law (Jewish Telegraphic Agency)

February 2: Israeli Embassy in Warsaw says social media and state TV overflowing with anti-Semitic messages in wake of controversy over Polish law (Haaretz)

February 10: Polish Jews fear for their future (The Guardian)

February 11: Head of ruling Law and Justice Party says Poland’s enemies fanning flames of anti-Semitism and denounces anti-Semitism (Times of Israel)

February 11: Aide to Poland’s President says Israeli criticism of Poland comes out of shame for Jews being so passive during the Holocaust (Jewish Telegraphic Agency)

February 11: Polish PM warns against anti-Semitic statements (Focus)

February 12: Polish ruling party eyes bill to limit kosher slaughter (Times of Israel)

February 13: Post-communist Jews are responsible for anti-Semitism says Law and Justice Party legislator (Jewish Telegraphic Agency)

February 17: Polish Jews stunned and scared by resurgent anti-Semitic speech/incidents (YNet News)

February 17: Israeli leaders criticize Polish PM’s remarks about Jewish perpetrators (Fox News)

February 18: Polish PM says his Jewish perpetrators remarks were just an attempt to have an open dialogue about the crimes of the Holocaust (Jewish Telegraphic Agency)

February 18: Polish PM adds insult to injury by visiting memorial site to extreme right-wing group that collaborated with Nazis at end of WWII in opposition to Soviet advances (Times of Israel)

February 19: Polish Jewish organizations express fear over rising anti-Semitism call for Polish leadership to step up and confront the problem (Jerusalem Post)

February 23: Polish Law and Justice party suspends Senator who posts a Nazi propaganda film he characterized as “How a Jew chased a Jew to death” (Bloomberg)

February 24: Former PM Tusk urges current government to confront rising anti-Semitism (Israel National News)

February 25: Poles say new Holocaust law is not frozen after Israeli media reports that it was (Jerusalem Post

February 27: Polish priest on television states that for Jews the “truth” is anything that benefits them (Jewish Telegraphic Agency

February 27: President Duda meets with Jewish leadership in Krakow to try and defuse the crisis (Jewish Telegraphic Agency

February 27: Polish Ambassador to Israel says new law will not be enforced without coordination with Israel (Jerusalem Post)

February 28: 1946 State Department report details Polish anti-Semitism before and during war (Jewish Journal)

March 3: Summary piece on the controversy over the law,reviews the anti-Semitic reactions in Poland as well as overreach by some in Israel and U.S. (The Intercept)

March 3: First lawsuit under new “Polish Death Camp” law is filed (Buzzfeed)

March 4: Polish group sues Argentinian paper on the basis of new law (see Argentina) (Jewish Telegraphic Agency)

March 6: Report that Polish President not welcome at White House because of “Polish Death Camp” legislation (Jewish Telegraphic Agency)

March 6: Polish MPs pass resolution condemning anti-Semitism upon 50th Anniversary of Zionist purge in 1968 (Radio Poland)

March 7: Polish Jewish philosopher calls on Church to reject rising anti-Semitism (National Catholic Reporter)

March 8: Polish NGOs/Solidarity sign letter criticizing new law and calling for Poles to accept the full truth about the Holocaust—including Polish guilt (4Liberty)

March 13: Polish politician demands that the Polin Museum take down a quote of her which they characterize as an example of anti-Semitism (JTA)

March 15: Polish bishops condemn anti-Semitism, call for recognition of what Poles did for Jewish neighbors as well as acknowledgement that not enough was done (The Boston Pilot)

March 15: Jewish staff at London’s Jewish Museum trolled by Polish right-wing nationalists (Times of Israel)

March 17: March in Poland and other cities against rising racism and anti-Semitism (Times of Israel)

March 20: Father of PM and former politician says Jews moved to WWII ghetto to get away from non-Jews (Jewish Telegraphic Agency)

March 24: Polish government distances itself from Holocaust denial remarks of PM’s father (Jewish Telegraphic Agency)

March 26: 59 U.S. Senators urge Polish PM to amend restitution bill (see United States) (Jewish Telegraphic Agency)

March 26: NJ Holocaust memorial and nearby synagogue are vandalized (Jewish Telegraphic Agency)

April 5: Polish journalist calls World Jewish Congress a gang of international blackmailers (Jewish Telegraphic Agency)

April 9: Polish survivors sue publisher over Holocaust denial books (Jerusalem Post)

April 11: Polish Consulate in NYC cancels Jan Karski awards dinner over controversy with one of recipients of the night’s proposed awards who has been criticized as a Holocaust revisionist (Tablet Magazine)

April 13: Trump Administration presses Israel to not criticize Holocaust law (see United States) (The Hill)

April 29: Polish nationalists group asks PM to intervene after Facebook drops their pages over anti-Semitic content (Israel National News)

May 1: A profile of a Polish Jewish community that has experienced a revival and now, with the new legislation, questions what the future will be (Haaretz)

May 3: The favorite historian of far right in Poland is claiming Jews voluntarily went to the Warsaw Ghetto and that rich Jews exploited poor Jews during WWII (Tablet Magazine)

May 7: Hundreds of Poles march in support of Israel and against anti-Semitism in western Polish city of Wroclaw (formerly German Breslau) (Jerusalem Post)

May 12: New study says two thirds of Polish Jews hiding during Holocaust did not survive mostly because of being denounced by non-Jewish neighbors (Jerusalem Post)

June 7: Poland protests statement by nominee for US Ambassador that rise of Eastern European anti-Semitism is a result of new Holocaust law (Times of Israel)

June 8: Watchdog groups say anti-Semitic incidents dropped in both Poland and Hungary in 2017 (see Hungary) (Jerusalem Post

June 25: Roman Catholic priest Rydzyk, who in the past promoted anti-Semitism, on Radio Maryja is force behind new museum dedicated to Poles who helped save Jews during World War II (Haaretz)

June 27: Polish government drops criminal penalties from Holocaust speech law, Yad Vashem says it is a step in the right direction, but Lapid continues criticism (Times of Israel)

July 1: At AJC conference in Warsaw four mayors of large Polish cities sign document which calls for zero tolerance of xenophobia and anti-Semitism (The First News)

July 4: World War II head of Catholic Church is being considered for sainthood but critics of the move site his anti-Semitism (CBS News)

July 5: Yad Vashem condemns Prime Minister’s support for joint statement with Poland on complicity during the Holocaust (see Israel) (Haaretz)

July 16: Polish satirist who stated Jews create anti-Semitism is honored with state award (Jewish Telegraphic Agency)

July 16: Catholic leaders says new Holocaust law is leading to increased anti-Semitism (Cleveland Jewish News)

July 25: Opposition to Sainthood for Polish Cardinal Hlond is increased because of dispute over Polish legislation (Jewish Week)

August 23: Jewish cemetery vandalized for second time in a month (The Times of Israel)

August 24: Polish candidate fires aide over 2010 anti-Semitic post (The Times of Israel)

September 13: Warsaw prosecutor refuses to investigate anti-Semitic letter left at Center for Holocaust Research (JTA)

September 21: Polish town accused of building sports complex atop a Jewish cemetery (JTA)

October 2: Secret tape has Prime Minister slamming greedy Jewish hedge fund managers (JTA)

October 5: Non-Jewish activists display exhibit at Polish parliament that describes destruction of Jewish cemeteries in Poland (JTA)

October 10: Three Polish teens post picture of themselves making Nazi salute in from of gates of Birkenau (JTA)

October 22: Museum dedicated to saving Jews in 1,500 Polish villages and towns opens in a year of debate over Polish behavior during the Holocaust (Times of Israel)

November 18: Holocaust researcher sues Polish organization for libel after they claimed he is falsifying Polish history (JTA)

November 19: Poland’s largest bookstore chain halts sales of book by ex-Priest accused of anti-Semitism (JTA)

November 21: Two Jewish cemeteries desecrated in Poland (JTA)

December 16: Jewish cemetery gate vandalized with antisemitic graffiti in southern Poland (Times of Israel)



January 30: Bucharest among top three cities with most anti-Semitic posts online per Israel’s Diaspora Ministry report (Romania Insider)

April 27: Romanian President wonders what secret deals PM made with Jews while in Israel (Jerusalem Post)

June 26: Romania passes new law criminalizing anti-Semitism but Jewish leader says enforcement not new laws are what is necessary (Jewish Telegraphic Agency)

July 26: Romanian Minister compares killing of pigs infected with swine flu to Auschwitz (JTA)

August 4: Romania investigates anti-Semitic graffiti on Elie Wiesel’s childhood home (JTA)

November 22: Romanian President denies charge of anti-Semitism after vetoing cabinet pick (Times of Israel)



January 10: Senate Democratic report says Putin supports some anti-Semitic parties in Europe (see United States) (Jewish Telegraphic Agency)

January 19: Pro-Kremlin, English website (Inside Russia) publishes deeply anti-Semitic material (TabletMag)

February 1: Another Chabad Rabbi (from US) expelled from Russia for “extremist” views (Jewish Telegraphic Agency)

February 16: Russian representative to OSCE says anti-Semitism increasing in the EU (see EU) (Tass)

March 7: Russian company in Tartarstan criticized for creating ice cream cone named “Poor Jew” (Jewish Telegraphic Agency)

March 11: Putin speculates that Jews could be behind US election interference (Jerusalem Post)

March 27: Russian social media filled with claims that theatre fire which killed scores of children is associated with Passover and the blood libel (The Forward)

May 20: Tass, the official Russian news agency, reports on what it calls growing anti-Semitism in Ukraine (see Ukraine) (Tass)

August 21: Chabad cultural center defaced with anti-Semitic graffiti (The Times of Israel)

October 31: Sova Center finds few anti-Semitic incidents in Russia while Pew finds anti-Semitic attitudes high in Russia and the rest of Eastern Europe (JTA)


May 15: Palestinian activist says attempts to conflate anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism is smear designed to disguise Zionism’s racist axiom (Common Space)

May 21: Former Labour leader in Scotland disgusted by his party’s failure to address its anti-Semitism problem (Politics Home


August 23: Slovak Justice Minister decries rising anti-Semitism in Europe and call for adoption of IHRA working definition of anti-Semitism (NewsNow)

South Africa

June 21: Man goes on an anti-Semitic rant at Johannesburg airport (Jerusalem Post)

June 21: South African celebrity is intimidated with threats from BDS supporters after defending Israel (Jerusalem Post)

June 21: Jewish community head protests soaring anti-Semitism (Times of Israel)

June 29: South African Jewish Board of Deputies file police complaint agains three individuals for gross anti-Semitism (Times of Israel)

July 1: Review of recent rash of anti-Semitic incidents in South Africa (Jerusalem Post)

August 28: Columnist claims recent events demonstrate that anti-Semitic speech is not called out in South Africa (news24)

September 13: President Ramaphosa says anti-Semitism will not be accepted in South Africa before Cape Town Jewish audience (EWN)

September 14: Two South African politicians told to apologize by South Africa’s Human Rights Commission for separate incidents of verbal attacks on Jewish community (TimesLIVE)

November 29: Seven Israeli professor forced to withdraw from conference program after complaints from boycott groups (JTA)



February 22: AJC praises Spanish government and Spanish Jewish community for initiative to confront anti-Semitism (PR Newswire)

June 8: Spain’s third largest city votes to boycott Israel and leader of country’s third largest party calls the Jewish state a “criminal country” (Jewish Telegraphic Agency)

June 23: Israeli Embassy in Madrid references Inquisition in criticizing Pamplona’s call for a military boycott of Israel after regional parliament of Navarre’s decision to call for suspension of ties with Israel (Times of Israel)

June 25: Moroccan migrant arrested for anti-Semitic hate speech on social media (Times of Israel)

August 28: Two Spanish cities drop support of BDS in response to legal action (The Jerusalem Post)

December 15: Spanish police arrest three men associated with anti-Semitic web site (Times of Israel)


January 1: Swedish PM pledges fight against anti-Semitism (Jerusalem Post)

January 5: Swedish Ambassador to Israel says his country has failed
the Jewish community—after December attack in Malmo and Gothenburg (Jewish Telegraphic Agency)

February 6: Article outlining the existing data sources (and future expected reports) on anti-Semitism in Sweden (The Local Sweden)

February 19: Jews and Muslims come together to fight anti-Semitism in Malmo (WJLA)

February 22: Swedish man sentenced to life in prison for killing Holocaust survivor in Frankfort in 1994 (see Germany) (The Forward)

March 8: Swedish Jews denounce Google searches that result in anti-Semitic material at the top of the search results (Jewish Telegraphic Agency)

March 12: Google under fire for search results in Sweden (Phys)

April 5: Rabbi and imam seed trust with grassroots effort (Times of Israel)

May 17: Swedish government funds trips to Holocaust sites for students in a campaign against bigotry (YNet News)

June 25: Three men convicted of firebombing Gothenburg synagogue last December (Jerusalem Post)

July 10: Jewish communities in Sweden under attack from both extreme right and Jihadists (Jewish Telegraphic Agency)

July 18: Swedish candidate for parliament suggests and then retracts idea of transferring Israeli Jews to the United States (Jewish Telegraphic Agency)

August 13: Member of a neo-Nazi group which has targeted Jews arrested for planning to kill journalists (Times of Israel)

August 24: Swedish politicians denies calling Jews impure (The Times of Israel)

August 28: NGO charges Swedish municipalities use government funds to support anti-Semitic organizations (Ynet News)

September 4: Multiple Swedish Democratic office holders associated with anti-Semitic comments (The Times of Israel)

September 12: Court nixes deportation of Palestinian convicted of attempting to torch a synagogue because of fear Israel would mistreat him (JTA)

September 26: Malmo’s only kosher meat shop is closed down by officials citing health concerns (JTA)

October 4: Far right Swedish Democrat party files motion to ban non-medical circumcision (JTA)

October 10: Anti-Semitism suspected in arson attempt on politicians home. (The Local)

November 1: Surgeon accused of bullying Jewish employees has posted anti-Semitic comments on social media (JTA)

November 15: Hospital administrator resigns after charges of ignoring anti-Semitic bullying (Channel 7)


March 14: Neo-Nazi sentenced to two years prison for anti-Semitic attack (JTA)

o December 3: Basil synagogue window smashed with a hammer (JTA)


September 23: Protestors urinate in front of hair salon with swastika sign (JTA)


January 11: Jewish school firebombed in Djerba (Jerusalem Post)

January 11: Jews determined to stay in Tunisia despite firebombing (Deutsche Welle)

August 20: Tunisian Jew who is denied delivery of kosher food in prison goes on hunger strike (JTA)

November 13: Tunisian scouting movement bars French Jewish scouts from interfaith event after complaints by local BDS (JTA)


May 8: Erdogan denounces French letter which decries anti-Semitism in Koran (see France) (Haaretz

May 9: Turkey’s presidential spokesman says anti-Semitism can’t be blamed on Islam but is a product of the extreme right (Daily Sabah)

June 16: Are Jews and Israelis safe in Turkey? (Jerusalem Post)

July 5: World Zionist Organization raises alarm after seeing anti-Semitic material in public elementary school (Jerusalem Post)

December 12:  Erdogan charges that Soros is behind conspiracies to undermine Turkey’s government (Ahval)

December 16: Netanyahu criticizes Erdogan after the Turkish President says criticizing Israel misconduct is not anti-Semitic (JPost)


January 29: Controversy over Israeli Diaspora Ministry report which cites rising anti-Semitism in Ukraine (Times of Israel)

February 4: Russian publications point to Israeli Diaspora Ministry report on anti-Semitism to claim anti-Semitism in the post-Soviet space as greatest in Ukraine (Kyiv Post)

February 6: Poland is not the only country with the problem of legislating against discussion of their nationals taking part in atrocities against Jews during WWII (see Latvia and Lithuania) (Jewish Telegraphic Agency

February 15: Another Holocaust monument vandalized and local paper columnist writes that only 800,000 Jews died in Holocaust and about nefarious Jewish influence in Ukraine (Jewish Telegraphic Agency)

April 24: Ukrainian teacher praises Hitler and teaches her students Nazi salute, which is an illegal act in Ukraine (Jerusalem Post)

April 25: More than 50 Congress members send letter condemning state sponsored glorification of Nazis (Jewish Telegraphic Agency)

April 29: In the wake of a number of incidents of anti-Semitic vandalism, Nazi symbols and salutes show up at nationalist march in Lviv (Jewish Telegraphic Agency)

April 30: Jewish leader and former refusnik Joseph Zisels says the letter of 56 US Congressman decrying anti-Semitism in Ukraine shows misunderstanding of the situation in the country (Unian)

May 2: Ukrainian Jewish leader speculates that congressional letter decrying rising nationalist anti-Semitism in Ukraine may have resulted from Russian lobbying (Times of Israel)

May 6: Ukranian President says government will respond resolutely to any anti-Semitism (Ukrinform)

May 15: Ukrainian mayor and diplomat criticized for anti-Semitism (Israel National News)

May 15: Ukranian diplomat in Germany suspended over anti-Semitic posts (Cleveland Jewish News)

May 20: Tass reports on statement by Jewish community leaders in Ukraine about concerns over growing anti-Semitism in Ukraine (see Russia) (Tass)

June 10: An analysis of the unique nature of anti-Semitism in Ukraine (Jerusalem Post)

July 1: Senior Ukrainian official condemned for suggesting Jews want to drench Ukraine in blood (The JC)

July 26: Ukraine struggles with honoring 20th-century nationalists with Jewish and Polish blood on their hands and with Russian propaganda portraying Ukraine as fascist/anti-Semitic (Spiegel Online)

October 23: Extreme right wing politician celebrates Cossack pogroms on Facebook (JTA)

October 31: Kiev synagogue bugged according to one of Ukraine’s chief rabbis (JTA)

November 1: Hundreds of vandalized Jewish tombstones found under barracks (JTA)

December 7: New Israeli ambassador in Kiev says Ukrainian nationalist heroes are a horror for Jews (JTA)

December 14:  Israeli Ambassador shocked at the honoring of WW II era nationalist who commanded troops who killed Jews (JTA)

December 28: Ukraine bans book on anti-Semitic actions of leader, designates national holiday for Nazi collaborator (JTA)

United Kingdom

January 3: Some British Jews express concerns over anti-Semitic additions to popular BBC miniseries (SF Gate)

January 3: Ex-Labour members group expels subgroup for anti-Semitism even as they contend most charges against anti-Zionists are false (Times of Israel)

January 6: NUS in another Jewish related controversy leaves out Judaism in a list of religions in survey (The Tab)

January 8: Labour activist who have been suspended from party over charges of anti-Semitism have formed an “anti-witch hunt” organization (LAW) that plans to picket Labour anti-Semitism disciplinary hearing (The JC)

January 8: Self-proclaimed Nazi found guilty of stirring racial hatred of Jews (The Guardian)

January 15: Article on CST survey of UK anti-Semitism sponsored by CST, highlights greater levels of anti-Semitism among Muslims (Israel National News)

January 16: Student leaders to be taken to Auschwitz to combat anti-Semitism on campus (Telegraph)

January 16: Chelsea football club launches initiative to confront anti-Semitism problem (The JC)

January 17: Labour candidate who linked Holocaust victims to Gaza dropped by party (Jewish Telegraphic Agency)

January 20: Jewish Labour Group accuses party of failing to act on anti-Semitism (The Guardian)

January 21: Labour MP urges adoption of IHRA working definition of anti-Semitism and criticizes Labour’s record on calling out anti-Semitism (Times of Israel)

January 23: Labour leftists claim there is an Israel backed witch hunt that is targeting leftist allies of Corbyn, MP Mann says show is conspiracy (Daily Essex County Gazette Standard)

January 25: Corbyn’s Holocaust Memorial statement does not mention Jews or anti-Semitism (Times of Israel)

January 31: Chelsea football club draws up extensive campaign to resist anti-Semitism (Sky News)

January 31: Anti-Semitic incidents up to record levels for second year in a row, CST acknowledges that some of increase may be from better reporting (Jewish Telegraphic Agency)

February 3: Local Labour group goes unpunished for anti-Semitism per the Sunday Times (The Times)

February 4: Labour offers to readmit member who said Tony Blair unduly influenced by a cabal of Jewish advisors (Jerusalem Post)

February 4: Corbyn ally says anti-Semitism only a problem in the Labour party because right-wing media says it is (Telegraph)

February 6: After latest incident Chelsea promise to take action against fans using anti-Semitic language (Sky Sports)

February 8: Comedian David Baddiel tells Parliamentary meeting that he receives up to 300 social media messages a day he could report to police, says anti-Semitism should be taken as seriously as other forms of racism (Daily Mail)

February 8: Telegraph story written by ex-PM May aide with headline that talks about secret plot funded by Soros is called out as anti-Semitic (The JC)

February 8: CST releases figures showing anti-Semitic incidents at historic hight in UK in 2017 (American Israelite)

February 13: Protestors attempt to stop former Jewish agency, Israeli Ambassador to US, Meriador, speech at King’s College, intimidation of Israel Society members (Times of Israel)

February 14: Six MPs visit Jewish institutions to hear of rising anti-Semitism (Times of Israel)

February 15: Labour party comes out for special labeling on kosher and halal meat, Jewish community opposes (Jewish Telegraphic Agency)

February 15: Catholic Times prints letter complaining about Jewish voices on radio (Times of Israel)

February 17: London Mayor Kahn Slams his own party leader and Corbyn for not doing enough to counter anti-Semitism in Labour Party (The Sun)

February 18: Tony Greenstein who has called Jewish activists “zios” thrown out of Labour Party (The JC)

February 18: Peterborough candidate being investigated by Labour Party after anti-Semitic Facebook posts (Peterborough Telegraph)

February 19: Labour Shadow Foreign Minister is attacked for the “flippant” use of the word “anti-Semitism” (The JC)

February 21: A number of Labour MPs attend event organized by individuals who have been thrown out of party for anti-Semitism, program emphasizes false charges of anti-Semitism (The JC)

February 22: Hackney Council adopts IHRA working definition of anti-Semitism. Support from all parties (Hackney Citizen)

February 25: Former London Mayor, Livingston, about to be reinstated in Labour party as his 2016 suspension comes to an end (Times of Israel)

February 25: Labour NEC opening another inquiry into Ken Livingston’s anti-Semitism before reinstatement (The JC)

March 1: Labour reinstates Livingston’s suspension subject to investigation (The Guardian)

March 2: Far right moving increasingly to online presence (BBC)

March 3: New controversy over past statements by speech writer for Corbyn who said Israel was committing genocide against Palestinians and that it was an apartheid state, calls for Corbyn to fire him (Daily Mail)

March 7: Labour has launched an investigation into claims party members posted anti-Semitic comments on a closed Facebook group dedicated to Palestinian rights (BBC)

March 7: Anti-Semitic songwriter mocks Anne Frank and calls Holocaust meaningless in trial (Daily Mail)

March 9: Labour suspends individuals active in a closed Facebook group that engaged in anti-Semitism, Corbyn used to be a member (Jerusalem Post)

March 19: Money raised to put 3 billboards up outside Labour HQ to protest party’s response to anti-Semitism in its ranks (The JC)

March 20: Chief Rabbi talks of frustration when too many Muslim leader pull out of public meeting to discuss anti-Semitism or remain silent, praises Muslim leaders that do engage and speak out, condemns Islamophobia (Times of Israel)

March 25: Corbyn criticized by his own MPs over Labour anti-Semitism and his comments over a 2012 mural (Financial Times)

March 25: Corbyn issues an apology for pain caused to Jewish community for party’s anti-Semitism the day before Jewish community demonstration outside Westminster (Washington Post)

March 28: A clearly anti-Semitic mural’s creator states, “Some of the older white Jewish folk in the local community had an issue with me portraying their beloved #Rothschild or #Warburg etc as the demons they are” (The Guardian)

March 29: Jewish student force-fed ham at private school (Jerusalem Post)

March 30: Showcroft, Labour Disputes Chair, says anti-Semitism controversy created to attack Corbyn (The Guardian)

March 31: Lord Sugar deletes tweet in which Corbyn is pictured sitting next to Hitler as ¾ of Labour members believe that anti-Semitism being used to harm Corbyn (The Independent)

April 1: Facebook puts profit before clampdown on anti-Semitism (The Times)

April 1: Major Labour donor quits in wake of party’s failure to deal with anti-Semitism controversy (Jewish Telegraphic Agency)

April 1: Showcroft steps down as Disputes Chair and from Labour National Executive Committee (Sky News)

April 3: Bristol West MP under fire for attending rally calling upon Labour to finally address its anti-Semitism problem (Bristol Post)

April 4: Jewish leadership agrees to meet with Corbyn to discuss anti-Semitism in the Labour Party (BBC)

April 5: Cross party group of Peers ask Scotland Yard to investigate anti-Semitic material on pro-Corbyn Facebook pages (The Guardian)

April 6: Jewish Momentum activist quits local chapter of the organization because of anti-Semitism and safety fears (The Times)

April 8: Protest against anti-Semitism outside Labour Headquarters (The Guardian)

April 9: Left-wing activist Tariq Ali blames anti-Semitism on Israeli actions (The JC)

April 10: Israeli Labor party suspends long-standing ties with Corbyn’s Labour party over anti-Semitism in Labour (BBC)

April 12: Chelsea Football Club sends representatives to Auschwitz and the March of the Living as part of campaign against anti-Semitism (Forbes)

April 13: Corbyn ally, Barry Gardiner, defends MPs who attended rally attacking anti-Semitism in Labour and says he is ashamed of anti-Semitism within the party (Times of Israel)

April 13: Momentum founder Jon Lansman claims both right and left wing of Labour are dedicated to rooting out anti-Semitism (The Guardian)

April 16: Tory Councillor apologies for anti-Semitic statement aimed at aggravating Labour’s internal battle over anti-Semitism (The Argus)

April 16: London Mayor pledges zero tolerance for anti-Semitism (Watford Observer)

April 16: Commons debates anti-Semitism and hears from Labour MPs about their experiences with anti-Semitism and the need for Labour to truly confront the problem (The Guardian)

April 17: Three billboards on anti-Semitism within the Labour party appear outside Labour HQ (Times of Israel)

April 17: Labour hires extra in-house counsel to deal with backlog of anti-Semitism cases, party also begins anti-Semitism training (The JC)

April 18: Jewish Board of Deputies refuse second meeting for next week, with Corbyn, concern over inviting Jewish Labour group that will appear as a divided Jewish community (Euro Jew Congress)

April 18: Winchester University investigates social media anti-Semitism on lecturer (and Labour Party member) social media (Daily Echo)

April 19: J.K. Rowling tweets it is time for non-Jews in the UK to start standing up to anti-Semitism (Times of Israel)

April 22: Daughter of Labour MP, John Mann, say Labour Party failed to act when she reported rape threat associated with her father’s leadership against anti-Semitism (Politics Home)

April 23: Corbyn Wednesday meeting with large group of Jewish organizations is postponed because of the participation of Jewish Voice for Labour and Board of Deputies (BOD) and Jewish Leadership Council (JCL) objections (The Guardian)

April 24: Corbyn meeting with Jewish leadership described as a lost opportunity (Financial Times)

April 25: Leading labor leader in UK accuses 50 Labour MPs who marched to disciplinary hearing of smearing Corbyn with anti-Semitism charge (Times of Israel)

April 26: Corbyn rejects charge of his labor leader ally that Labour MKs were trying to smear him by marching against anti-Semitism (BBC)

April 26: Belgian PM asks Free University of Brussels to deny honorary degree to UK film director, Ken Loach, over anti-Semitism row, Loach has called for cultural boycott of Israel (see Belgium) (The Guardian

April 27: Labour activist expelled over remarks to MP at rally to highlight anti-Semitism in the Party (BBC)

April 29: Labour Shadow minister says party has not done enough to counter anti-Semitism and supports Labour MPs who marched against anti-Semitism (The Guardian)

April 29: Prospective councilor candidate dropped by Labour after 2013 anti-Semitic (Jews bargaining over price) tweet, will run as an independent (The Sun)

April 29: Anti-Semitic comments posted on Corbyn’s Facebook page (The JC)

May 2: New Home Secretary berates Corbyn in Parliament for tolerating anti-Semitism and racism in Labour Party (The JC)

May 4: Labour politician believes that Barnett’s local loss is related to the party’s anti-Semitism problems (BBC)

May 8: Jewish Labour activists barred from meeting of Labour’s National Executive Committee meeting after being invited (The JC)

May 8: Anti-Semitic comments on University of Manchester’s physics group chat exposed (The Tab)

May 9: Labour Shadow Chancellor pledges to call out anti-Semitism on hard left-wing websites (The JC)

May 10: Labour MPs support policies against anti-Semitism that Corbyn did not accept when he met with Jewish leadership (The Guardian)

May 10: Tony Blair warns anti-Semitism taking root in society and links anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism (The JC)

May 10: Labour MP Berger calls out Len McCuskey for saying anti-Semitism is being used as an excuse to undercut Corbyn (Politics Home)

May 13: Labour peer Corbyn ally says former London Mayor Ken Livingson can’t remain in the Labour Party (BBC)

May 14: New head of Board of Deputies insists Labour must expel Livingston and Walker over anti-Semitism (The Guardian)

May 15: Army veteran jailed over anti-Semitic speech (BBC)

May 16: Oxford Labour Councillor resigns over anti-Semitic Facebook post (BBC)

May 17: Jewish Voices for Labour (JVL) offer new definition of anti-Semitism which states that comparing Israel to Nazis is not always anti-Semitic, CST in turn denounce JVL (Times of Israel)

May 17: British Muslims take out a full page ad calling for Muslims to speak out and denounce anti-Semitism (Times of Israel)

May 21: Former London Mayor Ken Livingston quits Labour Party because of charges of anti-Semitism (New York Times)

May 26: Women who posted anti-Semitic song about Auschwitz “theme park” convicted by court (The Independent)

May 28: Oxford community leaders condemn anti-Semitism as local Chabad House is attacked twice in May (Algemeiner)

May 30: Leaked Labour report contends that party has allowed political consideration effect how it responds to allegations of anti-Semitism (The JC)

May 30: Kings College London adopts IHRA working definition of anti-Semitism (Times of Israel)

June 1: Archbishop of Canterbury and others push back against charge by outgoing Jewish leader that he has not done enough against anti-Semitism (The JC)

June 1: Jonathan Arkush accused of undermining campaign against anti-Semitism because of his charges that Corbyn is anti-Semitic (The JC)

June 2: Labour group led by Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell claims Ken Livingston’s comments were “not remotely anti-Semitic” (The JC)

June 4: Corbyn supporters cry foul over Tracey Ullman’s TV sketch on anti-Semitism (Times of Israel)

June 6: Former Labour PM Brown calls for a new inquiry into anti-Semitism in the Labour Party (Times of Israel)

June 11: Former TV executive researching why so many Jews do not report anti-Semitic incidents (The JC)

June 11: Pro-Israel legal group charge PFLP affiliated UK NGO group of anti-Semitism (Jerusalem Post)

June 14: Labour slammed for appointment to investigate anti-Semitism, Gordon Nardell Facebook friends accused of anti-Semitism (AP)

June 14: UK judge bans folk singer from social media after videos insulting Jews and mocking Holocaust (Tristate Homepage)

June 17: Labour Deputy Leaders says party’s anti-Semitism problems have grown worse over the last year (The JC)

June 18: Woman shouts “I want to kill all Jews” as she chases after children with a knife (Israel National News)

June 18: BBC reports that Jewish students are choosing universities based on levels of perceived anti-Semitism and lay blame with Labour (Times of Israel)

June 20: Police investigating reports of UK football fans making Nazi salute at World Cup (Jerusalem Post)

June 21: British far-left paper pulls op-ed that states anti-Semitism can’t be addressed before dealing with Israel’s crimes (Jewish Telegraphic Agency)

June 22: Rabbi Baroness says Jews should resign from Labour Party over anti-Semitism accusations (Times of Israel)

July 2: Anti-Zionist musician guilty of libeling Gideon Falter with a campaign labeled “[a]nti-Semitism is merely a business plan” (Times of Israel)

July 2: Deborah Lipstadt says Labour is responsible for rise of soft core Holocaust denial and criticizes Corbyn (Telegraph)

July 4: Chair of Jewish Labour Movement criticized for being co-opted on Labour’s amendments to IHRA working definition of anti-Semitism (The JC)

July 4: Left-wing Labour activist is appointed to position overseeing disciplinary cases and defends herself against charges she has supported Livingston and allowed anti-Semitic speech at Labour event (The JC)

July 6: Jewish Labour Movement officials say they did not approve changes to the IHRA definitions, Labour official says JLM officers were shown the language and did not object (New Statesman)

July 6: Trade Union leaders support Councilor who is under fire for Facebook post about Rothschild Group’s involvement with Syrian bombings (The Courier)

July 8: Labour Shadow Brexit Secretary agrees with critics that Labour should adopt full IHRA definition (The JC)

July 10: Labour MK investigated two years ago on anti-Semitic charges is appointed Shadow Minister (Sky News)

July 11: Jewish affiliate of Labour threatens to sue over working definition adopted by party (Times of Israel)

July 14: Journalist and Corby ally accused of assaulting anti-Labour protestor at rally in Hague, Netherlands (see Netherlands) (Jewish Telegraphic Agency)

July 16: Labour party told its anti-Semitism definition may violate anti-discrimination law (Times of Israel)

July 17: Dozens of Rabbis call out Labour on anti-Semitism definition (Times of Israel)

July 18: Labour MP critic of Corbyn resigns from party, cites Labour’s toleration of anti-Semitism (Times of Israel)

July 18: Bradford Council (Conservatives and Labourites) adopt full IHRA definition of anti-Semitism (The JC)

July 18: Labour MP defends calling Corbyn a f***ing anti-Semite and racist (The Daily Mail)

July 19: British neo-Nazi leaders sentence to eight years for plot to kill MP Cooper (Times of Israel)

July 19: Jewish MPs in Labour are considering leaving the party as anti-Semitism issue grows (The Standard)

July 23: Labour MPs denounce John Prescott for saying anti-Semitism is not a real problem in Labour vote planned by Labour MPs in September to adopt entire IHRA definition (Huffington Post)

July 23: Scottish Labour leader pressured to accept full IHRA definition (BBC)

July 24: Oxford Council members adopt IHRA definition (Oxford Mail)

July 26: Growing calls for Labour leadership to solve anti-Semitism problem (The Guardian)

July 26: CST finds anti-Semitism in first six months of 2018 down from 2017 numbers (Times of Israel)

July 26: Jewish Voice of Labour member says adopting IHRA definition would stifle legitimate criticism of Israel and compares it to 1980s attempt to stifle support for gay students in the classroom (The JC)

July 26: Three leading Jewish newspapers run common front-page editorial condemning Labour (Evening Standard)

July 27: Billy Bragg says Jewish community must share responsibility for the IHRA fight within Labour (The Sun)

July 27: Labour Councillor suspended for Facebook post claiming Jews drinking blood (JTA)

July 28: Second Labour MP is now being investigated for criticism of his party’s stand (The Guardian)

July 31: Corbyn ally claims some in Jewish community, including Trump fanatics, are making false accusations of anti-Semitism against Labour (Sky News)

August 1: Corbyn apologizes for attending event in 2010 where Israel was compared to Nazis (The Guardian)

August 1: Shadow Chancellor, McDonald, says Labour is shaken to its core over the anti-Semitism issue (BBC)

August 1: Shrewsbury Mayor is being investigated by Labour for Facebook posts comparing Bibi to Hitler and claiming Rothschild family has backed war for 200 years (Shropshire Star)

August 2: UK Jewish leader calls for full apology from Labour’s Corbyn (The Times of Israel)

August 5: Labour Deputy Leader calls anti-Semitism in party an “eternal shame” and calls for adoption of full IHRA working definition (Sky News)

August 6: Corbyn apologizes to Jewish community for hurt caused by anti-Semitism row (The Guardian)

August 6: UK Green Party involved in its own anti-Semitism controversy (Evening Standard)

August 7: Labour agrees to include three of four excluded examples of Working Definition in Labour’s own Working Definition of anti-Semitism, but criticism of party continues (

August 7: UK Holocaust survivors and experts call on Facebook to delete Holocaust denial and other anti-Semitic posts (The JC)

August 7: Corbyn calls BBC biased for supporting Israel’s right to exist (The Telegraph)

August 8: Leftist, activist supporters of Corbyn claim that anti-Semitism is being falsely used to hurt Labour’s electoral chances (The Sun)

August 8: Jersey government rejects adoption of IHRA working definition (The JC)

August 9: Union leaders urge Labour to adopt full IHRA working definition (Jewish News)

August 9: Labour Shadow Chancellor attacked for 2012 claim that Israel was committing genocide in Gaza (The Times of Israel)

August 10: Why Labour’s anti-Semitism row has become a full blown crisis for the party (Washington Post)

August 10: Corbyn faces new accusation he compared Israel to Nazis (Sky News)

August 12: Rabbi and former Labour Councillor criticizes Corbyn and party for ignoring anti-Semitism in his local party (The JC)

August 13: Corbyn admits he was present when wreath laid on graves of Munich terrorists but states he did not think he was a part of the wreath laying (The Telegraph)

August 16: Unite General Secretary backs adoption of full IHRA Working Definition and at same time accuses Jewish leaders of “truculent hostility” (The Guardian)

August 18: Former Labour MP suspended from party after saying he had “lost respect and empathy” for the Jewish community (The Guardian)

August 18: Eighty-four refugee and minority group organizations oppose IHRA definition for limiting free speech (Independent)

August 18: Labour MP reprimanded by party whip for belittling claims of Labour party anti-Semitism (The Times)

August 19: Anti-Semitism training may be scrapped at upcoming Labour Conference after the Jewish Labour Movement, which has given the training the last two years, was told it would have to remove some content from the course (Independent)

August 20: J.K. Rowling calls out anti-Semitism online including attacks on Israel and Zionists (The Jerusalem Post)

August 20: Corbyn hosted a 2012 panel which featured Hamas leaders (JTA)

August 20: Corbyn’s personal secretary urged Labour supporters to read Jewish newspapers so they could vote against Labour candidates in 2010 election who appeared in those papers as pro-Israel (The Sun)

August 21: Former Labour parliamentary candidate will not compete for the seat this year because of anti-Semitism in the party (Yorkshire Post)

August 22: MP and Corbyn ally supports blogger who declares Zionist run France and that Jews run Human Rights Watch (The Times of Israel)

August 23: Five rabbis resign from the union, Unite, over remarks on Jewish leadership by union head (The Times)

August 23: A video shows Corbyn declaring that “Zionists” who have lived their whole lives in the UK do not understand English culture (The Times of Israel)

August 23: National Union of Students Executive Committee member criticized by Union of Jewish Students for comparing Israel to Nazis and for talking about Jewish conspiracies to control the economy (The Tab)

August 24: Corbyn’s 2013 comments that Zionists don’t understand history or English irony ignite a new round of condemnations and charges of anti-Semitism (The Guardian)

August 25: Senior Labour MP agonizing over whether to quit Labour after Corbyn’s 2013 comments on Zionists (NewsNow)

August 25: Labour members who have questioned the loyalty of British Jews are being investigated by party’s internal anti-Semitism watchdog committee (Daily Mail)

August 26: Formal complaint against Corbyn lodged with Labour internal anti-Semitism inquiry group (The Gazette)

August 26: Petition calling for ouster of Corbyn as Labour Party chief garners over 5,000 signatures on first day it is circulated (The Times of Israel)

August 27: Labour party internal anti-Semitism inquiry on verge of collapse as a backlog of hundreds of complaints remain unexamined (The Times)

August 27: J.K. Rowling calls out writer for comments criticizing Jewish community (JTA)

August 28: Prominent Labour politician paid off Jewish assistant who charged him with religious discrimination (JTA)

August 28: Former Chief Rabbi Jonathan Sacks calls out Corbyn as an anti-Semite (Haaretz)

August 29: In light of abuse, online Jewish groups call on Corbyn to fully address the issue of anti-Semitism in Labour. Jewish leaders make clear that adopting the IHRA working definition of anti-Semitism is not sufficient (The Guardian)

August 29: In 2010, Corbyn charged that Israel was controlling the speeches of MPs (The Times of Israel)

August 29: Board of Deputies outlines specific steps Labour must take to address anti-Semitism concerns (Board of Deputies of British Jews)

August 30: Calls for expulsion from Labour of former mayor who posts charges that Israel was behind 9/11 (Express)

August 30: Labour Whip, Frank Field, resigns over party’s handling of anti-Semitism (BBC)

September 2: Labour backbencher says anti-Semitism row can only be solved when Corbyn steps down as leader (The Guardian)

September 3: Labour activist, who said it was Jewish Trump supporters behind the anti-Semitism charges against Corbyn, is elected to Labour governing body (BBC)

September 3: Jewish Labour MP, Luciana Berger, describes the “cesspool” of anti-Semitism and misogyny that Twitter has become (Jewish News)

September 4: Labour adopts full IHRA working definition of anti-Semitism, rejects Corbyn’s modifying language, but adds caveat supporting free speech when it comes to Israel and Palestinian rights (Financial Times)

September 4: Scotland Yard will investigate 45 incidents from leaked Labour dossier of anti-Semitic incidents to determine if there were hate crimes committed (The Times of Israel)

September 5: UK teacher suspended for justifying anti-Semitism on Facebook but is cleared of “anti-Semitism” by regulatory panel (JTA)

September 5: Jewish groups split on Labour’s endorsement of IHRA working definition. Some decry included free speech caveat while others say it is a positive first step (The Times of Israel)

September 5: Nearly 40 percent of UK Jews would seriously consider emigrating if Corbyn became prime minister (The Times of Israel)

September 6: London mayor decries posters on London bus stops that call Israel a racist endeavor (The JC)

September 6: New Castle City Council debate disrupted by opponents of Working Definition of Anti-Semitism (BBC)

September 7: Archbishop of Canterbury in apparent slap at Corbyn supports Labour’s acceptance of Working Definition without caveats and supports passage by the Church of England (The Independent)

September 9: Member of Labour Party’s disciplinary committee deal with anti-Semitism claims Corbyn intervened in some of the cases (The JC)

September 9: Former anti-racism watchdog head and Labour supporter claims the party is being run by an anti-Semite (The Times of Israel)

September 13: Church of England’s Bishops adopt IHRA working definition of anti-Semitism (JTA)

September 13: Dutch Labor Party worried about Corbyn and UK Labour’s association with anti-Semitism (see also Netherlands) (JTA)

September 13: Jewish leaders criticize Conservatives over Conservative MEPs supporting Hungary’s Orban government (The Independent)

September 14: Union leader suggests Israel created the issue of anti-Semitism in the Labour Party (BBC)

September 15: Leader of Jewish student union quits Labour over anti-Semitism row (The Jerusalem Post)

September 16: Large turnout for protest against anti-Semitism and Corbyn in Manchester (The Jerusalem Post)

September 16: Young, rising-star, local Labour elected official criticizes Corbyn and resigns from party over anti-Semitism row (ChronicleLive)

September 17: Poster of Trump left on lawn of Labour activist who spoke out against anti-Semitism in the party (The Times)

September 17: Prime Minister May vows to confront anti-Semitism in Britain (BBC)

September 18: Labour Shadow Chancellor pressured to not attend conference with Union leader who claimed the anti-Semitism controversy in Labour was created by Israel (The Sun)

September 19: Labour’s National Executive Committee pledges to speed up investigations of alleged anti-Semitism (The Guardian)

September 19: Many moderate Labour MPs vow to stay away from upcoming party conference in Liverpool over anti-Semitism row and attempts to deselect them (Daily Mail)

September 21: Local Council adopts working definition and dissenting Councillor compares it to oaths sworn to Hitler (Gazette Live)

September 23: Deputy Head of Labour ashamed over anti-Semitism row and worries that Jewish members of Labour feel unwelcome in the party (The Times of Israel)

September 23: Labour MPs say Union chiefs are trying to “smear” Jewish community (BBC)

September 23: New poll indicates that the issue of anti-Semitism is harming Labour party’s image (The JC)

September 24: Marxist faction of Labour party distributes pamphlet at party conference that compares Israel to Nazis (The Times of Israel)

September 24: Labour chief McCluskey charges that people who charge Corbyn with anti-Semitism have lost “every shred of decency” (The Independent)

September 24: Left-wing supporters call Jewish community’s role in anti-Semitism scandal a witch hunt (The Sun)

September 25: Corbyn picture taken at Labour conference with activist who has argued that Holocaust denial is free speech and equated Zionists with Nazis and apartheid racists (Daily Mail)

September 25: Labour council candidate is sacked for writing Israel is committing genocide (Brighton & Hove News)

September 25: Local council condemns anti-Semitic acts after a Holocaust memorial tree is vandalized (Salisbury Journal)

September 26: Labour lawyer accused of anti-Semitism denies saying that British Jews are loyal to Israel (The Times)

September 26: Bomb threat against meeting of pro-Corbyn Jewish group (The Times of Israel)

September 28: Labour activist’s suspension from the party for comparing Jewish contributions to Tom Watson to Judas’ 30 pieces of silver, is lifted (Hull Daily Mail)

October 3: Corbyn-allied lawyer severs ties to group that calls campaign against Labour antisemitism “witch hunt” (The JC)

October 3: Prime Minister May attacks Corbyn for instilling fear of anti-Semitism amongst UK Jewish community (Times of Israel)

October 4: Young, non-Jewish Labour supporter launches group to track and call-out anti-Semitic statements by Corbyn supporters (Jerusalem Post)

October 5: Jewish activists barred from Momentum event debating Labour’s anti-Semitism issues (The JC)

October 6: Activist suspended from Labour for alleged anti-Semitism is picked by government to represent United Kingdom on official trade mission (Daily Mail)

October 8: Muslim member of House of Lords says Muslim who preach hatred are being challenged by progressive Imams who speak out against antisemitism (The JC)

October 10: Historian Simon Sebag Montefiore would take his family and leave the UK if a Corbyn led Labour comes to power (The Times)

October 10: UK greens fail to pass IHRA working definition (The JC)

October 12: Chelsea Football club to send fans who chant anti-Semitic songs on a trip to Auschwitz (JTA)

October 12: Labour bans Jewish activists from event with shadow Chancellor (The Independent)

October 12: Leaders Committee of London’s Councils calls on local Boroughs who have not yet adopted IHRA working definition to do so (Times of Israel)

October 13: Dame Margaret Hodge, Labour MP, is target of anti-Semitic letters after calling for adoption of IHRA working definition (The Times)

October 14: For the first time the British government to publish its own report on anti-Semitic hate crimes (The JC)

October 15: Shadow Attorney General, Chakrabariti, would prefer Labour activist would not have been re-elected to Labour’s National Executive Committee because of his comments attributing anti-Semitic charges against Labour were coming from Jewish “Trump Fanatics” (The Express)

October 15: Anti-Semitism monitoring centre launched by Jewish Labour Movement (Jewish News)

October 16: Jewish woman, 70 years old, kicked in face outside meeting of pro-Palestinian, Labour supporters (JTA)

October 16:  Former Labour PM, Tony Blair, says his party under Corbyn is still in denial about its anti-Semitism problem (The JC)

October 16:  Home Office data shows 12% of religious hate crimes in UK are directed at Jews (The JC)

October 24:  Candidate for Labour’s disciplinary body said members alleging antisemitism should be suspended (The JC)

October 26: Charities to receive 1.7 million pounds from government to combat anti-Semitism (City A.M.)

October 28: Lawmaker blames Israel for attack onPittsburgh synagogue (JTA)

November 2: Police to probe accusations of anti-Semitism against Labour Party members (BBC)

November 7: The Royal Mint denied Roald Dahl a commemorative coin for his anti-Semitism (The Forward)

November 9: Rally in Hyde Park for Jews killed in pogroms in Arab countries disrupted by men shouting in Arabic about killing Jews (JTA)

November 12: Labour Councillor in Oxford will be readmitted to local Labour party after his suspension for sharing Facebook material comparing Israel and nazis (BBC)

November 12: New England Revolution planning to play exhibition with Chelsea in a match to highlight dangers of anti-Semitism (also see United States) (Pro Soccer USA)

November 13: Neo-nazi couple found guilty of belonging to a terrorist group (JTA)

November 14: Welsh Labour office holder apologizes for her insensitive remarks regarding local Jewish community security and Israel (Wirr Global)

November 15: Racist who shouted “child killers” and gave Nazi salute at anti-Semitic demonstration is jailed for six months (Daily Mail)

November 20: Young boy assaulted in anti-Semitic attack on bus in Wales (JTA)

November 23: Labour criticized for failing to suspend Councillor who spoke of Rothschild conspiracies and compared Netanyahu to Hitler (The JC)

November 26: Prime Minister Theresa May decries anti-Semitism and misogyny at conference (The JC)

November 28: Labour will not sanction MP who criticized party’s stance on anti-Semitism (Times of Israel)

November 30: Soccer match between Chelsea and New England Revolution scheduled for May and funds will go to fight against anti-Semitism (MLS Soccer)

December 3: Labour criticized for threatening to sanction party members who file a complaint of anti-Semitism and then share the complaint publicly (Daily Mail)

December 4: Police Commissioner says small number of Labour members alleged to have been associated with anti-Semitism in Labour dossier may have committed hate crimes (The JC)

December 6: Leading UK libel lawyer cites anti-Semitism and says “Europe is finished” as he leaves UK for Israel (Times of Israel)

December 7: NYT columnist argues that anti-Zionism is not anti-Semitism (New York Times)

December 9:  London play about anti-Semitism is the target of anti-Semitic hate (The Guardian)

December 14:  Chelsea club shamed by the anti-Semitic chants of some of its supporters (CNN)

December 15:  EU gave grant to UK group accused of anti-Semitism  (see also EU) (The Telegraph)

December 16: Labour official suspended from party office after his social media account found to have material blaming Jews for all wars (The JC)

December 17: The regulatory body for higher education in the UK adopted the IHRA Working Definition of Anti-Semitism (Algemeiner)

December 19:  Prime Minister May calls for making 2019 the year for everyone to tackle antisemitism (Jewish News)

December 20: Suspended Labour MP quits party over its record on anti-Semitism (The Guardian)

December 21: Labour MP apologizes for backing a musician accused of anti-Semitism (BBC)

December 22: Arsenal football club to investigate anti-Semitic behavior by its fans during a match with Tottenham (Times of Israel)

December 31: Palestinian convicted of murdering British exchange student in 2017 Jerusalem attack (also see Israel) (Times of Israel)

United States

January 2: Delta flight attendants sue Delta over alleged anti-Semitic behavior (New York Daily News)

January 4: Millionaire socialite assaults man and is charged with second degree assault after saying “Hurry up Jew I have places to be” (Times of Israel)

January 5: Uptick in anti-Semitic incidents in college town Eugene, Oregon (Times of Israel)

January 8: Kushner felt Bannon was using anti-Semitism against him while at the same time trying to outflank him on the right on Israel (The Forward)

January 8: NJ township is investigated for anti-Semitism after legislation banning building any schools and legislation banning eruvs (Asbury Park Press)

January 10: Jewish Voice for Peace’s (JVP) anti-Semitic obsession with Jewish power (The Forward)

January 10: Senate Democratic report says Putin supports some anti-Semitic parties in Europe (see Russia) (Jewish Telegraphic Agency)

January 10: Dueling narratives about the threat of anti-Semitism on US campuses (Times of Israel)

January 10: Columnist for Puerto Rico’s largest paper blames “The Jew” (Wall Street) for poor government response to Hurricane (The Forward)

January 11: Mezuzah destroyed on door of Jewish UCLA Student Body President and rededication of new one (Tablet Magazine)

January 11: House Task Force on Combatting Anti-Semitism condemns attack on two Paris Kosher Markets (House of Representatives)

January 13: Ridgefield, CT dealing with swastikas (News Times)

January 14: Congressional candidate with record of anti-Semitic statements claims his opponents working for Jewish media (Jewish Telegraphic Agency)

January 15: Racist, anti-Semitic, KKK flyers dropped in Virginia (Jewish Telegraphic Agency)

January 15: Catholic journal publishes defense of 19th-century kidnapping of Jewish Italian child (Haaretz)

January 20: Democrats object to Trump nominee but not because of his anti-BDS positions (Times of Israel)

January 23: Al-Qaida commander put on U.S. terrorist list after calling for killing of Americans and Jews (see Yemen) (Jewish Telegraphic Agency

January 23: Whitefish Jews and supporters trolled by Stephens supporters and readers of Daily Stormer (NPR)

January 25: Catholic head of school resigns over video with racist and anti-Semitic comments (Jewish Telegraphic Agency)

January 26: Pennsylvania Congressman linked to events, interviewed by Holocaust deniers (Jewish Telegraphic Agency)

January 25: University of Kentucky campus and city demonstrate support for Jewish community after anti-Semitic vandalism (WKYT)

January 31: NJ Township settles discrimination suit over prohibiting eruv (Jewish Telegraphic Agency)

February 1: State Department expresses concern over Polish law criminalizing speech about “Polish Death Camps” (Reuters)

February 2: Joe Arpaio gives five interviews with anti-Semitic publication (USA Today)

February 2: San Francisco State students revise lawsuit and refile against university for anti-Semitism (Jewish News of Northern California)

February 5: Florida congressman’s guest at State of Union says he doesn’t believe that six million Jews were killed (more like 250,000 from typhus) but congressman argues his guest is not a Holocaust denier (The Forward)

February 5: Neo-Nazi runs as nominee for Congress in Illinois (Advocate)

February 9: Neo-Nazi ordered by court to reveal location in troll storm lawsuit (The Forward)

February 9: Sen. Schumer urges Orthodox leaders to call out President Trump on anti-Semitism issues like Charlottesville (Jewish Telegraphic Agency)

February 12: Fairfax GOP moves to dump controversial leader over anti-Semitic post (Washington Post)

February 12: RJC wants GOP Congressman to admit his State of the Union guest is a holocaust denier (Jewish Telegraphic Agency)

February 14: Wisconsin Republican Party drops Paul Nehlen (anti-Semite running against Paul Ryan in primary) from membership (Jewish Telegraphic Agency)

February 17: Parkland shooter Cruz said he hates Jews (and other minorities), that Jews want to destroy the world, and that his “real” mother was Jewish (Times of Israel)

February 21: UC Berkley Campus Police investigate anti-Semitic message posted outside professor’s door in university building (Daily Cal)

February 23: University of Virginia Jewish meeting broken into by anti-Israel protestors (Washington Post)

February 24: Louisiana college president allegedly rejected a football coach candidate because of his “Jewish blood” (Daily Mail)

February 26: Neo-Nazi hate log reveals support for murder of gay Jewish 19-year-old student (Huffington Post)

February 26: Municipal lawyer accuses member of City Council of anti-Semitic remarks (CT Post)

February 26: NRA spokesperson Dana Loesch accused of anti-Semitism after her tweet saying “I bet Rick Sanchez was fired by a Jew” from 2010 uncovered (Haaretz)

February 26: ADL says 2016 anti-Semitic incidents much greater than 2015 (Jewish Telegraphic Agency)

February 28: Farrakhan delivers anti-Semitic speech (CNN)

February 28: Infowars employees file complaints of racism, anti-Semitism and sexual harassment against Alex Jones (Business Insider)

March 1: Iowa incidents of anti-Semitism go from 0 to 9 in one year (Des Moines Register)

March 2: Howell, NJ zoning board decision being investigated by Justice Department to determine if decision based on anti-Semitic attitudes toward Orthodox Jews (Asbury Park Press)

March 3: Women’s March leader refuses to condemn Farrakhan’s latest anti-Semitic speech (Jerusalem Post)

March 4: Florida public school teacher has secret white nationalist podcast which deals with the Jewish question (Jewish conspiracies) (The Forward)

March 5: ADL calls out Congressman Davis for refusing to denounce Farrakhan’s anti-Semitism (Haaretz)

March 6: Women’s March leadership denounces Farrhakan’s anti-Semitism but support one of their leaders who supports Farrhakan. (Jewish Telegraphic Agency)

March 8: Trump praises outgoing aide Gary Cohen while calling him a globalist, some charge “globalist” is often used to refer to Jews—like rootless cosmopolitan (Jewish Telegraphic Agency)

March 8: Vandals deface photo of father of pro-Trump college administrator with anti-Semitic graffiti (CampusReform)

March 9: Congressman Davis who recently praised Farrakhan now denounces his anti-Semitism (Jewish Telegraphic Agency)

March 9: Anti-Semitism suit against San Francisco State is dismissed by federal judge but judge is open to considering a more compelling filing by supporters of the suit (SFGate)

March 9: Paul Ryan’s GOP primary opponent hires well-known anti-Semite to be his campaign spokesman (Talking Points Memo)

March 13: Religious Action Center (RAC) or URJ condemns anti-Semitism in wake of Farrakhan latest statement (RAC)

March 13: Miami-Dade police chiefs adopt State Department’s working definition of anti-Semitism (Algemeiner)

March 17: Prominent NYT journalist, Jonathan Weisman, a target of alt-right trolls questions why Jewish organizations don’t devote more resources to anti-Semitism in America (New York Times)

March 18: DC Councilman White apologizes for Facebook video talking about Rothschilds’ plot to manipulate weather (Washington Post)

March 19: Councilman White also said Rothschilds controlled the World Bank and the Federal government (Washington Post)

March 20: Anti-Semitic posters at University of Minnesota (Star Tribune)

March 20: Second statement by Councilman White of Ward 8 in DC about Rothschilds—this one on control of federal government is revealed, White apologizes again (Washington Post)

March 22: Ohio man indicted for hate crime for attacking a man he thought was Jewish (Jewish Telegraphic Agency)

March 22: Flyer on University of Minnesota campus ask why Jews are after our guns and cites Jewish Senators and Congressmen (Times of Israel)

March 23: Hampshire college in Massachusetts investigates anti-Semitic incident (CBS Local)

March 26: 59 U.S. Senators urge Polish PM to amend restitution bill (Jewish Telegraphic Agency)

March 27: Seven in ten American Jews see rise in anti-Semitism, 39% of overall population sees a rise in anti-Semitism (YouGov)

March 27: Candidate for Executive Vice President of George Washington University is accused of anti-Semitism because he called for boycott of events which accepted co-sponsorship of Jewish Student Association and Hillel (GW Hatchet)

March 27: After long lobbying campaign by Catholic educator Kentucky mandates Holocaust education for middle school and high school students (Jerusalem Post)

March 27: NJ Holocaust Memorial and adjacent synagogue defaced with anti-Semitic graffiti (The Forward)

March 28: President of San Francisco State apologizes for anti-Semitism on campus and says “Zionists” are welcome on our campus (Jerusalem Post)

March 30: Less than a year after Charlottesville alt-right infighting is destroying the movement (The Daily Beast)

April 4: Representatives Lowey and Smith issue letter to the Trump Administration urging the appointment of a Special Envoy to Monitor and Combat Anti-Semitism (Cleveland Jewish News)

April 4: Tennessee Legislature again fails to pass resolution denouncing neo-Nazis (The Forward)

April 4: Lawsuit may force Daily Stormer to reveal its funding sources (The Forward)

April 6: State Department Special Envoy position left open as anti-Semitic incidents on the rise (Newsweek)

April 8: California Democrats for Peace and Justice condemn anti-Semitic statements by independent candidate for Lt. Governor, Gail McLaughlin (Times Herald Online)

April 10: GW University Student Senate removes a member from his leadership position over alleged anti-Semitic remarks (GW Hatchet)

April 10: ADL letter to Senate Foreign Relations Committee urges Senators to question Secretary of State nominee Pompeo about pledging to appoint a Special Envoy to Monitor and Combat Anti-Semitism (ADL)

April 11: A Washington state university holds a reshelfing ceremony for defaced Jewish books (Jewish Telegraphic Agency)

April 11: Jewish Republicans are sure that white supremacist will not win primary for Paul Ryan’s open seat (Jewish Telegraphic Agency)

April 12: Trump’s Yom Hashoah statement says Americans have a moral obligation to combat anti-Semitism (Jewish Telegraphic Agency)

April 12: Ex-ADL chief Foxman calls upon Trump to “put the cover back on the sewers” of anti-Semitism (Jerusalem Post)

April 13: Trump Administration presses Israel to not criticize Holocaust law (The Hill)

April 13: South Carolina about to become first state to define anti-Semitism by law (Times of Israel)

April 13: UC Santa Barbara Student Senate passes resolution condemning anti-Semitism (The Bottom Line)

April 13: Bipartisan group of US Representatives condemn anti-Semitic attacks on Parkland students (Tablet Magazine)

April 16: New York University said it opposes boycotts of student groups after 51 campus organizations pledged to boycott pro-Israel groups (Jewish Telegraphic Agency)

April 16: Senator Brian Schatz calls out fellow progressives (as well as the right) for ignoring anti-Semitism among their ideological allies (Tablet Magazine)

April 17: Durham City Council passes resolution opposing any Durham Police Department exchanges with militarized police training programs; proponents (including pro-Palestinian group and Jewish Voice for Peace) originally focused on training exchanges with Israel and connections to improper treatment of Palestinians and Jews of Color in Israel (Indy Week)

April 17: American Jewish Congress teams up with students on video equating BDS and anti-Semitism (Jerusalem Post)

April 17: US Representatives Engel and Royce call upon Iceland to defeat bill banning circumcision (see Iceland) (Jerusalem Post)

April 18: Women’s rights leader wants boycott of Starbucks because of ADL’s involvement in their training, tweets followers “My people…don’t be fooled… Pay close attention to the entire CHESS BOARD!” (Jewish Telegraphic Agency)

April 19: Syracuse suspends fraternity after racist, anti-Semitic, homophobic oath (The Forward)

April 20: NFL QB draft prospect Josh Rosen says he gets anti-Semitic taunts from fans (Times of Israel)

April 22: DC Councilman who spoke about Rothschilds’ control of government and weather visits Holocaust Museum but cuts visit short, it is also revealed that he used his Council constituent account to donate $500 to Farrakhan event where Farrakhan spoke against Jews (Jewish Telegraphic Agency)

April 22: New York Assemblyman furious over firefighter who tweeted anti-Semitic message assigned to Borough Park fire station (WCBS)

April 23: Anti-Semitic fireman transferred out of Borough Park his first day on the job (New York Post)

April 23: Jewish man attacked in Crown Heights after Shabbat Service (JerusalemPost)

April 24: George Washington University Student Government passes a divestment resolution (Jerusalem Post)

April 27: At rally for DC Council Member, Nation of Islam Spokesman Trayon White calls Council Member Elissa Silverman a “fake Jew” and Jews “cockroaches” (Washington Post)

April 28: Anti-Semitic candidate leads Republican field in California’s open primary for US Senate seat (Newsweek)

April 29: US Army to investigate why base chaplains fired Jewish leaders (The Forward)

April 29: Arizona road sign hacked to read “Hail Hitler” (The Forward)

April 30: Tablet columnist blames Democratic party for ADL being dropped from Starbuck’s diversity training (Tablet Magazine)

May 1: Two Towson University Jewish Fraternity students assaulted in apparent anti-Semitic attack (Haaretz)

May 1: Supporter of DC Mayor Bowser resigns from DC Housing Authority board after anti-Semitic speech at rally he organized (Jewish Weekly)

May 3: South Carolina is the first state to pass law that requires colleges to take into account a working definition of anti-Semitism that includes certain anti-Israel activity (Reuters)

May 4: Rhode Island group splits with national Women’s March organization over leader’s refusal to denounce Farakhan (Seattle Times)

May 7: Tamika Mallory blames US-Mexico border wall and Trump’s Muslim ban on Bibi (Jewish Telegraphic Agency)

May 7: Support for Women’s March softens among Jews amid perceived anti-Semitism (The Forward)

May 7: Why does no one care about anti-Semitism directed at Hasidim (Jewish Telegraphic Agency)

May 7: Video of grown man taunting a little Hasidic boy goes viral (The Forward)

May 7: ADL report on 4.2 million anti-Semitic tweets (Mercury News)

May 8: Connecticut chapter of Women’s March tells Mallory that they will not accept any more anti-Semitism (The Forward)

May 8: Stony Brook imam faces criticism from pro-Palestinian students over defending Hillel (Jewish Telegraphic Agency)

May 9: Connecticut legislature passes bill mandating Holocaust education in high schools (Jewish Telegraphic Agency)

May 9: Jewish Voice for Peace statement on anti-Semitism calls out candidate anti-Semitism (3 GOP candidates), attacks on Hasids and Abbas (Jewish Voice for Peace)

May 9: 14-year-old boy attacked outside NY yeshiva and called “Jew Boy” (Jewish Telegraphic Agency)

May 9: 14 Boston area teens accused of painting swastikas on building (Jewish Telegraphic Agency)

May 10: Campaign sign for Jewish candidate Cohen defaced with swastika (Jewish Telegraphic Agency)

May 11: Columbia professor under fire for blaming Israel for all the problems of the world on Twitter (Fox News)

May 15: Broadcaster Chris Salcedo cites Embassy opening as proof that Democrats are the party of anti-Semitism (WBAP)

May 16: Robocall describes Senator Feinstein as a traitorous Jew and urges support for anti-Semitic candidate Patrick Little (Jewish Telegraphic Agency)

May 17: Over 1,000 religious leaders call for the appointment of a new Envoy to Monitor and Combat Anti-Semitism (National Catholic Reporter)

May 18: House Foreign Affairs Committee passes bill to upgrade Special Envoy position (Jewish Telegraphic Agency)

May 18: Jewish Federation calls for halting city council member and LGBTQ Commission from holding meeting focusing on “pinkwashing” by Israel (Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle)

May 23: Another letter from a coalition of NGOs and prominent individuals urging the State Department to appoint a Special Envoy to Monitor and Combat Anti-Semitism (Human Rights First)

May 23: Legislation introduced that seeks to define anti-Semitism for the US Department of Education (Times of Israel)

May 24: Alleged assailant in assault against Hasidic father of nine is indicted on 17 counts, including hate crime indictment (Jewish Telegraphic Agency)

May 24: Four GOP Tom’s River Council members charge local lawyer using charges of anti-Semitism to bully council (Asbury Park Press)

May 25: Secretary Pompeo promises to appoint an Anti-Semitism Envoy at hearing (Cleveland Jewish News)

May 28: Farrakhan ratchets up anti-Semitism in his latest sermon, castigates Talmud and blames Jews for gay marriage (Israel National News)

May 29: Writings of Democratic nominee for Congress in North Carolina are criticized as anti-Israel and anti-Semitic (New York Times)

May 30: California GOP and Republican Jewish Coalition condemn another GOP candidate for anti-Semitism (The Forward)

May 30: Despite increasing cooperation with Israel, US Department of State’s International Religious Freedom report cites examples where anti-Semitism continues to be embedded in culture and curricula in Arab countries (Jerusalem Post)

May 30: Anti-Semitic comments by GOP candidate for Public Service Commissioner is blackballed by state GOP (AL)

June 1: Secretary Pompeo promises to appoint a Special Envoy to Monitor and Combat Anti-Semitism (The Forward)

June 1: Lacrosse game marred by anti-Semitic chants (Fairfield Citizen Online)

June 2: Libertarian runs as Independent candidate for Virginia congressional, advocates for incest, pedophilia, rape and white supremacy, declares Hitler was good for Germany (Washington Post)

June 3: Former anti-Semitic New York City Council candidate attends Israel Day Parade to talk to people about “greedy Jewish landlords” (Jewish Insider)

June 6: Dallas-area Church says Judaism is ‘dangerous’ (Jewish Telegraphic Agency)

June 7: Ken Marcus, who advocates definition of anti-Semitism that includes Israel criticism, approved for Department of Education post (Jewish Telegraphic Agency)

June 10: Louis Farrakhan is no longer verified on twitter after satanic Jew tweet (The Forward)

June 17: School in Massachusetts apologizes for Nazi quote in school yearbook (Independent)

June 18: Norwegian rapper curses Jews at a diversity concert (Jewish Telegraphic Agency)

June 21: Jewish Maryland state legislator is confronted by man shouting “Heil Hitler” (Baltimore Sun)

June 22: Anti-Semitic slur and swastika found in Reading Middle School in Massachusetts (Boston Globe)

June 23: Salt Lake City synagogue increases security after three recent anti-Semitic incidents (Fox13 Salt Lake City)

June 27: Jewish man settles anti-Semitic harassment claim with town of Wall, NJ for $1.25 million (The Jewish Voice)

June 28: NC GOP withdraws support for Republican Legislative nominee who called Jews the children of Satan.(Jewish Telegraphic Agency)

June 28: Vallejo Women’s March chapter threatens to disaffiliate with national organization in the absence of stronger stance against anti-Semitism (Times Herald Online)

July 2: Former Congressman Ron Paul criticized for racist and anti-Semitic cartoon post, Paul claims it was put up by his staff and when he found out he took it down (Times of Israel)

July 6: Bay Area GOP nominee for Congress espouses Holocaust denial and anti-Semitic conspiracy theories, State GOP denounces their nominee (SF Gate)

July 8: South Carolina becomes first state to adopt working definition of anti-Semitism (Times of Israel)

July 8: Woman running for Congress in Minnesota rejects charges against her of anti-Semitism based on a 2012 social media post about Israel’s “evil” actions in Gaza (Times of Israel)

July 9: Federal government sues New Jersey borough for discriminating against Orthodox synagogue’s attempt to expand (Jewish Telegraphic Agency)

July 11: Alums for Fairness group combats anti-Israel and anti-Semitic activity on US college campuses (Times of Israel)

July 11: Congressional candidate produces “Jews Must Be Stopped” robocall (The Forward)

July 14: Federal Judge finds for plaintiff in suit against university whose president is alleged to have vetoed the hiring of an assistant coach because of his “Jewish blood,” anti-Semitism can be a type of racism under federal law (Bayou Brief)

July 19: Zuckerberg criticized for saying Holocaust denial will not be banned from Facebook (BBC)

July 26: Berkeley City Council emergency replacement nominee stirs up debate over anti-Semitism (Berkeleyside)

July 26: Bronx Jewish doctor suspended for online posting of white nationalist material as well as anti-Semitic comments (Newsweek)

July 27: Vice President Pence attacks rise of European anti-Semitism (Jewish Journal)

July 28: Simon Wiesenthal Center condemns Episcopal Bishop’s criticisms of Israeli actions as fabrications (The Times of Israel)

July 31: Indianapolis synagogue vandalized with anti-Semitic graffiti (IndyStar)

August 2: Vandal(s) replace American with Nazi flag in Laramie, Wyoming (newsok)

August 7: Florida man charged with hate crime in addition to attempted murder and arson for trying to burn his condo building, after saying he wanted to “kill all the Jews” (The Times of Israel)

August 8: Self-proclaimed Holocaust revisionist runs for mayor of Hilton Head, South Carolina (Israel National News)

August 8: Former U.S. Senate candidate from California begins a “Name the Jew Tour” before planned move to northern Idaho (The Forward)

August 9: Jewish students renew efforts to sue San Francisco State leadership and professor for alleged anti-Semitism (San Francisco Examiner)

August 12: The notion that someone who does not have power can’t be racist or anti-Semitic is problematic for Jewish community (The JC)

August 15: Jewish congressional candidate employs anti-Semitic taunt (The Times of Israel)

August 25: Neo-Nazi and white supremacist propaganda show up in Colorado Springs (The Gazette)

August 27: Virginia GOP tries to link Democratic congressional candidate to anti-Semitic marchers in Charlottesville based on book she co-authored (The Huffington Post)

August 29: Long-time Israel critic and Columbia professor says calling Israel “the Jewish State” is anti-Semitic (Jewish Journal)

August 30: Toppled tombstones in Jewish cemetery in New Jersey (The Times of Israel)

August 30: NYC map, Snapchat and other sites vandalized with anti-Semitism (PIX11)

September 3: Anti-Semitic flyers attached to Detroit area church (The Jerusalem Post)

September 4: American Jewish Committee praises U.S. Education Department’s Civil Rights Division’s use of working definition of anti-Semitism while also defending free speech principles (The Virginian-Pilot)

September 5: Online posts complain that Jews are taking over the Indiana University campus (JTA)

September 6: Study shows anti-Semitism on shadow social media spiked around Trump inauguration and Charlottesville (The Mercury News)

September 5: Vassar College says it has identified student who distributed anti-Semitic “Disorientation Guide” to incoming students (Poughkeepsie Journal)

September 8: U.S. Department of Education reopens investigation of allegations of anti-Semitism at Rutgers (The Times of Israel)

September 9: New York State Democratic Party flyer which falsely tries to associate Cynthia Nixon with anti-Semitism backfires (New York Magazine)

September 9: Anti-Semitic flyers posted at or near five synagogues in the San Francisco area (JTA)

September 11: Trump’s Education Department changes the way allegations of anti-Semitism directed at Jewish students are investigated (Politico)

September 13: Eric Trump accused of anti-Semitism after saying Woodward received three extra shekels for appearing on CNN (Haaretz)

September 13: House passes bill elevating the position of the Special Envoy to Monitor and Combat Anti-Semitism to Ambassadorial rank (JTA)

September 13: San Francisco transit system accepts ad from organization associated with Holocaust denial (JTA)

September 14: Manafort used false charges of anti-Semitism to support his client the former President of Ukraine (The Times of Israel)

September 14: Book by Rutgers professor that claims Israelis purposely maim Palestinians so they can control them is awarded prize (JTA)

September 18: University of Michigan refuses to recommend student for study in Israel because of BDS (JTA)

September 18: Anti-Semitic graffiti left on synagogue outside of New Orleans (

September 18: Jailed convict is accused of making threats to Jewish Community Center in Wisconsin (The Times of Israel)

September 19: Anti-Semitic mailer dogs Cuomo even after big primary win (The New York Times)

September 20: App for fighting online anti-Semitism gets grant from Los Angeles area foundation (Jewish Journal)

September 21: Researchers at the University of Alabama find growth of anti-Semitic comments online over last 18 months (UAB News)

September 23: Swastika graffiti targets home of supporters of Jewish member of Congress (The Times of Israel)

September 27: Swastikas in Indiana High School (Fox 59)

September 30: Raleigh, North Carolina synagogue cancels events after threatening letter (JTA)

October 2: Daughter of Israeli envoy claims Students for Justice in Palestine are threatening her and other pro-Israel students at Columbia (JTA)

October 2: Public sukkah in Manhattan defaced with anti-Israel grafitti (JTA)

October 6: Backlash to Trump claim that Soros backed anti-Kavanaugh protesters (Times of Israel

October 6: Fairfax, Virginia JCC vandalized with 19 swastikas (Times of Israel)

October 6: Boston-area student targeted by anti-Semitic bullying (Boston 25 News)

October 8: University of Michigan lecturer compared Prime Minister of Israel and Hitler (Jerusalem Post)

October 8: Two University of Michigan students ask administration to adopt IHRA working definition of anti-Semitism (Jewish Journal)

October 9: Second Michigan professor refuses to recommend student for Israel study abroad (Washington Post)

October 10: Anti-Semitic flyers connected to Kavanaugh hearings on UC Berkeley campus (CBS Local)

October 10: University of Michigan apologizes to two students denied recommendation to study abroad in Israel (Michigan Live)

October 11: Individual arrested who set fire and drew picture of the devil outside a Modesto synagogue. (JTA)

October 11: Kavanaugh related anti-Semitic flyers found in California and New York show up in Iowa (JTA)

October 12: Three NY colleges ban from campus a man suspected of posting anti-Semitic flyers associating Jews to opposition to Kavanaugh (JTA)

October 15: In lead-up to elections, attacks on Soros as anti-Christ and as satanic from Trump supporters (Haaretz)

October 15: Detroit community survey of Jewish households finds perceptions of anti-Semitism is somewhat lower today than in 2005 survey (Detroit Jewish News)

October 16: Jewish groups at UC Davis claim university administration is not adequately addressing incidents of anti-Semitism (JTA)

October 17: Chelsea Clinton calls out Louis Farrakhan for his latest anti-Semitic remarks (JTA)

October 18: GOP ad charges Democratic candidate in MN 1 is “owned” by Soros (The Forward)

October 18: Daily Stormer group behind fliers being distributed nation-wide which blame Jews for charges against Kavanaugh (JTA)

October 21: Pakistani man charged with hate crime in beating of Orthodox man walking to synagogue (JTA)

October 22: Northern NJ club hosts three white supremacist, anti-Semitic bands  (

October 22: After swastika incidents, Reading residents rally agains anti-Semitism (Boston Globe)

October 23: Racist, anti-Semitic robocall goes out smearing Democratic candidate for FL Governor (JTA)

October 23: Bomb found in George Soros’ mail box (JTA)

October 23: Video of Farrakhan’s anti-Semitic “termite” comments removed from Facebook and YouTube but remains on Twitter (JTA)

October 25: Head of student bar at George Washington University urged to resign after anti-Semitic comments (JTA)

October 25: Case for conspiracy theory attacks on Soros fostering anti-Semitism (The Guardian)

October 26: Congressman King gives sympathetic interview to extreme right Austrian publication shortly after visiting Auschwitz on educational trip (JTA)

October 26: ADL says online anti-Semitism spikes before mid-term elections (Haaretz)

October 27: A man opened fire at a Pittsburgh synagogue, killing 11 and injuring six (The New York Times)

October 27: Anti-Semitic attack in synagogue in Pittsburgh, deadliest in US history, is widely condemned (EuroNews)

October 27: Trump condemns anti-Semitic attack on Pittsburgh synagogue as ‘pure evil,’ suggests armed guards might have averted the killing (Jerusalem Post)

October 28: Tom Steyer accuses number two Republican in House, Kevin McCarthy, of antisemitism (Reuters)

October 28: Fox bans guest of Lou Dobbs over Soros-related anti-Semitic remarks (WND)

October 29: Catholic Bishop’s Conference offers prayers for victim and condemnation of antisemitic attack (Catholic News Agency)

October 29: Muslim groups raise money to support families of victims of Pittsburgh synagogue shootings (JTA)

October 30: Iranian refugee raises $700,000 online for Tree of Life Synagogue after seeing the reaction of a Jewish friend to the killings (Times of Israel)

October 30: Justice Department in wake of Pittsburgh murders launches website with resources for combatting hate crimes (Times of Israel)

October 30: Doll pinned to tree with knife in forehead found near Jewish school in New Jersey (JTA)

October 30:  US agency to investigate Radio Marti for taxpayer funded anti-Semitic attack on George Soros (NPR)

October 30: Campaign mailer fuels charges of anti-Semitism in CT Senate race (Hartford Courant)

October 30:  Children of Missouri House candidate urge voters not to vote for their father because of his anti-Semitism (Kansas City Star)

October 30:  Headstones toppled in small Jewish cemetery in Texas (JTA)

October 31: Instagram cracks down on anti-Semitism in response to Pittsburgh killings (Forbes)

October 31:  Two Iowa Rabbis charge Congressman Steve King with crusading for the same beliefs as Pittsburgh terrorist (JTA)

October 31: NRA charges Steyer, Bloomberg and Soros with pushing an elitist agenda (JTA)

November 1: Harris County Clerk removes references to Soros from his campaign web site after accusations of anti-Semitism (Texas Monthly)

November 1:  Southern California synagogue vandalized (JTA)

November 2: Political event cancelled after anti-Semitic graffiti scrawled on Brooklyn synagogue (New York Post)

November 3: Police arrest suspect in case of defaced synagogue in Brooklyn (The Hill)

November 7: President Trump says he is combating domestic anti-Semitism with China tariffs (Newsweek)

November 8: President Trump decries anti-Semitism and white supremacism in answer to question at post-election news conference (Times of Israel)

November 8: Comedy writer apologizes for tweeting anti-Semitic jokes (JTA)

November 9: Actress and activist Alyssa Milano will not speak at next Women’s March unless Linda Sarsour and Tamika Mallory condemn Farrakhan’s anti-Semitism (Haaretz)

November 11: Man accused of killing Jewish college student pleads not guilty to murder and hate crime (JTA)

November 11: Image of swastika sent to cell phones at school assembly in Chicago suburb (JTA)

November 11: NGO associated with Germany’s Social Democratic Party withdraws its award to Women’s March over anti-Semitism and support for BDS (JTA)

November 11: Man accused of killing Jewish college student pleads not guilty to murder and hate crime (JTA)

November 12: Women’s March condemns Farrakhan’s antisemitism while standing with Mallory and Sarsour (JTA)

November 12: New England Revolution planning to play exhibition with Chelsea in a match to highlight dangers of anti-Semitism (also see United Kingdom) (Pro Soccer USA)

November 13: Wisconsin High School investigating prom picture of Nazi salute by male students (Jerusalem Post)

November 13: Students decry pervasive anti-Semitism at Connecticut high school (New Haven Register)

November 13: Hate crimes against Jews up 37% in 2017 according to FBI (JTA)

November 14: US House unanimously condemns anti-Semitic attack on Pittsburgh synagogue (JTA)

November 14: DC man arrested on gun charges after stating that the Pittsburgh attack was just a dry run (JTA)

November 14: Shutterstock removes photo of happy man in kippah waving wads of cash (JTA)

November 15: Miami Beach Jewish center defaced with swastika and upside down cross (JTA)

November 16: Facebook slammed for hiring a PR firm which engaged in promoting Soros-related anti-Semitic conspiracy theory (Vox)

November 18: Linda Sarsour under fire for claiming Jewish progressives have divided loyalties (JTA)

November 18: Man arrested in Brooklyn for Nazi Salute and Heil Hitler directed at a Jewish man sitting in his car (JTA)

November 19: Women’s March co-founder calls for current march organizers to resign because they have allowed anti-Semitism to become associated with the movement (JTA)

November 19: Swastika defaced mural dedicated to victims of Pittsburgh killings at Duke University (JTA)

November 20: Three swastikas found in nine days on Cornell University campus (Cornell Daily Sun)

November 21: Linda Sarsour apologizes for failure to condemn anti-Semitism (National Review)

November 22: Man arrested for anti-Semitc tirade on flight to Atlanta (JTA)

November 22: Facebook’s Sandberg admits to knowing about relationship between Facebook and PR firm doing research on Soros (JTA)

November 22: Monticello school district investigates anti-Semitic incidents after parents’ complaints (Times Herald-Record)

November 23: Opinion piece on how anti-Semitism threatens to fracture the Women’s March (The Federalist)

November 25: In the United States, right-wing violence is on the rise (Washington Post)

November 26: Christ at the Checkpoint conference in Oklahoma sponsored by Bethlehem Bible College discusses illegitimacy of Hebrew Bible and the Jewish people’s loss of covenant (Jewish News)

November 28: Seventy-two Jewish groups urge Congress to pass two laws to combat anti-Semitism (JTA)

November 29: Marc Lamont Hill fired from CNN for supporting a “free Palestine from the river to the sea” (Washington Post)

November 29: Swastikas spray painted on professor’s office at Columbia University (Washington Post)

November 30: Soccer match between Chelsea and New England Revolution scheduled for May and funds will go to fight against anti-Semitism (also see United Kingdom) (MLS Soccer)

November 30: Two high profile swastika incidents: Columbia and on Crenshaw mural in Los Angeles (Vox)

December 1: Brett Favre and Soulja-Boy tricked into antisemitic statements (Mashable)

December 2: Head of US broadcasting agency apologizes for referring to George Soros as a millionaire Jew (JTA)

December 2: Trump condemns anti-Semitism in Hanukkah message (The Hill)

December 2: Menorah vandalized at Penn State University (JTA)

December 3: Miami police officer suspended after release of apparent anti-Semitic video is defended by allies (Local 10)

December 3: Three large swastikas spray-painted in Brooklyn neighborhood (JTA)

December 5: Arizona State Rep. accused of racism is alleged to have also made anti-Semitic remark in 2017 (Phoenix New Times)

December 6: Trump condemns anti-Semitism at White House Hanukkah reception (Politico)

December 6: Individual arrested and charged with hate crime for attacking a Hasidic man in Brooklyn (JTA)

December 7: Jewish teacher at NJ Catholic school files lawsuit over alleged student antisemitism (

December 7: ADL criticizes congressman who repeats discredited story often used by anti-Semitic right that George Soros collaborated with Nazis to seize Jewish property (JTA)

December 7: NYU student government votes to divest from companies with Israel ties (JTA)

December 8:  Swastikas found at middle school in Colorado that has been the subject of other anti-Semitic allegations (CBS Denver)

December 9:  Anti-Semitic pamphlets found in the neighborhood in Pittsburgh where Tree of Life killings took place (Newswer)

December 9:  Controversy at Kingsborough College over a conservative, Jewish professor with controversial social media posts includes accusations of anti-Semitism and anti-Zionist rhetoric (Tablet Magazine)

December 9:  South Florida man arrested after making threats on synagogue and other Jewish institutions (JTA)

December 9:  NYC councilwoman target of anti-Semitic letter from neighboring constituent (JTA)

December 10:  Ohio man arrested for planning attack on synagogue (JTA)

December 11:  Nazi-themed posters found at State University of New York, Purchase College (Times of Israel)

December 12:  Anti-Semitic grafitti sprayed on and around American Federation of Teachers HQ in DC (Washington Post)

December 13:  Anti-Semitic material targets critics of Nazi salute photo (JTA)

December 13:  NYU Jewish Center temporarily closed after targeted anti-Semitic posts on social media (JTA)

December 14:  South Florida Jewish leaders concerned about anti-Semitic incidents (Sun Sentinel)

December 14:  Ashland, Oregon Jewish community faces vandalism and anti-Semitism from political candidate (Ashland Daily Tidings)

December 14:  Temple University Board denounces Hill’s Free Palestine Speech (Jewish Journal)

December 15:  Ann Coulter says Jews, like the rest of the Democratic party base, hate white men (Times of Israel)

December 16: Kentucky governor denies attack on ProPublica was anti-Semitic despite singling-out Jewish funders (JTA)

December 16: Man caught on camera threatening a LA area synagogue (JTA)

December 17: Women’s March Washington Chapter withdrawing from national organization over failure of leadership to distance themselves from Farrakhan (Washington Times)

December 17: Alice Walker comes under fire for recommending a book by anti-Semitic conspiracy author in NYT Book Review section (The Guardian)

December 19: Thirty-two NGOs call upon Zuckerberg and Sandberg to step down from Facebook board for allowing weaponizing of antisemitism (Times of Israel

December 20: “Fake News” “MAGA” sign found pointing at the San Antonio Holocaust Museum (Insider)

December 20: Ohio man convicted of hate crime for beating a man he thought was Jewish (JTA)

December 21: Anti-Semitism allegations are splitting the Women’s March (JTA)

December 28: NYPD report shows Jews targeted in hate crimes more than all other groups combines (JTA)

December 31: Woman arrested for vandalizing North Carolina Synagogue (JTA)



January 14: Uruguayan hostel rejects Israeli couple because of owner’s anti-Israel views (Jewish Telegraphic Agency)

Vatican City

January 29: Pope Francis says Europe must do more to fight anti-Semitism (The Forward)

August 3: Former Pope Benedict causes uproar with statement that the Church never supported supresessionism and that Jews should use Catholic lens in reading the Hebrew Bible (USA Today)


January 23: Al-Qaida commander put on U.S. terrorist list after calling for killing of Americans and Jews (see United States) (Jewish Telegraphic Agency)

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