Moment Zoominar: Growing Up Funny with Jewish Comedian Rachel Creeger and Author Michael Krasny

London-based comedian Rachel Creeger, cohost of the podcast, “Jew Talkin’ To Me?”, talks about growing up in a traditional home and listening to the men in the family tell jokes on Shabbat and how it feels to now be the only Orthodox Jewish woman on the British comedy circuit. Rachel is in conversation with Michael Krasny, retired public radio host of KQED Forum and the author of Let There Be Laughter: A Treasury of Great Jewish Humor and What It All Means.

Both Rachel and Michael are part of the Moment Symposium “What is Your Favorite Jewish Joke – And Why?”

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Twitter Explained | Who is Over and Where’s the Party?

Anyone who’s spent anytime on Twitter has probably seen some form of #IsOverParty trending. In its most common usage, IsOverParty is written after the name of someone or something that is “canceled.” Generally, if #IsOverParty is trending, clicking on it will pull up tweets that explain what the person has done to deserve such a party. Recently, however, many on Twitter have used the hashtag to ask why #IsOverParty is trending in the first place, flooding Twitter with tweets of confusion, making it difficult to find the reasons behind the tweets.

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