Zero Degrees of Separation - Maryim Bialik and Stephen Dulmer

See one reason why David Brooks is a fan of Steven Pinker—The Moment Magazine Great DNA Experiment

Moment tests the DNA of 15 notable American Jews—including Joshua Bell, Mayim Bialik, David Brooks, Alan Dershowitz, A.J. Jacobs, Robert Siegel and Tovah Feldshuh—to see if and how they are related. Surprise, surprise, they are! And how!

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Birthright Denied

On Monday, September 23, 2013, Juliana Deguis Pierre was mopping the floors of the house of a wealthy family in the Dominican capital of Santo Domingo when a journalist from the daily newspaper El Caribe appeared at the door. “They can’t give you your document because your father came from Haiti,” the journalist told her before snapping her photo without permission and abruptly departing.

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Visual Moment // History, Demolished

The world watched in horror earlier this year when videos went viral showing ISIS bulldozing the 3,000-year-old ruins of the ancient Assyrian capital of Nimrud in Iraq—a city so old it is mentioned in Genesis. The militants toppled walls and bas-reliefs, sledgehammered statues and used a bulldozer to overturn and shatter a majestic human-headed, winged bull statue that had long guarded the city’s Nergal Gate…

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