The Importance of Storytelling in the Black and Jewish Communities with Eric K. Ward, Nadine Epstein, Adam Mansbach and Langston Collin Wilkins

By | Jan 23, 2024


Storytelling and folklore help us understand history, impart cultural values, and imbue us with wisdom. Join us for a conversation about the importance of folklore in both the Black and Jewish communities, from the golem and Anansi the Spider to Hip Hop and Jewish Jokes.

*Eric K. Ward, Civil Rights Strategist

*Nadine Epstein, Moment Editor-in-Chief

*Adam Mansbach, screenwriter, author of The Golem of Brooklyn

*Langston Collin Wilkins, Assistant Professor of Folklore and African American Studies and author of Welcome to Houston: Hip Hop Heritage in Hustle Town

This program is part of The Wide River Project which takes a deep dive—and fresh look—into the art, history and issues that both unite and divide the Black and Jewish communities.


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