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Black Jewish Relations - Wide River Project

Nadine Epstein, Clarence Page, and Eric K. Ward to discuss Black and Jewish issues

The Black Jewish Relationship: Triumphs and Tensions with Eric K. Ward, Nadine Epstein and Clarence Page

Pulitzer Prize-winning Chicago Tribune columnist Clarence Page is a longtime observer of the Black and Jewish relationship in America. Nadine Epstein, Moment editor-in-chief and Eric K. Ward, executive director of Western States Center, host him for a wide-ranging conversation covering pivotal moments of that relationship, exploring the shared history, and triumphs and tensions. Topics include the civil rights partnership, Black Panthers, Norman Podhoretz’s 1963 essay “My Negro Problem-And Ours” essay, the rise of Louis Farrakhan and much more. *Please note special day.

This program is part of The Wide River Project, a joint initiative of Western States Center and Moment that takes a deep dive—and fresh look—into the art, history and issues that both unite and divide the Black and Jewish communities.

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