Black-Jewish Relations: Coming Together to Fight Racism and Antisemitism with Rochelle L. Ford and Nadine Epstein

By | Jan 16, 2024


Given current tensions, it’s easy to forget the long history of Black and Jewish communities working together in the pursuit of justice. With the rise of racism and antisemitism, it’s more important than ever to begin repairing Black-Jewish relations. Join Dr. Rochelle L. Ford, President of Dillard University in New Orleans, for a conversation about why she made the decision to revitalize the university’s National Center for Black-Jewish Relations which was first founded in 1989 and how the two communities can build relationships to fight hate. Dr. Ford was recently a speaker at the March for Israel in Washington, DC where thousands rallied in support of Israel, for the release of the hostages, and against antisemitism. This program is in honor of MLK, Jr. Day, which is the day prior.

This Wide River Conversation is hosted by Moment Editor-in-Chief Nadine Epstein.


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One thought on “Black-Jewish Relations: Coming Together to Fight Racism and Antisemitism with Rochelle L. Ford and Nadine Epstein

  1. Allen Eli Segal says:

    Way Too Many Voices, voices of Hate, emanating from the Black community in the U.S. against the Jewish community.
    After watching a documentary on MLK’s murder and riots that ensued thereafter, small businesses owned by Jews were looted and burned.
    That’s when I realized that this Black community is Thankless and hatefully blind, after all the contributions Jews have made for the Cause.
    Rarely do we hear from Black community leaders, for those who are capable of listening, voices against hateful statements, Jew-hatred lyrics, and other religious based hatred aimed at the Jewish community. The split in the Jewish, Black communities are entirely borne by the Black community.
    Many Jews in the U.S. are done with empathy for Black causes, I am one of them.

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