It’s not a Conspiracy: The Jewish and Black Origins of the Skinhead Movement with Jacob Kornbluth, Eric K. Ward, Pan Nesbitt and Nadine Epstein

By | Mar 19, 2024


It wasn’t until the early 1980s that the Skinhead movement was infiltrated by White supremacists and neo-Nazis. The Skinhead subculture began in London in the late 1960s, influenced by reggae, ska and punk and was not rooted in hate but the opposite. In fact, there have always been Jewish and Black skinheads. Join Emmy-winning filmmaker Jacob Kornbluth, director and producer of the new documentary “We’ve Been Here Before”; civil rights strategist Eric K. Ward, a longtime punk rocker who identifies as an “anti-racist skinhead”; Jewish anti-hate skinhead Pan Nesbittand Moment Editor-in-Chief Nadine Epstein. They discuss the Jewish and Black origins of the Skinhead movement, how punk activists like Ward and Nesbitt successfully pushed back against white nationalists and neo-Nazis to save the subculture they love, and why this little known story is important at a time when hate is on the rise.

This program is part of The Wide River Project which takes a deep dive—and fresh look—into the art, history and issues that both unite and divide the Black and Jewish communities and is part of a Moment series on antisemitism supported by the Joyce and Irving Goldman Family Foundation.


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