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By | May 08, 2020
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“Today, challah—as a word, an act and a symbol—is a bridge across the generations,” writes senior editor George E. Johnson. “It seems there are as many variations on challah as there are people baking it.” Whether we’re trying to learn something new during quarantine or find baking a comforting past-time, many of us lucky enough to find yeast in the store have been perfecting our challah-baking game. Moment asked readers to share their latest challah creations (or other baking achievements). Below is a collection of our favorite baked goods. 

“Challah symbolizes home and togetherness for me—perfect during cozy times with family.”— J. Lang Hilgartner (@ladinolives), Winston Salem, NC




“I have two of my adult kids living back home again during the pandemic, and we wanted fresh Challah made with our own homegrown yeast. Felt like a wonderful way to enjoy the Sabbath together during these strange times.”—Paul Della Maggiora (@GoBeepGuy), Greenville, SC


“I find baking bread teaches me about patience and hand kneading centers me, both attributes I need more than ever right now. I also enjoy eating fresh bread.”—Faith Kramer (@blogappetit), Oakland, CA.  



“I make challah during this time of social distancing for a few reasons. First, I’m on pregnancy disability leave and it is a nice way to pass the time and keep me busy while I wait for the baby to come. Second, it’s a nice way right now to make Shabbat feel special and stand out from the other days of the week while we can’t see family. And also, I just really enjoy eating it.”—Alexis Handelman, Los Angeles, CA

“My daughter Michaela enjoys the act of mixing and kneading the dough by hand for Shabbat, helping us to connect with those who came before and will come after. We’ve upped our family Shabbat dinners to weekly instead of monthly during this time of distancing and this week, she’ll be making enough to deliver to friends and family to bridge the distance.”—Maria L. Simon, Indianapolis, IN. 

Do you have your own favorite challah recipe? How about some baking tips and tricks you *swear* guarantee perfect loaves every time? Share them in the comments and spread your wisdom to the rest of us challah-lovers!

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