The Complex Relationship Between AIPAC and Black Americans

15:34 08 June
AIPAC is a political organization, and as such, it has been engaging with black voters, activists and lawmakers for years on a political level. The lobby has been actively seeking these engagements, reaching out to African-Americans in all stages of their political careers, from college student body presidents to state and federal lawmakers, and by featuring prominent figures in the community, such as Bakari Sellers, as key voices within AIPAC.

Where Do Race Relations Fit Into the Jewish Political Agenda?

14:31 02 June
Jewish Americans have always been reliable allies in civil rights battles and have consistently led advocacy and legislation aimed at helping minority communities and denouncing injustice and inequality. It’s no surprise that the community is once again standing up for African Americans in their struggle for justice and for reforming the way police forces deal with black Americans. Where can the Jewish community play a part this time around?

Beshert | Shabbat-a-Bing-Bada-Boom!

15:04 14 May
“Someday,” my boyfriend David said to me dreamily, “we’ll have Shabbat dinners at our house.”  “Yeah right,” I guffawed. “I guess you’ll have to marry someone else. I don’t do Shabbat.”  Sure, I was Jewish. I went to Jewish camp. And High Holiday services. But

Since Withdrawing from the Iranian Nuclear Deal, Has Trump Seen Any Results?

16:27 11 May
But it’s hard to substantiate Pompeo’s claim that Americans are now safer or that the Middle East is more peaceful, and recent events in the region offer facts that argue otherwise. In the two years since the U.S. dropped out of the deal, tensions in the Persian Gulf had reached a boiling point, freedom of passage in the crucial Gulf waters has been jeopardized, fighting spread to Saudi Arabia and endangered critical oil infrastructure, and U.S. and Iran came to the brink of a full out war after the killing of Qasem Soleimani and the retaliatory Iranian attack on an American base in Iraq.

Anti-Semitism Spreads Among Anti-Lockdown Protestors

16:01 04 May
There have also been several other reports of swastikas and Nazi references in protests across the country, most of them aimed at Democratic governors who have refused to ease the lockdown guidelines until their states see a significant decline in coronavirus spread. Is it a case of ignorance or of anti-Semitism?

Leadership Controversy Plagues Pro-Israel Umbrella Organization

16:43 27 April
On Tuesday, members of the Conference of Presidents will vote on the approval of Dianne Lob as the next chairwoman of the organization, a two-year position that would make her the group’s top lay leader. Initially, she was supposed to take office immediately upon approval, but a last-minute change will make Lob chair-elect for the next year, after which she will assume the chairmanship—more on that later.