Opinion | Britain’s Anti-Semitism Problem

11:47 23 May
The United States is not the UK, and the Democratic Party is certainly not the British Labour party. But the echoes of British, left-wing anti-Semitism and a two-camp worldview can be heard on many American college campuses, within extreme-left political groups and even among some American progressives. It reminds us that anti-Semitism in America is not simply the property of the American right.

Opinion | Who Is a Reform Jew?

11:46 23 May
How many Reform Jews live in Israel? The proper answer to this question ought to be: Who cares? And yet some people do care, me included. Orthodox rabbis care because they fear Reform infiltration; pro-Reform activists care because they want the denomination’s fortunes to rise

The Cold War’s Canadian Jewish Spies

12:34 22 April
It was August 1943. Only six months earlier the Red Army had defeated the Germans at Stalingrad. That month the first and only representative of the Communist Party to be elected to the Canadian House of Commons won a predominantly Jewish, working class district in Montreal.

Soros: A Small Sacrifice for Netanyahu

09:03 01 April
George Soros and his contributions to organizations in Israel and Palestine are under attack. Many claim he is "Israel's enemy" and anti-Israel, but other political motivations behind the anti-Soros campaign encouraged by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.