Tuesday, August 20, 2019


A Gold Rush Synagogue Hangs On Down Under

09:32 24 January
More than a century and a half has passed since the gold rush created the booming Australian city of Ballarat, 70 miles inland from Melbourne. The gold is long gone, but the worshippers who sit shoulder to shoulder in the pews of Shearith Yisroel seem determined to live up to their synagogue’s name: “Remnant of Israel.”

From the Editor | A Response to an Unhappy Reader

12:10 16 January
Dear Mr. Chudd, I am sorry you have decided to cancel your subscription to Moment based on my column, “Dangerous Rhetoric, Dangerous Times”, in the November/December 2018 issue. I want you to know that I wrote that column in the days following the horrific slaughter...

Opinion | Is the Left Israel’s New Lost Tribe?

13:31 14 January
So on the eve of another round of Israeli elections, in which a “right” is supposedly battling a “left,” we have to ponder two options. The first is to agree that most of what Israelis argue about is either relatively unimportant (should we pass a nationality law?) or strictly tribal (do you belong to this or that segment of the population?), or just personal (do you approve of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu?). The second option is to change the definition of our political camps and what they mean. Do not contrast the small, vocal and largely irrelevant minority of people who still call themselves a left with the majority—because it skews the real political picture. Do not even call it a left—it’s confusing. Do not pretend the major debate in Israel is about the peace process—because it’s not. What is it about then? Hmmm. Good question.

Opinion | How Trump Mainstreams Anti-Semitism

12:09 14 January
President Donald Trump has brought the mental habits of anti-Semitism from the political fringe into the White House. And yet this is the same Trump who agreed to move the American Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem and who withdrew from the Iran nuclear deal,...