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Reborn in Hebrew

13:21 24 September in Culture, Latest
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by Ori Nir I have never thought of my father as a revolutionary. But since his death last month, several of his colleagues depicted him as such and helped me better appreciate some of his professional accomplishments, which I had not fully appreciated before. Shortly before he...

Kosher Couture

11:16 09 August in Culture, Latest

by Daniela Enriquez One of the obstacles Orthodox women face is finding a good "kosher" fashion line, that is wearable and respectful of tradition. Designer Marina Rahlin is easing the sartorial woes of Orthodox women with MaRa, her line of Orthodox-friendly fashion. Rahlin was born in...

Telling Mitzvah Stories

16:36 07 August in Culture, Latest

by Daniela Enriquez According to halacha, Jewish law, there are 613 mitzvot that a Jew should fulfill during a lifetime. Some of these are daily duties, like the recitation of the Shema; some involve the relationship between a single Jew and the other human beings, i.e....

2,711 Days of Talmud

12:06 01 August in Culture, Latest

by Rebecca Borison This evening, Jews around the world will gather to celebrate finishing all of the tractates of the Talmud. Over seven years, participants have studied a page of Talmud every day, either by themselves or in group lessons, for 2,711 days. And while the...