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Voters Disagree on Administration’s Response to Coronavirus, but Agree on Seriousness of the Crisis

15:26 20 March in *Ongoing Findings, 000 JPVP, Coronavirus, Latest

With the nationwide near-total shutdown in response to the coronavirus pandemic, we asked participants in the Jewish Political Voices Project (JPVP) what they thought about the response from political leaders. We also wanted to know how their lives have changed as “social distancing” becomes the...

For Our Iowa Voters–Calm, Order and Few Hints of the Chaos to Come

12:02 11 February in *Ongoing Findings, Latest, Politics

Following last week’s Iowa caucuses, we spoke with the two Democratic Iowa voters participating in Moment’s Jewish Political Voices Project about their experiences. Janice Weiner, who supports Senator Amy Klobuchar, led her Iowa City caucus, which attracted 525 people. Josh Mandelbaum, whose Des Moines caucus...