Our Voters Voice Solid Support for Biden, but Disappointment that Race Is Now Between ‘Two Old White Guys’

By | Mar 09, 2020
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As the field narrowed dramatically following Super Tuesday to former Vice President Joe Biden and Senator Bernie Sanders, we asked participants in the Jewish Political Voices Project who they now support for the Democratic nomination and their thoughts on the race thus far. Here’s what they had to say:


I support Joe Biden now [after first supporting Kamala Harris and then Elizabeth Warren]. While I like and agree with many of Sanders’ policies, I just can’t vote for an angry old white man. We’ve had more than enough of that nonsense. I am deeply disappointed that I was unable to vote for Warren — since I’m in Florida. I also know that misogyny played a major part in her ultimate lack of vote-getting. Misogyny took down Hilary Clinton and it led to Elizabeth’s withdrawal. I would like to see the Democratic nominee draft a woman as the vice-presidential candidate. I’d go for Kamala Harris or Stacey Abrams.


At this time, I support Joe Biden [having been undecided prior to Super Tuesday]. I think he has become the consensus candidate for moderate voters who want to pursue common sense policies that will make a difference for vulnerable people and will champion fundamental American values like an independent judiciary, the rule of law, respect for science and common decency. One of the things I have appreciated about this long primary process was the opportunity to see the passionate expressions of so many leaders for values and policy priorities I think are vital for America and the world. I learned so much from people who jumped into the race with the genuine goal of trying to make a positive difference for America. I may not have supported all of them, but I am grateful for their contributions to the race and to the project of America.


I am still voting for Donald Trump.


I am now supporting Joe Biden [after caucusing for Amy Klobuchar]. We need to be inclusive and reach out to a broad coalition. We need a candidate who will not make it more difficult for those who flipped the House in 2018 in purple districts to get re-elected and who can help us do the same with the Senate, because without the Senate, we will have a tough time, even with the presidency. Why are we yet again, ignoring the most capable, best qualified people—Elizabeth Warren and Amy Klobuchar in this instance? Is it because they are not what we think of reflexively when we imagine what leadership looks like? Because we think a woman can’t win? Because old white guys got into the race who have great name recognition? Imagine what the race would look like if Biden and Bernie Sanders (and Mike Bloomberg) had stayed out. We must have people like that in the cabinet and going forward.


I still support Bernie Sanders. I believe it’s important to get a progressive at the top of the ticket in order to advance the causes I find so important. I am not an absolutist and will be fine with voting for Joe Biden in the general election if he gets the Democratic nomination.


Michigan has an open primary system, so I am voting for Joe Biden because he is the candidate best equipped to unite the country and work with Republicans to solve the issues of our day.


I now support Joe Biden. He has the endorsements of Amy Klobuchar, my previous first choice, as well as Pete Buttigieg and Mike Bloomberg. I also really value Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s endorsement of him. He can beat Trump so long as all Democrats and moderates vote for Biden—which we know is possible from his Obama/Biden run. If Warren were to endorse Bernie Sanders I would be very disappointed in her as I attribute Sanders’s second round of greed for a spot in the Democratic race as a reason why Hillary Clinton lost in 2016 (and ultimately how we ended up with Trump), and now why we are left with two men.


I am so happy to see Joe Biden alive again in this race. He was my original choice and continues to be my choice. Really hoping he keeps the momentum going and maintains the lead.


I am currently undecided. If it’s between Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump, I’m definitely voting for Trump.


The world does seem like it has been turned upside down.  Since I was attending the AIPAC Policy Conference, I voted early, even though I really wanted to wait and see the results of South Carolina because I thought it might affect how I would vote. I was undecided until I went to the polls and then thought Elizabeth Warren was the best qualified for the job. I was happy to learn that Joe Biden won South Carolina. I cheered when he won and my wife said, “why are you cheering you voted for Warren?” I told her this has to be the best political comeback ever. I’m now supporting Joe Biden over Sanders because I think Biden has shown that he has a broader base of support.


I voted for Bernie Sanders, but I’m coming to believe that Joe Biden will stand a better chance of defeating Trump than Sanders. So, while the latter still reflects my views, I am increasingly pragmatic about the outcome.


I’m still supporting Biden despite my admiration of Amy Klobuchar, tepid bro-mance with Andrew Yang, and open-mindedness about Mayor Pete. It’s impressive how quickly it narrowed to a two-person race. It proves how little the pundits know. It will be interesting to see how Biden holds up under extended attention and scrutiny.


Biden all the way!!!


I could possibly support Joe Biden. If he promises to reinstate the Iran deal, I will probably vote for Amy Weiss [my wife].


Joe Biden is my choice. I’m disappointed that I won’t have a chance to vote for Elizabeth Warren but I’m on Team Biden now.


I have been likely to support and vote for Joe Biden for some time, but now that the field has narrowed significantly, this has never been clearer. There are a ton of reasons for this, but most especially because he is not Bernie Sanders! I do not see any evidence that Bernie has grown as a candidate since 2016 and believe he would have a difficult time in a general election. I personally hold resentment from 2016, as I think his decision to stay in the race for as long as he did played a huge role in Donald Trump’s election. Bernie continues to focus his efforts on “the establishment” and has not shown any good faith effort to engage in coalition building. Joe Biden is by far better at this, with evidence occurring at rapid speed with endorsements from other 2020 candidates. I think Biden can stabilize the nation and has a good team around him that would be ready from day one to start rebuilding our government agencies after the damage that is and will continue to be done from a Trump presidency. I’m also hopeful that Kamala Harris will be Biden’s running mate. I hope the primary wraps up as quickly as possible! It’s been a mess and is kind of sad that we are down to two old white guys. But it’s time to unite and get some sleep before November.


I voted for Elizabeth Warren because it’s time for a woman president and she had plans and had done the research behind her thoughts and ideas. Now, my preference between Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders? That’s a hard question. I’m leaning towards Biden because I don’t care for some of Bernie’s surrogates, but I will vote blue no matter who.


I did not vote in the [Democratic] primary because I consider myself an independent. While in Virginia, I could legally vote in the primary because we don’t register by party, as a matter of principle, I believe that candidates should be chosen by members of their own party. That said, had I voted, it would have been for Warren and I will definitely vote in the general election. Now that it’s Bernie and Biden, for me, the choice is easy—Biden—but I’m not happy about it. Just for the record, I’d vote for either in November against Trump.


Still choosing Trump over all those wanting to cripple this country with handouts.


I am now supporting Joe Biden, a good man, a fine man [having previously been undecided after Corey Booker dropped out]. The most remarkable part of Super Tuesday results was that the turnout was so huge across the country. It’s been a whirlwind, but I think the outcome is pretty clear—the nomination will go to Biden. I am disappointed that the women who started [in this race] couldn’t go the whole way. This country must confront its sexism and racism. I am confident of two things: 1) Joe Biden will choose a woman, probably a black woman, as his vice president; and 2) Bernie Sanders and his followers will not play well, and the unity attempts will not work. Bernie is a bad loser and Trump will help facilitate that. They both like being a “victim.”


I still support Bernie Sanders but will probably vote for Joe Biden. There is still too much anti-Semitism in the United States for Bernie to win a general election. Here in Wisconsin we still remember Senator Joseph McCarthy and his anti-communist (read anti-Semitic) agenda. Of course, McCarthy and Trump shared a lawyer in Roy Cohen who taught Trump his best tricks. In our day anti-Socialism equaled anti-Semitism. Hoping for a Biden/Michelle Obama ticket…you heard it here first.

2 thoughts on “Our Voters Voice Solid Support for Biden, but Disappointment that Race Is Now Between ‘Two Old White Guys’

  1. David S Fishback says:

    Thank you for assembling these comments. Likely a much better cross-section of views than random Facebook and Twitter comments. And thank you to Eliot Strickon for reminding everyone of the Roy Cohn connection. It is sad that people like Cohn and his spiritual heir and sometime doppleganger Stephen Miller sully our community. Happily, a large majority of the American Jewish Community rejects their ideology and tactics.


    To be clear, the race is between Biden and Trump. (Again, even we don’t get it.)

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