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The Best Jewish Podcasts Released This Year

We live in the Age of Information, and with so much new content coming out every day, boredom should never be an issue. However, if you are overwhelmed and don’t know where to start, we’ve compiled an entry point with some of this year’s best Jewish podcasts, which range from stories about the Holocaust and experiences in Israel to ancient texts and modern pop culture. If you are looking for a way to fill up some free time while learning something new, then here is a list of freshly released Jewish podcasts to immerse in.    The Refugee Report The Refugee Report is a podcast centered on informing the public about refugee issues around the world. This is an important topic for Jews because we ourselves have a detailed history of being refugees. Two episodes focus on the...

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‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ and the Lasting Appeal of Larry David

Suddenly there he was, shuffling to the podium: that familiar bald dome, those telltale glasses, the grumpy slouch we’d come to know and love, now stuffed inside a baggy suit that seemed to somehow fit perfectly, and now yelling about American politics instead of golf and wood stains.

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