Is There a Future for Tunisia’s Jews?

14:56 28 July
Tunisia is one of the success stories of the Arab spring. But can its Jews—who have lived in relative peace with their Muslim neighbors for more than one thousand years—survive democracy—and changing demographics? A lone television drones on in the corner, cartoons in Arabic, no

The Haredi PR Problem: Bad For (All) The Jews

16:52 28 June
by Ezer Smith There has been some outrage recently over an Orthodox custom known as metzitzah b’peh, and justifiably so: The custom, during which the mohel sucks blood out of the circumcision wound with his mouth, has caused 11 cases of genital herpes in newborn

The AIPAC/J Street Color War

12:28 27 March
by Charles Kopel A new spring ritual has taken form for American Jews concerned with Israel activism. The AIPAC Policy Conference, a mainstay in the American Zionist establishment for 53 years, is attracting larger and larger groups of delegates to Washington, DC each year. These

Opinion: Is Tenure Bad for the Jews?

16:54 11 October
If you ask professors why they need tenure, the first words out of their mouths will undoubtedly be some variation of this phrase: “To guarantee academic freedom.” I’ve asked this question dozens, if not hundreds, of times. I have asked professors at both ends of

Adding a Little Color to Summer Camp

16:06 24 August
by Steven Philp For centuries Jews have been the target of damaging stereotypes; yet in our effort to battle unfavorable myths, sometimes we overlook our own assumptions concerning the Jewish community. Perhaps this oversight is what makes Camp Be’chol Lashon so extraordinary. Located in the

The South Sudanese Are ‘The Jews of Our Time’

14:48 15 February
By Charles Jacobs The stars in Wanyjok’s sky blazed so bright it seemed as though God himself had switched on the lights in the vast blackness. I hadn’t seen a sky like this since I was a boy in the New Jersey countryside. It helped

Sandra Lawson (NC): ‘If It Stops Being on the News, People Will Stop Caring’

18:42 08 June
Rabbi Sandra Lawson serves as Jewish educator and associate chaplain for Jewish life at Elon University near Burlington, North Carolina. Since September, Lawson has been a participant in our Jewish Political Voices Project, where Moment is exploring the views of American Jewish voters in the months leading up to the 2020 presidential election. Moment contributor Dan Freedman spoke with Lawson about the recent events surrounding the murder of George Floyd and the protests that followed. 

The Top 19 Most-Read Stories of 2019

11:36 16 December
While the decade was long, 2019 felt much longer. Climate strikes, impeachment hearings and multiple elections in the U.S., UK, and Israel have dominated the ever-accelerating fast-paced news cycle so that other stories seemed drowned out by all the noise. Take a minute to look back at the articles that shaped 2019 for us and our readers. With topics ranging from Disney princesses to George Soros, Bob Dylan to Yeshiva University, here are Moment’s top 19 most-read stories of 2019.