Punk Jews Still

Review: “Punk Jews” Chronicles Modern Misfits

15:26 01 July
Every strand of Judaism has its misfits: A collection of individuals who imagine themselves within a particular Jewish community while expressing themselves outside of its rules. Even amongst the insular, strictly structured Orthodox communities there are the hidden black sheep who get swallowed by louder hums. These are the Punk Jews.

Book Review // The Story of the Jews

16:18 22 May
The great Jewish historian Yosef Hayim Yerushalmi, who died in 2009, famously declared that history was “the faith of fallen Jews.” Yerushalmi had trained under the preeminent 20th-century Jewish historian Salo Baron, whose epic (and unfinished) 18-volume A Social and Religious History of the Jews was celebrated for its paradigm-shifting rejection of the “lachrymose” view of Jewish history. Despite a life lived in the shadow of Jewish history’s most lachrymose moment—both his parents were murdered in the Holocaust—Baron insisted that Jewish history was defined not by dying but by living, by the astonishing creativity and vitality of an ever-changing Jewish culture.

Book Review | Black Jews in Africa and the Americas

21:06 28 December
How to Be Black and Jewish Tudor Parfitt Harvard University Press 2013,  $29.95, pp. 232 Tudor Parfitt’s last book, Search for the Lost Ark, was a scholarly romp through history and linguistics—an adventure story that ended where his latest book begins: the remarkable discovery that

Florida’s Jews

13:32 21 September
Florida’s Palm Beach County has long been considered a bastion of liberalism, but the now-infamous $50,000-a-plate Romney fundraiser hosted by Jewish private equity titan Marc Leder—in which the former governor said that 47 percent of Americans “believe that they are victims” — has shed light on