Nightingale of Iran with Danielle and Galeet Dardashti and Jennifer Bardi

By | Jun 12, 2024


Danielle and Galeet Dardashti, born and raised in the United States, knew very little about the lives of their father Farid and grandfather Younes in Iran when both were singing sensations and beloved by Iran’s Muslim community in the 1950s and 1960s. But why were these two men not supported by their own Jewish community in Iran? And why did they leave their home country at the height of their success? These questions and a treasure trove of old family recordings led the Dardashti sisters on a mission to learn more about their family’s past and bring them closer to their Persian-Jewish roots. Join Danielle and Galeet Dardashti, co-creators and co-executive producers of the documentary podcast series The Nightingale of Iran, and Moment Deputy Editor Jennifer Bardi, for a conversation about their search for the truth and what they discovered about their family along the way.


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