Moment Magazine-Karma Foundation Short Fiction Contest- test

Welcome to the Moment Magazine-Karma Foundation Short Fiction Contest The deadline for 2023 is September 30. The Moment Magazine-Karma Foundation Short Fiction Contest encourages writers to submit stories related to Judaism or Jewish culture or history. Established in 2000, this contest has brought in distinguished judges and special guests including Joyce Carol Oates, Robert Pinsky, Walter Mosley, Nicole Krauss, Erica Jong, Jonathan Safran Foer, Geraldine Brooks, Andre Aciman and Dara Horn. Note: all submissions must be made through Submittable. The contest is now accepting submissions for the 2023 contest. Moment will award up to three prizes to outstanding works of unpublished short fiction with Jewish content, including $1,000 for first place. After the submission deadline, Moment editors will review all stories and contact winners if their stories are being considered for publication. Moment Magazine reserves the right at all times...

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Jewish Halloween costume

Purim: The Jewish Halloween

by Sala Levin As Purim approaches, and with it the opportunity to impress your friends with the wittiness and originality of your costume. Or--if you're like this blogger--the opportunity to take a look in your closet, decide you're not nearly clever enough for this particular holiday, and celebrate instead with a Jewish cocktail. But don't despair yet, costume-less readers, because, when it comes to Purim, we take our cues from Theodor Herzl: If you will it, it is no dream. So with that determination in mind, here are some last-minute costume ideas inspired by news about Jews. The Bluth Family: Pop-culture snobs rejoiced when Mitchell Hurwitz, creator of the late, much-lauded Arrested Development, announced earlier this month that the television show would likely return to airwaves for new episodes and even a movie. So grab some friends, stash...

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Jewish brisket


Grandma style may be a better bet if you live in the Northeast or Midwest. A home-style barrel smoker has to work twice as hard in frigid temperatures, climate change notwithstanding. Your Texas-style brisket might take much longer than 12 hours to reach perfection. I know this from bitter experience. But whichever style you choose, it’s impossible to go wrong, insists Joan Nathan: “Nobody doesn’t love brisket.” Ingredients 1      4-5 pound brisket 2      garlic cloves, peeled and chopped 1      Spanish or yellow onion, sliced 1      cup red wine 1      cup chili sauce 1/2  cup chipotle ketchup (or chili sauce or regular ketchup) 1      can of crushed tomatoes (10 or 15 ounces) 1      bay leaf 1      sprig fresh rosemary (or dried) 1      sprig fresh thyme (or dried) 1/4  cup parsley, chopped 2 ...

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