Charoset From Around the World

By | Mar 23, 2021
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Zoominar: Charoset Around the World and other Passover Specialties with Chef Vered Guttman 


There’s more to charoset than just apples, walnuts and sweet red wine. Chef Vered Guttman demonstrates how this symbolic Passover food is prepared around the world. She also makes homemade horseradish and other Passover specialties.

Menu includes:

Yemeni charoset with sesame seeds; Italian charoset with chestnuts and poppy seeds; Persian charoset with apples and pomegranate; Iraqi date and walnut charoset “truffles”

Homemade beet and horseradish chrain; Cold borscht with potato and raw egg yolk – the traditional Ashkenazi lunch before the Seder; Mina del Pesach – matza pie with beef (or meat substitute) from the Balkans.

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