Ecological Judaism with Ellen Bernstein, Natan Margalit and Noah Phillips

By | Oct 03, 2023


Is Judaism an earth-based religion? Can holidays such as Sukkot and Shabbat, studying Torah, and following the biblical law of Shmita and other Jewish practices help us live ecologically sound lives? Join Rabbi Ellen Bernstein, founder of the first national Jewish environmental organization Shomrei Adamah, and author of the forthcoming book Toward a Holy Ecology: Reading the Song of Songs in the Age of Climate Crisis and Rabbi Natan Margalit, founder of Organic Torah, and author of The Pearl and the Flame: A Journey into Jewish Wisdom and Ecological Thinking for a conversation about “eco-theology” and the radical new ways Jewish leaders are using ancient teachings of Judaism to address today’s environmental and social problems. In conversation with Moment Digital Editor Noah Phillips.


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