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BY IRA N. FORMAN  |  2022

Founded in 2018, Moment’s Antisemitism Monitor is a carefully fact-checked website of antisemitic incidents around the world. It is curated by one of the world’s top antisemitism experts—Ira N. Forman, the former U.S. Special Envoy of the Office to Monitor and Combat Antisemitism, who now teaches at Georgetown University and is a senior fellow at the Washington, DC-based Moment Institute. At a time of rising antisemitism and the proliferation of disinformation, the Antisemitism Monitor is a critical resource used by government officials, Human Rights NGOs, the public, academics, students and the media, including The Wall Street Journal and the Times of Israel. “Understanding the different ways antisemitism manifests itself is absolutely essential if you’re going to learn to counter it,” says Forman.

Moment’s Antisemitism Monitor is unique because:

  • It is curated by experts, not algorithms.
  • It is updated on a weekly basis.
  • It provides thoughtful, balanced monthly findings and analysis.
  • It is based on credible news sources and news stories that do not have a strong ideological slant.
  • It illustrates the different nature of antisemitism in specific countries and regions.
  • It includes incidents that are not necessarily antisemitic in nature but that raise questions of antisemitism.
  • It is provided as a public service on a free, easy to use platform that is accessible to all.

Germany, December 20:  Jewish student organizations protest the play “Birds of a Kind” in Munich over alleged antisemitism even though it has run in Tel Aviv without protest and been attacked when produced in Geneva by the BDS Movement because of Israeli funding.

United Kingdom, December 21:  Series of antisemitic incidents target London Jews.

Canada, December 21:  Jewish high school student confronted with swastika graffiti, Nazi salutes.

Australia, December 22: Swastika graffiti in Hawthorn, Australia.

United States, December 22:  Jewish man assaulted with skate board in San Francisco’s Haight district after his attacker asked if he was Jewish.

United States, December 22:  Minneapolis City Councilman Apologizes for Antisemitic, Anti-Gay Marriage Posts.

United States, December 22:  Antisemitic leaflets distributed in Santa Barbara, California.

United States, December 23:  Antisemitic flyers in Modesto, California.

United States, December 23:  Cranford, New Jersey police investigating the passing around of an antisemitic image in Cranford High School.

Australia, December 24:  Melbourne boxing gym linked to dangerous neo-Nazi activists and indoctrination of children.

United States, December 24:  Ice menorah vandalized at Chabad Israel Center on Upper East Side of Manhattan.

United States, December 25:  Antisemitic banner hung from overpass in Vass, North Carolina.

Brazil, December 27:  Prominent Brazilian economist is criticized by another economist as being disloyal because he is Jewish.

United States, December 27:  NYC firefighter charged with vandalizing a Chabad sukkah.

United States, December 28:  Chabad menorah destroyed in Coney Island.

United States, December 28:  After Google search engine presents an antisemitic slur for the definition of “Jew” the company tweets an apology and removes the offensive language.

Italy, December 28: Italian Jewish leaders criticize the president of the country’s parliament for honoring neo-fascist party.

United States, December 28:  Antisemitic flyers distributed in several neighborhoods of Grand Junction, Colorado.

United States, December 28: Medford, Oregon menorah vandalized twice in same week.

United States, December 29: Antisemitic leaflets left in multiple Shreveport, Louisiana neighborhoods.

United States, December 29: Woman tries to remove antisemitic sign hanging on a fence in Cedar Rapid, Iowa.

Greece, December 31: Thessaloniki Jewish monument on Aristotle University campus vandalized by red swastika.

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Ira N. Forman is a senior fellow at the Moment Institute and a senior fellow at Georgetown University’s Center for Jewish Civilization. He is the former U.S. Special Envoy of the Office to Monitor and Combat Antisemitism. He also serves as the senior advisor for combating antisemitism at Human Rights First.

antisemitism Afghanistan Afghanistan

No incidents yet reported for 2022. View last year’s list here.

antisemitism AlbaniaAlbania

No incidents yet reported for 2022. View last year’s list here.


antisemitism algeriaAlgeria

August 24:  Head of Muslim Brotherhood party derides the presence of France’s chief rabbi (who was born in Algeria) as part of French President Macron’s delegation in visit to the North African nation (The Algemeiner Journal)

antisemitism Argentina


April 1: Argentine Federal Prosecutors add charges of antisemitism against military officers who tortured their own soldiers during the 1982 Malvinas War (Buenos Aires Times)

June 6: An Argentine Trotskyist party lawmaker charges all Zionists as being Nazis and accuses Israel of being a genocidal and racist state (Jerusalem Post)

August 25:  Jewish organization criticize Argentine president for comparing Covid death to the Holocaust (Jewish Telegraphic Agency)

antisemitism ArmeniaArmenia

No incidents yet reported for 2022. View last year’s list here.


antisemitism AustraliaAustralia

February 4: Melbourne rabbi receives two profanity-laced calls in one night, both linked Jew-hatred to alleged Israeli apartheid (Jerusalem Post)

February 11: Amazon Australia removes Nazi propaganda films from its platform (Algemeiner)

February 28: Jewish MP’s campaign poster defaced with antisemitic graffiti (Cleveland Jewish News)

March 3: Antisemitic incidents increase 38% in 2021 (Australian Jewish News)

April 4: Campaign signs of another candidate of Jewish heritage, Federal Treasurer Josh Frydenberg, defaced with antisemitic graffiti (Sydney Morning Herald)

April 6: Five former students sue Brighton Secondary College over years of alleged antisemitic bullying (The Age)

April 18: Giant swastika carved into Australian soccer pitch (Jerusalem Post)

April 20: Antisemitism rose 35% in Australia last year according to Jewish umbrella organization (Jerusalem Post)

April 30: Melbourne University Student Union passes BDS resolution accusing Israel of ethnic cleansing and apartheid and describing Zionism as a “racist, colonial ideology” (Jerusalem Post)

May 2: Antisemitic vandalism in Australia’s parliamentary elections (Canberra Times)

May 17: Police investigating attack on two Jewish men outside a Melbourne supermarket (The Age)

May 19: Two men arrested after posting swastika stickers on Jewish Community Center in Melbourne (Australian Jewish News)

May 26: The University of Melbourne Student Union rescinds resolution that was labelled “blatantly antisemitic” (Australian Jewish News)

June 2: Melbourne school principal accused of giving speeches endorsing Nazis and calling Jews subhuman (7NEWS)

June 2:  One of five students who have sued a Melbourne school and the state recounts how repeated antisemitic incidents, including a knife being held to his throat, were ignored by school administration (The Age)

June 14: Melbourne school that is being sued by Jewish
students for discrimination is now criticized for failure to
remove a number of swastika graffiti drawings on the
school property (Magnet)

June 18: Students on a bus from a Jewish school met with
Nazi salute (ADC)

June 22: The Australian state of Victoria bans displays of
swastikas (CBS News)

July 16: Antisemitic flyer saying “Covid agenda is Jewish”
found in Melbourne synagogue (The Jerusalem Post)

July 28: Anti-Defamation Commission calls for renaming
street in Queensland called “Jew Street” (Brisbane Times)

August 12: University of Melbourne Student Union calls on
university to divest, boycott and cut ties from “Israeli
institutions, researchers and academic who support the
Israeli oppression of Palenstine” (The Age)

September 2:  Australian university student magazine calls for “death to Israel” (Jewish Telegraphic Agency).

September 4: Incident of Nazi salutes and bullying of Jewish students in schools of Sydney’s eastern suburbs (The Sydney Morning Herald).

September 11: New reports of antisemitic bullying in Sydney schools (NSWJBD).

September 19: Student representatives of several university clubs call Israel a genocidal state and protest University of Adelaide’s student union decision to dismiss editor of a school magazine who published a call for Israel’s destruction (The Algemeiner).

October 7: Elderly Jewish man in Melbourne confronted by a man saying “we will kill the f*****g Jews (The Jerusalem Post)

October 15: Vandals draw swastika outside a predominantly Jewish preschool in Sydney suburb (The Weekly Times)

November 28: Jewish youth is a top draft choice for Australian rugby/football team and is then target of antisemitic posts online (Fox Sports)

December 22: Swastika graffiti in Hawthorn, Australia (Fox Sports)

December 24:  Melbourne boxing gym linked to dangerous neo-Nazi activists and indoctrination of children (The Age)

antisemitism austriaAustria

January 4: Far right leader sued over allegations of antisemitism (Euractiv)

January 21: Austrian artist criticized after posting an Israeli flag where the star of David is made out of syringes (JTA)

April 1: Austrian neo-Nazi rapper who posted songs on a site glorifying Nazi ideology is sentenced to 10 years (Times of Israel)

April 29: Exhibit at Jewish museum in Vienna examines persistent conspiracy theories centered on the Rothschilds (Times of Israel)

May 13: New report finds record number of antisemitic incidents during 2021 in Austria (Imperial Valley Press)

August 27:  Star of David flag was vandalized and destroyed on Vienna’s Campus of Religions (The Jerusalem Post).


No incidents yet reported for 2022. View last year’s list here.


No incidents yet reported for 2022. View last year’s list here.


No incidents yet reported for 2022. View last year’s list here.


January 13: Belgium expels imam who called for burning Jews in 2009 and was under surveillance by Belgian domestic intelligence agency (Times of Israel)

April 12: Belgian auto shop owner won’t serve Jews because of Israel’s stance on Ukraine conflict (JTA)

June 17: The Brussels-Capital Region’s parliament defeated
efforts to ban kosher and halal slaughter (JTA)

September 4: Nazi symbols on Belgium license plates and it is not illegal (The Jerusalem Post).

Bosnia Herzegovina

No incidents yet reported for 2022. View last year’s list here.


February 9: Wanted Holocaust denier avoids arrest by finding refuge in Brazil (JTAAlso see Germany

February 9: Well-known Brazilian podcast personality says the country should recognize a Nazi party (JTA)

July 5: Pastor in Rio sentenced to 18 years for being filmed
praying for a second Holocaust (JTA)

November 5:  Antisemitism as well as philosemitism tied to an “imaginary Jew” prevalent in southern Brazil and manifests itself in a pro-Bolsonaro rally where participants give the Nazi salute (Los Angeles Times)

November 27: School shooter wore swastika during attack (Times of Israel)

December 27:  Prominent Brazilian economist is criticized by another economist as being disloyal because he is Jewish (JTA)


February 2: Bulgarian Jewish leader falsely accused of embezzling and targeted with antisemitic attacks on social media (Times of Israel)

February 13: Swastika found drawn on window shade in the secure part of the U.S. embassy in Sofia (Axios)

February 17: Bulgarian politician gives Nazi salute in European Parliament (Times of IsraelAlso see European Union


January 24: Teacher in Timmins, Ontario loses his teaching license after charges he taught Holocaust denial and 9/11 conspiracy theories in his classroom (Timmins Today)

January 25: Comments about Chasidic Jews on popular talk show denounced by Jewish community leaders (Global News)

January 31: Trucker protest over vaccine mandate in Ottawa includes swastika flags (JTA)

February 5: Leader of NDP in Ontario stands by NDP former mayor who opposed changing the name of a street that honored a Nazi naval officer dedicated to Hitler (Toronto Sun)

February 7: “Freedom protest” in Ottawa includes displays of the Confederate flag and swastikas (Hill Times)

February 8: Investigation of antisemitic incidents at North York middle school (Global News)

February 11: Antisemitic flyers found in Vancouver (KGW News)

February 17: Mayor of Fredericton, New Brunswick apologizes for characterizing convoy protest in her city as peaceful when it was pointed out that racist and antisemitic symbols were part of the protest (Global News)

February 22: A second Toronto middle school investigating allegations that students performed Nazi salutes (CTV News)

February 25: Third recent incident in Toronto schools of alleged antisemitic behavior (CP24)

March 1: Neo-Nazi on trial in Montreal court for promotion of antisemitic content online (Algemeiner)

March 2: Nearly identical antisemitic graffiti found at three Toronto high schools (CBC)

March 4: York Regional Police looking for suspect who put antisemitic stickers on a building that was formerly a synagogue (CP24)

March 8: Pink billboards in Toronto a response to rising antisemitism in Canada (CBC)

March 11: Human rights expert Irwin Colter falsely accused by faculty members of anti-Palestinian racism for remarks at University of Toronto (National Post)

March 14: Toronto police investigating antisemitic graffiti on a hiking/biking trail (Global News)

March 18: Swastika graffiti at Hamilton, Ontario Farmers’ Market (Hamilton Spectator)

March 23: Concordia University and McGill University students pass measures accusing Israel of apartheid (Cleveland Jewish News)

April 8: Holocaust denial to be outlawed in Canada (Winnipeg Free Press)

April 8: Greater Toronto Hockey League hires investigator to scrutinize allegations that Jewish players and family members were the subject of antisemitic slurs during games (TSN)

April 9: Pro-Palestinian policy may cause McGill Student Union to be sanctioned by the government (Jerusalem Post)

April 9: Holocaust denial and downplaying the killing of Jews by Nazis is to be outlawed in Canada (CTV News)

April 13: Racist and antisemitic graffiti found in Bond Lake area near Toronto (The Star)

April 25: For sixth year in a row, B’nai Brith Canada reports antisemitic incidents rise (Cleveland Jewish News)

May 8: Man in Montreal assaulted while holding an Israeli flag at an Israel Independence Day rally (Global News)

May 11: Green Party candidate for provincial legislature quits race after Green Party cites a B’nai Brith Canada report on rising antisemitism (Toronto Star)

May 17: School children find antisemitic graffiti at London, Ontario park (CBC)

May 27: Toronto man faces charges for hate-motivated incident at Jewish school in North York (CP24)

June 1: Local Canadian school board tells schools to stop using an Agatha Christie novel because of its “antisemitic references” (Algemeiner)

June 9: Threatening antisemitic message inscribed on a wall of a parking garage near York University (Cleveland Jewish News)

June 12: New poll finds millions of Canadians believe in
conspiracy theories (ABACUS Data)

July 4: BDS supporters in Tortont protest and use
antisemitic slurs in front of shopping plaza of mainly
kosher establishments (World Israel News)

July 14: Seventy tombstones toppled in Winnipeg Jewish
cemetery (JNS)

July 19: “Giant Coach Monster” sculpture outside Art
Gallery of Ontario in Toronto is vandalized with antisemitic
graffiti (ART News)

July 21: A man dubbed “Swastika Man” for the swastika
drawn on his chest is released on probation despite the fact
that he had been arrested three times in 2021 for
antisemitic incidents (World Israel News) 

August 4: Jews most-targeted religious minority for racial
incidents in Canada (The Times of Israel)

August 14: Orthodox Jewish man stabbed in face and neck
outside kosher meat processing plant by a Lebanese
national in Montreal (World Israel News)

August 19:  Canadian government to probe “disturbing” tweets, including one about”…those loud mouthed bags of human feces aka Jewish White Supremacists…” by a consultant working on government funded project to combat racism (The Globe and Mail).

August 27:  Irwin Cotler, Canada’s Special Envoy on Preserving Holocaust Remembrance and Combatting Antisemitism gives Liberal government credit for firing antisemitic consultant but raises questions of accountability for failing to vet consultants social media (The Suburban).

October 8: Candidate for Victoria council is criticized for a 2015 Facebook post (which he said was a joke) where he said hoverbikes are the next big thing in aviation depending “how long it takes the powerful Jews to allow it…” (Times Colonist).

October 12: Synagogue door in Guelph, Ontario is vandalized with graffiti including  stickers with the images of Hitler (Kitchener)

October 13: Antisemitic graffiti found on synagogue in Kitchener, Ontario (The Record)

October 17: Hamilton, Ontario police investigating swastika drawn on election sign (CBC)

October 20: Several recent antisemitic incidents in Ontario providence during Jewish holidays (Cleveland Jewish News)

October 24: Racial slur and swastika painted on fence in Halton, Ontario (inSauga)

November 22: Calgary dog walker verbally harassed by a local man who lived across the street from a Jewish couple whose dog was being walked (Global News)

December 1:  New Democratic party denies they invited or hosted a Canadian Holocaust denier. (The Algemeiner)

December 10: Jewish professor publishes paper describing the type of antisemitism she experienced at University of Toronto (Jerusalem Post)

December 14:   Findings by a faculty member reveal a climate of pervasive antisemitism at the University of Toronto Medical School (Cleveland Jewish News)

December 15:  Antisemitic graffiti found in front of a church in Toronto (Beach Metro)

December 21:  Jewish high school student confronted with swastika graffiti, Nazi salutes (CBC News)


July 13: Jewish community in Chile outraged by advertisement by liquor distributor which included the antisemitic “happy merchant” caricature (WIN).


March 4: China supports false Russian claim that the invasion of Ukraine is justified by the need to rid the country of Nazis (JTA)

August 5: Responses to Rabbi’s online video reveal nature
of antisemitism in and other attitudes towards Jews in
China (J Weekly)


June 16: Columbian presidential candidate praises Hitler and then “corrects” himself he meant to praise Einstein (Times of Israel)


April 22: Croatian Jewish community boycotts memorial event at site of death camp and claims government tolerates pro-Nazi sentiments (Times of Israel)

July 19: French Jewish children visiting Croatia wake up to
find giant swastika painted outside their hotel (eureporter)


No incidents yet reported for 2022. View last year’s list here.

Czech Republic

No incidents yet reported for 2022. View last year’s list here.


January 25: Danish government announces 15 initiatives to counter rising antisemitism (Copenhagen Post)

March 17: Denmark launches initiative to combat antisemitism (Israel Hayom)


No incidents yet reported for 2022. View last year’s list here.


No incidents yet reported for 2022. View last year’s list here.


No incidents yet reported for 2022. View last year’s list here.


No incidents yet reported for 2022. View last year’s list here.

European Union (EU)

January 10: European Union criticizes the Simon Wiesenthal Center’s 2021 antisemitism list for “harm(ing) the fight against” antisemitism (St. Louis Jewish Light)

February 11: EU and UN halt funding of Kosovo project honoring Albanian Nazi collaborator (JTAAlso see Kosovo

February 17: Bulgarian politician gives Nazi salute in European Parliament (Times of IsraelAlso see Bulgaria

March 3: EU lawmakers criticize Palestinian curriculum for inciting hate against Jews (AlgemeinerAlso see Palestinian Territories

March 5: European Council agrees to treat antisemitism as a separate phenomenon from other forms of racism (Jerusalem Post)

March 23: Palestinian Authority confirms that EU funds are blocked over failure of PA to remove anti-Israel and antisemitic material from textbooks (AlgemeinerAlso see Palestinian Territories

June 2: EU envoy says terrorist attacks against Israelis is
unsurprising given the depth of Palestinian suffering (Jerusalem Post) Also see Israel 

November 3:  The Fundamental Rights Agency (FRA) of the European Union says Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has fueled online antisemitism (Times of Israel)


December 8:  Finnish Bishop says a boycott of Helsinki’s Kiasm Museum of Contemporary Art  by more than 100 artists because of its links to a Jewish philanthropist is antisemitic. (The Algemeiner)


January 3: Elderly Jewish woman beaten and robbed by intruders (Algemeiner)

January 14: Mosque in Cannes shut down over antisemitic remarks and for support for Islamist groups (Cleveland Jewish News)

January 27: AJC survey finds growth of antisemitism in France (Oregon Jewish Life)

February 9: AJC survey finds over 40% of French Jews hide religious symbols and 45% of French Jewish parents tell their children not to tell others that they are Jewish (Cleveland Jewish News)

February 9: French court fines neo-Nazi and Catholic priest for inciting hatred of Jews (Algemeiner)

February 15: French presidential candidate charges right-wing, Jewish presidential contender Eric Zemmour of antisemitism for defending Vichy’s Marshal Petain and for falsely suggesting Alfred Dreyfus was guilty of treason (Algemeiner)

February 22: French Jewish leaders call for targeted government strategy to address antisemitism (Algemeiner)

February 25: French Prime Minister denounces the labeling of Israel as an “apartheid” state (Algemeiner)

March 9: French Interior Minister dissolves pro-Palestinian NGOs that advocate the destruction of the Jewish state (Algemeiner)

April 4: Family of an observant Jewish man claims he was killed as a result of an antisemitic assault by a group of men in Paris (Ynetnews)

April 8: Poland summoned France’s ambassador after French President Macron referred to Poland’s Prime Minister as a “far-right anti-Semite” (Philadelphia InquirerAlso see Poland

April 19: Marine Le Pen will ban kosher and halal slaughter if she is elected French President (Algemeiner)

May 22: Ninety-year-old Jewish man alleged pushed to his death from an apartment block, but police have ruled out antisemitism (Jewish Chronicle)

May 27: French prosecutor suspects antisemitism was involved with murder of 89-year-old who was pushed out of window of 17th floor in his apartment in Lyon (The Guardian)

May 31: Toulouse imam is found guilty of incitement for 2017 sermon in which he spoke about killing Jews (Algemeiner)

June 3: French police arrest four men in Alsace suspected of belonging to a neo-Nazi group, engaging in a “Jew hunt” during a football match and who collected an arsenal of weapons (i24NEWS)

June 8: Jewish man who was campaigning for his wife was beaten and called a “dirty Jew” (Jerusalem Post)

June 24: French city removes antisemitic mural depicting
President Macron as the puppet of an economist of Jewish
origin (Expatica) 

August 2: German man goes on trial for planning attacks
against Muslim and Jews (Barron’s)

August 5: French court suspends deportation of imam who
promoted antisemitism (Reuters)

August 5: Anti-Zionist far left member of French National
Assembly targeted with legal complaint after pushing draft
resolution accusing Israel of apartheid (The Algemeiner)

August 24:  Head of Muslim Brotherhood party derides the presence of France’s chief rabbi (who was born in Algeria) as part of French President Macron’s delegation in visit to the North African nation (The Algemeiner).

August 29:  Jewish axed to death by Muslim roommate as police try to determine whether the murder was a hate crime (WIN).

August 30:  Tunisian chief rabbi calls for justice after apparent antisemitic murder in France (Times of Israel).

August 30:  Top court rules that France can deport antisemitic imam (Reuters).

September 5:  French police investigating whether axe murder of Jewish man by his neighbor had an antisemitic component (The Jewish Chronicle).

September 14:  The Union of European Football Association (UEFA) levels disciplinary charges against two clubs— Marseille and Eintracht Frankfurt— over a number of incidents, including a German fan making a Nazi salute (USA Today).

October 1: Belgian police arrest French-Moroccan imam fleeing deportation from France for hate speech and antisemitism (RFI)

October 4: Report from Jewish People Policy Institute says growing antisemitism forcing French Jews to conceal their religion (WIN)

October 16: Jewish high school teacher and “his father, the old Zionist Rabbi” is threatened with beheading (WIN)

December 10:  Prominent, French Holocaust denier fighting extradition from Scotland (see also Scotland) (Times of Israel)


August 6: Interfaith cathedral— for use by Christians,
Muslims and Jews— opens admit rising antisemitism in Georgia (The Times of Israel)

September 29: A neo-Nazi group endorsing antisemitic conspiracy theories reemerges after its self-sescribed commander is released from prison (Global Voices)


January 6: Twenty-year-old woman convicted for antisemitic hate speech for her part in a Free Palestine demonstration outside a synagogue in May of 2020 (Algemeiner)

January 30: Data findings show rise in antisemitic incidents at German protests against vaccine mandates (Algemeiner)

February 7: German broadcaster fires 5 staffers after workplace antisemitism probe (JTA)

February 7: Investigation finds no evidence of structural antisemitism in Deutsche Welle’s Arabic service (Deutsche Welle)

February 9: Wanted Holocaust denier avoids arrest by finding refuge in Brazil (JTAAlso see Brazil

February 10: Israeli Arab psychologist who co-led antisemitism probe of Deutsche Welle’s Arabic service rejects charges that their findings would result in censorship of pro-Palestinian sentiments and contends the statements they criticized are not legitimate criticism of Israel (Algemeiner)

February 12: Charges that some German textbooks still include Medieval and Renaissance anti-Jewish stereotypes (Jewish Chronicle)

February 13: Former head of Turkish Muslim association convicted of inciting hatred and condoning crimes in antisemitic social media postings (Algemeiner)

February 17: Leading German dictionary changes the definition of “Jew” (“Jude” in German) after criticism voiced for the similarity to how Nazis used the word (Times of Israel)

February 18: Antisemitic conspiracy theory was a factor in a man killing his family and himself (Times of Israel)

February 18: Federal Ministry of the Interior releases data showing steep rise in antisemitic incidents in 2021 (Algemeiner)

February 21: German Interior Minister characterizes recent pro-Palestinian demonstrations in Berlin as antisemitic (Algemeiner)

March 9: Israeli tourist attacked in Berlin (Algemeiner)

March 11: Jewish man assaulted in Berlin hostel by Syrian refugee (Algemeiner)

March 31: Prosecutors allege Jewish musician made a false claim of antisemitism (Deutsche Welle)

April 6: Ninty-three year old Holocaust denier nicknamed the “Nazi Grandma” sentenced to a year in jail (JTA)

April 22: German domestic intel agency says antisemitism is rising and the incidents reported are only the tip of the iceberg (ABC News)

April 24: German Interior Minister denounces pro-Palestinian protesters in Berlin who shouted antisemitic slogans (Algemeiner)

May 4: Police investigating crude antisemitic leaflets calling for “liquidation” of Jews distributed in a small Bavarian town (Algemeiner)

May 7: Allegations of antisemitism against Lufthansa airlines after about 150 Orthodox Jew prohibited from boarding connecting flight in Frankfurt (Business Insider)

May 10: American Jewish Committee study on antisemitic attitudes in Germany finds antisemitism “deeply rooted” in German society (Deutsche Welle)

May 12: Antisemitic former professor who said Jews learned evil from the Nazis faces incitement charges (Algemeiner)

May 13: Police investigating arson at Jewish cemetery near Cologne (Jewish Exponent)

May 14: Police find explosives and antisemitic literature upon arresting 16-year-old on the suspicion that he was planning to plant a bomb in an Essen high school (Jerusalem Post)

May 24: Study finds antisemitic incidents rose in Berlin in 2021—including cases of “extreme violence” (Algemeiner)

May 26: Two Jewish cemeteries vandalized in Germany (Cleveland Jewish News)

June 1: German police arrest suspect accused of spreading Nazi propaganda (Deutsche Welle)

June 9: German government reports antisemitic crime up 29% in 2021 over 2020 (JTA)

June 11: Men with far-right banners demonstrate outside Halle synagogue on the one-year anniversary of an arson attempt at the synagogue (Jerusalem Post)

June 22: Banner that generated charges of antisemitism
was removed from an art exhibit in Kessel (AP News)

June 28: The Department for Research and Information on
Antisemitism (RIAS) documents more than 2,700 incidents in
Germany last year including 63 attacks (The Washington Post)

July 16: Holocaust Memorial in Berlin vandalized with
swastikas and “Heil Hitler” graffiti (World Israel News)

July 20: German military officer who has been convicted on
far-right terrorism charges expressed admiration for
Adolph Hitler and claimed Jews could not be Germans (The Jerusalem Post)

July 26: German man sentenced to seven months in prison
for leaving a hateful comment about a German-Israeli
singer who has been charged with falsely charging a hotel
clerk with antisemitism (JTA)

July 28: Documenta art show in Kassel, Germany faces new
antisemitism allegation over a brochure showing an Israeli
soldier with a Star of David and a monkey face (ART news)

July 28: Lufthansa will create a position to fight
antisemitism after incident where company personnel
kicked off a flight more than 100 Hasidic passengers (JTA)

August 14: Military and intelligence experts in Israel,
United States and Great Britain urged the government of
the German state of Baden-Wurttemberg to oust the state’s
commissioner for combatting antisemitism, Michael Blume,
for criticizing Israel national hero, Orde Wingate, as a war
criminal as well as liking a Facebook post likening Israelis
to Nazis (The Jerusalem Post)

August 16:  Another antisemitic image found at the Documenta art show in Kassel (The Algemeiner).

August 17: Security guard arrested for Hitler salute directed toward Israeli athletes visiting the Munich memorial to the Israeli athletes slain at the 1972 Olympics (ynetnews).

August 24:  Antisemitic, anti-Israel video exhibit at Documenta Art Festival (The Algemeiner).

September 1:  German president, Frank-Walter Steinmeier, warns World Council of Churches meeting in German city of Karlsruhe to avoid antisemitism during debates critical of Israel (The Algemeiner).

September 15: German police decline to prosecute pro-Palestinian demonstrator who punched and elderly Jewish man in the face (The Algemeiner).

September 19: Two Jewish men attacked on the same day in Berlin (JTA).

September 28: Government watchdog group documents hundreds of antisemitic incidents in Bavaria between 2019 and 2022 that invoked the Holocaust to demean Jews (WIN).

October 4: Report from Jewish People Policy Institute says growing antisemitism forcing French Jews to conceal their religion (WIN)

October 5:  Study finds widespread anti-Muslim and antisemitic sentiment in Germany (Daily Sabah)

October 6: Window broken during Yom Kippur services in synagogue in Hanover (JTA)

October 12: Far-right German politician found dancing on top of Berlin’s Holocaust memorial (Times of Israel)

October 28: German Federal police report concludes that 1,555 antisemitic incident in Germany already in 2022 (The Jerusalem Post)

October 28: Swastika painted on signs at Buchenwald concentration camp memorial site (Times of Israel)

November 22:  German police treating Essen synagogue attack as an antisemitic hate crime (The Algemeiner)

November 28:  German Jewish soccer team subjected to Nazi salutes following victory over local rivals (The Algemeiner)

December 1:  German police believe a former leader of a Hell’s Angels biker gang behind an Iranian campaign of attacks on Jewish targets (see also Iran). (The Algemeiner)

December 4: Former German Lutheran bishop appointed to post in Schleswig-Holstein dedicated to fighting antisemitism is accused of delivering anti-Israel/antisemitic sermons in the past decade (Cleveland Jewish News)

December 6:  Leader of German Jewish community may have been targeted by an Iranian spy operation (JTA)

December 8:  German fraternity students who beat a Jewish student while subjecting him to antisemitic insults handed suspended sentences (The Algemeiner)

December 10:  A former police officer who had been tasked with protecting the Jewish community from terrorist threat was arrested for being part of an alleged, extreme right-wing coup effort to overthrow Germany’s democratic government (Times of Israel)

December 20:  Jewish student organizations protest the play “Birds of a Kind” in Munich over alleged antisemitism even though it has run in Tel Aviv without protest and been attacked when produced in Geneva by the BDS Movement because of Israeli funding  (Haaretz)


February 18: Two Greek human rights activists convicted for calling out a Greek Orthodox Bishop who spoke about an “International Zionist Monster” as antisemitic (Algemeiner)

September 7:  The Central Board of Jewish Communities in Greece criticize the appointment of Greek Supreme Court’s new vice president for her support of a prominent neo-Nazi and antisemite as well as her own past antisemitic and anti-Israel statements (Cleveland Jewish News).

October 7:  Government of Greece to draft the first comprehensive national action plan against antisemitism in the wake of a two day conference on fighting antisemitism and Holocaust denial in the digital space (eKathimerini)

December 31: Thessaloniki Jewish monument on Aristotle University campus vandalized by red swastika (Jerusalem Post)


January 26: Inner circle around newly elected president of Honduras have made antisemitic statements (Daily Mail)


January 29: Tucker Carlson’s special titled “Hungary vs. Soros” elicits charges that he and Fox are employing antisemitic tropes in whitewashing the growing authoritarianism of Orban’s regime (Vox)

April 5: In victory speech, Prime Minister Orbán attacks Zelensky and Soros and employs antisemitic tropes (Times of Israel)

April 6: New far-right party that includes individuals with antisemitic history, Our Homeland Movement, gains seven seats in new Hungarian Parliament (Times of Israel)

April 8: Budapest Holocaust exhibition and synagogue
vandalized (Haaretz)

May 21: Notorious Hungarian antisemitic, anti-Roma, racist, journalist friend of Prime Minister Orbán shares CPAC speaking role in Budapest with former President Trump and Tucker Carlson (The Guardian)

July 27: Long-time Orban adviser, Zsuzsa Hegedus
describes the Prime Minister recent speech as “pure Nazi
text” (BBC)

July 28: Hungarian rabbis criticize Orban speech for using
racist language (JTA)

August 4: Prime Minister Orban attacks those accusing him
of antisemitism as “simply idiots” (The New York Times)

August 12: Swastika painted on the Frankel synagogue in
Budapest and “death to the Jews!” was posted in the
elevator of the synagogue (CFCA)

August 15: The Sziget music festival in Budapest criticizes
and disinvites for next year a Spanish rap trio that defaced
an Israeli flag (The Algemeiner)

September 2:  Israeli embassy in Budapest condemns installation of bust of Horthy in Hungarian parliament (The Algemeiner).


No incidents yet reported for 2022. View last year’s list here.


No incidents yet reported for 2022. View last year’s list here.


February 4:  Islamists denounce the opening of a small Holocaust museum in Tondano City, Sulawesi (The Diplomat).


March 10: Iranian media linked to the government slanders President Zelenskyy with antisemitic tropes (Jerusalem Post)

April 28: Iranian media outlets feature Holocaust denial and distortion on Yom HaShoah (Algemeiner)

June 3: A government-backed website called “Jewish Studies Center” includes over 1,000 antisemitic articles, books, papers, videos, reports and comment pieces (Jerusalem Post)

June 9: Antisemitic tweets by Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei (The Atlantic)

July 29: U.S. Special Envoy to Monitor and Combat
Antisemmitism, Deborah Lipstadt, denounces Iran’s
Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei’s recent remarks about
Zionist merchants control of the west as antisemitic (Iran International)

September 19: Hardline President of Iran, Ebrahim Raisi, says Holocaust is an historical event that should be investigated to see if it really happened (JTA).

October 6: Former Iranian diplomat alleges that Jews and Zionists control UK political parties, the royal family and the UK economy (WIN)

Iran, December 1:  German police believe a former leader of a Hell’s Angels biker gang behind an Iranian campaign of attacks on Jewish targets (see also Germany) (The Algemeiner)


No incidents yet reported for 2022. View last year’s list here.


January 3: Academic philosophy journal, Philosophia, publishes online 32 page paper outlining a Jewish conspiracy theory written by a white supremacist, antisemitic conspiracy theorist (Daily Nous)

January 4: Survey finds 80% of Israelis concerned about growing international antisemitism (Cleveland Jewish News)

January 22: World Zionist Organization (WZO) and Jewish Agency report finds 2021 the most antisemitic year in the last decade (Jerusalem Post)

January 22: Israeli Diaspora Ministry report links rising antisemtism to pandemic and escalation of Gaza violence (I24NEWS)

January 30: Tel Aviv University issues report highlighting positive steps taken in the last year to fight antisemitism (Jerusalem Post)

January 30:  Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesman characterizes Amnesty International’s report on Israel as antisemitic (Telegraph)

February 16: Israeli professor giving a virtual lecture to students at University of Houston and UC Davis is interrupted by antisemitic zoom-bombing (Forward)

March 21: Member of Knesset and environmentalist Alon Tal has a Zoom session on Israel-Diaspora relations that was disrupted by apparent antisemitic actors (Times of Israel)

April 10: Joseph’s Tomb near Nablus badly vandalized (AlgemeinerAlso see Palestinian Territories

April 27: Tel Aviv University yearly survey finds war in Gaza and pandemic fuel dramatic rise in world-wide antisemitism in 2021 (BBC)

May 10: Hezbollah’s Nasrallah rejects Israel-born U.S. diplomat, commenting we cannot continue with “Amos Hochstein, Frankenstein or any other Stein” Hochstein is trying to mediate talks between Israel and Lebanon over demarcating offshore natural gas fields (Times of IsraelAlso see Lebanon

May 10: Israeli fans attacked by pro-Palestinian group on their way to basketball game (Cleveland Jewish News) Also see Spain

June 2: EU envoy says terrorist attacks against Israelis is
unsurprising given the depth of Palestinian suffering (Jerusalem PostAlso see European Union 

June 3: Jewish Voice for Peace posts a cartoon of IDF soldiers drinking blood as Palestinian bodies laying on the ground in pools of blood are depicted in the foreground (Jerusalem Post)

June 8: Holocaust Museum on Mount Zion is desecrated with antisemitic inscriptions (I24NEWS)

July 5: As Israel-Russian relations deteriorate over Ukraine
and Syria there are reports that the Kremlin is shutting
down the activities of the Jewish Agency in Russia (The Jerusalem Post) Also see Russia

August 15: Israel protest double standards when a UN
official who condemned Palestinian rocket attacks is fired
and other UN officials who said social media is under the
thumb of “the Jewish lobby” is retained (The Algemeiner)

September 2:  Israeli embassy in Budapest condemns installation of bust of Horthy in Hungarian parliament (The Algemeiner).

September 6:  Man arrested for assault on haredi man in Tel Aviv (Israel National News).


January 11:  Casket at Catholic church in Rome draped in a Nazi flag (JTA)

January 26: Tuscany police investigate teens for assault and antisemitic slurs directed at 12 year-old Jewish boy (Times of Israel)

 September 4: Inter football fans sing antisemitic chants about the AC Milan club before match (SempreMilan).

October 31:  Italy’s new Prime Minister, Giorgia Meloni, appoints a Minister to her cabinet who wore a swastika armband to a party in 2005 (Reuters)

December 7:  Two Palestinian teenagers post video of them accosting a Haredi man in Jerusalem and forcing him to kiss their feet (see also Palestinian territories). (Times of Israel)

December 28: Italian Jewish leaders criticize the president of the country’s parliament for honoring neo-fascist party (JTA)


July 12: Successful candidate for upper house of Japanese
parliament pledged in June that he would not sell out Japan
to “Jewish capital” (World Israel News)


August 13: Former director-general of Al Jazerra and
Jordanian native, Yasser Abu Hilala posted pictures and text
claiming the killer of Jesus also kills Palestinians (The Times of Israel)


February 11: EU and UN halt funding of Kosovo project honoring Albanian Nazi collaborator (JTAAlso see European Union


September 12: Kuwait’s Ministry of Commerce and Industry orders a shop close for selling Star of David necklaces (WIN).


May 4: Latvia’s Foreign Ministry summoned the Russian Ambassador to Latvia after Russian Foreign Ministry accused the Latvia of antisemitism and neo-Nazism (ERR News)


May 10: Hezbollah’s Nasrallah rejects Israel-born U.S. diplomat, commenting we cannot continue with “Amos Hochstein, Frankenstein or any other Stein” Hochstein is trying to mediate talks between Israel and Lebanon over demarcating offshore natural gas fields (Times of IsraelAlso see Israel


April 7: Two Lithuanian Holocaust memorials vandalized with antisemitic graffiti and support for Russia (Jerusalem Post)


No incidents yet reported for 2022. View last year’s list here.


No incidents yet reported for 2022. View last year’s list here.


No incidents yet reported for 2022. View last year’s list here.


January 23: Antisemitic incidents reported at two Mexican educational institutions (Jerusalem Post)

May 5: Nazi themed wedding in Mexico (El Pais

June 30: Mexican Jewish community criticizes Mexican
President, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador for comparing a
prominent Jewish columnist to Hitler (Reuters)

September 22: Israeli embassy in Mexico City vandalized with anti-Zionist slogans such as “Death to Israel” and “Death to Apartheid” (WIN).


No incidents yet reported for 2022. View last year’s list here.


No incidents yet reported for 2022. View last year’s list here.


No incidents yet reported for 2022. View last year’s list here.


January 6: Former Dutch Prime Minister accused of blood libel after saying Israeli settlers poisoned Palestinians (Times of Israel)

January 25: Police cadet is being investigated after antisemitic message found on WhatsApp (NL Times)

January 25: Dutch woman detained and fined after making Nazi salute at Auschwitz (Times of IsraelAlso see Poland

February 12: Dutch universities, at request of pro-Palestinian group, order staff to reveal their ties to Jewish and Israeli groups (Times of Israel)

April 22: Dutch carolers sing antisemitic Easter song that dates back at least 100 years (Jerusalem Post)

April 28: Netherlands experiences a 10-year high in antisemitic incidents (Times of Israel)

May 2: Haredi man overpowers and tackles his attacker in Antwerp (JTA)

May 24: Surge in complaints about antisemitism to councils and police during pandemic (

May 24: Study finds FvD politicians in the Netherlands regularly retweet antisemitic posts (NL Times)

July 13: Dutch judge sentences two football fans who
created antisemitic mural to 60 hours of community service
each (Algemeiner)

August 7: Nazi swastika flag hung on a bridge in Stroe (NL Times)

August 15: Pro-Russian Dutch politician posts an
antisemitic dog whistle about the Rothschilds family (The Algemeiner)

October 31: Dutch Justice Minister wants ban on David Icke, an antisemitic conspiracy promoter and Holocaust denier from a rally in Amsterdam (The Algemeiner)

November 28:  Official of a NGO fighting antisemitism says Dutch government is not trying to stop rising antisemitism in the country (NL Times)

New Zealand

January 3: Antisemitic graffiti discovered on historic church  in South Canterbury (Stuff)

February 10: Anti-vaccine mandate protester draws swastika on statue outside Parliament (Newshub)

February 21: Holocaust distortion and antisemitism are a wide-spread part of anti-mandate protests in New Zealand (Stuff)

March 30: Survey on antisemitism in New Zealand (Stuff)

June 7: Two men charged with spray-painting antisemitic and homophobic graffiti on the walls of Greymouth’s pink church (1News)

June 26: Public toilet set on fire and swastika scrawled on
the wall in Waimate, New Zealand (Stuff)

July 12: New Zealand Jewish Council finds online
antisemitism is expanding in the country (1 News) 

October 15: Report finds over two-thirds of New Zealand Jews have experienced antisemitism on social media over the past three years (The Jerusalem Post)

North Macedonia

No incidents yet reported for 2022. View last year’s list here.


January 23: Media bias and fake news fuels anti-Israel/antisemitic attitudes in Norway (Jerusalem Post)


No incidents yet reported for 2022. View last year’s list here.

Palestinian Territories

January 28: Study finds that Palestinian Authority failed to make promised changes to antisemitic textbook material (Algemeiner)

March 3: EU lawmakers criticize Palestinian curriculum for inciting hate against Jews (AlgemeinerAlso see European Union

March 23: Palestinian Authority confirms that EU funds are blocked over failure of PA to remove anti-Israel and antisemitic material from textbooks (AlgemeinerAlso see European Union

April 10: Joseph’s Tomb near Nablus badly vandalized (AlgemeinerAlso see Israel

April 24: Palestinian Authority TV airs Imam’s call for the “extermination of the evil Jews” (Algemeiner)

May 1: Hamas leader in Gaza threatens “thousands” of synagogues in retaliation for clashes between Israeli security forces and violent Palestinians on the Temple Mount (Algemeiner)

May 10: A 17-year-old Palestinian who wielded a knife in trying to get into a home in the West Bank town of Tekoa attended high school which taught violent incitement against Israelis and which used textbooks that called Jews “dangerous” and “perverted in nature” (Algemeiner

June 23: UN Watches release report on antisemitism
among UNRW’s teachers (UN Watch)

July 9: UNRAW textbooks for Palestinians includes
antisemitism and support for violence (The Jerusalem Post)

August 17:  President Mahmoud Abbas faces fierce criticism from Israeli, U.S. and German leaders over his statement that Israel has committed 50 Holocausts against the Palestinians (The Times of Israel).

October 20: Award to Palestinian journalist is withdrawn after discovery of Facebook post supporting Hitler and killing of Jews (WIN)

December 7:  Two Palestinian teenagers post video of them accosting a Haredi man in Jerusalem and forcing him to kiss their feet (see also Israel). (Times of Israel)


No incidents yet reported for 2022. View last year’s list here.


January 10: Polish envoy to Jewish world fired by his own government after calling law regulating speech about the Holocaust “one of the stupidest ever” (Times of Israel)

January 25: Dutch woman detained and fined after making Nazi salute at Auschwitz (Times of IsraelAlso see Netherlands

April 8: Poland summoned France’s ambassador after French President Macron referred to Poland’s Prime Minister as a “far-right anti-Semite” (Philadelphia InquirerAlso see France

April 28: Effort to block entry into the United Kingdom of two antisemitic Polish politicians who plan to speak at a Polish community event in Manchester (AlgemeinerAlso see United Kingdom

June 24: Jewish groups condemn sale of coffee mugs on
Polish websites with antisemitic stereotype cartoons of
Jews (Israel Hayom)

September 23: U.S. Special Envoy criticizes Poland for asking for reparations from Germany for murder of Jews by Poles (The Times of Israel).

November 28:  Antisemitic books containing ritual murder charges and Holocaust denial on display at Warsaw’s Historical Books Fair (The Algemeiner)


June 26: Jewish community leader in Porto, Portugal claims
a criminal probe stemming from the community’s role in
vetting Jews of Sephardic background for citizenship is
antisemitic while former leader of the Lisbon Jewish
community calls the antisemitic charge “absurd” (JTA)

August 30:  Jewish community of Porto, Portugal denounces antisemitic conspiracy among Portugese elites and files suit with the European Public Prosecutor’s Office (Yahoo!).

September 4:  Polish police arrest American Holocaust denier and ringleader of the Goyim Defense League, Jon Minadeo, Jr., for hate speech while demonstrating in front of Auschwitz-Birkenau (The Jewish News of Northern California).


July 23: NGO reports on antisemitism in Qatari textbooks (The Jerusalem Post)

September 12:  UN watchdog group urges UN to reject bid by antisemitic Qatar envoy to Chair Human Rights Forum (UN Watch).


January 8: Right-wing party calls Holocaust education a “minor topic” (Times of Israel)

March 28: Antisemitic newspaper handed out before a performance at Romania’s most prominent theatre (Balkan Insight)


March 25: Pig’s head and antisemitic slur left at the door of a Russian journalist (NPR)

April 21: Panel discussion on Russian state TV devolves into “straight-up antisemitism” (Algemeiner)

May 2: Russian Foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrov, claims Hitler had a Jewish origin and quotes “wise Jewish people” as saying the biggest antisemites are Jews (Reuters)

July 5: As Israel-Russian relations deteriorate over Ukraine
and Syria there are reports that the Kremlin is shutting
down the activities of the Jewish Agency in Russia (The Jerusalem Post) Also see Israel

July 25: In the wake of the barring of the Jewish Agency
from operating in Russia a number of Russian Jewish
organizations have received letters from the Kremlin
saying they are under suspicion of acting as “foreign
agents” (World Israel News)

July 27: Former chief rabbi of Moscow warns of dark
clouds on the horizon for Russia’s Jews as their security
depends on the state of Israel-Russia relations (France24)

September 26: Swastika-wearing gunman kills 11 children and six adults at a school in Izhevsk, Russia (NBC)

September 27: Ukrainian news site, Babel, alleges that Russian targeted Orthodox Jews in Uma with Iranian drones during Rosh Hashana holiday (WIN)

September 28: As Russian war effort falters antisemitism creeps back into Russian media (JTA).

October 26: Russia’s assistant national security advisor includes Chabad-Lubavitch in a list of “neo-pagan cults” (Times of Israel)

October 30: Russian official apologizes for op-ed by his deputy that listed Chabad as a neo-pagan cult (JTA)

November 24: Allegations that the Russian embassy in the United Kingdom posted an antisemitic character of President Zelensky (Jerusalem Post)

Saudi Arabia

June 29: Some antisemitic material is removed and some
remains in Saudi textbooks (The Jerusalem Post)


January 13: Glasgow University declines to take action against a lecturer who accused Jewish student of working for the “Lobby” and similarly attacked a Labour MP (AlgemeinerAlso see United Kingdom.

December 10:  Prominent, French Holocaust denier fighting extradition from Scotland (see also France) (Times of Israel)


No incidents yet reported for 2022. View last year’s list here.


No incidents yet reported for 2022. View last year’s list here.


October 14: Shooter in Bratislava LGBTQ bar wrote a manifesto that advocating the murder of all Jews (JTA)


No incidents yet reported for 2022. View last year’s list here.

South Africa

February 7: South African twins plead guilty to planning terrorist attacks on Shia Muslims and Jewish community (Algemeiner)

February 16: South African high court orders pro-Palestinian activist to apologize to the Jewish community for saying Zionists are friends of Hitler (Algemeiner)

March 17: Nelson Mandela’s grandson, who is also a member of Parliament, blames war in Ukraine on “Ukraine Neo-Nazis” and “Apartheid Israel Dogs of War” (Algemeiner)

June 6: South African press council expels Jewish newspaper for criticizing alleged antisemitic BDS cartoon (Jerusalem Post)

August 11: Local chief, a member of the Western Cape
Khosian Legislative Council apologizes after writing an
antisemitic WhatsApp message (South African Jewish Report)

August 24: More than 30 graves vandalized at the Oudtshoorn Jewish cemetery (South African Jewish Report).

September 30: Anglican Church of South Africa passes resolution which says Zionism is “undergirded by notions of supremacy and are forms of racism which have no place in the Christian faith” (Anglican Ink)

South Korea

April 18: K-Pop group draw criticism for Nazi-related lyrics and outfits (Jerusalem Post)


May 10: Israeli fans attacked by pro-Palestinian group on their way to basketball game (Cleveland Jewish News) Also see Israel

June 17: Foreign Affairs Committee of the Catalonian
parliament calls out Israel for committing apartheid (JTA)

August 4: Village which changed its name eight years ago
from “Camp Kill Jews” to “Jew’s Hill Camp” and where a
second Jewish family is moving in, targeted with
antisemitic graffiti (The Guardian)

August 11: Spanish Catholic church says it will investigate
antisemitic rituals where towns and villages continue to
commemorate “blood libel” against Jews (The Guardian)

October 14: Nazi sympathizers charged with antisemitic vandalism in town once named “Fort Kill the Jews” (JTA)


January 19: Survey finds 27% of religious hate crimes in Sweden target the Jewish community, which represents 0.1% of the Swedish population (JTA)

February 16: Former federal security contractor for the U.S. Embassy in Stockholm arrested after being indicted for covering up antisemitic arson in the Boston area (Rolling StoneAlso see United States

March 28: Lawfare Project alleges Swedish hospital guilty of antisemitic discrimination against Jewish doctors (Cleveland Jewish News)

March 28: ADL report finds the deeply antisemitic neo-Nazi group Nordic Resistance Movement of Sweden is particularly active in Sweden but also throughout Scandinavia and beyond (Homeland Security Today)

September 1:  Swedish court rules firing of Jewish doctor was antisemitic (The Jerusalem Post).

October 16: Sweden Democrat officials suspended from the right-wing party for denigrating Anne Frank (Times of Israel)


February 22: Swiss Federation of Jewish Communities publishes report finding significant increase in antisemitic conspiracy theories linked to Covid pandemic (Swissinfo)

April 24: Racism study finds Swiss antisemitism slightly up in 2021 (Swissinfo)

May 16: French comedian Dieudonne loses Swiss appeal over antisemitic performance (Swissinfo)

September 18: Antisemitism within the Swiss left (SWI).

September 27: After a 60% rise in antisemitic incidents in Switzerland in 2021 calls for banning Nazi salutes and Nazi symbols (SWI)

October 7: Overview of antisemitism in Switzerland— now and in the past (SWI)


March 21: Assad calls Zelensky a “Zionist Jew” who “supports the Nazis” and speaks about “Zionist Israel, which keeps crying about the victims of the Holocaust” (Algemeiner)


No incidents yet reported for 2022. View last year’s list here.


June 24: Two policemen guarding the Grand Synagogue in
Tunis are stabbed (JTA)

August 30:  Tunisian chief rabbi calls for justice after apparent antisemitic murder in France (Times of Israel).


February 1: Allegations of Jewish links to the Armenian genocide appear in pro-government media (Jerusalem Post)

April 3: Palestinian Muslim scholar claims on Turkish TV that Jews started Ukraine-Russian war to establish a second Jewish state in Ukraine (Algemeiner)


January 1: Hundreds march in Kiev to mark the birthday of a Ukrainian nationalist who fought against Soviets and led a militia that killed Jews (Times of Israel)

January 13: Discussion on the levels of antisemitism in Ukraine (Jerusalem Post)

February 18: A debunking of charges that present-day Ukraine is a haven for fascists and Nazis (The Bulwark)

March 5: ADL report finds some white supremacists, such as David Duke, blame Jewish conspiracy for the war in Ukraine and the killing of white people (Times of Israel)

March 23: Oligarch with Russian ties alleged to have paid to have swastikas painted around Kharkiv in antisemitic false flag operation to support Putin narrative (Rolling Stone)

April 1: Jewish community leader in western Ukraine was delivering aid when he was stabbed by an assailant yelling antisemitic obscenities (Times of Israel)

July 29: Ukrainian Jewish leaders call for prosecution of
former Kyiv City Councillor who said Jews engage in ritual
murder (algemeiner)

September 27: Ukrainian news site, Babel, alleges that Russian targeted Orthodox Jews in Uman, Ukraine with Iranian drones during Rosh Hashanah holiday (WIN)

United Arab Emirates

August 7: Emirati royal suggests Jews have leveraged the
Nazi genocide of Jews for sympathy and victimhood while
Muslims move on from killing of Muslims (The Times of Israel)

August 7: Meta’s AI chatbot repeating antisemitic
stereotypes as company asks users to help train it to
eliminate these types of bugs (Business Insider)

United Kingdom

January 3: Elliot Abrams accuses Archbishop of Canterbury of double standards for criticizing Israel for allowing attacks on Christians while ignoring egregious persecution of Christians in other countries (The Bulwark)

January 5: Jon Stewart says he was joking when he accused J.K. Rowling of using antisemitic caricatures in portraying goblin bankers in the Harry Potter movies (Times of IsraelAlso see United States

January 6: Councillor suspended from Labour party after saying the party’s leader, Keir Starmer, follows “commands from Israel” (LabourList)

January 6: Grenfell Tower fire volunteer posts on Facebook that the deadly fire was a “Jewish sacrifice” and that Jews tortured and murdered young boys (The Times)

January 7: Controversy over allegations that actress Emma Watson was antisemitic for expressing support for Palestinians on Instagram (Daily Mail)

January 7: University of Bristol denounces training module that advised human resources department not to hire Shabbat-Observant Jews (Algemeiner)

January 9: Labour linked to website alleged to have published antisemitic content (The Jewish Chronicle)

January 10: Study finds anti-vaccine group chats on Telegram becoming more radical, violent and antisemitic (The Times)

January 13: Glasgow University declines to take action against a lecturer who accused Jewish student of working for the “Lobby” and similarly attacked a Labour MP (AlgemeinerAlso see Scotland

January 17: UK police arrest two teen suspects who are sons of terrorist in Texas synagogue hostage attack (Times of Israel)

January 25: Antisemitic British internet troll pleads guilty to harassing Jewish public figures (Algemeiner)

January 28: Suspect caught on camera beating Orthodox Jews in London (JTA)

January 30: Report of bus blaring antisemitic rhetoric while driving through Jewish neighborhood in London (Algemeiner)

February 2: UK Jewish groups urge YouTube to remove antisemitic sermons in Urdu from its platform (Cleveland Jewish News)

February 9: UK antisemitic incidents reached a record high in 2021 (CNN)

February 9: Prime Minister Johnson unfounded slur about opposition leader Keir Starmer sets off antisemitic hate aimed at Starmer and his Jewish wife (Jewish News)

February 11: Tottenham Hotspur tell fans to stop using words like “yid,” “Yiddo” and “Yid Army” to describe themselves (CNN)

February 16: Lord Alan Sugar harassed through the mail by a deeply antisemitic pensioner (Evening Standard)

February 19: Synagogue in Rochester hires security guards and employs other security measures after television cable cut and excrement smeared on front door (KentOnline)

February 23: UK art gallery director asked to step down after controversy over exhibit that accused Israel of apartheid and ethnic cleansing (Algemeiner)

February 28: Spray painted graffiti reading “Israel R Killers” and “Israel=Apartheid” found on stone wall at University of Manchester (St. Louis Jewish Light)

March 1: London theater apologizes for giving billionaire characters Jewish names (Algemeiner)

March 3: Individual who distributed antisemitic coronavirus conspiracy theories given extended jail term for stirring up racial hatred (BBC)

March 4: Survey finds 65% of UK Jews feel that law enforcement is not doing enough in fight against antisemitism (Cleveland Jewish News)

March 16: London radio station sanctioned for playing song with antisemitic lyrics (Algemeiner)

March 16: Former reality TV star on trial for antisemitic rant, racially aggravated intentional harassment and cocaine possession (Jewish Chronicle)

March 17: Former Corbyn aide receives damages and apologies for untrue comments linking her to antisemitism that appeared in the Telegraph newspaper (The Guardian)

March 18: United Kingdom’s National Union of Students embroiled in antisemitism controversy over invitation to rapper who has defended politicians accused of antisemitism (Daily Mail)

March 25: Jewish worshipper outside a north London synagogue was pelted with eggs from moving car (Daily Mail)

March 28: Antisemitic troll found guilty multiple times is spared jail term (Daily Mail)

March 30: New NUS president-elect praised a Jew-hating Muslim cleric and called another a Zionist for criticizing Hamas (Jewish Chronicle)

April 7: Jewish woman wearing Ukrainian pin badge is given Nazi salute on the London Underground (Campaign Against Antisemitism)

April 8: Johnson government may drop all engagement with the National Union of Students over antisemitism allegations (The Times)

April 11: Two Conservative candidates for local office in Bury accused of posting antisemitic comments (Bury Times)

April 12: Police looking for man who snatched a kippah off a man’s head in check-out area of a supermarket in Pilsworth near Manchester (Manchester Evening News)

April 19: Antisemitic blogger, who once compared Auschwitz to a theme park, jailed for changing lyrics in  Oliver Twist song to insult Jews (Daily Mail)

April 19: Swastika found in park in Borehamwood, UK near a synagogue (Borehamwood & Elstree Times)

April 23: Report decries failure of United Kingdom police to enforce laws against chanting death threats in anti-Israel demonstrations across the country (Jerusalem Post)

April 26: Tracy-Ann Oberman apologizes and pays damages to politician she falsely accused of antisemtism (The Guardian)

April 28: London exhibit maps 150 years of antisemitism in Europe (Times of Israel)

April 28: Effort to block entry into the United Kingdom of two antisemitic Polish politicians who plan to speak at a Polish community event in Manchester (AlgemeinerAlso see Poland

April 28: Two boys suspected of antisemitic graffiti in Bishop’s Stortford north of London (Hertfordshire Mercury)

April 28: Sixteen-year-old boy threatened to bomb synagogue after befriending far-right gamers (Liverpool Echo)

April 29: British soccer fan arrested for Nazi salute which he claims was a “wave hello” (Jerusalem Post)

May 2: Jewish children targeted in separate incidents in the United Kingdom (Cleveland Jewish News)

May 4: Labour Councilor up for re-election shared article denying the Holocaust and said Hitler was “completely justified” in persecuting the Jews (Jewish Chronicle)

May 8: Eight hundred years after England enacted a number of antisemitic measures, the Church of England will apologize for “shameful actions” against Jews (Jewish Chronicle)

May 12: UK neo-Nazi visits Buchenwald and performs Nazi salute in execution chamber (Jewish Chronicle)

May 13: UK Government suspends engagement with the National Union of Students over antisemitism allegations (UK Government)

May 13: Statue of 13th century Jewish woman and her son in Winchester vandalized (Jewish Chronicle)

May 19: British Home Secretary calls BDS movement antisemitic (Jerusalem Post)

May 20: Local Labour party suspends a Labour councilor subject to an investigation into posts of anti-Israel conspiracy theories (MKFM)

May 26: Israeli-owned cafe in London vandalize with “free Palestine” graffiti (JTA)

May 27: Retired Church of England cleric denies antisemitism at church disciplinary hearing (Church Times)

May 31: Warwick University investigates complaints about professor who repeatedly compared people who support Israel to Nazis (Jewish News)

June 1: Bullied at school, a loner suspect arrested after posting racist, homophobic and antisemitic material (Manchester Evening News)

June 10: Lancashire Councillor suspended for alleged antisemitic remark (BBC)

June 11: Student at University of Lancashire being investigated for an antisemitic and racist drawing on his chest (Cleveland Jewish News)

June 13: Swastika and other antisemitic messages scrawled
on entrance to underpass near elementary school in Haverhill (Suffolk News)

June 23: Three Labour councillors who had been
suspending for alleged antisemitism and then reinstated
are once more over antisemitism allegations (The JC)

June 27: Goldsmith University head finally defends a
Jewish academic, David Hirsch, who had been unfairly
labeled a “far right white supremacist” by Student Union
President (The JC)

June 27: Failed London mayoral candidate criticized by
Holocaust Memorial Day Trust after he posted a swastika
made up of LGBT rainbow flags (The JC)

July 3: Goldsmith College, a constituent college of the
University of London will hold an independent review of
claims of antisemitism (JNS)

July 17: The Ann Frank Trust of London invited a speaker
to one of their workshops who posted “[Death} to you
Zionist scum” and claimed Israel was committing a
Holocaust against Palestinians (The Jerusalem Post) 

July 14: Jewish girl in south London subjected to
antisemitic harassment and school officials refuse to call it
antisemitism (The Jewish Chronicle) 

July 14: Study finds antisemitism has tripled in five years at
United Kingdom schools (The Jewish Chronicle) 

July 19: West Ham football club fans avoid prosecution for
singing an antisemitic song to an Orthodox passenger on a
flight from London to the Netherlands because it is unclear
if the plane was in UK airspace (Sky Sports)

July 24: Forde Inquiry finds Corbyn supporters
“weaponized antisemitism by minimizing its presence” but
also found some anti-Corbyn factions used antisemitism as
a weapon against the then Labour leader (The Jerusalem Post)

July 28: UK TV channel put on notice for broadcasting
antisemitic content about Zionists crating antisemitism to
scare Jews and saying Jews kicked out of many countries
because of their money lending practices (Cleveland Jewish News)

July 28: Vandals draw swastikas on theatre wall in east
London (MyLondon)

July 29: Graduate student sues Leeds University for
professor giving her a flunking grade because she did not
criticize Israel in her paper (The Times)

August 1: Three antisemitic physical attacks in North
London (Jewish News)

August 3: Jewish community NGO, Community Security
Trust (CST) provides information to foil potential attack by
an antisemite on a Liverpool member of Parliament (The JC)

August 4: Drop in antisemitic incidents in greater
Manchester (itv News)

August 5: Per CST online antisemitism decreases in first six
months of 2022 but in-person antisemitism saw dramatic
increase (The Jerusalem Post)

August 5: DHL fires UK deliveryman who wrote package
was “signed for by Jews” and who failed to deliver package
to front door and left damaged package on driveway (the algemeiner)

August 12: Liz Truss one of two candidates for Tory leader
accused of offensive remarks about Jews when she praised
business and family as Jewish values (The Guardian)

August 13: At anti-Israel protest in London one sign said
“Stop the Judaization of Jerusalem and Britain, Europe,
Ukraine and USA” and another read “Zionism uses Jews as
human shields” (The Jerusalem Post)

August 15:  The comedian, Russell Brand and a Jewish, Canadian journalist who defends Russian and the Assad regime in Syrian say the criticism of Jeremy Corbyn for antisemitism was just a “scam” to delegitimize the ex-Labour leader (The Jewish Chronicle).

August 19:  Palestinian Forum in Britain, a group that organizes anti-Israel demonstrations attacks interfaith dialogue and says it is a Zionist strategy to cover up Israeli apartheid (The Jewish Chronicle).

August 21: Study finds antisemitic conspiracy theories becoming more mainstream among English youth (The Jewish Chronicle).

August 22:  Survey finds one-third of British youth (18-34) believe the antisemitic conspiracy theory that Jews have inordinate control of world’s banking and financial systems (The Algemeiner).

August 23:  Coventry Labour councilor suspended by the party over her use of an alleged antisemitic language to describe a Jewish party member (BBC).

August 26: UK prosecutors allege a man traveled 200 miles in August 2021 to assault Jews in Stamford Hill (The Algemeiner).

August 28: GB News provokes criticism for interviewing alleged Holocaust denier about demographic decline in the west (The Jewish Chronicle).

September 3:  National Union of Students suspends their president, Shaima Dallai, until inquiry of claims of discrimination against Jewish students is completed (Jewish News).

September 3:  British neo-Nazis used codewords to evade antisemitic hate speech filters on YouTube (The Jerusalem Post).

September 3:  Corbyn supporter who accused of Israel of exploiting the Holocaust is elected to Labour’s National Executive Committee (LI Herald).

September 6:  YouTube shuts down channel of UK, right-wing, racist and antisemite YouTuber (WIN).

September 24: Islamist preacher accused of antisemitic demonstrations in London as well as anti-Hindu speech in Leicester (MSN).

September 27: British student at University of Leeds claims grader failed her because she did not blame Israel for Hamas’ abuses in Gaza (Mosaic Magazine)

October 4: Report from Jewish People Policy Institute says growing antisemitism forcing French Jews to conceal their religion (WIN)

October 4: Coventry councillor voluntarily leaves the Labour party amid antisemitism inquiry (BBC)

October 6:  Most victims of religious hate in the UK are Muslims and Jews (Aljazeera)

October 8:  Royal Court Theatre subject of antisemitic abuse over a Jewish play (The Telegraph)

October 24:  Video-sharing site, BitChute hosting antisemitic content (Jewish News)

November 1:  National Union of Students (NUS) president dismissed over antisemitic claims and after a code of conduct investigation (BBC)

November 2:  London theatre group cancels Nazi-Jewish themed “Romeo and Juliet” after negative feedback (JTA)

November 7: Government communications regulator criticizes the BBC for violating its own standards of accuracy and impartiality in reporting on an antisemitic attack on a bus full of young Jews when the network falsely claimed the attackers were provoked by an anti-Muslim slur from the bus (BBC)

November 7:  Jews in the London sections of Stamford Hill and Hackney are victims of several antisemitic incidents since October 31 (WIN)

December 6:  Community Security Trust (CST) issues a report that finds public discourse on antisemitism is rampant in the UK (The Algemeiner)

December 10:  Bi-partisan group of MPs launch of an investigation of the biased reporting by the BBC on topics relating to Jews and Israel (Jerusalem Post)

December 12:  An analysis of the degree of success Labour leader Keir Starmer has had in purging the party of the Corbyn era’s antisemitism (Times of Israel)

December 21:  Series of antisemitic incidents target London Jews (The Algemeiner)

United States

January 2: Ohio high school athlete who is a Hebrew Israelite sues his coaches for forcing him to eat a pizza with pepperoni grease as a punishment and thus violating his religious believes (Insider)

January 3: Jewish man in religious dress was chased and attacked by two men in Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn (New York Post)

January 5: Prominent tech founder resigns from his company after an email outlining an antisemitic vaccine conspiracy theory (Washington Post)

January 5: Seattle Jewish Federation criticizes Kent, Washington’s response to a police official who displayed a Nazi military insignia on his office door as inadequate (Algemeiner)

January 5: Jon Stewart says he was joking when he accused J.K. Rowling of using antisemitic caricatures in portraying goblin bankers in the Harry Potter movies (Times of IsraelAlso see United Kingdom

January 5: Twitter personality and fellow at the Claremont Institute accused of repeatedly commenting on the physical attributes of Jewish thinkers he disagrees with (Jewish Insider)

January 6: Mayor of Northampton, Massachusetts decries antisemitic rhetoric after virtual Board of Health meeting on December 28 (Daily Hampshire Gazette)

January 6: Senator Schumer overheard January 6 insurrectionist say “there’s the big Jew, let’s get ‘em” (Jerusalem Post)

January 8: Senator Rubio accused for using coded antisemitism after he bashes “upscale liberal media” for its coverage of January 6 insurrection (HuffPost)

January 10: Woman on the Upper East Side of New York withdraws cash from an ATM and finds bill marked with Nazi symbols (New York Post)

January 10: White supremacist group crashes anti-abortion rally in Chicago (NBC Chicago)

January 10: Holocaust memorial in Santa Rosa, California vandalized (CBS San Francisco)

January 11: Marketing firm that works for some Jewish NGOs refuses to represent Hartman Institute because of its Israel ties (JTA)

January 11: Indiana legislator apologizes for saying teachers should be impartial on Nazism (Times of Israel)

January 11: Leader of neo-Nazi group sentenced for plot to target journalists and advocates (U.S. Department of Justice)

January 12: Marysville, California mural damaged by graffiti which included numerous swastikas (CBS Sacramento)

January 12: Temple University freshman says her roommate sent her antisemitic text (ABC Philadelphia)

January 12: Attacker of a man with an IDF hoodie is charged with a hate crime (Jerusalem Post)

January 13: Police car in the parking lot of a Lauderhill, Florida synagogue is torched (Local 10)

January 13: High school basketball team in Burlingame, Kansas videotaped giving Nazi salutes by their locker room (University Daily Kansan)

January 13: Iranian opposition activists speak out over the decision to allow a former Iranian official who has history of antisemitism and anti-Baha’i views into the United States (Cleveland Jewish News)

January 13: Antisemitic flyers linking Jews to anti-vaxxer movement found in four Santa Monica elementary schools (KTLA 5)

January 13: Candidate for open North Carolina congressional seat apologizes for past antisemitic statements (Forward)

January 14: Stanford’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion program is accused of antisemitic tropes and ignoring antisemitic vandalism (Jerusalem Post)

January 15: CUNY professors allege their union is antisemitic as well as anti-Israel (New York Post)

January 16: President Biden pledges to “stand against” antisemitism after hostage crisis at synagogue in Colleyville, Texas (Newsweek)

January 16:  Jewish leaders decry statement by FBI special agent saying the attack on the Colleyville synagogue “was not specifically related to the Jewish community” (Haaretz)

January 16: President Biden pushes out Trump appointee who spoke before white supremacists from a commission that monitors Holocaust sites (JTA)

January 17: Muslim-American scholar/imam calls upon Muslim Americans to confront the antisemitism within their community (Algemeiner)

January 17: Police in Palestine, Texas do not believe local people were involved in park protest that included an antisemitic group (CBS19)

January 18: Both white supremacists and al-Qaeda affiliated group praise attack on Colleyville, Texas synagogue (Homeland Security Today)

January 19: Study finds 60 million online incidents of comparisons of the Holocaust to COVID-19 (Algemeiner)

January 20: Police looking for woman who shouted antisemitic remarks and spat on three young Jewish children in Brooklyn (NBC News)

January 20: In the wake of Colleyville hostage case, FBI Director says “…we’re not going to tolerate antisemitism in this country” (Jerusalem Post)

January 20: Castro Valley, California school board approves contract with ethnic studies group opposed to Israel and Jewish organizations (J.)

January 20: Congresswoman Lauren Boebert asks Jews in a Capitol elevator if they were doing reconnaissance (JTA)

January 21: Jewish groups condemn Presbyterian leader who equates Israeli occupation of the West Bank with slavery days after hostage incident at Texas synagogue (JTA)

January 22: Seventy-five percent of American Jews believe antisemitism is worse today than it was five years ago, per new Ruderman Family Foundation survey (Jerusalem Post)

January 22: Antisemitic graffiti on pedestrian overpass bride crossing Interstate 540 in Raleigh, North Carolina (News & Observer)

January 22: After 18 years of antisemitic protestors outside of Beth Israel Congregation, the city council of Ann Arbor, Michigan condemned the protests (Jerusalem Post)

January 23: Tennessee couple sues the state’s Department of Children’s Services after a publicly financed adoption agency refused to help them because they were Jewish (Telegraph)

January 23: Antisemitic flyers found in Pacific Heights neighborhood of San Francisco (NBC Bay Area)

January 24: Antisemitic flyers distributed in Miami Beach and Surfside, Florida list health experts that are purported to be Jewish (Times of Israel)

January 24: Robert Kennedy Jr. invokes Anne Frank at anti-vaccine mandate rally in D.C. (JTA)

January 24: Multiple reports of antisemitic flyers in and around Denver (KUSA)

January 25: Antisemitic flyers found in Annapolis, Maryland (Capital Gazette)

January 25: Survey finds more than half of Tufts University Jewish students report antisemitic incidents (Algemeiner)

January 25: Machete-wielding man arrested after making threats against Jewish residents in Brooklyn (WPIX)

January 25: Intimidating stickers placed on Dickinson College’s Jewish center (Patriot-News)

January 26: Goyim Defense League blamed for distribution of thousands of antisemitic flyers in six state the previous weekend (Daily Mail)

January 26: Tennessee school board removes Holocaust graphic novel Maus from its curriculum (JTA)

January 27: Barnes and Noble removes the Protocols from its website (JTA)

January 29: Swastikas found spray painted on Union Station and other nearby buildings in Washington, DC (Axios)

January 30: Demonstration in Orange County, Florida includes profanity and antisemitic slurs directed at passing cars (ClickOrlando)

January 30: Tucson, Arizona Jewish Community Center receives bomb threat (KGUN)

January 30: Antisemitic flyers similar to those distributed in five other states found in Kenosha, Wisconsin (WKRC)

January 31: QAnon leader “Patriot Voice John” shares antisemitic content online (Dallas Observer)

January 31: Florida governor DeSantis criticized after his spokesperson expressed doubt over whether demonstrators with swastika flags and hurling antisemitic slurs were real Nazis or just Democrats trying to make the governor look bad (Times of Israel)

January 31: Antisemitic vandalism in Chicago suburb (Times of Israel)

January 31: Plow operator intentionally sprayed Orthodox Jews with snow in Lakewood, New Jersey (Algemeiner)

January 31: Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) at the University of Chicago urges boycott of classes on Israel and Israeli academic fellows (Algemeiner)

January 31: More swastika vandalism in the West Ridge community of Chicago (Block Club Chicago)

February 3: Senate GOP Twitter account unfollows now dormant user who linked to antisemitic and racist websites (Times of Israel)

February 4: U.S. Department of Education opens investigation of alleged harassment of Jewish students (Times of Israel)

February 4: Antisemitic graffiti found at Marblehead, Massachusetts elementary school (NBC Boston)

February 7: Two more antisemitic incidents in Brooklyn: a Jewish man is assaulted and swastika painted on a yeshiva school bus (Twitter)

February 7: Teacher of class on the Bible as a secular topic in Tennessee public school alleged to have pushed Christian ideology and gave an example of how to “torture a Jew” (Jerusalem Post)

February 7: According to police statistics, antisemitic hate crimes have soared in NYC (ABC7 New York)

February 7: Senate candidate Josh Mandel rejects charges by Jewish War Veterans of the United States that demonstrations outside a Jewish State Representative’s home were antisemitic (Cleveland Jewish News)

February 8: Racist, homophobic and antisemitic graffiti found in Danvers, MA middle school for the second time in the academic year (MassLive)

February 9: U.S. campus survey finds University of Vermont had most reported cases of antisemitic incidents (Times of Israel)

February 10: Jewish student forced to attend a Christian prayer assembly at a West Virginia public school (JTA)

February 11: Report says Jewish students at SUNY New Paltz were excluded from sexual assault awareness group because they supported Israel (Algemeiner)

February 11: Salem, Massachusets health officials receive antisemitic message in response to local COVID decisions (CBS Boston)

February 12: Swastika graffiti found in the classroom of a  Park City, Utah Jewish teacher (Deseret News)

February 12: Orthodox teen punched in random attack in Flatbush neighborhood of Brooklyn (Yeshiva World)

February 12: Jewish student who shared video of Alabama teacher giving a Nazi salute is told to apologize (Times of Israel)

February 12: Groups opposing male circumcision use shock tactics like painting the crotch of their pants with red paint (Gazette)

February 13: School crossing guard reported to use antisemitic slurs against school children and parents on upper West Side of Manhattan (ABC7 New York)

February 13: Racist and antisemitic flyers found in Texas neighborhood (ABC13)

February 13: Police in Wilmington, Delaware investigating recent swastika vandalism (CBS Philadelphia)

February 14: Jewish school bus in New York is attacked by man smashing window while children on bus and other antisemitic incidents over the weekend (Times of Israel)

February 14: Christian church vaccine protest outside the home of a Ohio Jewish elected official includes a sign reading “Stand for the flag, kneel for the cross” (JTA)

February 14: Local activist fires shots at a Jewish candidate for Mayor of Louisville (JTA)

February 14: Antisemitic flyers found in several Sarasota, Florida neighborhoods (Herald-Tribune)

February 15: Antisemitic flyers found in Huntington Beach, California (NBC Los Angeles)

February 15: Ex-Senator and gubernatorial candidate David Perdue compares media restrictions on Donald Trump to Nazi rule (JTA)

February 16: Two more Houston neighborhoods hit with racist/antisemitic flyers (Gwinnett Daily Post)

February 16: Park City, Utah teacher whose classroom was vandalized with antisemitic graffiti reports dozens of other incidents of antisemitism and other forms of bigotry in the school district (KPCW)

February 16: Former federal security contractor for the U.S. Embassy in Stockholm arrested after being indicted for covering up antisemitic arson in the Boston area (Rolling StoneAlso see Sweden

February 16: Israeli professor giving a virtual lecture to students at University of Houston and UC Davis is interrupted by antisemitic zoom-bombing (ForwardAlso see Israel

February 17: Antisemitic graffiti scrawled on Israeli restaurant on the Upper West Side of Manhattan (West Side Rag)

February 17: Georgia middle school students post antisemitic imagery (11Alive)

February 18: Blaine County, Idaho School District says two to three students responsible for racist and antisemitic graffiti (KTVB)

February 19: Swastikas on Gloucester, Massachusetts playground path (Gloucester Times)

February 20: Antisemitic flyers found in Colleyville and Garland, Texas (KTVT)

February 20: Antisemitic flyers found again in Huntington Beach and in Newport Beach, California (Spectrum News)

February 21: Antisemitic fliers left on driveways in Bowie, Maryland (NBC Washington)

February 21: Antisemitic flyers in Fort Myers neighborhood (NBC2)

February 21: Antisemitic flyers found in Denver suburb (The Denver Channel)

February 21: Residents of Vienna in Fairfax County, Virginia find antisemitic leaflets on their property (Washington Post)

February 21: Antisemitic flyers left in Palo Alto, California (KGO-TV)

February 22: Antisemitic flyers target Columbus, Georgia’s Lake Bottom park (WSAV-TV)

February 22: University of Illinois investigating antisemitic flyers found around its Champaign-Urbana campus (WLS-TV)

February 22: Antisemitic flyers found in Marin and other communities in the Bay Area (Marin Independent Journal)

February 22: Ormond Beach, Florida residents find anti-Jewish flyers dropped on their street (WKMG-TV)

February 22: Indiana University police investigating antisemitic comments posted online targeting Jewish fraternities and students (WTHR)

February 23: University of South Florida investigating allegations of antisemitic incidents at a fraternity on its Tampa campus (WTSP)

February 23: Residents of a Park Ridge and Niles, Illinois neighborhoods disgusted by anti-Jewish hate flyers (WGN-TV)

February 23: Two Kentucky legislators apologize for using antisemitic phrase during committee meeting (Lexington Herald Leader)

February 24: Folsom, California police searching for juveniles responsible for antisemitic graffiti (KTXL)

February 25: Antisemitic graffiti at three Montgomery County, Pennsylvania cemeteries (WPVI-TV)

February 24: Racist and antisemitic flyers found inside history books at Williams College library (WBUR)

February 25: Study finds media reporting on antisemitic hate crime is considerably less than such reporting on anti-Muslim or anti-black hate crimes (CBS News)

February 26: The diversity officer picked to lead University of Maryland’s task force on antisemitism claimed in a May 2021 post that Israel was engaged in “ongoing genocide and ethnic cleansing of Palestine”  and what was happening in Palestine was “settler colonialism” (Washington Free Beacon)

February 26: Red Sox release minor league prospect Brett Netzer after racist, homophobic and allegedly antisemitic social media posts (Yahoo! Sports)

February 26: U.S.-based Christian mission accuses Israel of practicing apartheid (Jerusalem Post)

February 26: Liz Cheney criticizes GOP House leadership for not speaking out against two House Republicans, Marjorie Taylor Greene and Paul Gosar, after they spoke before an organization of white supremacists and antisemites (KITV)

February 27: Racist and antisemitic graffiti found on parking lot at a Taunton, Massachusetts high school (Taunton Daily Gazette)

February 28: Swastikas on window of Baker Walkway and Whalen Center at Ithaca College in upstate New York (The Ithacan)

March 1: Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers speaks at white supremacist conference, calls for her political rivals to be hanged, and uses antisemitic tropes to describe Ukrainian President Zelenskyy (NPR)

March 1: Jewish man assaulted while picking up his niece in Crown Heights (

March 1: Bay area yoga instructor fired for her own antisemitic views as well as because her boyfriend is well-known white supremacist (SFGATE)

March 2: Man who attacked woman in subway with feces and was rearrested for spitting on Jewish man is out on the street again on supervised release (ABC 7 New York)

March 2: Kentucky lawmaker apologizes for referencing Jewish women’s sex life and for Holocaust remarks (Courier Journal)

March 3: Antisemitic vandalism in Fountain Square neighborhood of Indianapolis (Fox 59)

March 3: Per ADL, distribution of antisemitic propaganda leaflets reached second-highest level in 2021 (CNN)

March 3: Antisemitic flyers in Glenview, Illinois (Chicago Sun-Times)

March 4: New York man charged with putting intimidating stickers on the Asbell Center for Jewish Life at Dickenson College (WPMT)

March 4: Swastikas and other antisemitic graffiti spray-painted on garage doors and vehicles in Sacramento region (Sacramento Bee)

March 5: ADL report highlights antisemitism and racism in Pennsylvania in 2021 (Morning Call)

March 5: Springfield, Illinois high school student charged with hate crime after allegedly defacing school property with antisemitic content (State Journal-Register)

March 7: Michigan state House candidate shared antisemitic posts, including a charge that feminism is “a Jewish program to degrade white men (JTA)

March 8: Antisemitic hate crimes up 400% in NYC according to police data (JTA)

March 8: University of Wisconsin at Madison acknowledges antisemitic incidents reported by Jewish students and denounces antisemitism (Algemeiner)

March 9: Idaho Lt. Governor spoke to white nationalist group a week after she asked a rabbi if she could help fight antisemitism (JTA

March 9: Antisemitic slur found in Massachusetts high school bathroom (MetroWest Daily News)

March 9: Cherry Hill Katz JCC receives bomb threats (Jewish Community Voice)

March 10: Six cars on Manhattan’s Upper East Side spray painted with antisemitic graffiti (New York Post)

March 11: Sierra Club cancels trips to Israel after pressure from anti-Zionist groups (St. Louis Jewish Light)

March 11: U.S. Director of Amnesty International says organization is opposed to Israel continuing to exist as a Jewish state (JTA)

March 11: Juneau, Alaska middle school targeted with vandalism including swastika graffiti (KTOO)

March 14: Idaho GOP officials tried to install a known antisemite as a county Democratic leader (JTA)

March 14: Connecticut police charge woman for arson and burglary against a synagogue and two churches (Algemeiner)

March 14: San Antonio neighborhood hit with racist flyers which include swastikas (Fox San Antonio)

March 14: Front door of high school in Portland, Oregon spray-painted with swastika (KGW)

March 14: Antisemitic flyers in Illinois target Jewish state senator Laura Fine (The Center Square)

March 16: Broadway theatre featuring Lion King defaced with swastika (NBC New York)

March 16: Vacant school building vandalized with antisemitic and white supremacist graffiti (FOX61)

March 17: Tucker Carlson’s favorite foreign policy expert has history of talking about antisemitic conspiracy theories (The Atlantic)

March 17: AMCHA Initiative claims study finds correlation between university faculty members who endorse academic boycott of Israel and antisemitic activity (Cleveland Jewish News)

March 18: Jewish Federation of Kansas City finds that nine percent of Jews in Kansas City reported experiencing antisemitism last year (Kansas City Star)

March 18: Highland Park, Illinois synagogue evacuated after bomb threat (Lake & McHenry County Scanner)

March 18: Farmington Hills, Michigan synagogue bomb threat turns out to be a hoax (Detroit News)

March 18: Minneapolis tenant displays Nazi flag in apartment (KMSP)

March 19: Petaluma, California man distributing antisemitic flyers (Press Democrat)

March 20: Hundreds of racist flyers with swastikas found in Houston neighborhood (Click2Houston)

March 21: Virginia Tech Jewish students condemn invite of ex-academic who once was quoted as saying “Zionists: transforming ‘anti-Semitism’ from something horrible into something honorable since 1948″ (Algemeiner)

March 21: Man draws swastika on “no smoking” sign outside a post office in Midtown Manhattan (FOX 5 New York)

March 21: Upside down American flag with swastika displayed on house across from school in El Sobrante, California (KTVU)

March 22: Neo-Nazi group shows up at Boston’s St. Patrick’s Day parade (Algemeiner)

March 22: Swastika graffiti found near major highway near Manassas, Virginia (Patch)

March 23: Duke University hosts speaker who claimed Zionist have “an unquenchable thirst” for Palestinian blood and that Israelis harvest organs of Palestinians (Forward)

March 24: Simon Wiesenthal Center publishes yearly report card on how successful social media platforms police hate speech (WGNTV)

March 24: Missouri and Pennsylvania JCCs target of antisemitic bomb threats in the wake of threats to JCCs in Oklahoma, New Jersey and Arizona (Times of Israel)

March 25: NYC’s new Cultural Affairs Commissioner criticized for 2013 remarks about Jewish landlords (New York Times)

March 26: Unsealed documents reveals three teens from different states plotted bombings of Chicago mosques and synagogues on behalf of ISIS during spring break (NBC Chicago)

March 26: Some conservatives on social media charge Supreme Court nominee Jackson with being weak on antisemitism as a result of their misidentifying Israelite sect (Times of Israel)

March 26: Woman wearing Nazi armband and yelling antisemitic slurs involved in altercation in Orange County, California (Los Angeles Times)

March 26: Staten Island JCC evacuated after bomb threat (Times of Israel)

March 26: Antisemitic leaflets in Sarasota Florida claim that every aspect of Russia-Ukraine war is Jewish (10 Tampa Bay)

March 27: Teens charged with vandalism, including “Jew” written on driveway, at home of local rabbi in Bonita Springs, Florida (NBC2)

March 27: Author Alice Walker disinvited from Bay Area book festival over past antisemitic comments (St. Louis Jewish Light)

March 28: Lara Logan of Fox Nation streaming service says Darwin was paid by Rothschilds to come up with a theory of evolution (Rolling Stone)

March 28: Zelensky is becoming the new Soros among antisemites of the far right and others (Haaretz)

March 28: Senators Cardin and Portman lead effort to abolish UN Human Rights Council’s Commission on Inquiry on the Israeli Palestinian conflict (United States Senate)

March 29: Ohio lawmaker says Holocaust should be taught from multiple points of view, including the perspective of a German soldier (Times of Israel)

March 30: University of Connecticut Jewish student subjected to harassment, antisemitic insults and blackballing after she legally removed anti-Israel flyers from library (Algemeiner)

March 30: Antisemitic flyers in Eugene, Oregon (Daily Emerald)

March 31: Orthodox women blocked from Delta flight to New York sue for religious discrimination (Times of Israel)

April 1: Columbus, Ohio man who worked as a guard at a Jewish school is arrested after posting threats of antisemitic terrorism against school and school parents (WBNS)

April 1: NYU denounces Middle East Studies Association endorsement of academic boycott of Israel (Algemeiner)

April 1: Ohio State student oppose a BDS measure that would divest from two companies operating in Israel (Algemeiner)

April 2: Swastika painted on Quaker cemetery outside Philadelphia (Philadelphia Inquirer)

April 3: Hasidic man attacked in Brooklyn (ABC 7 New York)

April 3: Jewish student called a white supremacist and “f***ing Zionist” and kicked out of a cappella group at University of Connecticut after taking down illegally placed anti-Zionist flyers (Israel Hayom)

April 4: Montgomery County official condemns antisemitic graffiti found at Rockville, Maryland middle school (Bethesda Magazine)

April 4: Upper West Side of Manhattan teens threatened because they were Jewish with knife, crowbar and sword (West Side Rag)

April 4: KKK flyers found at University of Illinois campus (Jerusalem Post)

April 6: Eighteen year veteran of Springfield, Illinois Police Department resigns after being linked to antisemitic, racist and homophobic social media posts (WICS)

April 7: Arizona State is urged to block campus speaker who has written that Zionists have an “unquenchable thirst for Palestinian blood” (Cleveland Jewish News)

April 7: GEICO disinvites Linda Sarsour from speaking at company event (Times of Israel)

April 7: Ohio State University professor who used the slur “Jew Down” in a classroom is found not in violation of University Policy but faces suspension and training requirements (The Lantern)

April 7: Far right uses Zelensky’s Jewish background, redirection of Holocaust victimhood and “Denazification” to support Russia (Global Network on Extremism & Technology)

April 8: Pharmacist charged with hate crime after telling a bartender to take off Star of David necklace, spouting antisemitic slurs and then throwing a drink at him (ABC 7 Chicago)

April 10: Man arrested after assaulting two Orthodox men in Lakewood, NJ with his car and one with a knife and went on an antisemitic rant when apprehended (World Israel News)

April 11: George Washington University student says antisemitic threat slipped under his dorm room door (GW Hatchet)

April 12: University of Colorado Boulder Police Department places officer on administrative leave after allegation of racism and antisemitism (KDVR)

April 12: Undergraduate Student Government at Ohio State passes resolution asking Ohio State to divest from two companies doing business in Israel (The Lantern)

April 13: Speaker who has said Israelis eat Palestinian organs receives honorariums for speeches at Arizona State University, Duke and American University (Algemeiner)

April 13: NYC subway shooter suspect has history of online antisemitism and bigotry (Algemeiner)

April 13: Middleborough, Massachusetts police looking for two individuals spotted on surveillance video vandalizing high school with hate language including a swastika (WPRI)

April 15: Two swastikas painted on utility room at an elementary school in Mountain View, California (Mountain View Voice)

April 16: Antisemitic flyers distributed in Beverly Hills and Hollywood Hills on the first day of Passover (NBC Los Angeles)

April 18: The “Goyim Defense League” targets Jewish neighborhood in Pittsburgh with antisemitic flyers over Passover weekend (Algemeiner)

April 19: Jewish professor who claims he was fired from Linfield University after college president made antisemitic remarks is supported by the American Association of University Professors, which concluded the university violated academic freedom by firing him (JTA)

April 20: Tennessee State Senator who invoked the Holocaust when advocating for a bill criminalizing homelessness a week earlier says only Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump will care that state GOP kicked Trump-endorsed candidate off the ballot because “she’s Jewish” (Business Insider)

April 20: Jewish students at NYU call on university to investigate Students for Justice in Palestine organization after it stated “the Zionist grip on the media is omnipresent” (Jerusalem Post)

April 20: Candidate for Congress endorsed by former President Trump is thrown off the ballot by Tennessee GOP leaders and accuses GOP State Senator of antisemitism (New York Post)

April 20: NY Post editorial charges Washington Post writer with antisemitism for writing about “Libs of TikTok” creator Chaya Raichik’s Orthodox Jewish background (New York Post)

April 20: Allegation of antisemitism in primary for Pennsylvania’s 12th congressional district after candidate’s criticism of Israeli actions on the Temple Mount (WESA)

April 20: Antisemitic flyers dropped in Boca Raton neighborhood (WPBF)

April 21: Man in Squirrel Hill neighborhood of Pittsburgh yells antisemitic rhetoric at Jewish couple and later directs antisemitic abuse at Jewish school (CBS News)

April 21: Anti-Israel protests outside Hillel at the University of Illinois-Urbana Champaign during Passover described by ADL CEO as an “attempt to terrorize Jewish students” and as “despicable” (Algemeiner)

April 22: Protester at pro-Palestinian rally where calls for Israel’s destruction were chanted allegedly assaults man holding an Israeli flag (Times of Israel)

April 24: Antisemitic flyers dropped in Danville, California (NBC Bay Area)

April 25: Georgetown University Law School Dean defends decision to allow speaker who claims Israelis harvest Palestinian organs on free speech grounds (National Review)

April 25: Antisemitic flyers featuring faces of Jewish elected officials distributed in Glenville, Illinois (ABC 7 Chicago)

April 26: ADL reports that antisemitic incidents in the United States reached a new high in 2021 (CNN)

April 26: Swastikas drawn on residence halls at Queens University in Charlotte, North Carolina (Insight Into Diversity)

April 27: Jewish fraternity at Rutgers University target of multiple antisemitic incidents (ABC 7 New York)

April 27: Flyers blaming Jews for COVID and the war in Ukraine found in Mt. Lebanon, Pennsylvania (Yahoo! News)

April 28: Michael Waltzer addresses antisemitism and anti-Zionism on the left (Jerusalem Post)

April 28: Antisemitic flyers found in Highland Park and other North Shore communities outside Chicago (NBC Chicago)

April 28: Charges against a Dartmouth student for vandalizing a menorah on the college Commons are dropped after suspect blames another student for the crime (InDepthNH)

April 29: The New Yorker and other media outlets criticized for avoiding referencing Alice Walker’s vile antisemitism (The Atlantic)

April 30: Harvard Crimson endorses BDS movement while claiming to reject antisemitism (Jerusalem Post)

May 2: Twitter account of candidate for Secretary of State of New Mexico links Jews to vaccines, but candidate claims she did not remember writing such a tweet (Albuquerque Journal)

May 3: Beth Israel congregation in Portland, Oregon is vandalized by fire scorch marks and graffiti which included antisemitic death threat (The Oregonian)

May 3: Residents in a Houston, Texas neighborhood find antisemitic flyers outside their homes (KTRK)

May 3: Antisemitic flyers distributed in Culver City, California (FOX 11 Los Angeles)

May 4: Jewish students ask school officials to respond to antisemitic speaker and antisemitic protestor on West Chester University campus (Jewish Exponent)

May 4: Swastika poster hung in restroom in Chicago area high school (Lake & McHenry County Scanner)

May 5: Antisemitic flyers distributed in Horry County, South Carolina and other parts of the state (WMBF)

May 5: Swissvale fire chief accused of antisemitic comments regarding vaccines at a public meeting (WTAE)

May 5: Swastika drawn on wall in South Florida middle school (Parkland Talk)

May 6: Antisemitic and racist graffiti found in classroom at Pembroke High in Massachusetts (Patriot Ledger)

May 6: Swastika spray-painted over an ad in a Brooklyn bus stop calling for an end to antisemitism (New York Daily News)

May 6: Antisemitic flyers distributed in Kenosha, Wisconsin neighborhood (WISN)

May 7: Antisemitic, racist graffiti found in bathrooms in two Illinois high schools (CBS Chicago)

May 7: Franklin High School fans shout antisemitic slurs at baseball game against Sharon High School outside Boston (Boston Globe)

May 7: Baseball players from the Shalhevet Jewish school in Los Angeles greeted by some players from the opposing team with shouts of “Heil Hitler” (Victorville Daily Press)

May 8: NY rabbi punched and kicked by man making antisemitic remarks (Jerusalem Post)

May 8: Nazis wave swastika flag outside the entrance to Disney World (WDW News Today)

May 9: Chabad rabbi turns antisemitic slur from newly graduated college student at University of Kentucky into a learning opportunity (WLEX)

May 10: Swastika on bathroom wall of library and antisemitism display case covered with anti-Israel posters at University of California San Diego (NBC San Diego)

May 11: Temple University sued by student alleging University did not properly react to her roommate’s harassment and antisemitism (Jewish Exponent)

May 11: Trans flag vandalized with swastika in Madison, Wisconsin (WKOW)

May 11: A Jewish rapper who is running for office makes light of antisemitic attacks on Orthodox Jews (Jerusalem Post)

May 12: Garage in a Daytona Beach area residence spray-painted with swastika and the words “Get Out” (WNDB)

May 12: A member of Chicago’s city council files complaint against a city employee who was recorded on voicemail as describing a local rabbi as a “F****** Jew” (Algemeiner)

May 13: An apparently mentally disturbed individual chokes a Jewish victim after being overheard making antisemitic comments (Pittsburgh Jewish Chronicle)

May 13: Jewish teen punched in face after suspect demanded he say “Free Palestine” in Midwood neighborhood of Brooklyn (New York Post)

May 15: Buffalo shooter found to have espoused antisemitic conspiracy theories before the mass shooting (Times of Israel)

May 16: Swastikas found on bathroom walls in Broward, Florida high school (WPLG)

May 17: GOP endorsed candidate for Minnesota Secretary of State charges Soros is puppet master of both the current, Jewish Secretary of State and of a prominent, Jewish elections lawyer (JTA)

May 17: White supremacist Buffalo shooter railed against Orthodox Jews moving into New York and New Jersey suburbs (Algemeiner)

May 18: Cleveland area high school lacrosse player competes with a swastika on his leg (Times of Israel)

May 18: Louisiana State University student government passes divestment bill targeting “human rights violations” by U.S. prisons at the U.S.-Mexico border and in “occupied Palestine” but only singles out the school’s Israeli academic partners (Algemeiner)

May 18: Election banner for Washington State Representative April Berg is defaced with swastika (KOMO)

May 18: North Miami Beach man spouting racist and antisemitic sentiments threatens neighbors with kitchen knives (WSVN)

May 18: Swastika painted on Kent State University campus (WKYC)

May 19: CUNY law faculty endorses boycott resolution against Israel that refers to Israeli war crimes and condemns Hillel and other student organizations for their support of Israel (Algemeiner)

May 19: Anti-Israel activist who has advocated for violence against Israeli civilians and who threatened to set fire to person wearing IDF sweatshirt is commencement speaker at CUNY law school (Jewish Insider)

May 20: Jewish woman caught drawing swastikas in Brooklyn’s Borough Park (New York Daily News)

May 21: Suspect wanted for alleged arson against a Manhattan synagogue (Audacy)

May 22: Truck displaying antisemitic messages parked in West Hollywood amid allegations the truck part of caravan harassing Jewish, gay and Black people on Santa Monica Blvd. (Los Angeles Times)

May 23: Antisemitic graffiti Yorktown, New York overpass (News 12 Bronx)

May 23: Community college cancels ceremony over charges of antisemitism where Allice Walker had been the keynote speaker (Times of San Diego)

May 23: Police are looking for person who lit a phone book/piece of cloth on fire and threw it through the gate of a Manhattan synagogue (NBC New York)

May 25: At least 50 antisemitic flyers found in Watertown, South Dakota (InForum)

May 26: Swastika graffiti and the word “Hitler” discovered on Northern California high school campus (J. The Jewish News of Northern California)

May 26: Congressional candidate apologizes for comments about Jewish political power made at the Orange County Islamic Federation’s candidate forum which have been characterized as antisemitic (Orange County Register)

May 27: Office of the Los Angeles synagogue, Ikar, vandalized with swastikas etched on office windows (Los Angeles Times)

May 27: NYC councilwoman Inna Vernikov pulls funding of $50,000 for CUNY Law School’s BDS/Israel stance (New York Post)

May 27: Two men arrested for breaking a synagogue window in Fleischmanns, New York (NYSP News)

May 27: Swastika painted on outside wall of an historically  Black church in southwestern Missouri (Shelton Herald)

May 28: Eighteen-year-old Orthodox Jewish man assaulted in Brooklyn by man who says he will “get rid of all you Jews” (ABC 7 New York)

May 28: Antisemitic flyers dropped at two shopping malls in Lee County, Florida (News-Press)

May 28: Nevada high school student says he is a victim of anonymous, phony gun tips by bullies motivated by his Jewish heritage (Times of Israel)

May 30: Antisemitic, racist flyers found in mall parking lots in southwest Florida (Wink News)

May 30: Antisemitic flyers found in Meyerland neighborhood of Houston, Texas (Fox 26 Houston)

June 1: Report titled “Hate in the Empire State” issued by Community Security Initiative and ADL (ADL)

June 2: Packets with antisemitic flyers found in driveways in Wilmette, Illinois (ABC 7 Chicago)

June 2: U.S. State Department International Religious Freedom Report (U.S. Department of State)

June 2: Antisemitic flyers in bus stop in Jewish neighborhood of Kemp Mill, Maryland (ABC 7 New York)

June 2: Swastikas found in a middle school in Evanston/Skokie school district in Illinois (Evanston RoundTable)

June 3: City University of New York (CUNY) to be focus of investigation by NYC city council on antisemitism in higher education (Algemeiner)

June 4: Antisemitic pamphlets found in Peabody, Massachusetts (NBC Boston)

June 6: Antisemitic flyers passed out in Hyde Park neighborhood of Tampa, Florida (WFLA)

June 6: Study on antisemitism in New York state from January 1, 2020 until December 31, 2021 (Homeland Security Today)

June 7: Student who scrawled swastika graffiti in boys’ bathroom (and issued threat against the school) of Grover Cleveland Middle School in Caldwell, New Jersey punished by expulsion for the rest of the school year (Audacy)

June 7: In Houston, Texas, a man goes on a racist and antisemitic diatribe against a couple out on their early morning walk (Houston Chronicle)

June 8: The NGO Fighting Online Antisemitism charges Spotify with failure to sufficiently remove reported antisemitic posts (Jerusalem Post)

June 8: Fired Planned Parenthood employee can sue for complaining about workplace antisemitism and antisemitic microaggressions (Bloomberg Law)

June 8: Four students arrested for allegedly placing racist and antisemitic inscription under a bridge in Yorktown, New York (News 12 Bronx)

June 8: Swastikas plus antisemitic and racist messages found at train station in Garrett Park, Maryland (Cleveland Jewish News)

June 9: Student at University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign charged with a hate crime after throwing rock at Jewish student during anti-Israel protest (Cleveland Jewish News)

June 13: Defendant in a January 6, 2021 case was romantically linked to an ex-Marine who was jailed for 19 months for plotting to blow up a synagogue (JTA)

June 12: Jewish parent alleges discrimination against
Jewish families as Brentwood school administration denies
charges (Fox News)

June 13: Prominent real estate mogul and right-wing
activist and now a primary candidate for an open
congressional seat found to have praised Hitler in 2021 (the algemeiner)

June 13: Veterans memorial vandalized with swastika in
Wallingford Park, Connecticut (NBC Connecticut)

June 13: Swastika on car parked in a driveway in Jewish
neighborhood in Beachwood, Ohio is removed but owner
says it was a Hindu symbol not a hate symbol (Cleveland Jewish News)

June 14: Police officer who was criticized for antisemitic
behavior is given $1.5 million settlement to enable the local
Kent, Washington official to fire him (The Guardian)

June 14: More antisemitic flyers reported in Glenview,
Illinois (Patch)

June 15: Schenectady, New York police investigating
swastikas drawn on local church and hate graffiti scrawled
on other nearby buildings (CBS6 Albany)

June 16: Possible neo-Nazi rally to be held in Missoula,
Montana (8KPAX)

June 18: Attempted arson at a Gramercy Park South
synagogue in Manhattan (Jerusalem Post)

June 20: Cleveland, Ohio police officer investigated for
antisemitic social media posts (Cleveland Jewish News)

June 20: Nazi symbol spray-painted on the side of a dam in
Panama City, Florida (WJHG)

June 22: Jewish clergy group calls on North Carolina
Democratic party to reject anti-Israel resolutions which
comprise three of seven foreign affairs sections of the
party’s Special Report (The Carolina Journal)

June 22: Biden pick for U.S. Ambassador to Brazil is
questioned about 1998 statements about Jewish money
and influence (Jewish Insider)

June 22: Monsey, New York synagogue vandalized with
swastikas (Yahoo! News)

June 23: A Boston city councilor tweeted (and then apologized) about Zionists shaking people down (The Boston Globe)

June 23: Navy petty officer charged in Capitol riot had
praised Hitler and expressed other antisemitic beliefs (WUSA 9)

June 24: Democratic candidate for Colorado State House
criticized for old antisemitic tweets (Cleveland Jewish News)

June 24: Biden’s pick to be U.S. Ambassador to Brazil,
Elizabeth Bagley, apologizes for a 1998 interview where
spoke of Jewish lobby (Jewish Insider)

June 27: Lee Zeldin’s campaign for New York governor says
the candidate was targeted with antisemitic death threats (CBS)

June 27: Antisemitic flyers found in Columbia, South
Carolina neighborhood (The State)

June 28: Antisemitic flyers found near a Jewish school in St.
Paul (Fox 9)

June 29: White nationalist with ties to a number of GOP
politicians, Nick Fuentes, says that Jews stood in the way of
overturning Roe v. Wade and that Jews can live in the
United States but they can’t make laws (JTA)

June 29: Antisemitic flyers attacking executives at Disney
are found in Coral Gables and Miami (NY Post)

June 29: Antisemitic flyers found in two more communities
in Florida— Boca Raton and Vero Beach (WPBF)

June 30: Antisemitic flyers found in more south Florida
neighborhoods— in Miami, North Miami and Broward
County (CBS Miami)

June 30: Pro-Palestinian activist charged with hate crime
and violent assault on Jewish demonstrator (the algemeiner)

July 1: NYC Councilmembers lash city college (CUNY)
chancellor for skipping a hearing on antisemitism that had
already been scheduled once to fit his schedule (The Times of Israel) 

July 1: Curry College outside Boston fires an unnamed staff
member allegedly responsible for a rash of antisemitic graffiti (The Times of Israel)

July 1: Mayfield Heights, Ohio owner of a hairdressing
business posts video of an antisemitic rant about Jewish
elites controlling the world which garnered 81,000 views (Cleveland Jewish News)

July 2: Antisemitic flyers distributed in Los Gatos and
Monte Sereno, California (Kron 4)

July 6: After a public backlash, Arizona Senate hopeful
rejects the endorsement of prominent neo-Nazi, Andrew
Anglin but then backpedaled by blaming the incumbent
Mark Kelly and the media for painting Anglin as a Nazi (Phoenix New Times)

July 7: Swastika carved on door of Mediterranean-inspired,
Jewish-owned restaurtant in Los Angeles (NBC Los Angelos)

July 7: Hundreds of antisemitic flyers found in Lake
County, Florida (MyNews13)

July 9: California hate crime report finds 2021 was the
highest year ever recorded for antisemitic hate crimes (Jewish Journal) 

July 10: Swastika vandalism of house and car in Elmhurst,
Illinois (Patch)

July 12; Bike trail signs in North Kingston, Rhode Island
vandalized (10WJAR)

July 13: Small group of students and staff at CUNY pledge
to establish programs to help Jews “unlearn Zionism” (The Jewish Chronicle) 

July 15: ADL analysis finds Twitter does not take down vast
majority of reported antisemitic posts (Algemeiner) 

July 15: At an event at Chabad House in Goshen, New York
man menaced the crowd by spewing hate (News12 Bronx) 

July 16: Man charged for terror threats against congregants
of Deal, New Jersey synagogue (app)

July 16: Swastikas drawn on sidewalk in Manhattan’s
Upper East Side (CBS News)

July 16: Orthodox man is pulled from his car and beaten in
front of his five-year-old son in Brooklyn (New York Post) 

July 16: University of Colorado police officer fired after
being accused of posting antisemitic and racist material (The Jerusalem Post)

July 16: Ohio EPA accused of ignoring antisemitic threats
against an employee who was assigned to attend public
meetings in various different venues around the state (Review Times)

July 18: In Kentucky, the Bracken County GOP posted on
Facebook that the new director of the U.S. Bureau of
Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms , Steve Deddelabach is part
of a “Jewish Junta” (courier journal) 

July 18: Antisemitic flyers left on driveways in Chicago
suburbs July 19: NGO report focus on growing antisemitism
in the U.S. entertainment and sports industries (abc7)

July 19: NGO report focus on growing antisemitism in the
U.S. entertainment and sports industries (The Jerusalem Post)

July 19: Swastikas scratched into sides of cars in Berkeley,
California (CBS)

July 20: Antisemitic flyers found in more Wichita, Kansas
neighborhoods (KWCH12)

July 20: Swastikas drawn on vacant storefront in shopping
center in Sheffield Village, Ohio (Cleveland Jewish News)

July 20: Four teens arrested after Orthodox Jews hit with
eggs and BBs in Monsey, New York (abc7)

July 21: Florida man who collected Nazi memorabilia and
who had antisemitic literature was arrested for making
explosive devices in his home (The Jerusalem Post)

July 21: Jewish students and faculty allege antisemitism on
CUNY campuses, including failure to respond to EEOC
findings about antisemitic behavior and that CUNY John Jay
official claimed that comments about Jews controlling the
world are not antisemitic (CBS)

July 22: Eighteen cases of graffiti vandalism, including
swastikas, reported in Marion, Iowa (KWWL)

July 22: Antisemitic flyers found in Georgetown County,
South Carolina neighborhoods (abc4)

July 22: Antisemitic graffiti found in school playground in
Manhattan Beach, California (Los Angeles Times) 

July 22: Antisemitic flyers left outside homes in Rockville
Centre, New York (CBS)

July 24: Study looks at how Jewish Americans as well as the
rest of America looks at antisemitism (JCPA)

July 24: Nazi protesters with swastika flags show up
outside Turning Point USA convention which featured
Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis (New York Post)

July 25: Antisemitic flyers in Virginia Beach, Virginia say
Jews involved in child grooming (Newsweek)

July 25: Connecticut State police lieutenant alleges
antisemitism among civilian employees of the state police (CT Examiner)

July 25: Rhode Island restaurant issues an apology after
posting an antisemitic meme (abc6)

July 25: Antisemitic flyers found in three Long Island
communities— Oceanside, Rockville Centre and Long
Beach (abc7)

July 25: Antisemitic flyers distributed across
Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area (KARE 11)

July 26: Antisemitic flyers show up in a neighborhood in
Lutz, Florida (10 Tampa Bay)

July 26: The U.S. Department of Education opens a probe
into alleged antisemitism at the University of Southern
California in 2020 when a Jewish student leader was forced
out of her position in student government because of
harassment (Times of Israel)

July 26: A new book called, “Antisemitism on Social Media”
finds that algorithms drive antisemitism on social media (The Conversation)

July 26: American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ) files
Title VI complaint alleging that CUNY has ignored pattern of
antisemitism at the university (The Jerusalem Post)

July 27: Congresswoman Cori Bush criticized for
fundraising with CAIR activist who has called for the killing
of all Israelis by fire and for calling Israel Satanic (Jewish Chronicle)

July 27: GOP nominee for governor of Pennsylvania is
under pressure to sever his ties to far-right social media
platform Gab (New York Times)

July 27: Antisemitic flyers found in St. George, Utah
neighborhood (KUTV)

July 27: Ex-marine who belonged to a neo-Nazi group is
arrested on charges of planning mass murder of Jews and
others (JTA)

July 29: U.S. officials outraged over comments about Israel
made by member of UN inquiry into Israel-Gaza conflict (JTA)

July 29: U.S., UK, France, Germany, Canada, Austria, the
Czech Republic, Israel and Hungary condemn a member of
the United Nations Human Rights Council Commission of
Inquiry for questioning Israel’s right to UN membership
and for railing against “Jewish lobby” (UN Watch)

July 29: Two teens charged with vandalizing Rockland,
Maine school with swastikas and racist graffiti (WMTV)

August 1: Michigan Democratic county party apologizes for
“offensive” anti-Zionist social media post on the eve of
Michigan primary (JTA)

August 2: Orthodox man in Monsey, New York shot in the
face with a gel projectile by joyriding teenager (Mid Hudson News)

August 2: GOP candidate for governor of Illinois said in
2017 that the Holocaust “doesn’t even compare to abortion
‘atrocities’” (CBS News)

August 4: Antisemitic flyers distributed in West Nashville (WKRN)

August 4: Experts warn of increasing neo-Nazi activity in
Boston (Boston)

August 4: Antisemitic graffiti found in park in the hamlet of
Wantagh, New York (LI Herald)

August 7: Antisemitic flyers show up in Gainesville, Florida
on driveways and front doorsteps (The Gainesville Sun)

August 8: Spray-painted swastikas and white power graffiti
discovered on the Bethesda Trolley Trail in Montgomery
County, Maryland (WTOP)

August 8: Hate crime charges dropped against Amherst,
New York man who harassed and threatened Jewish family
on social media (The Buffalo News)

August 9: Anti-vegan Brooklyn man who issued death
threats against upstate fruit festival and ranted about a
“Jewish meet-up” is arrested (New York Post)

August 9: Attacker of a Jewish woman who was choked in a
NYC subway station also made antisemitic remarks during
the attack (New York Post)

August 9: After antisemitic graffiti found in Montgomery
County, Maryland’s Trolley Trail on Sunday, on Tuesday
police in the county report an additional two other
antisemitic incidents incidents (The Jerusalem Post)

August 9: Connecticut State police lieutenant files second
complaint of antisemitic harassment and discrimination (CT Examiner)

August 10: Meta cleans up antisemitic and conspiracy
theories that artificial intelligent based chat bot posts on
social media (New York Post)

August 10: Antisemitic flyers distributed in Bellaire
neighborhood of Houston (Cleveland Jewish News)

August 10: GOP candidate for U.S. Senate from Arizona
caught lying about “never heard” of antisemitic chief
executive of the far-right social media platform, Gab (Jewish Insider)

August 11: Judge who signed warrant allowing FBI to raid
Mar-a-Logo faces antisemitic threats online (The Times of Israel)

August 11: School Board candidate in Collier, Florida under
fire when one of his volunteers who claimed she was his
campaign manager, was found to have posted antisemitic
comments (Naples Daily News)

August 12: Kenosha, Wisconsin man charged for littering
after distributing antisemitic leaflets (WDJT)

August 13: Far-right platform Gab and its founder Andrew
Torba take up overt antisemitism and creates problems for
some GOP candidates (Salon)

August 13: GOP nominee for congress in Ohio 9 is a user of
the Gab platform and fan of Gab’s notorious antisemitic
founder, Andrew Torba (The National Memo)

August 14: St. Louis man admits he had planned to bomb a
local synagogue during services because he hates Jews
“with rage” (Israel Hayom)

August 14: NY Times drops Gaza stringer who was found to
be posting antisemitic and anti-Israel rants such as “Jews
are sons of dogs” (Cleveland Jewish News)

August 14: Antisemitic flyers found in communities across
the Town of Hempstead, Long Island (Town of Hempstead)

August 15: Three Jewish students at Queens University of
Charlotte find swastikas drawn on their dorm room door (Charlotte Magazine)

August 15: Jewish man was shot and killed while installing solar panels in southeast DC and the family believes it was an antisemitic attack (ynetnews).

August 16: Antisemitic flyers distributed in the town of Freeport, Long Island (NBC New York).

August 16: Entertainment industry group, CCreative Community for Peace (CCFP) issues 20-page report about the growing threat of antisemitism in the entertainment, music and sports industries (Cleveland Jewish News).

August 17: Atlanta’s Rainbow Crosswalk vandalized with swastika (CBS 46).

August 17:  Four different types of antisemitic literature found in Raleigh, North Carolina neighborhoods (ABC 11).

August 17: Congregation Beth Shalom in Brooklyn is vandalized with “Hitler” graffiti (ABC 7).

August 19:  GOP nominee for governor of Arizona, Kari Lake, endorses a legislative candidate in Oklahoma who has “the Jews” are evidence that “evil exists” (Tuscon Sentinel).

August 19:  QAnon following, candidate for school board in Hamilton, New Jersey slammed for saying “I’m ALL For execution of the Marxist/communist jews” (New Jersey Globe).

August 20:  Swastika carved into wall on Brown University campus (Brown Daily Herald).

August 21:  Antisemitic flyers distributed in Jersey shore town of Brigantine (NBC Philadelphia).

August 22:  GOP congressman Mike Garcia in speaking about the FBI search of Mar-a-Logo likened the Biden administration to the Nazi Third Reich (LA Times).

August 22:  An offshoot of Students for Justice in Palestine puts out posters of terrorists killed by Israel and labeled them innocent victims of Israeli genocide (WIN).

August 23:  Two Jewish men in Brooklyn sprayed with a fire extinguisher and one of them was beaten (New York Post).

August 23:  Colorado professor says Rushdie attack was likely a result of a Mossad conspiracy (WIN).

August 23: Rockland County Executive decries antisemitic graffiti found in Kakiat Park in Suffern, New York (Mid Hudson News).

August 23:  Three teens chase a 13-year-old boy off a Staten Island bus and then take his yarmulke (Pix 11).

August 23:  Gab users post threats against Pennsylvania Jewish legislator, Dan Frankel, who criticized the site’s “white nationalist vision” (JTA).

August 23:  U.S. Department of Education finds that the Arizona school district, Kyrene, failed to stop antisemitic harassment of a student and must institute a series of steps to correct future incidents (12 News).

August 23:  Seventeen GOP attorneys generals alleged that  the financial firm Morningstar has allowed its environmental, social and governance  (ESG) subsidiary to promote anti-Israel BDS movement (Fox Business).

August 23: Police investigating incident where Jewish man in Williamsburg was slapped without provocation on a street corner to determine if it was an antisemitic hate crime (NBC New York).

August 24: GOP nominee for governor of Minnesota says comparing Covid policies to the Holocaust is “legitimate” (JTA).

August 24: University professor’s organization criticizes in policy document legislative threats to academic freedom and uses as an example recent statutes including adoption of IHRA’s Working Definition of Antisemitism by falsely stating that the IHRA Definition equates criticism of Israel with antisemitism (The Hill).

August 24:  Two other South Jersey communities, as well as Brigantine were hit by antisemitic flyers (Fox 29).

August 25:  Marin County California Board of Supervisors pass resolution condemning antisemitism after antisemitic flyers distributed in at least five county communities in 2022 (The Jewish News of Northern California).

August 25:  A candidate for San Francisco’s city legislature apologizes for mocking the family name of a Jewish journalist with the word “Nazi” August 24:  Head of Muslim Brotherhood party derides the presence of France’s chief rabbi (who was born in Algeria) as part of French President Macron’s delegation in visit to the North African nation (The Algemeiner).

August 25:  On the same day University of Southern California accepted recommendation from the Advisory Committee on Jewish life on ways to combat antisemitism the USC Hillel discovered a vandalized broken window (Cleveland Jewish News).

August 25:  New York Times alleged to have hired a number of freelancers who had made antisemitic posts (i24 News).

August 26:  Jewish Deli in Doylestown, Pennsylvania opens and then closes in one week after business manager says that a dispute with the landlord as well as antisemitic messages from the community contributed to the closure (Tapinto).

August 26: Lawrence Kansas residents report antisemitic hate flyers on lawns (JW).

August 26:  Black Lives Matter mural paid for by the town council of Greenburgh, New York sparks controversy after a depiction of Louis Farrakhan is included despite never being included in the renderings presented to the municipality (ABC 27).

August 26:  Las Vegas man arrested after police discover his antisemitic death threats on social media (The Jerusalem Post).

August 28:  California congressman, Ted Lieu, calls for FBI investigation of distribution of antisemitic flyers in Brentwood and Pacific Palisades (The Suburban).

August 28:  A progressive Democratic group draws fire and accusations of antisemitism after mocking the names of two Jewish candidates— Dan Goldman the winner of the Democratic congressional primary for the redrawn 10th District— and Assemblyman, Jeffrey Dinowitz (NY Post).

August 28:  Dean of the UC Berkley law school slams student organizations who have pledged not to invite any speaker who supports Zionism or “the apartheid state of Israel” (Fox News).

August 28:  UC Davis Chancellor decries incidents of white mean displaying racist and antisemitic banners over a bicycle overpass (UC Davis).

August 29: After Pittsburgh Jewish Chronicle publishes story of antisemitic targeting of State Representative Dan Frankel, Gab founder, Andrew Torba, slams the publication which results in numerous antisemitic threats to the publication (Times of Israel).

August 29:  New Hampshire Libertarian Party deletes tweet that mocked the Holocaust (The Jerusalem Post).

September 1:  Cleveland, Ohio policeman with history of antisemitic social media activity can’t be disciplined because posts were made prior to his hiring (WIN).

September 2: Sacramento leading figures decry antisemitic vandalism found near local college campuses (abc10).

September 2:  U.S. Jewish groups and Israeli diplomat criticize Marjorie Taylor Greene for likening Biden to Hitler (JTA).

September 2: Pro-Palestinian activist harasses Haredi Jews in Brooklyn about Israel (The Times of Israel).

September 3: Swastika graffiti found at multiple bathrooms at Cedar Creek Park in Long Island (LI Herald).

September 4:  Man with megaphone harasses students with antisemitic rant at Queens College— part of CUNY system (The Jerusalem Post).

September 5:  Military Religious Freedom Foundation and its Jewish leader face murder-for-hire threats (JTA).

September 5:  Trump rally includes a plea for January 6 rioters who said “Hitler should have finished the job” and wears a Hitler’s mustache (HuffPost).

September 6:  Antisemitic flyers found in second Raleigh, North Carolina neighborhood (abc11).

September 7: Antisemitic and white supremacist group marches in a Middlesex County town’s Labor Day parade (Patch).

September 8: Former paratrooper given top security clearance despite ties to organizations which follow Nazi ideology (The Guardian).

September 8:  Fringe candidate for mayor of Oakland, California uses antisemitic hate speech, including “Down with Jew Supremacy,” against East Bay synagogue (Mercury News).

September 9: Antisemitic messages written on campus sidewalks at the beginning of school year at the University of Wisconsin’s Madison campus (Madison).

September 12:  Reports of hate incidents/hate crimes rises in Orange County, California in 2021 (LA Times).

September 12:  Study finds antisemitic posts are pervasive on Twitter (The Algemeiner).

September 12: Extremists hold sign blaming Jews for 9/11 over Route 1 in Saugus, Massachusetts (Boston Herald).

September 12:  Self-proclaimed Nazi drives U-Haul drove a U-Haul truck around Des Moine, Iowa with a swastika flag and signage blaming Jews for 9/11 (Iowa Starting Line).

September 13:  U.S. Department of Education opens investigation into alleged antisemitic discrimination at the University of Vermont (The Times of Israel).

September 13: Allen, New York’s Town Board meeting discusses town’ Highway Superintendent placing a swastika (which included an anti-vaccine message) on the town vehicle he drives and parking it in a city lot in violation of New York State law (Wellsville Sun).

September 13: Website rife with antisemitic content as well as transgender hate was shut down by its website service (Forward).

September 13: Hayward, California Unified School District adopts an ethnic-studies curriculum created by group that has been accused of antisemitism (Cleveland Jewish News).

September 14: University of Akron investigating student accused of making antisemitic threats on social media (Fox 8).

September 14: University of California President deeply disturbed by recent wave of antisemitic incidents in a number of California college campuses (University of California).

September 15: An Amarillo man pleaded guilty to threatening to execute three prominent rabbis (News Channel 10).

September 16:  Sacramento golf course target of antisemitic vandalism (KCRA 3).

September 18:  Pastor who has denigrated Judaism (as well as other non-Christian faiths) and criticized Jews for rejecting “their own Messiah” is featured in an ad for Florida Governor Ron Desantis’ re-election (Forward).

September 19:  Woman walks up to an Orthodox man in Brooklyn calls him a f***ing Jew and knocks his shtreimel off his head (The Jerusalem Post).

September 19:  Critics compare salutes at Trump rallies in Ohio and Pennsylvania to Nazi “Heil Hitler” salute (JTA).

September 19: Antisemitic flyers dropped in Gainesville, Florida neighborhoods for the second time in 2022 (WCJB).

September 19: Jewish Community Relations Council of Greater Phoenix calls out GOP Secretary of State candidate, Mark Finchem for using antisemitic tropes in his campaign (The Arizona Republic).

September 19: Over 300 antisemitic flyers distributed in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware (WBOC).

September 19: President of University of Vermont denies any wrong doing after the U.S. Department of Education opens an investigation of school’s handling of antisemitism (Jewish Journal).

September 19: Antisemitic flyer found in yard of woman with Biden sticker, Black Lives Matter flag and gay pride flag (WESH 2).

September 20: Swastikas drawn on large campaign sign for Pennsylvania GOP gubernatorial nominee, Doug Mastriano (Erie News Now).

September 20: Man pulls gun on Brooklyn yeshiva students and tells them to go home (Israel National News).

September 20: New York man charged after allegedly attacking and shouting antisemitic remarks at a Jewish man in Far Rockaway, New York (Cleveland Jewish News).

September 20: Star of David drawn alongside a swastika and Attica compared to Palestine on a banner across from Hillel on Cornell University campus (The Cornell Daily Sun).

September 20: Novato, California police investigating distribution of antisemitic flyers September 20 (SFGATE).

September 20: Antisemitic flyers left at home in a Lynchburg, Virginia neighborhood (ABC 13 News).

September 21: Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib remarks criticized as antisemitic after she said progressives can’t be pro-Israel (The Hill).

September 21: Campaign sign for Jewish, ex-congressman, Max Rose is vandalized with swastika (WESH).

September 21: Study finds that a sample of college newspapers in the U.S. found a heavily negative bias against the state of Israel as well relative silence about antisemitic incidents on campus (The Algemeiner).

September 22: Manhattan Beach, California schools have reported nine antisemitic incidents in this past year (CBS Los Angeles).

September 22: Study finds college diversity, equity and inclusion bureaucracies largely ignore antisemitism (The Algemeiner).

September 23: ADL finds that white supremacist musicians reaching audiences on Spotify (The Algemeiner).

September 23: Watchdog group grades a number of U.S. colleges and university on how they are dealing with antisemitism (Cleveland Jewish News).

September 24: Multiple swastikas found on Sacramento State’s campus and in greater Sacramento area (The State Hornet).

September 26: Swastika and antisemitic vandalism in dorm at the University of North Florida (First Coast News)

September 27: Texas prosecutors agree that Jewish man on death row should get a new trial because of the antisemitic comments made by his trial judge (WFAA)

September 27: More antisemitic flyers dropped in Wilmette, Illinois and other Chicago suburbs (The Record)

September 28: CUNY pulls former CAIR staffer from investigation of anti-Zionism (Cleveland Jewish News)

September 28: GOP candidate for Washington state legislature admits that one of his social media posts on the pandemic is antisemitic (The Winchester Star)

September 28: Three University campuses, University of Michigan, American University and Rutgers, report antisemitic incidents around the Rosh Hashanah holiday (The Jerusalem Post).

September 29: Zionist students and faculty interviewed about campus experience with antisemitism and anti-zionism (Washington Examiner)

September 29: Jewish man in Staten Island, New York finds flyer referencing Nazis in his mailbox during Rosh Hashanah (SILive)

September 29: Eighteen-year-old man from Maine arrested for plotting to kill adults in a Chicago area Shia mosque and then go to another local mosque or synagogue and kill adults in those locations (abc7)

October 2: Antisemitic vandalism in a Stanford University graduate residence (Stanford Daily)

October 2: Swastika vandalism at multiple sites in Laconia, New Hampshire (WMUR)

October 3: Long Island, New York, elementary school vandalized with antisemitic graffiti (The Jerusalem Post)

October 4:  DC councilman, Trayon White, Sr., criticized for promoting and attending event featuring Louis Farrakhan (Yahoo!)

October 4: Panel to be hosted by Cornell University  on Yom Kippur includes professor who claimed that Palestinians in Gaza are living in an “extermination camp, run by Jews” (The Washington Free Beacon)

October 5:  Antisemitic flyers distributed in San Marino, California on Yom Kippur (KTLA)

October 5:  Former leader of Canadian Nationalist Party found guilty by a Saskatchewan jury of hate speech against Jews (CBC)

October 6:  Swastikas painted on Jewish newspaper boxes in Queens on Yom Kippur (Times of Israel)

October 6:  Antisemitic flyers found in Georgetown and Horry counties in South Carolina (WCSC)

October 6: Racist and antisemitic graffiti in Weston, Florida, west of Ft. Lauderdale (CBS)

October 7: Students for Justice in Palestine support the September chalking at the University of Wisconsin which included phrases such as “Zionism is Genocide” and “Zionism is Racism” (Algemeiner)

October 7: Father of the Hadid supermodels compares Zionists to Hitler on Instagram and complains that Jews were paid twice (with reparations from both Germany and Poland) for the Holocaust while the Palestinians got nothing (Cleveland Jewish News)

October 7:  Kosher kitchen storage room on Ithaca College campus is vandalized with a swastika (The Ithacan)

October 8: Man disrupts services at multiple synagogues in Los Angeles area and shouts I “am going to kill all of you” (The Jerusalem Post)

October 8: Tufts University President suspends a Tufts club team until investigation finished of an alleged antisemitic incident (Tufts Daily)

October 9: Kayne West locked out of Instagram and Twitter after antisemitic posts (The Guardian)

October 10: Attacks by the far right, GOP candidate for governor of Pennsylvania against his Jewish opponent, including criticism of the Jewish day school where he sends his children, rattle the state’s Jewish community (NY Times)

October 10: Sign for Jewish deli in Portland, Oregon is vandalized with a swastika (FOX 12)

October 11: Fifteen-year-old Chasidic boy was assaulted by a woman while davening in a Sukkah in Crown Heights (COLlive)

October 11: Man vandalizes Chabad sukkah on Upper East Side of Manhattan (The Jerusalem Post)

October 12:  George Washington University Hillel building was targeted by profanity-laced, anti-Israel protest during the second day of Sukkot (Algemeiner)

October 12:  For the second time in a week a swastika was found on the campus of Ithaca college (The Ithacan)

October 12: George Washington University Hillel building was targeted by profanity-laced, anti-Israel protest during the second day of Sukkot (Algemeiner)

October 12: White supremacists endorse and celebrate Kanye West’s antisemitic remarks (Rolling Stone)

October 12: ADL’s Campus report finds 359 antisemitic incidents on U.S. campuses in 2021-2022 (ADL)

October 12: White supremacists laud Kanye West’s antisemitic, conspiracy theory statements (IMDB)

October 13: Ousted Chair of the Los Angeles City Council also made crude remarks about Jews (Times of Israel)

October 13: Chair of College Republicans of the University of Wisconsin’s La Crosse resigns over racist, antisemitic  images of chalking on the organization’s social media (WIZM)

October 14: Antisemitic graffiti found in University of California Davis residence hall (KCRA)

October 14: Editors of Wellesley College student newspaper walk back support for a mapping project that collected and published financial and personal data on Jewish institutions but continue to defame Israel and support BDS (Free Beacon)

October 14: Teen in Oxford, Michigan posted guns and threatened to kill Jews on social media (FOX 2)

October 16: Ex-president Donald Trump attack American Jews for not showing more appreciation for Israel and for Trump (Washington Post)

October 16: Jewish leaders in St. Petersburg, Florida speak out over a newly appointed city council member who is a follower of the antisemitic Nation of Islam leader, Louis Farrakhan (Bay News 9)

October 17: In latest antisemitic rant Kanye West says “The Jewish media blocked me out” (Times of Israel)

October 18: Ye (Kanye West) speaks about a “Jewish underground media mafia” in interview with Chris Cuomo (Billboard)

October 19: Indiana University student charged with criminal mischief for desecration of mezuzah (Indiana Daily Student)

October 20: The American branch of the International Law Association links Israeli treatment of Palestinians with the abuse of Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar, Chinese treatment of Uyghurs (Jewish Journal)

October 20: A model, Carmen Ortega Baljian, tells her Instagram followers that “evil” Jews own “banks,” “the media” and control government (WIN)

October 21: Antisemitic flyers distributed in Tempe, Arizona (FOX 10 Phoenix)

October 21: David French examines recent antisemitism on the right (The Atlantic)

October 21: Ohio GOP candidate defends her “Jew you down” comment by saying Jews have “solid money principles” (JTA)

October 21: Biden administration rejects UN report that compares Russia’s annexation of Ukrainian territory with Israeli occupation of West Bank (JTA)

October 21: School board candidate in Indiana condemned for saying “[n]ot all Nazis were bad” (JTA)

October 22: An aide to the GOP gubernatorial candidate in Pennsylvania is quoted as saying their opponent, state Attorney General Josh Shapiro is “at best a secular Jew” (The Philadelphia Inquirer)

October 23: The Goyim Defense League use Nazi salute and hang antisemitic banner on Los Angeles’ 405 freeway in support Kanye West’s recent antisemitic rants (TMZ)

October 23: reports on antisemitic incidents/opinions on a number of American University campuses (The Ticker)

October 24: ADL/Hillel survey of Jewish college students find 32% of them have experienced antisemitism directed at them (Times of Israel)

October 24: Antisemitic flyers found in north part of Beverly Hills, California (KTLA 5)

October 24:  ADL report finds Jewish college students experience mental scarring from campus antisemitism (Times of Israel)

October 25: Antisemitic graffiti found on the “free speech board” in the student union of Western Washington University (KING 5)

October 26: Anti-Zionist, antisemitic stickers including one showing a sword cutting a Star of David and reading “Resist Zionism” found on University of Albany campus (ABC News 10)

October 26: Antisemitic attack on three Jewish teenagers in Brooklyn by group screaming “Free Palestine” (WIN)

October 26: Speaker at Harvard has accused Israelis of eating Palestinian organs (WIN)

October 26: Holocaust Museum in Los Angeles is target of abusive, hate-filled messages after Kanye West refused an invitation to visit (The Algemeiner)

October 26: Assailant punches an 18-year-old Jewish man in the back of the head in Williamsburg (NBC 4)

October 28: Man who attacked Nancy Pelosi’s husband had spread antisemitic conspiracy theories (JTA)

October 28: Felony charges filed against three students who vandalized a sukkah on the University of Miami campus in Butler County, Ohio (The Algemeiner)

October 28: A candidate for Texas Railroad Commission with a first name of “Christian” reminds voters that he is the only “Christian” in a race against a Jewish opponent (JTA)

October 28: Israel Ambassador to the United States, Michael Herzog, speaks at the University of Maryland and his met by protestors calling him war criminal and charging Israel with genocide (Washington Jewish Week)

October 28: FBI investigating antisemitic letters sent to a New Mexico advocacy group (AP News)

October 29: Antisemitic contact spikes on Twitter as Elon Musk takes over the company (Times of Israel)

October 29: Brooklyn Nets owner rebukes Kyrie Irving for posting a link to an antisemitic documentary on Twitter (NY Times)

October 29: Truck with “Jews did 9/11” painted on the back is seen driving on Long Island (The Jerusalem Post)

October 30: University of Florida and University of Georgia issue a joint statement condemning an antisemitic message— “Kayne is right about the Jews” outside the TIAA Bank Field during a college football game (Orlando Sentinel)

October 30: Besides the antisemitic message at the University of Florida, University of Georgia football game, Jacksonville saw an antisemitic banner on Highway 10 and an antisemitic message projected on a downtown building (USA Today)

October 30: When Doug Mastriano, GOP candidate for governor of Pennsylvania was asked about accusations of antisemitism associated with his campaign, his wife answered— [a]s a family, we so much love Israel.  In fact I’m going to say we probably love Israel more than a lot of Jews do” (JTA)

October 31: Antisemitic note found at Brown RISD Hillel in Providence, Rhode Island (ABC 6)

October 31: Governor Ron De Santis of Florida criticizes antisemitic incidents in Jacksonville as well as vandalism in Weston, Florida after criticism from Democrats for not speaking out (Florida Politics)

October 31: A series of antisemitic comment from people tied to GOP candidates— including a GOP congressional candidate in Arizona who has urged his supporters to watch a speech by a right-wing pastor who promotes an antisemitic conspiracy theory—  have raised alarm among Democrats and some Jewish advocacy groups (The Washington Post)

November 1: Headquarters for Jewish candidate for Congress in Staten Island, Max Rose, defaced with antisemitic graffiti (SI Live)

November 1: Non-profit in Kansas City, Kansas finds its building vandalized with glass doors and windows smashed and swastikas grafitti (WIBW 13)

November 1: Stoneham, Massachusetts police investigating after paper swastikas left on front lawns (Boston 25 News)

November 1: Chabad “Mitzvah Tank” vandalized with “Palestine” graffiti in New York City (WIN)

November 1: Two incidents of Halloween celebrants dressed as Nazis draws Jewish community criticism (WIN)

November 2: In Brookhaven, Georgia near Atlanta, townhouse is vandalized with graffiti reading “Jews kill blacks” and “Jews enslave black lives” (WSB-TV 2)

November 2: Ye, the artist formerly named Kanye West, settled a lawsuit with a former employee who alleged Ye praised Hitler and make further antisemitic statements in professional settings (NBC)

November 3: Synagogue in Chico, California vandalized with Nazi symbols and synagogue sign burned (jweekly)

November 3: Scholars release paper on dangers of antisemitism on social media (Indiana Public Media)

November 4:  Jewish leaders in New Jersey voice concern over alert by FBI that synagogues in the state could be targeted for violence (ABC)

November 6: Amazon working with ADL to attach a declaimer to the antisemitic book and documentary that Kyrie Irving linked to and which Amazon is selling (NY Times)

November 7: Flyers making the ridiculous claim that 78% of slave owners in the United States were “ethnic Jews” are found at University of Tennessee’s Chattanooga campus. (The Jerusalem Post)

November 8: Chicago student marches across stage at a Halloween event wearing a Nazi uniform (JTA)

November 9: Gang assaults and knocks the hat off of an orthodox Jew in Boro Park, Jewish pizzeria owner in Brooklyn gets a flyer with Nazi imagery through the mail and in a third incident women punches orthodox man in the chest (The Jerusalem Post)

November 10: Hasidic mother and sun assaulted with gel gun pellets in Brooklyn (NY Post)

November 10: Prosecutors charge teen whose Islamist post on social media threatened to attack synagogues in New Jersey (JTA)

November 11: Federal judge orders arrest of Daily Stormer founder Andrew Anglin for ignoring a $14 million judgement against him for online hate (Times of Israel)

November 11:  Jewish school bus assaulted by four men shouting antisemitic slurs (WIN)

November 16: Ohio state police investigating racist, antisemitic graffiti found in an academic building (WOSU)

November 21: Antisemitic flyers distributed in Culver City, California (KTLA)

November 22: Antisemitic, homophobic and racist graffiti found in parking garage of College Park Metro station (Jerusalem Post)

November 23: Arizona man who wanted to “death to all Jews” murders his professor (JTA)

November 23: Members of Congress circulate letter condemning Amazon for continuing to sell antisemitic video and book that Kyrie Irving promoted (Jewish Insider)

November 24: Kanye West and prominent Holocaust denier, Nick Fuentes, travel to Mar-A-Lago to meet Trump for dinner (Yahoo)

November 24: Radical black Hebrews march in NYC and pass out flyers calling Jews Amalek (Jerusalem Post)

November 26: In crowded Seattle airport terminal man shouts “Heil Hitler,” declares “[y]ou go to the gas chamber” and raises his arm in a Nazi salute (NDTV)

November 26: New York police arrest 14 year old after he threw eggs at and directed antisemitic statements at a Jewish child (Jerusalem Post)

November 28: Many of Trump’s Jewish allies are criticizing him out for Ye, Fuentes dinner (Times of Israel)

November 28: Some prominent Republicans issue unusual repuke of Trump over dinner with antisemites (Washington Post)

November 28: Elon Musk calls Jewish American retired U.S. Army officer, Lt.-Col. Alexander Vindman a “puppet and a puppeteer” (Jerusalem Post)

November 29:  Man in Brookhaven, Georgia facing felony hate crime charges after police connected him to antisemitic graffiti at several locations (11Alive)

November 30:  Department of Homeland Security issues terrorism advisory bulletin over potential threats to Jewish and LGBTQ communities from violent extremists (NBC News)

November 30:  Amazon’s chief executive, Andy Jassy, says the company will continue to sell antisemitic video promoted by Kyrie Irving (New York Times)

December 1: SoFi loan company pulls ad after character in one of their commercial who was supposed to be a professor is criticized as appearing to be a stereotypical, dishonest Jewish banker (Times of Israel)

December 1:  Kanye West praises Hitler on Alex Jones’ show while Jones talks of a “Jewish Mafia” (Vox)

December 1:  In the wake of Kanye West’s praise for Hitler on the Alex Jones show, Republicans on the House Judiciary Committee delete a tweet reading “Kanye.Elon.Trump” (The Hill)

December 2:  President Biden says political leaders should speak out against antisemitism and says “Silence is complicity” (Barrons)

December 2: Kanye West banned from Twitter again after he posts an image of a Star of David encasing a swastika (i24news)

December 4:  Canadian MPs host publisher who has denied the Holocaust and said Judaism was a “terrorist religion” (World Israel News)

December 4:  Rally against antisemitism outside Brown University and RISD Hillel after antisemitic note found in the reception area of Hillel (ABC 6)

December 5:  Michigan man charged with “ethnic intimidation” after harassing and cursing adults over Israel as they dropped off kids at an early childhood center (JTA)

December 5: New York antisemitic hate crimes up 125 percent in November according to NYPD (World Israel News)

December 6: Bipartisan slate of 125 members of the US Senate and the House of Representatives call for a “whole government” policy on combatting antisemitism which would include a number of federal agencies as well as Congress (JTA)

December 6: Kanye West tells Jews to “forgive Hitler” and compares the Holocaust to abortion (World Israel News)

December 6: In the last two days two visibly Orthodox men in New York city were attacked with a BB gun (World Israel News)

December 6: School under construction in Springfield, Missouri is vandalized with spray-painted with swastika (Times of Israel)

December 7:  Antisemitic graffiti discovered in park in Montclair, New Jersey (News 12)

December 8: Cincinnati Hillel House vandalized and police searching for two suspects (The Algemeiner)

December 8:  Orthodox Jewish woman in the Stamford Hill neighborhood accosted by man who called her a “Dirty Jew” and spilled her groceries (The Algemeiner)

December 9: Antisemitic graffiti found in Loudoun County, Virginia high school (ABC 7)

December 9:  Seventeen-year-old arrested for assaulting two young Orthodox men in Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn (World Israel News)

December 9: Donald Trump complains that Jewish leaders “should be ashamed of themselves” for their “lack of loyalty” to him (Yahoo Sports)

United States, December 9:  Anti-Zionist protestors disrupt a City University of New York (CUNY) panel on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict (The Algemeiner)

December 9:  Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) face possible discipline for allegedly vandalizing George Washington University Hillel  (The Algemeiner)

December 10:  Bronxville, New York high school student posts antisemitic message on Instagram December 11: Over 80% of Israeli youth have encountered antisemitism online (News 12)

December 12: NYC Mayor, Eric Adams, called for no plea bargaining for hate crimes at an Orthodox Union event at the Lincoln Square Synagogue (The Algemeiner)

December 12:  Jewish boys in Flatbush chased by men with tasers in Flatbush (The Algemeiner)

December 13:  Myrtle Beach, South Carolina City Council passes resolution against antisemitism after antisemitic flyers are found multiple times in neighborhoods of the city (WMBF News)

December 13: Swastikas found twice in one week in the bathroom of a Chicago public school (ABC 7)

December 13:  When students find a swastika in an Ottawa high school classroom, one of the students pantomimed a Nazi salute (The Algemeiner)

December 14: Christian, Jewish and Muslim educators call on U.S. churches to confront rising antisemitism and evaluate their own theologies and teachings for anti-Jewish content (Religion News)

December 14:  West Texas parents are angry at local schools over racism and antisemitic bullying (Texas Tribune)

December 15:  U.S. officials slam UN Human Rights Council’s special rapporteur, Francesca Albanese, for recently revealed 2014 comments regarding “Jewish Lobby” controlling the United States and the BBC  (Times of Israel)

December 15:  Antisemitism and responses on the east end of Long Island (East Hampton Star)

December 15: U.S. Department of Education will investigate University of California-Berkley law school if the institution did enough to protect Jewish students from antisemitism (Times of Israel)

December 16: Sixty-three-year-old suffers broken hand and chipped tooth after antisemitic attack in Central Park (ABC News)

December 16: Student in Raleigh, North Carolina hacked into high school intercom system to deliver antisemitic messages to the student body (News Observer)

December 17:  High school in suburban, Washington, DC vandalized with “Jews Not Welcome” graffiti over the entrance (Washington Post)

December 18: Convicted felon charged with hate crimes for threatening a rabbi at a religious Jewish girls’ school in Chicago and yelling antisemitic epithets (World Israel News)

December 19:  In the wake of zoombombing of synagogue services new Ohio law makes such behavior against any religious service a crime punishable by jail time (News Observer)

December 20:  Police arrest man for carving Nazi symbols into Beverly Hill menorah on the first night of Hanukkah (Times of Israel)

December 22:  Jewish man assaulted with skate board in San Francisco’s Haight district after his attacker asked if he was Jewish  (CBS News)

December 22:  Minneapolis City Councilman Apologizes for Antisemitic, Anti-Gay Marriage Posts (The Algemeiner)

December 22:  Antisemitic leaflets distributed in Santa Barbara, California (KCLU)

December 23:  Antisemitic flyers in Modesto, California (YouTube)

December 23:  Cranford, New Jersey police investigating the passing around of an antisemitic image in Cranford High School (TapintoCranford)

December 24:  Ice menorah vandalized at Chabad Israel Center on Upper East Side of Manhattan  (World Israel News)

December 25:  Antisemitic banner hung from overpass in Vass, North Carolina (CBS 17)

December 27:  NYC firefighter charged with vandalizing a Chabad sukkah (World Israel News)

December 28:  Chabad menorah destroyed in Coney Island (The Algemeiner)


No incidents yet reported for 2022. View last year’s list here.

Vatican City

April 20: Social media post that has gathered more than 100 reactions falsely claims Pope Francis’ pectoral cross is a satanic symbol and labels post “Synagogue of Satan” (Reuters)


No incidents yet reported for 2022. View last year’s list here.


No incidents yet reported for 2022. View last year’s list here.

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