Why Women Need to Pray at the Western Wall with Anat Hoffman, Susan Silverman & Deborah Katchko-Gray

By | Mar 08, 2022
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Since 1988, Women of the Wall (WOW) has fought for women’s right to pray collectively and aloud with Torah scrolls, prayer shawls and tefillin at the Western Wall in Jerusalem. Often facing violence and name calling, arrests and legal battles, Women of the Wall show up every month to joyfully pray at the Kotel just like Jewish men do every day.

Anat Hoffman, board chair of WOW and board member Rabbi Susan Silverman discuss the history of Women of the Wall, why it’s important to continue demanding equality for women praying freely at this holy site as well as the setbacks and triumphs the movement has faced over the years. Hoffman and Silverman are in conversation with Cantor Deborah Katchko-Gray, founder of the Women Cantors’ Network and organizer of the first WOW choir to help lift women’s voices through song.

This program is in commemoration of International Women’s Day.


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