Why We Need to Help the Uyghur People in China NOW with Elfidar Iltebir, Elisha Wiesel, and Josh Rogin

By | Mar 28, 2023


As China’s Uyghur Muslim community continues to face persecution, including detention, forced sterilization and the deliberate erasure of their culture, what is the world doing to help? Josh Rogin, columnist for the Global Opinions section of The Washington Post moderates a conversation about the plight of the Uyghur people — and what we can do about it — with Elfidar Iltebir, president of the Uyghur American Association, and Elisha Wiesel, chairman of the board of The Elie Wiesel Foundation for Humanity.

This conversation is part of a program series sponsored by Moment Magazine and THE WNET Group’s reporting initiative–Exploring Hate: Antisemitism, Racism and Extremism

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One thought on “Why We Need to Help the Uyghur People in China NOW with Elfidar Iltebir, Elisha Wiesel, and Josh Rogin

  1. Eliezer Segal says:

    Interesting zoominar on Uyghurs. Once again, the Jewish community to the rescue of non-Jewish causes.
    More Muslim countries should and ought to do a lot more for these Uyghurs, and as usual, mostly mum and inactive. And the United Nations is too busy with Israel bashing and criticizing, ad nauseam.
    Anti-Judaism supersedes all other forms of hatred.

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