What is the U.N. doing to Fight Antisemitism? A Wide-Open Conversation with U.N. Special Advisor Alice Wairimu Nderitu and Noah Phillips

By | Sep 19, 2023


The fight to combat antisemitism around the world has found a passionate ally in Alice Wairimu Nderitu of Kenya, Under-Secretary General of the United Nations and Special Adviser of the Secretary-General on the Prevention of Genocide. Last year Wairimu Nderitu, an experienced peacebuilder and mediator, issued a policy paper with AJC’s Jacob Blaustein Institute on the importance of speaking up against Holocaust and genocide denial and steps that can be taken by both the U.N. and those around the world to help prevent threats to Jews.

Join the undersecretary for a wide-open conversation about why she believes the United Nations should be playing a bigger role in fighting antisemitism and what that looks like; her visit to Auschwitz; and what it’s like to be a mediator. In conversation with Moment Digital Editor Noah Phillips.

This program is part of a Moment series on antisemitism supported by the Joyce and Irving Goldman Family Foundation.


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