Weekend roundup

By | Dec 07, 2009
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By Sarah Breger

What you missed this weekend while playing in the snow:

Chelsea Clinton agreed to wed a Jew. We rejoiced. We investigated the mishpacha. We asked the all-important conversion question. Berated ourselves for doing so. And then analyzed our emotions. [Daily Beast, NYMag, Forward, 16thStreetJ, Jewish Journal]

An alcohol company in Israel is creating a vodka-infused sufganiya for Hanukkah, which has the equivalent alcohol content of a bottle of beer. Still waiting for the Vodka Latke. [Ynet]

There are still Jews in Montana? Apparently so, and with a growing Israeli canine population. [NYTimes]

The Secret Muslim Plot Against Charlie Brown [Jeffrey Goldberg]

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One thought on “Weekend roundup

  1. I would sign up for a beer latke!

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