This Week's Links: Yiddishe Edition

By | Nov 13, 2008
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By Benjamin Schuman-Stoler

  • NPR reported on Yiddish and Klezmer in Russia today. Judging by the above video, I’d say it’s doing just fine. Still corny as ever.
  • Thanks to Heeb for pointing out Spend some time at the site and learn such brilliant nuggets of dubious knowledge as, “Even Rahm Emanuel’s mother calls him ‘Rahmbo.'”
  • The New Yorker spoke with Emanuel’s rabbi. A good jew, this guy is. Oh, and their cartoon caricature of him is positively creepy. [via Nextbook]
  • Two new news items re. Iran. First, they tested a missile purportedly for defense uses which has capability to reach Israel. Second, now that there’s an administration willing to talk to them (eventually), they’re getting skittish. [Washington Post]
  • A mainstream Greek newspaper ran this headline after Obama’s victory last week: “The anticipated victory of Obama in the US elections signals the end of Jewish domination. Everything changes in the USA and we hope that it will be more democratic and humane.” What?! [Totally Jewish]
  • I’ll bet you my complete James Bond DVD box set you didn’t know that on this date in 1791 King Louis XVI signed a proclamation giving Jews full rights. Check out the blog This Day … in Jewish History for nonstop party fun!
  • Not sure if you care, but…Adam Sandler had another baby. A baby girl. Awwwwwwwwwww. [Jewtastic]
  • Ew: I mean, I know that Andy Warhol peed on his canvasses, but this is worse. It’s called placenta art and involves, you guessed it, using one’s placenta as paintbrush. Srsly? [Ha’aretz]

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