The Short Leap from Anti-science to Antisemitism with Peter Hotez and Jennifer Bardi

By | Feb 06, 2024


From the Black Death in the middle 1300s to the COVID-19 pandemic, Jews have often found themselves scapegoated, but in a modern twist, Jews are now also being blamed for the vaccines that protect against the coronavirus. Join world renowned virologist Dr. Peter J. Hotez, author of the recently released book The Deadly Rise of Anti-Science: A Scientist’s Warning, for a conversation about the roots of this branch of antisemitism, the connections between the “health freedom” movement and the far right, the dangers vaccine scientists face, especially Jewish ones like Dr. Hotez, and what can be done to stop the spread of these conspiracy theories. In conversation with Moment Deputy Editor Jennifer Bardi.

This program is part of a Moment series on antisemitism supported by the Joyce and Irving Goldman Family Foundation.


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