The New World of Anti-Zionism and Antisemitism on Campus with Sarah Breger, Sharon Nazarian and Amy E. Schwartz

By | Apr 25, 2024


Some universities have experienced anti-Israel protests and a spike in antisemitism since October 7, leading to tensions between donors and administrations, concerns about student safety, and the canceling of speakers and events related to Israel because of the threats and fear associated with such programs. Join Moment Editor Sarah Breger and Moment Book & Opinion Editor Amy E. Schwartz for a conversation with Dr. Sharon Nazarian, former ADL Senior Vice President in International Affairs, and an academic at UCLA, about the impact anti-Zionism and antisemitism is having on academia and the implications it will have for Jewish life on campus in the future. Nazarian experienced firsthand the difficulties teaching students about antisemitism and discussing Israel: Just days prior to October 7, she launched a new course at UCLA —The Globalization of Antisemitism: A Survey of Transnational Trends—on understanding antisemitism through a global lens.

This program is part of a Moment series on antisemitism supported by the Joyce and Irving Goldman Family Foundation.


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