The Israel Hamas-War: Updates and Analysis (Part 1) with Aaron David Miller and Robert Siegel

By | Oct 09, 2023


After a weekend of intense fighting after the surprise attack on Israel by Hamas, 50 years after the Yom Kippur War, Middle East analyst Aaron David Miller and Robert Siegel, former host of NPR’s All Things Considered and Moment contributor, shed light on what happened, Iran’s role, the impact on possible peace between Israel and Saudi Arabia, and how the war may reshape the Middle East.


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One thought on “The Israel Hamas-War: Updates and Analysis (Part 1) with Aaron David Miller and Robert Siegel

  1. Charles Saydah says:

    I wonder about the near complete absence of the daily settler depredations (abetted by Israeli soldiers and police) of Palestinians on the West Bank in this discussion. These incidents — daily by some accounts — have been going on for years and have increased in the last year, with U.S. reporting and editorial opinions in general readership publications and the big electronic media barely dealing with the situation in any meaningful way. It seems hard to believe that this reality had no influence on the ferocity the Hamas attack on southern Israel. To talk about the attack and all its political and humanitarian considerations without contending with this West Bank violence seems a singular exercise in tunnel vision. It makes a certain sense, since Moment approaches issues from a Jewish perspective. And maybe in the scheme of things to come, the West Bank is probably meaningless. Still, the absence of discussion on West Bank violence is tunnel vision nonetheless.

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