Telling Jewish Stories Through Music with Hershey Felder and Joe Alterman

By | Feb 28, 2023


From exploring the works of great composers like George Gershwin and Leonard Bernstein to telling the tales of the Jews of Venice, concert pianist/playwright/actor Hershey Felder uses music to tell stories both on stage and film. Felder joined us for a wide-open conversation about why he is compelled to tell these stories through music, how being Jewish has influenced his work and what Jewish music means to him. Felder is known for his biographical musical portrayals of composers such as Gershwin, Bernstein and Irving Berlin, as well as classical compers such as Chopin and Mozart. In conversation with Joe Alterman, executive director of Neranenah.

This program was part of The Pulse: Moments That Matter, a series of frank conversations on culturally relevant topics with musicians, comedians and other entertainment industry professionals to illuminate how being Jewish has shaped their experiences, both personally and professionally. Sponsored by MomentLive! and Neranenah.


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