Tel Aviv Summer Cocktail Recipe

By | Jul 22, 2010

Moment’s first Happy Hour was a huge success! We keep getting requests for the recipe for the Tel Aviv Summer cocktail, which features citrus and cachaça—a spirit made of fermented sugar cane which is popular in Brazil. So here it is.

Whether you’re drinking this cocktail while seeing friends or grilling dinner, the vodka-based Tel Aviv Summer is a great cocktail for any July evening.

(One hint: If you drink it while reading a copy of Moment, it tastes 10% better.)

Tel Aviv Summer

Cocktail Variety:  Sour-Sweet
Cocktail Strength:  Medium
Cocktail Size:  Long
Glass type:  Highball Glass
Cocktail Country:  Israel
Garnish:  Lemongrass Spear
Method:  Shake and Strain

30   ml  Vodka
15   ml  Tequila
10   ml  Cachaça
10   ml  Lemon Juice
Red Grapefruit Juice
Ice Cubes

Shake vodka, tequila, cachaça and lemon juice with ice and strain into a highball glass filled with ice. Complete your Tel Aviv Summer with grapefruit juice, garnish with a lemongrass spear and serve.


(Courtesy of Cocktails of the World)

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