Happy Summer!

Temperatures are rising as we move into the dog days of summer.

Check Moment’s summer reading list to help you find the right book to “chillax” with at the beach or on the porch.

Moment can also help beat the heat with these great summer recipes. Searching for the perfect BBQ recipes? Look no further!

Summer Reading

Summer Novels to Feast On

Whether you enjoy light novels or denser reads, recent releases by authors Jennifer Weiner, Rachel Barenbaum, Andrew Lipstein, Susan Keselenko Coll and Michael Laser will satisfy your literary craving.

It’s deep midsummer. What are you reading?

Amy E. Schwartz, Moment’s opinions and book editor, shares what Moment critics and reviewers are reading over the summer.

Talk of the Table

watermelon slices

Foods To Beat The Heat

Israeli salad with bell peppers, herbs and onions, chickpea salad with mint and cilantro, and tabbouleh dressed with olive oil and lemon juice are just three of Sala Levin’s recommended Jewish treats to indulge in during the summer heat.

Simple Salads for Summer Nights

Featuring fresh tomatoes, pickled onions, and seasoned carrots, these refreshing salad recipes will become your summer staples—especially on nights that feel too hot to use the oven.

A Cool Drink for Hot Days

Tel Aviv Summer Cocktail

Whether you’re drinking this cocktail while seeing friends or grilling dinner, the vodka-based Tel Aviv Summer with lemongrass and grapefruit juice is a great cocktail for any July evening.

Summer Lovin’

Beshert | Camp Counselors for a Summer, Partners for Life

One summer in 1953, after taking a job at a summer camp for emotionally disturbed children, Audrey Heller met her now-husband Ken, who was also a counselor at the camp. The rest is history.

In Search of the Perfect BBQ

Jewish brisket

A Tale of Two Briskets

Do you prefer Grandma-style or Texas-style brisket? Either way, it’s impossible to go wrong, insists Joan Nathan: “Nobody doesn’t love brisket.”

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