Rally against antisemitism at the U.S. Capitol

“No Fear” Rally Against Antisemitism in D.C. Draws Over 2,500

More than 2,500 people showed up at the National Mall next to the U.S. Capitol in Washington, DC in solidarity against antisemitism Sunday. The rally was held in response to an increase in antisemitic violence in recent months. The two weeks of military conflict in Israel and Palestine this May coincided with a 75 percent increase in antisemitic incidents reported to the Anti-Defamation League compared to two weeks before the fighting.  Speakers included Elisha Wiesel, son of the late Nobel Laureate and Moment cofounder Elie Wiesel; Jeffrey Myers, rabbi at the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh, PA, where 11 were killed in 2018; Talia Raab, who received rape and death threats after organizing a “Walk for Israel” in Naperville, IL; and Rabbi Schlomo Noginski, who was stabbed repeatedly outside a Jewish center in Boston earlier this...

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after trump

Trump in Perspective

That which was is that which will be, and that which is                                           done is that which will be done, there is nothing new                                                                           under the sun.  —Ecclesiastes: 1:9 If you are already fed up reading about Donald J. Trump, just wait. Books will be written about Trump for decades to come, exploring why the American people elected him and how America can prevent similar mishaps in the future.  The January 6 Trump-inspired attack on the Capitol was a national...

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Twitter Explained | Can We Compare Daunte Wright with Ashli Babbitt?

I first noticed the name Ashli Babbitt trending on Twitter late last Tuesday afternoon. It took me a moment to remember why it sounded familiar. Ashli Babbitt? Right—the sole rioter killed by Capitol Police during the January 6 insurrection at the U.S Capitol (three other protestors died—one from a heart attack, one from a stroke, and a third was crushed by fellow rioters). Mentions of Babbitt’s name spiked when, in response to outrage over the April 11 fatal police shooting of 20-year old Daunte Wright, conservatives began equating his death to that of Ashli Babbitt.  Let’s compare the facts. Ashli Babbitt, a 35-year-old white female Air Force veteran, was shot and killed by Capitol Police on January 6 while climbing through a broken-in window at the U.S. Capitol as part of a riotous mob. Daunte Wright, a...

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JPVP | Reactions to the Capitol Insurrection

We asked some of the Republican participants from our Jewish Political Voices Project about what recently transpired in Washington, DC and at the Capitol. We wanted to know how they felt about the rally that first took place claiming the election was stolen; what their thoughts were about what happened at the Capitol building and if those who participated should be held accountable; as well as their feelings on impeachment. Bud Hockenberg (R-IA)—Voted for Donald Trump ONE NATION FOR THE PEOPLE Our constitution is based upon separate but equal branches—judiciary, legislative and executive. The people’s house is the Congress. There is no one person above the people. The events of the past few weeks do not focus on the constitution but rather on individuals. Our country is enduring and internal, not dependent upon one person. It is critical that the Republican Party represents...

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