Modern Hebrew by Norman Berdichevsky

Modern Hebrew: The Epic Transformation of a Language

10:17 28 July
While teaching modern Hebrew in England and the United States, Norman Berdichevsky got a shock. Many of his students, he found, “were unable to utter a sentence in the modern language”—despite having attended Hebrew school at their synagogues for four or five years. “In modern

Brian Epstein: The Man Behind the Beatles

15:56 08 February
Brian Epstein, the man who discovered the Beatles and shaped them into the biggest music sensation of the 20th century, died 40 years ago at age 32. The pivotal role the enigmatic and charming Epstein played made him the world’s most admired band manager. But

Is There a Future for Tunisia’s Jews?

14:56 28 July
Tunisia is one of the success stories of the Arab spring. But can its Jews—who have lived in relative peace with their Muslim neighbors for more than one thousand years—survive democracy—and changing demographics? A lone television drones on in the corner, cartoons in Arabic, no

Book Review | In Love with Life—and Himself

21:23 31 March
By Alan A. Stone DucClaude Lanzmann is known on this side of the Atlantic as the Frenchman who created the monumental film, Shoah. He tells us that American Jews did not contribute a single penny to his efforts. Lanzmann traveled all over the United States, hat

10 Commandments 2.0

19:13 16 November
These ancient laws, long central to our way of life, have become a divisive symbol. Do they still matter? Or is it time for an upgrade? A range of American thinkers­ speak up, and be warned—they don’t agree on much. (See related stories on pages 21 and 24.)