Is Democracy Broken?

16:12 14 March
28 years ago political philosopher Francis Fukuyama famously declared “the end of history,”meaning that there would be “the universalization of Western liberal democracy as the final form of human government.” It was a heady time. The Berlin Wall was poised to fall...

The Top 16 Most-Read Stories From 2016

17:40 26 December
In an election year, only four of our top stories concerned American politics. Instead, our readers sought out stories about culture, history and complex ideological divides. But most of all, our readers wanted to learn about people.

Book Review // Trouble in the Tribe

16:31 31 May
If you ever want to convince someone not to be Jewish, invite them to an argument over Israel. The rancor, the ignorance, the accusations of racism and anti-Semitism—there’s a reason the topic is often banned from polite conversation: The conversation is rarely polite.

Is Free Speech Under Fire on Campus?

15:34 13 May
Over the past few months, a series of student protests has erupted across the United States on campuses such as Amherst, Dartmouth, Ithaca, the University of Missouri and Yale. While the specific spark of each protest has differed, their substance has been of like mind: Students are contending that their administrations have neglected an obligation to address bigotry, discrimination and intolerance, and specifically racism.