Beth Bendheim (VA): ‘I’m More Scared Now’

19:56 04 March
"I think people feel that they’re allowed to say things now that they wouldn’t have said before because of the president’s rhetoric. He’s just so mean and they think they can act the same way. They probably already had hate in their hearts and now they feel more emboldened to act on it."

Nancy Santanello (PA): ‘It’s Not Anti-Semitic to Question Israel Policy’

19:47 04 March
"We have someone in the White House who believes right-wing conspiracies and tweets anti-Semitic tropes. A conservative website, TruNews, whose founder called Trump’s impeachment a 'Jew coup' orchestrated by a 'Jewish Cabal,' was credentialed by the Trump administration to attend the World Economic Forum in Davos. They were treated like a legitimate news site, but this is hate speech and should be condemned and not legitimized by the president."

For JPVP Participants, AIPAC Was a Bipartisan Affair

16:31 03 March
In the weeks leading up to their annual policy conference, AIPAC made headlines with its controversial ad attacking “radical” Democrats and Bernie Sanders’s public boycott of the conference. #BoycottAIPAC trended on Twitter as many on the left defended Sanders’s claim that AIPAC gives voice to

AIPAC Falls Victim to Polarizing Politics

12:30 10 February
And yet, AIPAC, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, should have been able to navigate this minefield a little more gracefully. The lobby, known for its political savviness, has demonstrated its mastery of political nuance in the past, knowing exactly how far it can go in stepping on the toes of one side (usually the Democrats) without alienating it altogether. AIPAC has shown its ability to remain a welcome guest and a trusted adviser regardless of the party occupying the White House or holding the majority in Congress. This week, however, was different.

The Odd Attack Ad Against Sanders

15:31 03 February
So just to sum up the state of the Democratic race in the first week of primaries: Jewish donors are attacking a Jewish candidate for being too old to run, and a Jewish candidate is calling out Jewish donors for being part of a “big money” billionaire class. It can only go downhill from her.

The Most Important Jewish Election Nobody’s Heard Of

13:50 20 January
This historic body, founded by Theodor Herzl in 1897, is the oldest representative Jewish institution and the only one in which all Jewish diaspora is represented and democratically elected. The elections will go on for almost two months, and in October 2020, the new Congress will convene in Jerusalem.

Who Is the ‘Greatest Threat’ to American Jews?

13:30 25 November
The title of “biggest threat” to American Jews is hard to define or measure. And more importantly, it’s political. Most liberals would agree that anti-Semitism has reached new records under Trump and that the president’s response to the phenomenon has been less than adequate.

Candidate Spotlight: Pete Buttigieg

12:20 18 November
This is a scenario some are now looking at, as Pete Buttigieg, even younger and less experienced than Obama was at the time, is having his moment. The 37-year-old mayor of South Bend, Indiana is surging in Iowa, the first state to vote in February. He is now polling at 25 percent, leaving Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders in a tight three-way race for second place.