Florida: A Jewish Battleground State?

16:34 21 July
For Donald Trump, the road to reelection—his only viable path, experts say—runs through Florida, with its crucial 29 electoral votes. That’s why, between Labor Day and Election Day, the Republican campaign plans to spend $32 million of the $95 million TV campaign budget in Florida. As the GOP ad buy acknowledges, without the Sunshine State, Trump is a one-term president. 

Annexation Plans Prompt Firm Response from Top Pro-Israel Senators

13:38 29 June
"This doesn’t mean that the Jewish pro-Israel left is about to win its fight against annexation. But it does show that their voice is strong enough to sway staunch AIPAC supporters to speak out against the Israeli government’s line, and that, perhaps in a marginal way, they will make Netanyahu listen, if not to American Jews, than to pro-Israel American lawmakers."

Israel Doesn’t Care What American Jews Think of Annexation

16:13 15 June
"For all the tightrope walking, the carefully formulated nuanced comments, and the impossible straddling between wishing to allow Israel to make its own decisions while providing cautionary input from abroad, American Jews and their views don’t really move the needle in Netanyahu and Gantz’s decision-making process."

Israeli Culture at the Democratic Crossroads

18:12 13 May
Artists and cultural institutions, globally, are trying to reinvent themselves online to keep the flame of their artistry alive. In Israel, the future of the local cultural scene is inextricably intertwined with the post-March 2020 election outcomes. Benny Gantz, leader of Israel’s Blue and White