Solar Eclipsed?

14:05 28 February
Thanks to Israel’s first prime minister, David Ben-Gurion, the Jewish state was a pioneer in solar power. Now some of the country’s brightest solar innovators say they are being held back by red tape and a lack of government support.

Bell Man

15:50 08 February
One of the last in a lineage of great Jewish violinists, this “farm boy” of the American heartland drives a Porsche and plays the world’s most famous “Jewish” violin. Joshua Bell’s tall frame tilts sideways on the sleek gray banquette of the Tamarind Tea Room,

Fiction | A Beggar’s Place

19:53 15 January
It’s raining again, and Estrella takes her green umbrella with her. Six, seven years ago, when she could afford to catch a cold now and then, she left her umbrella back at her apartment, deliberately. Only a cruel person would refuse to give a few

At Home With Norman Podhoretz

02:00 03 January
Having abandoned the left six decades ago, The 83-year-old former editor of Commentary and grumpy grandfather of the right is still waiting for the majority of American Jews to follow suit. A youthful Norman Podhoretz, with abundant black wavy hair, looks out from a sepia

Jewish Word | Tsuris

21:34 31 December
Nobody Knows the Tsuris I’ve Seen… “Nobody knows the trouble I’ve seen,” laments an African-American spiritual. In Yiddish, this feeling is encapsulated by the word tsuris—variously defined as troubles, worries, aggravation, woes, suffering, grief or heartache. In other words, “tsuris is what nudniks have and

Uncle Xenon: The Elemental Oliver Sacks

02:40 31 December
Oliver Sacks opens the door of his lower Manhattan apartment himself because his assistant, Kate Edgar, is in the emergency room with a twisted ankle. He looks somewhat befuddled, although he is expecting us. He is neither tall nor short, slightly round in the middle

The New Normal

18:43 20 September
Swift acceptance of gays by the Israeli Defense Forces in 1993 helped transform Israel into one of the most gay-friendly countries in the world. Moment looks at the history—and the future—of the gay rights movement in Israel, from the rainbow flag-strewn streets of Tel Aviv to the more traditional enclave of Jerusalem.

Is There Such a Thing as the Jewish People?

14:54 28 July
Interviews by Moment Staff Adin Steinsaltz Jewish peoplehood is always central. It comes before the Jewish nation or the Jewish state. We live in modern times, but our peoplehood is still essential, primitive. We never ceased to be a clan or tribe. This is expressed

Do We Divide The Holiest Holy City?

20:25 08 May
Jewish and Arab writers—Amos Elon, Hillel Halkin, Etgar Keret, Amos Oz, Naomi Ragen, Meir Shalev, Sayed Kashua, Ali Khalili, Ghassan Khatib, Ali Qleibo and Elias Zananiri—describe their visions of Jerusalem’s future.