My Friend Anne Frank with Dina Kraft and Laurel Leff

By | Jun 29, 2023


Before she passed away at the age of 93 in 2022, Hannah Pick-Goslar spent hours sharing her story with Israeli-American journalist Dina Kraft. Hannah, who was mentioned several times in Anne Frank’s diary, was a close friend and said she and Anne enjoyed “a carefree childhood of games, sleepovers and treats with the other children.” Soon after the Frank family went into hiding, Pick-Goslar’s family was sent to Bergen-Belsen. Hannah and Anne were eventually reunited in the camp but only Hannah survived. Journalist Dina Kraft, coauthor of My Friend Anne Frank: The Inspiring and Heartbreaking True Story of Best Friends Torn Apart and Reunited Against All Odds, shares stories from Hannah Pick-Goslar’s memoir. In conversation with Northeastern Journalism Professor Laurel Leff, author of Well Worth Saving: American Universities’ Life-and-Death Decisions on Refugees from Nazi Europe.


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