Moment Wins 15 Rockower Awards at AJPA Ceremony

By | Jul 14, 2023
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Dear Readers,

Like all good journalists, Moment writers ask a lot of questions. We want to know exactly what’s at stake in the proposed judicial overhaul in Israel, what the Biden administration is proposing to do about the rise in domestic antisemitic attacks, and just how in the world AI could make cheesecake even better. Yes, we’ve got questions. And for our own edification—but more important for yours—we endeavor to answer them in deep, beneficial and entertaining ways.

To be recognized for these efforts is topping on the proverbial cheesecake. And so, we’re thrilled to announce the 15 journalistic excellence awards Moment has received from the American Jewish Press Association, announced Tuesday night in New Orleans at the 42nd annual Simon Rockower Awards. (Learn more about the awards and their namesake in the video here). 

Emily Rose’s “Breaching the Wall” was one of six Moment stories awarded First Place. In this timely article, Rose profiles Israeli TV reporters who are covering Palestinian affairs and how they offer Israelis an increasingly rare glimpse into the world of their Arab neighbors. Another top prize was awarded to Marshall Breger for his commentary on: 1) His attendance at the Forum on Common Values Among Religious Followers in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, and what religious toleration portends for the Saudi-Israel relationship (“Not Your Grandfather’s Saudi Arabia”); 2) a Christian football coach in the state of Washington and how the Supreme Court’s decision in his case moves the goalposts on church-state separation (“The Case of the Praying Coach”); and 3) Israel’s Orthodox definition of Judaism for public functions and personal status issues (such as marriage) vs. public sentiment (“A Jewish State but What Kind?”).

Below is a complete list of winning Moment stories published in 2022 on a wide range of topics and in numerous categories. Before you follow the links to enjoy our award-winning journalism, please take a moment to consider this: Our coverage of Jewish life in the United States, Israel and beyond, in politics, the arts, healthcare, history and so much more is a labor of love. As a nonprofit media outlet—whose work includes the print and digital magazine, weekly newsletters, the Antisemitism Project, the Daniel Pearl Investigative Journalism Initiative, MomentLive! and other programsMoment succeeds with the support of readers like you. To celebrate our 15 Rockower Awards, please consider making a gift to independent Jewish journalism today and we’ll keep chasing the questions that are important to us all.




Excellence in Writing about Young Families/People:

“A New Generation of Jewish Farmers Returns to the Land” by Noah Phillips

“I will never understand that call to the land,” one of the Rockower judges noted, “but after reading this, I’m fascinated to know what that call is like, that many are doing it, and that the Jewish people are involved with their wisdom and perseverance. Great story.”


Commentary by Marshall Breger:

“A Jewish State but What Kind?”

“The Case of the Praying Coach”

“Not Your Grandfather’s Saudi Arabia”


Journalistic Excellence in Covering Zionism, Aliyah and Israel:

“Breaching the Wall” by Emily Rose 

Judges praised this piece about Palestinian affairs reporters in Israel as “Interesting story with a different take.”


Excellence in Writing about Jewish Heritage and Jewish Peoplehood in Europe:

“Can Malmö Solve Its Antisemitism Problem?” by Liam Hoare


Excellence in Education Reporting:

“The State of Holocaust Education in America” by Dan Freedman


Excellence in Writing about Women, and Second Place, The David Frank Award for Excellence in Personality Profiles: “Susannah Heschel: The Rabbi’s Daughter” by Manya Brachear Pashman

“I like how it debunks myths and legends about the Heschel family,” noted one of the judges.




Excellence in Personal Essay:

“Moment Memoir: Certify Me Normal” by Miriam Davis


Excellence in Writing about Jewish Heritage and Jewish Peoplehood in Europe:

After Corbyn’s Exit, Is the Labour Party Safe for UK’s Jews?” by Liam Hoare


The Boris Smolar Award for Excellence in Enterprise or Investigative Reporting:

“Crime or crisis: Disentangling Mental Illness and Antisemitic Violence” by Noah Phillips


Excellence in Arts News and Features — Reporting:

“Visual Moment: The Subversive Art of Philip Guston” by Frances Brent




Award for Excellence in Arts — Review/Criticism:

“Studying Talmud with Beruriah” by Maggie Anton


Excellence in North American Jewish History:

“Amid Antisemitism, Jewish Montanans Seek to Buy Back Historic Synagogue” by Dan Freedman

“Jews in Montana? Who knew?” commented one Rockower judge in praising this piece for educating readers on a “little-known aspect of American-Jewish history.”


Excellence in Writing about Politics/Government:

“Winners and Losers in the Boycott Wars”

“Dispatch from Colleyville: Making Sense of the Synagogue Attack”

“Biden Tried to Go Easy on Bennett. It Wasn’t Enough”

“Your Pro-Israel Dollars at Work”

“Can the Government Save America from Antisemitism?”

Nathan Guttman was recognized for these five “Jewish Politics and Power” stories, which judges described as “A strong series on political controversies that smartly evaluates impacts; readers benefit from a sustained focus.”


Excellence in Writing about Antisemitism:

“What Are Sayanim?” by Noah Phillips

“What Antisemitic Conspiracy Theorists Believe about Vaccines” by Ellen Wexler

“Trayon White Is Running for DC Mayor. Has the City Forgiven his Antisemitic Comments?” by Ellen Wexler

“Crime or Crisis: Disentangling Mental Illness and Antisemitic Violence” by Noah Phillips


Congratulations to all the winners!!! And, again, please send your gift to Moment todayyour support will ensure we continue to write about the topics that matter to YOU. 


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