Let the Comedians Say What They Want! with Judy Gold and Joe Alterman

By | Feb 16, 2023
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Award-winning comedian Judy Gold believes in speaking truth to power and is tired of political correctness getting in the way of humor. According to Gold, author of Yes, I Can Say That: When They Come For The Comedians, We Are All In Trouble, “the job of a comedian is to expose society’s demons and confront them head-on, no prisoners allowed.” Join Gold and Joe Alterman, executive director of Neranenah, for an in-depth conversation about the challenges facing today’s comedians—from censorship and the growing threat of cancel culture to the rise in antisemitism and its impact on telling jokes about one’s Jewish identity. Gold stars in the upcoming one-woman show in New York, Yes, I Can Say That!

This program marks the launch of The Pulse: Moments That Matter, a new series of frank conversations on culturally relevant topics with musicians, comedians and other entertainment industry professionals to illuminate how being Jewish has shaped their experiences, both personally and professionally.

Sponsored by MomentLive! and Neranenah, an Atlanta-based non-profit, concert, and cultural event series with roots in Jewish culture and musical traditions.


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